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1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her”

Jacob Frye, Evie Frye (Implied!JacobxReader)

A/N: I’m having my efforts to writing those prompts! Here’s the first, and actually was funny to write. All I can say is: poor Jacob!

Don’t forget to send me other characters for the prompts! I hope you’ll like this thing :)

“Oh my God. You’re in love with her, aren’t you?”

Jacob dropped the knife he was cleaning when he heard his sister. The blade hit the floor with a metallic sound, making you move in your sleep. 

Cursing softly under his breath (and after he assumered he didn’t wake you up), he kneeled for taking back the weapon, shooting at Evie an hard glare.

“What in the bloody hell are you talking about?”
She just shrugged, an devilish smile over her lips.

“I’m talking about your unexpressed feelings for Y/N, and the fact that you are always after her. I’m surprised she didn’t shoot you already”

“How can you say that? She’s just an ally.”

Evie smiled, noting the blush that crept on Jacob’s face and neck. He was so easy to read out, especially when his feelings were so exposed. She actually was surprised you didn’t notice yet. The poor thing was so wrapped around your finger that you could have asked everything you wanted, he would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

“A very found ally, I might add. Come on, Jacob” She pushed him with her shoulder, chuckling quietly “Everyone noticed that, the only two who didn’t are you. Is so obvious!”
The youngest twin bit his lip, moving his gaze from his sister to your sleeping form. 

You were lying over one of the couches in the train, your face half hidden from your (Y/H/C) locks. You passed out after a particular long mission and all Jacob could do was placing you between the pillows of the nearest couch, a blanket over you. 

Indeed Evie didn’t miss the action; and also the fact that he was standing right there, like a watching dog, was something that confirmed her suspicions.

He wasn’t sure of how he developed those feelings for you, but he didn’t know what to do. 

Mostly, he didn’t know if you felt the same. 

Truth was, he was scared. And admitting to his sister meant admitting out loud, which was probably a bad idea. Especially with his line of work.  

“You are talking bullshit, sweet sister.”
Evie raised her eyes to the sky, exasperated by her brother’s behavior. 

He’s always been pretty damn stubborn. 

“Whatever you do, you can’t deny this to yourself for too long, Jacob. Y/N is going to find out, eventually. Just tell her. ” She said, before walking away. 


Evie stopped, expectant. Jacob hesitated before muttering: “Do you think she noticed?”
His sister just laughed, moving in another wagon and leaving her younger brother in confusion.

He’ll have to find out, sooner or later. And the thought of Jacob struggling with his feelings for you was something damn exhilarating.

the other night I had a dream where Jacob said something like that and it caused me to wake up laughing. leaving aside the terrible puns, it’s so ironic… considering his poor cooking skills hah