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Finished version of my Niska (Emily Berrington) painting.

Really worked hard on this and am quite proud of it :).

If anyone would like a print (non watermarked of course) I’ve just opened a society 6 shop Theres free shipping tonight if you use this code too

High // SIVIK 

Two words before you click play: PLUG IN. This song is better with headphones, even if you have the best speakers bouncing your music surround sound style. There are many benefits to putting this sound right in your ear: SIVIK whispers right into your ear, the bass is right on top (how unexpected!), the synths are lo-fi electronic (is that contradictory because it sure seems that way to us) and the melody gently caresses you into a lilting dream-like state. Quite soon, you’re singing along to the words that you probably have heard at some point before - the ironic tropes of getting high/addicted as analogies for being in love - and the airy vocals are getting themselves lodged in your brain. 

SIVIK is a mysterious artist from LA whose electropop sound is the future of pop music, if High is anything to get by. Already trending on Hype Machine, this song is definitely a strong debut. Now, we just wonder who he is?  

“‘High’ is about the beginning stages of attraction and lust when you first meet someone you’re into,” SIVIK says. “The following songs that will be released in this collection will describe what happens next….so look for that!”

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MoMA PS1: Warm Up

Show off your dance moves at MoMA PS1 Warm Up this Saturday with London-based DJ Maya Jane Coles, “the hottest emerging talent in dance music” according to Mixmag and creator of catchy samples for hits like Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Use code WARMUPFAM for discounted tickets and start planning your day full of dancing, food, and art. Alongside MJC will be Detroit DJ on-the-rise Jay Daniel, house music master Joey Anderson, lo-fi synth artist Palmbomen II, and Brooklyn’s very own Ohal, who seamlessly blends abstract experimental noise music with the sensibilities of pop songs.

(via MoMA PS1: Warm Up)