synchronized rhythm

A Very Belated Friendship

Prompt: There’s a blooming friendship between Narcissa Malfoy and the Chosen One

It’s the first Christmas after the war when the letters start coming. Harry is not helping Mrs. Weasley. He is also not in the company of his best friends. In fact, he is alone in No.12, Grimmauld Place, sipping his tea near the window. Kreacher is busily making dinner that can be considered suitable for one on a Christmas night. Suddenly a medium brown owl swoops inside his open window and lands in front of Harry. He looks at the owl confusedly, and the owl only stares at Harry with a tilted head. Whose owl are you? His consciousness asks because it’s not The Weasley’s owl nor it belongs to the ministry. It is too elegance to belong to the ministry, clearly the owner takes their time on grooming the bird to perfection. He is pulled from his reverie by a gentle nip on his finger. He smiles softly to the owl when it lets him caress its feather. He tries to ignore the pang in his heart by the sight. He missed Hedwig more than he can express right now. He pulls the letter from its feet to stir his mind away from sensitive topic. Like white snowy owl. And green light. And death. He assumes the owl will go back to its owner, but it only flies above Harry’s head twice and settles on his left shoulder, happily nipping his ear and hair gently. He only shakes his head and let the creature gets comfortable, focusing on the letter at hand. There’s no sender’s name, which makes Harry suspicious, and thus makes him cast a revealing spell towards the letter, but there’s no dark or lethal magic on it. Once he carefully opens the letter, he begins reading.

Dear Mr. Harry Potter,

Good evening, Mr. Potter. This letter might come as a surprise for you as I have also surprised myself on sending it, but it is not to be dwelled with too much thought as I have no intention to disturb you. Happy Christmas, Mr. Potter. I hope you celebrate this day in the warmth company of your loved ones.

P.S. Oh, the owl is a Christmas present from me, she loves staggering on people’s shoulder. Please take care of her.

Warm regards,

Narcissa Malfoy.

It takes Harry a full ten minutes before he can understand the letter completely. Narcissa Malfoy was sending him a letter on Christmas, full with Christmas wishes and even went through the trouble of buying him an owl as a Christmas present. A very beautiful creature that is now staggering on Harry’s arm. He can never buy any pet, not since Hedwig, but the beauty in front of him has already captured his heart completely. Rory –sort for Aurora. He’ll call her Rory. After that he immediately writes back to Mrs. Malfoy, thanking her for the present, wishing her a very merry Christmas, and also sending his regards to Malfoy – Draco. After that he pulls out Hedwig’s old place and lets Rory to familiar herself on her new place. She immediately purrs and sleeps after eating the food Harry gives. He asks Kreacher to pack the diner and Apparate with it to the Burrow unannounced. That night he aborts his plan to stay away from the Weasley as it’s their first Christmas without Fred, and follow Mrs. Malfoy’s advice to be in the company of his loved ones.


After the first letter much to Harry’s surprise, there are more to come and in no time they have chatted back and forth with letters. At first it was a little bit awkward and formal as Harry didn’t know how to act with all the warm attention he’s getting from a Malfoy, but then he gathered his wits, asked Narcissa to call him Harry, and started reaching out first. Well, after two months, he dared to invite Narcissa to The Black House, there they chatted over dinner like old friends. When the calendar marked as April, Harry went to Malfoy Manor for the second time in his life. Narcissa was hell bent on redecorating the dark and gloomy Manor, and Harry decided to help. Surprisingly, Malfoy also helped along with a polite gesture toward Harry and a much warmer gesture toward his mother. He kept coming back for a full week until the tasks were done. In that week, Harry has seen things he’d never guess he’ll be seeing from Malfoy. Seriously, three days ago, Malfoy sneakily swiped a stripe of green paint on Narcissa’s left cheek and grinned widely as he admired his art before he pecked her green cheek, leaving the paint on his lips, which made Narcissa laughs.

