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Twister (John Laurens x Reader)

Word Count: 1467

Genre: Fluff, maybe a little humor but not a whole lot.

Request/Summary: Noise Complaint  (Yes you do have to read Noise Complaint first for Twister to make any sense whatsoever.)

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: Awkwardness, Cussing, King George exists, that should be it.

A/N-YAAAAYYYYY finally Noise Complaint Pt. 2!!!! I still do have requests to finish and I will, I just wanted to post this… so yeah… Also, I know I’ve already used this gif. But just look at it. Admire it. Love it.

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You laughed. No, you actually laughed. This guy made you laugh. You hadn’t had a date that could make you laugh in six forevers.

“(Y/N)!” A man exclaimed, approaching your table, your smile fell as fast as it had appeared.

“George.” You greeted sourly.

“When am I gonna get that second date?” He asked, his British accent more annoying than ever.

“Hmm… is ‘never’ open for you? It’s about the only time I have free. I’m a little preoccupied.” You reached across the table and took Strawberry’s hand in yours.

“I’ll see you around.” George growled.

“Bye.” You waved, your voice brimming with artificial sugar. As soon as he was gone, you retracted your hand and rolled your eyes.

“Who was that?” Strawberry asked.

“Remember the day you asked me out?” You questioned.

“Last week, yes.” He answered.

“I had just gotten home from a date with that asshole.” You said.

“What made him so assholeish?”

“First off, he insisted that I call him ‘king George III’, straight up told me to pay the bill, we didn’t split it, he didn’t even have an excuse! And after I stormed out of the restaurant he called after me, ‘You’ll be back!” Ugh, he was just so self-interested.” You crossed your arms and leaned back in your chair.

“Wow. What an asshole.” Strawberry agreed. “So how long are you gonna keep this up?” He asked raising his eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” You cocked your head curiously.

“The only reason you went out with me was so that the guys would give you food right? So how long are you going to pretend you like me?” He questioned. You tried to hold back your laughter and failed.

“I went out with you because I like you, I thought you were cute when you asked me, but being the crafty bitch I am, I had to try to get something out of it, ie. food.”

“Wait so you actually like me?” His eyes widened in astonishment.

“Yes!” You giggled. “You know, I haven’t had a date that could make me laugh \in a good six forevers?”

“Wow. Six forevers. Long time.” He joked. You nodded.

“So do you like her?” Alexander asked, bringing an arm around John.

“I do. I like her alot.” He said. “She’s cute and funny and smart and nice and she said she actually likes me back!”

“Félicitations tortue garçon!”Lafayette congratulated, grinning.

“Well she’s coming for dinner and game night tomorrow, we’ve gotta think of something to make.” Alex stated.

“How about we just order chinese and call it quits?” Hercules suggested. All the other boys agreed.

“I mean she never said it had to be nice or anything.” Herc added. “Also, we should play Twister.”

“Vraiment Hercules? You only want to play Twister because it’s the most sexual children’s game ever.” Lafayette commented.

“Obviously. You almost always end up with your face next to someone’s ass.” Alex added, laughing.

You knocked on the door, and it was pulled open before your hand had even dropped. Walking-Innuendo was standing in front of you, a navy bandana tied around his head.

“We’re playing twister today.” He grinned.

“Herc,” Strawberry groaned. “Quit terrorizing her.” Walking-Innuendo lead you inside and you were greeted with the overwhelming scent of chinese food.

“Twister and take-out.” You shrugged. “It’s free food. I won’t complain.”

“I’m not quite sure we’ve been properly introduced.” Almost-Goatee said. “I’m Alexander Hamilton.”

“Hercules Mulligan!” Walking-Innuendo shouted, then he began rapping something so the rest of the boys moved on.

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves…” You could hear French Guy continuing to speak but the rest of the name became unintelligible as he walked into the next room. “But you can just call me Lafayette!” He yelled, loud enough that you could finally hear him.

“When you knock me down I GET THE FUCK BACK UP AGAIN!” Walking-Innuendo finished his rap and everyone else burst out laughing.

“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You told them through your fit of laughter. “And I now understand why it’s always so loud up here.”

“Oh that’s not the only reason.” Walking-Innuendo smirked and winked suggestively.

“Right foot red.” You smirked and swung your leg over Strawberry placing it down directly opposite your left foot, which was on green. The smirk was due mostly to the fact that you were winning and Strawberry would be down in seconds, and partly because of the position you were in. His arms were reached back supporting himself on blue and yellow, and his legs were stretched out on red and green, a safe position, sure, but yours was better. Your arms were on either side of his head and your legs were protracted outward on red and green, nearly straddling him but hovering just above. And you could tell, it was driving him crazy.

“Left hand in the air.” Almost-Goatee announced.

“What?” You asked “That’s not a thing.”

“Yes it is.” Walking-Innuendo countered, strolling over and sticking the board in front of your face.

“They did a new thing to the twister board before we got it.” He shrugged.

“But you guys all fell down before we could land on it? You asked incredulously.

“Yup.” French-Guy and Almost-Goatee deadpanned synchronously.

