I’m working a bit on integrating my lineart into other pictures, and I’ve been meaning to draw a girl with ram horns for a while. No idea what is going to happen below her collarbones, and I have yet to decide on a pattern for her eyepatch.

This may seem like nothing to you guys but I just managed to blend copics without ruining a piece and made a face look a bit realistic.
I have never actually been able to blend copics to create light/shadow/contours/anything involving putting two copics on top of each other before so this is actually huge progress.
So this has actually made me feel awesome. This was going to be a magical girl for someone but I decided to turn her into a badass babe who’s yoga clothes are cooler than you instead.

Here is the first line base! Super happy with how her face turned out, esp the lips! I’m awful at drawing lips. Still LOADS of detail to be added though.

Also, ignore the travesty of her hand. I totally fucked it and so I’m going to put something over that bit, like a school bag or toy or whatnot.

I’ve worked SO hard at my anime style drawing, and to have something I’m even a little bit proud of is a nice feeling.

What should I name her?