Went to Florida Supercon Saturday and Sunday! Here are the photos I have of some of the Voltron cosplayers I saw!!

     If you see someone who wasn’t tagged and know their tumblrs or instagrams, feel free to message me and i’ll adjust the post. (all the ones I do have are also in the captions)

Tumblr: Klance- @elliot-cr1031

The Voltron group all have instagrams at: Galaxy_doodles_ (Keith), Nati_Guevaraa (Shiro), the_usual_oddity (Lance), syndraws (Pidge)

So I’ve spent all morning talking to @valiantbarnes about Emperor Hux, and we both agreed that he probably wouldn’t keep the FO logo for his own use (modify and pass to Phasma probably), so I decided to come up with something. My concept was based off the resistance logo, but being shattered by the FO (16 partitions starting in the base) and the Galactic Empire (Top section) with some small interjections based off the Sith logo.
It’s nice to be drawing again.