It is very important to a lot of people to make unmistakably clear to themselves and to the universe that they love the universe but are not intimidated by it and will not be shaken by it, no matter what it has in store. Moreover, they demand something from themselves early in life that can be taken ever after as a demonstration of this abiding feeling.

A Happy New Year and the best of hopes for 2016 for all of you following this site in Tumblr.
Thank you for liking and sharing from the site and for messages with comments and inspiration.
Synergy (συνεργός) is a Greek word - meaning that working together and to combine the efforts is often creating an even better result than would have been possible for each individual. Let this word be an inspiration for the year to come for all friends of Greece.
Ευτυχισμένο το Νέο Έτος!