synowicz art

All right! It took me a few days (work has been NUTS!), but here is the “Commission Menu”. 

Just to preface:  All commissions are digital. You will receive an 11″ x 17″ @ 300 dpi image of your commission sent straight to your e-mail inbox! Payment should be made via Paypal only. E-mail me at with your information, and we can discuss what you’d like to have done!  All commissions can be negotiated to fit your needs (extra characters, or the like).

1)  Sketch with Simple Shading - This is a quick one. Single character. Simple shading.

2)  Inked Drawing - Single character with digital inks. 

3)  Color No Background - Single character. Digitally inked, and digitally cell shaded. 

4)  Color With Background - Single Character inked, and cell shaded. Line less full color background. 

Thanks for looking!

Morning re-post for the day-walkers (and followers who decided to stay with me). I laugh pretty hard when someone ditches my page, and then 3 seconds later I post some art. It’s quite wonderful.