“There. Perfect.” He had heard Malfoy said softly when Narcissa was laughing, and casted a very warm look toward her. Gone all the sharp edges of Malfoy, gone all the sneers and superior looks, and gone all the infuriating arrogant trademark of Draco Malfoy. What’s left was just a kid with mischievous act to bring a smile toward his mother face. What’s left was a kid who shoots his mother a warm look and calls her perfect when she can’t see. And in that moment Harry had nothing to hold on to as he felt his heart stuttered a little bit.


It’s in the middle of June when Harry suddenly wakes up sweating and screaming inside the Black House. It’s in the middle of June when Harry mindlessly goes to the Malfoy Manor past midnight by Floo. It’s in the middle of June when he staggers towards the Manor’s kitchen in the verge of having a panic attack. Draco was just sipping a mug of tea to erase the nightmare that had woken him prior, and the sudden intrusion surprised him.

“Po—” he almost scolds Potter for not having any manner, seriously it’s past midnight. Potter’s figure in his house is no longer a strange thing. Since his mother and Potter had redecorated the house on April, Potter’s appearance in the Manor had been frequent, not that he’s complaining though. He almost scolds Potter, but one look on his ashen face stops his tongue. Draco leaps to his feet and stops before he could reach for Potter with worry when he heard the heavy breathing from the other boy. “Potter, what’s wrong?” Draco’s voice is tinged with concern that he tries to mask. Potter is holding his body with a hand on the wall and the other on his knees, panting like he has been running a marathon, sweat clings onto his thin pajamas.

“Nightmare. I think I’m having a panic attack.” Draco sighs. Of course his mother was sleeping when needed, just his luck.

“Potter, I need you to listen to me. Will you listen to me?” Draco says calmly. Potter nods. “There’s a wall on your left, sit on the floor, your back to the wall.” Potter follows the instruction. “Now, breathe and count with me.” Draco starts counting in the same rhythm with Harry’s breathing pace. “Potter, I’m going to touch you now. Is that okay?” Potter nods again. Draco takes Potter’s hand and put his palm on his chest. “Breath with me.” They synchronize their breathing rhythm until Harry looks much calmer. “Are you okay?” Draco dares to ask.

“Yes… Thank you, Draco.” And for the first time in history, Draco gives him a genuine smile. He gets up to make another mug of tea, and cast a warming charm over  his mug before sitting beside potter on the floor and giving Potter his tea. He hides another smile by sipping his mug, he’s Draco now.

“Any reason why you suddenly going here?” Draco starts. Harry only shakes his head. “A careless action in the spurt of the moment then. How Gryffindor of you, Potter.” Potter only laughs. “Wanna share nightmares?” Draco asks again, nonchalantly. Potter snorts in his mug, but decides to tell Draco about his nightmares. The night gets wasted with mugs of tea, shared nightmares, concealed smiles, and some occasional smirks and laughter. Harry ever imagine that he’ll witness this side of Draco –for Merlin’s sake, he’s Draco now – ever, but here they are, sharing nightmare and sipping tea on Draco’s kitchen floor in pajamas after midnight. And Godric helps him, because his heart once more stutters uncontrollably.

That morning, Narcissa has a special surprise as she sees his son asleep on the kitchen floor with his only arch-enemy, full clothed, both backs to the wall, and the head with jet black hair stays comfortably on the shoulder of the blond. She has never smiled wider because maybe it’s the start of something beautiful.

A salvation for one.

Redemption for the other.

A very belated friendship.

Maybe it could even bloom to be the truly long waited relationship.

With a mug of coffee in her hand, she faces the window, watching the world coming to life in the start of another day.

Smiling, she hums a gentle lullaby.




♈ ARIES // A fiery inferno. An organ set ablaze. Unimaginably hot and wildly untamable, fervently consuming all it is fed; the good and the bad. It radiates a heat that can thaw cold cheeks and frost from shivering lips – or engulf you, swallow you whole and leave you as nothing more than smoldering ash. This heart needs generous kindling and constant stoking. Never to be smothered or snuffed out. It beats in booming thunder, and bleeds in plumes of smoke.

