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Some facts about Gen 3 Synths I’ve discovered while in the Institute

- Synths can age, but only if programmed to. They can be programmed to age naturally or they can be programmed to age to a certain point and then stop. Synths that have stopped age can have their aging process started again via reprogramming.

- The favourite food of all Gen 3 Synths is Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. Scientists are trying to find out why but haven’t discovered an exact reason yet. That’s right fellow Danse lovers; Mr Stoic Tin Can loves cake.

-Synths cannot gain weight or lose weight, a Synth that is built to be fat cannot become thin and vice versa. Unlike aging this doesn’t appear to be reversible.

-A Synth that becomes self-aware enough to express loyalty to The Institute is disposed of, The Institute dislikes Synths having free will even if it works in their favour.

-Members of the institute can have “Personal Synths” built to act as their maid, personal assistant, or lover. One such Synth named Eve was built to act as a replacement wife to a Scientist and his son when the original woman died.

-The Institute is building Synth animals as a pet project to see if they can one day repopulate extinct species.

-The scientists working on Synth Shaun are disturbed by him because they are growing to love him and see him as a real little boy instead of just as a machine. This could partly be why they don’t like creating child synths.

anonymous asked:

Can you write some fluffy and smutty hcfor SoSu and a romanced Danse?

Sure thing anon, sorry this took so long!

- no matter how big Sole is (weight or height wise), Danse will always carry them on his shoulders when he’s in his armor when Sole gets tired.

- Sole carries an excess of snack cakes in their backpack or one of their many pockets on their leather armor. They, much like the Institute, have no idea why third generation synths like cake so much. Regardless, Sole likes to keep a stockpile.

- for all his soldier bravado, Danse has a major lost puppy thing going on; he trails after Sole everywhere, and once they actually form a relationship, he’s pretty much always holding onto their hand. It’s adorable.

- a lot of the time he’s on the bottom during sex. With a m!ss it’s because he enjoys not being in control for once. With a f!ss, it’s more he thinks he’s stronger than her (he is) and doesn’t want to accidentally hurt her which he thinks could happen if he was the dominant one.

- he’s not very vocal either; a lot of this comes from his time on the Prydwen where it would have been mortifying to be caught having sex, but part of it is he’s actually too shy about it to be really loud.

- saying that, when he lets go completely his groans do get a bit deeper and louder.

- he’s very very handsy during sex; he literally can’t make up his mind what to touch, wanting to take in every inch of Sole’s skin.

- sometimes he likes to sneak up behind Sole and kiss them on the side of the neck for absolutely no reason. Bonus if Sole makes a little surprised squeaking noise.

- he’s a surprisingly okay cook, as long as charred meat is on the menu. Food is food, though, so Sole never complains.

- whenever they have access to cooking facilities, he begs Sole to make proper food: vegetable stew with whatever meat they can find (usually wild dog). Not only does he love Sole’s cooking, he also really loves how it makes him feel: that someone cares about him enough to spend time making food for him.

- even though he isn’t very vocal sexually, he loves it when Sole is. It’s a huge ego boost.

curodole  asked:

Tell me the Ate 7 Boxes Of Snack Cakes In An Hour story.

Alright, I can’t remember the user who actually told this story, but it was going around the X6-88 tags for a bit a while back. It was a delightful little story about ingame shenanigans. If anyone knows the user, pls let me know and I’ll edit their name in. ONWARD TO THE STORY.

So this user had read that synths like snack cakes, right? And they decided, “hell yes I’m going to test this with ingame mechanics” and while they were out and about adventuring with X6, they dumped a bunch of snack cakes in his inventory. Every so often they’d check if he’d eaten the ones they’d given him, and he hadn’t, so they just kept giving him more. But eventually, this person kinda half-forgot about their little experiment and got absorbed in the gameplay for a while. When they did remember and check back again, it was about an hour later.

And all of the snack cakes were gone.