synchroshipping saturday

051. Grave

[Part 1 of 2 because it ended up too long and perfectly fits two of the prompts. Enjoy, I had a great time writing this.]

Atem set his empty mug of coffee down, frowning. Without further thought, he stood cradling his open Statistics textbook and walked to the kitchen. The Egyptian brewed another pot of coffee in silence over the Chapter Review.

A quiet set of feet descending from the upper level of the house made Atem’s ears more aware but did little to tear away his concentration. “How’s that Stats cramming working out for you?” Yusei asked lightly.

The older man let out a ‘Hmm’ of disappointment. “Not well. I’m 99.8% sure I have no idea what I’m even reading.”

Yusei chuckled and placed his hand on Atem’s. The ex-pharaoh finally looked up at his lover. “Come with me,”

Atem’s brow furrowed. “Where?”

“Just come,” Yusei pulled on Atem’s arm, causing him to rise and abandon his studies.

“Why?” Atem’s voice was raised in concern for his education and for Yusei’s sense of reason.

“You need a break.” He threw Atem his jacket and slid into his own. “We’re going for a ride.”

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