♉ TAURUS // A whittled heart of knotty pine, with intricate floral patterns etched deep into its wooden surface. A lacquered finish makes it sleek and glossy. A natural beauty. Carved and hollowed out, so that it can collect all the beautiful trinkets it finds, and lock them away. This heart needs an antiqued key, and reliable eyes that can cherish each and every lovely treasure they’ve buried so deeply in their chest. It beats in gentle echoes, and bleeds in sweet, sticky resin.

♊ GEMINI // A gilded, golden cage, with ornate engravings on every spindly, metallic bar. Glinting and gleaming in playful light; it dazzles and draws many admirers near. However, if they step too close, or extend their fingertips to touch – the hundreds of tiny, frightened finches inside release shrill and frantic chirps from silver beaks. A flurry of ruffled, rosy plumage. This heart needs a patient hand to release the latch. To let the feathers fly, and simply listen as the birds sing. It beats in the flutter of wings, and bleeds in pastel sunrise.

♋ CANCER // Tessellated sea glass and elegant vintage lace; smooth and embellished with pearls that glow soft and argent like the moon. It contains the entire ocean, with all it’s depth and warmth and comfort. Churning, swirling, salty waves flood the arteries and fill it will the soulful beauty of the seas. A home for many – a drowning place for some. Love flows uncontrollably, unconditionally. This heart needs lungs that can breathe underwater. Hands both strong enough to carry it, and so gentle it won’t shatter. It beats in the ebbing of the tides, and bleeds in soothing moonbeams.

♌ LEO // Lustrous sunlight encased in crushed red velvet. Luxurious and sparkling. Bold and rich. It transfixes others adoration and desire with the scintillating light that leak from its seams. It brightens and blinds all those who gaze upon it. Illuminating only the pleasant things, and melting the affection it is fed. This heart needs amorous eyes that have never beheld such a wonder, and will never forgets it’s beauty. It beats in boisterous trumpets, and bleeds in liquid gold.

♍ VIRGO // Precision cut and polished clockwork. Burnished brass and copper coils. Silver springs and cogs and gears that mesh and mash in a complex, synchronized rhythm unlike any other. When well-oiled, love ticks and tocks effortlessly; consistent and hypnotic. It winds and unwinds as it chooses. This heart needs feet that can get lost in a waltz, but still keep time. It beats like a syncopated metronome, and bleeds in bubbling amber.

♎ LIBRA // A twinkling, paper lantern; thin as the wings of a butterfly, and just as weightless. It emits a faint glow from the romantic light flickering inside, yet drifts listlessly through the chest cavity – as though no love can pin it down. It can be folded and creased to look like all that intimacy should be – but isn’t. This heart needs real romance. To be held with grace and loving balance. It beats in charming laughter, and bleeds in floral perfume.

♏ SCORPIO // A twisted labyrinth of thorny vines and ruby flowers. Dark and intimidating, but oh-so alive and growing. Roots constrict and thorns prick to fend off deceitful lovers. But if they’re willing to bleed – each rose that blooms will do so just for them. An endlessly beautiful garden; secluded and full of the richest reds and luscious greens. This heart needs love that is true and unafraid of hurt; that will not let the petals shrivel or wither. It beats in whispered “I love you”’s, and bleed in twilight skies.

♐ SAGITTARIUS // A gluey patchwork of auburn leaves and borrowed things. Stitched together from pieces of foreign hearts to form a hot air balloon-like contraption. Tethered only by heart strings, and fueled by an single spark. Always eager to take flight, to feel new heights, and caress the clouds. This heart needs a skyscape that never ends. A spirit with no map. It beats in whistling fire crackers, and bleeds in afternoon sunshine.

♑ CAPRICORN // An impenetrable exterior of compressed coal; smoky black and unattainable. However, if one stays and chisels for years, they’ll discover this hardened stone is a literal diamond in the rough. A glittering, jewel encrusted cavern. Its walls and arteries lined with vast riches; emeralds and rubies and sapphires. Resplendent and full of love. This heart needs one worthy of holding such a valuable chasm. It beats in refined symphonies, and bleeds in the boldest red wine.

