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So the next time you think your piece look really tight….ummm watch this.

EXO reaction to collabing with their girlfriend’s (you) Idol Girl Group

Anonymous said:  Could you please do a reaction of them collabing with their GF’s Idol Girl Group? Thank you!! 

YES! YES! I chose to do this reaction first because it’s my ultimate dream ahah and I thought of taking a break from the ships (but don’t worry I’ll do them soon)

Chanyeol: He will be like “Oh my , is this really happening?, I’m so lucky!,we’re gonna rock this performance” He’ll be all giddy and jumping around , and really won’t be able to contain his happiness of having you performing by his side, he will get so excited he will be making nagging Suho to make proposals to the company like “Suho-hyung, you should tell them that we should do an album together, no,better, a world tour together! Yea,that would be awesome!” 

Kai: He will also be super happy, he will spend the whole night talking to you “(Y/N)-ah we will finally be able to do that dance we’ve been wanting too, do you know how amazing this is?” He will focus so much on it you’ll grow tired of him talking about it, he will be like, “do you think they will let us do a couple dance? or we should have the other members do too? OH! why don’t we have a syncronized couple’s dance with all the members?…or…nah…you want to dance Michael Jackson , don’t you?” (ps: I think this is the second time I put MJ as part of a Kai reaction, my apologies I just love him too much and when I learnt Kai liked him as much as I do, I lost it)

Chen: He will be like “ We will blow all of them away, come on, let’s practice high notes” , then you will start messing with him while he’s trying to concentrate and he will be all frustrated and like “ I knew this was a bad idea, I’ll practice without you” (I didn’t mean it to come out short but come on,it is kinda funny)

Baekhyun: He will start dancing like “hell yeah, it’s going to be awesome” and he’ll create a little song about the situation and sing to you everytime he sees you until the day of the performance, he will also start creating things that don’t even go with the song “I know this is a ballad, BUT we should have a sexy dance on it, the performance is in 3 days? don’t worry, I’ll ask Kai to help us,let me ask him,wait a second..”

Tao: This baby will explode, he will be SO excited, you’ll be the one to tell him and he will make the biggest deal about it, you’ll think he’s having a heart attack or something ,because he will start jumping and spinning and asking you to join him, after the initial hapiness has passed he will be laughing at his own reaction and sit down because..*gif*

Sehun: As almost everytime , he will be very happy to share the stage with you on the inside but won’t want to show it on the outside, he will try to mantain his ‘cool’ posture, but then he will meet you and you’ll be all excited about it and tell him about the 100 ideas you’ve had already for a dance break,and how you want him to rap a little, you’ll say “look, we’ll divide Chanyeol’s part a little so you can rap too, because if you guys are going to perform with my group then you have to sing a little bit too, after all you are my boyfriend” That’s when his adorable side will be on.

Kris: He’ll be very happy to have you along him on his daily routine, rehearsals won’t be as tiring and his mood will make a lot of improvements, he’ll also enjoy watching you so happy and nervous about it, thinking how the hell you would be nervous to perform with anyone else than him, it couldn’t be easier and he states that you shouldn’t worry and that you’ve got this.At the performance he will realize how happy he is to see you on stage with him.

Luhan: He will be truly happy, he won’t show as much but you’ll know how glad he is to have you accompany him on his favorite thing to do, perform, when you are rehearsing he will be a little shy at first but then he will remember how everytime you went to their concert you came back craving hard for him, that when he’ll go all out, trying to show you his best performance and teasing you at the same time.

D.O: He will have a pretty normal reaction at first, thinking about how it’s going to be fun, but then the members will start teasing him to death, he will start to get angry and regretting life decisions , that’s when you’ll come in and he’ll get happy just by seeing you so excited about it and wanting to hear him sing with you, he’ll forget the members and focus on you

Xiumin: He will be very happy about it but will notice how you are nervous about the performance “what if we’re not good enough?, we’ll look patetic beside you guys” That’s when he will try to cheer you up by telling a zillion stories of the many mistakes everyone in the group has already made during performances, an he’ll be satisfied to see you relaxing and laughing with him about the stories

Suho: This guy will get so teased, but as always he will not care and be embarrased to you hearing all those jokes about him, he will try to ignore it but when the members start telling him to show you his dance moves and he does it so everyone laughs but you support him, that’s when the members tease him even more, with beagle line shouting “couple of the year”

Lay: He will be in heaven “baobei, this is going to be so cool, we will be able to sing together and… dance” , he will be just starled by the whole thing,making it even more such a big deal that it is “we should sing baby don’t cry” “ Lay that song is from your first album” “oh that’s okay, we should still do it though”, he will be so happy to see you on the same rehearsal room as him and will wave everytime he sees you 

That ‘s it loves, hope you like it, I still have a lot of ships and reactions to do, there’s also another Sehun scenario comming up,thank you so much for your support and I promise that Friday afterwards I will post more , don’t hate me for being so slow aha , it’s school’s fault, I should follow D.O.’s advice and don’t study,just kidding, bye sweeties and thank you for your patience <3

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