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Not sure if you reblogged the prompts, but here's one for Tani. ELEMENT. -What is your muse “made of”, what is their character like? Courageous, loving, scared, etc.

“Wildflowers and sylphic-dust.” He says, without missing a mere beat, words framed by a crooked half-grin painted across rolandberry-red lips as he leans forwards, and threads his ring-laden fingertips together upon the counter between them. His bristled tail flicks, and sways behind him. “Y’know, my mother used to say that our freckles were ‘fairy kisses’. It never made much sense that we had them, considering how deep in the Shroud we lived. Sunlight never came through the canopy.” He says, with a small, too-fond shake of his head.

“What I’m made of..?” He trails off with a musing hum, lifting one hand to snag a stray, honeyed curl between his index, and middle fingers. He twirls it absently between as he cocks his head in thought. “I dunno if ‘brave’ is so much the right word. Maybe ‘brazen’, maybe ‘thoughtless’.” He says, quietly. “I’ve been told I’m irresponsible, that I’m impulsive. But, I don’t think I’m brave.”

He trails that curl of hair along the tilt of his jawline, and toward his chin. His full lips purse, and his brows draw together in thought.

“I like to think I’m made up of good things, but I think that’s what everyone would like to say.” He says, thoughtfully. “No one will admit there’s a little bit of rotten in them.” His hand releases his hair, and lowers to the counter between them, clawed fingertips tap-tap-tapping a drum’s beat into the polished surface.

“I think I’m a lot of lovely, an’ soft things. But, I think those things are greying at the edges, too. They aren’t all good.” He says, softly.

“..but that’s me bein’ vague, isn’t it?” His gaze lifts, and his broad smile returns, pointed fangs pressing into he painted curve of his lower lip.

( I didn’t but thank u little synnbean! )

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you has Mercy tips??? pls share,,

Oh man… you would need to be more specific dude

Here are some of my own game play as her (be sure to turn on annedotes for anubis and king’s row vid there’s none of eichenwalde but if want me to add some on that one lmk)

Defense Eichenwalde

Defense Anubis

Attack King’s Row

And some write ups

General positioning + playing with team compositions

Map specific positioning and tips - REALLY LONG

good luck anon! 

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Why did you stop doing dragon age art? I miss it! <3

oooh thanks!

um… mostly cause the hype kind of died after trespasser and no one i know was interested in the game anymore since we’re in the waiting period for DA4… sooo… Maybe i’ll draw more DA? I kind of really miss it…. =3=;; and i kind of am planning a crossover with it!?? but we’ll see

im really happy to see you liked my DA art ! ;3; i didnt really think anyone cared

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I absolutely love your Guns for Hire AU and your absolutely incredible art. I kinda hate to ask but will we be seeing more of it in the future?

thank you so much! I’m glad ppl are still enjoying the AU !!

I… WANT to draw at least Dylan for it so I want to say yes there will be! But I have no idea when…. I have like… no time on my hands and so many deadlines and things to do T___T;; thank you though! I’m motivated to do more with your kind words 

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Hey Synne! Since the new season of rvb came out, are you going to start drawing rvb again?

Hello anon! Yes… I have some doodles going– I just cleared my commission queue last night so I’m a bit free now to do some personal things ahaha ^U^ thank you for the interest

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I would be most excited to see RvB charms from you. I feel like I never see RvB charms anywhere I go (even RTX seems to have limited supply) but I'm a huge fan of your art and I think your other charms are magnificent. RvB charms would be amazing to see from you and I'd definitely sign up for any and all you made.

thanks! i made some years ago to give away so… i’ll try to organize a group order for new ones ! :D

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Hey. Gentle reminder to ignore all the rude anons you get. Your art is great and so are you!!! 💛

Oh thanks anon! I tbh i dont get many rude anons and if I do I really do just delete them and move on AHHAH thanks for the kind message! I appreciate it! 

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I miss your Guns For Hire AU so much!! Do you plan on ever picking it up again (´・ω・`)? Also love your art!

hmmm maybe? i really am enjoying s15 so maybe I will do a gfh dylan??? thank you for liking the au ;w; ! and my art!