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Shannon :-)

S - Summer by Fireworks
H - Hope This Finds You Well by Transit
A - All Hype, No Heart by Neck Deep
N - Notes by Modern Baseball
N - No Good by Knuckle Puck
O - Old and Alone by Real Friends
N - No Closer to Heaven by The Wonder Years

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I know how many messages u probably get but I just wanted to thank u for being a presence in my notifications. Maybe this sounds silly, but it's comforting to see u pop up every once in a while, seeing someone that I moon over sharing the same thoughts as me. It's an odd sense of affinity, I guess. Sorry if any of this was weird, but I thought u should know that even ur virtual presence is appreciated.

you’re incredible.  thank you so much

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Nice things: the color of the sky when the sun is setting, when u think of someone and they text u, when a dog nudges ur hand for attention, crunchy leaves, jumping into a cold pool when it's hot out, innocent intimacy like knees touching and quick glances and shy smiles, u. I hope this helps a little bit. I appreciate u a lot.

tysm ilu ❤