“Okay.” You sighed, lifting your left hand off the mat and letting it hover in the air, increasing the strain on your right arm. Strawberry wavered beneath you before finally falling to the ground. You released a sigh of relief before lowering yourself down as well… on top of him… oops?

“Sorry.” Not really but you still lifted your hips away from Strawberry’s waist, despite your reluctance to do so. That familiar adorable blush was too much to not give in to. You were too entranced in his blush, in his eyes, in his charming curls, in his cute little freckles to even notice the other three snickering next to you. You finally stood up to help put away the mat.

“Now that we know you actually like John, you need to do a little more to hold up your end of the bargain.” Almost-Goatee stated, picking up empty takeout boxes from the coffee table.

“How do you know I actually like him. Maybe I’m still deciding.” You argued.

“Mon ami, literally two seconds ago you were staring at him looking like you were about to explode into a swarm of butterflies.” French-Guy retorted. You rolled your eyes.

“I can’t say I disagree with Laf’s observation.” Walking-Innuendo added.

“Alright fine. I’ll host food and game night once a month.” You caved.

“That seems unequal.” Almost-Goatee responded.

“No, because you four always get to choose the game.” You provided.

“That doesn’t make it equal.” Almost-Goatee complained.

“Today you chose Twister, I’m convinced you can find new ways to torture me. And. I’m still not talking to the landlord.” You finally convinced him to shut up.

“Well now that we’ve agreed, I’ll get going.” You stated, making your way to the door.

“Hold up.” Strawberry stopped you. “I’ll walk down with you.” He suggested. You beckoned for him to follow you and slipped out of the apartment.

You two walked in silence down the hall and you thought about taking his hand but decided against it.

“So twister was fun.” He laughed.

“I can’t say I disagree with you.” You responded with a similar laugh. You pressed the button for “down” on the elevator. A joke worthy of Walking-Innuendo popped into your head but you didn’t voice it for some reason.

“Hey, thanks for coming.” He added scratching the back of his neck.

“Again, who am I to deny free food.” You were nervous. That was it. You couldn’t even remember the last time a guy made you nervous. You stepped into the elevator as it dinged upon arrival.

“You want to umm… go to dinner again next Wednesday?” You asked, brushing your hair behind your ear. You stomach was a perfect reflection of the butterflies French-Guy had mentioned earlier.

“My boss wants me to work late Wednesday. Are you open on Tuesday?” He asked, both of you leaving the elevator and beginning to walk down the hall.

“Sure. I’ll come by at seven? I get to pick the restaurant this time, you got to last time.” You offered.

“Seven sounds good.” He nodded. You reached the door of your apartment and shoved the key into the lock, turning it and opening the door. You swallowed your nerves and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“I’ll see you next Tuesday then.”

“See you next Tuesday.” The flush in his cheeks made an epic return.

“Bye Strawberry.” You teased as you shut the door. You leaned against the door and sighed, it all felt like the cheesiest romantic comedy ever, and you loved it.

Midnight Snack

Summary: You and your boyfriend Steve can’t sleep, so you both take it upon yourselves to pass the time.

Characters: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Nightmares and insomnia, I guess. I’ve never done warnings before.

Word Count: 1,818 (It’s a beautiful number.)

Author’s Note: So this is one of many that I had originally written on Quotev. It’s not exactly copy and paste though, because I wrote it along time ago and…it was pretty bad. I was going to just edit it, but it got out of hand and now its a completely different story. But I really hope it turns out well! The gif isn’t mine btw. Love you!

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Things Change Pt.6

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

“Hi,” Amelia said, smirking. She tightened her grip on her duffel bag, terrified of how he would respond.

Owen just stood there and looked at her, almost making her think he’d gone into some sort of paralysing shock. Seeing Amelia on the other side was the last thing he expected at almost midnight.

“I know it’s late,” she quickly started before he could slam the door on her or yell at her, because she honestly deserved it, “And I know you probably really hate me right now and don’t even want to see me, but…”

“What are you doing here?” he whispered hoarsely, their gazes still connected.

“This isn’t a Shepherd thing,” she joked, “I didn’t cheat on you. That’s not why I’m here.”

“Then why are you here?” he asked, leaning his shoulder on the door frame.

“Because I had the weekend off and I was planning to spend it in my apartment, eating ice cream and watching TV, but then Derek told me he was flying in this weekend and then he said I should come with him and I figured why not…”

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Meddlesome Friends and Misunderstandings

As requested by Anonymous. I hope I’ve done well, dear!!

Warnings: Alcohol mentions. Slight drunkenness at some parts.

Word count: 2,939

In every sense of the word, it seemed the entire world around you relaxed. Once Thorin’s coronation was over, the entire population of the kingdom, guest and resident alike, released a collective sigh of relief and dived straight into celebration. The mountain was won, the rightful king restored to his throne, and Smaug defeated. Who could ask for better reason to celebrate?

The guests mingle in the Great Hall, indulging in food and drink, dancing to the lively music, and engaging in loud conversation. Laughter rings from every corner of the room and you can’t help but follow the sounds to their sources; more often than not it’s a group of Dwarves or Men, but occasionally, it’s the Elves being uncharacteristically boisterous. With each outburst, your smile grows slightly wider.

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