Funny story about these two vehicles…Last year when Falkor was in Colorado Springs getting his high top and Subaru motor installed, the owners of the Doka in this photo came to the shop where the work was being done and admired our van and the upgrades we were doing to it. Fast forward a few months and we were now in Colorado Springs at the same shop and there was a silver Doka there getting the tranny pulled. I inquired as to whose it was and where I could get such an awesome truck. We sat inside the Doka and opened all the tailgates and generally just drooled over the vehicle. Now it’s 6 months later and we are at #Syncrofest and we met these really nice people who said they saw our van being worked on in Colorado and they loved all the fancy shmancy upgrades. Cool…right? So we set out with them (@syncrostyle )on a roadtrip across the Southwest after meeting up at #syncrosolstice when it dawns on me that their Syncro Doka was the one we had been making sweet love to with our eyes back in November! What?!?! Seriously this is 50 Shades of Cray.

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When we arrived at #syncrofest last week we were one of about fifteen #vanagons at the campsite. Before the weekend was over we were chilling with with more than 200 vans and many many cool people. We met up with a lot of our #igers friends for the first time and laughed, smoked, talked, ate and exchanged #vanstories all weekend. We get asked a lot by people why we chose the #vw #vanagon. Events like this weekend is why.

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