♒ AQUARIUS // A sparkling prism lodged ambiguously in the rib cage where a human heart should be. It’s crystalline surface clarifies the cloudy, and gives the dull new splendor. It isolates and captures the smallest, most imperceptible glints of light, only to reflect and dissect the spectrum of color in it no one else would ever notice. This heart needs eyes that can peer through a kaleidoscope and see new rainbows every time. It beats in neon flickers, and bleeds in cosmic stardust.

♓ PISCES // Wispy gossamer and creamy silk, loosely woven together like a dream catcher. A tattered tapestry of delicate, warm fabric; embroidered with strands of silver thread and tiny beads of amethyst. This heart absorbs all forms love, and unfortunately, all sorrows. It is stained with the fingerprints of every hand it’s held. Soft and sensitive; it should be handled with the most tender care. It beats in soothing lullabies, and bleeds in shimmering, lavender bubbles.

Friends for life

y/n’s P.O.V.

From: Amanda
Hey wanna hang out tonight?!?!

To: Amanda
Can’t, going out with Harry again he’s only in town for a bit before he leaves for another tour :(

From: Amanda
What’s going on with you two, your like inseparable when he’s home but then sad and depressed when he’s gone, I thought you said you were ‘just’ friends???

I thought that last text over for a minute, she was right my Mom had been pointing it out to me, when Harry was here we were joined at the hip, I mean I just walked in the door from spending the night at his house, and he was here last night and right now we’re only taking an hour break to shower and get ready to go out tonight. But lately when he leaves for tour it’s not like it was when he first left, I was happy for him, excited even that my best friend was a superstar and that he was getting the attention he deserved, now though, its like they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and when he leaves now I feel like part of me is leaving with him, and when girls stop us on the street or in the club when we’re together I feel weird, like I’m jealous and I want him all to myself. Am I falling in love with my best friend?

Harry’s P.O.V.

“What do you and Y/n want for dinner tonight sweetie?” My Mum asked sticking her head into my bedroom.

“We’re going out, I’m taking her to this club she wants me to go to,” I said riffling through my drawers for something to wear.

“Oh, you guys have been going out and doing stuff all week, don’t you just want a night in, maybe even spend it without Y/! and with your family?” she asked.

“No Mum I get to see you sometimes when I’m on the road, I don’t get to see Y/n till I come home, I miss her,” I said and I felt the all too familiar clench in my chest when I said her name, and think about leaving her at the end of the week.

“Sweetie, is something going on? are you developing feelings for Y/n as more than a friend?” she asked and I sighed, turning around a bit defeated. Y/n was my best friend, I could tell her anything, and yea we made a pact a few years ago when we were both drunk one night and slept together that the sex was nice, amazing actually and no strings attached so we became ‘friends’ with benefits, but lately it seems like more, it’s like I can’t get enough of her, I need her around me and touching me every second. Maybe I am falling in love with my best friend.

Y/n’s P.O.V.

I finished getting ready and stepped out of my bathroom to come face to face with Harry standing in my room, looking killer as usual.

“Jesus you scared me, I’m not used to people just walking into my room since you’ve been gone,” I said clutching my heart and he smiled that amazing dimply smile and I contemplated telling him right then and there that I was falling or had already fallen in love with him, but I stopped myself. Knowing Harry didn’t feel the same way, he was my friend and that’s all he’d ever be and I’d much rather keep him as a friend without awkwardness then risk loosing that all over a feeling, maybe it would go away when he left at the end of the week anyways.

“Ready Freddie?” he asked and I chuckled and nodded, grabbing my bag and following him down the stairs, we waved goodbye to my parents and got into his black rental Range Rover and I gave him directions to the club that I had been dying to take him too, knowing Harry liked a good time and a good place to dance and let go. We pulled up outside and Harry took my hand in his, I loved walking past all the girls waiting in line to get in, and seeing Harry they all swooned and started screaming until they say my hand locked with his and it quieted them right down. All Harry had to do was flash his amazing smile and tell the bouncer his name and we were in the doors and ushered to a private booth.

“Two white gummy bear shots, and two long islands,” he ordered with the pretty waitress who couldn’t keep her eyes off of him and I chuckled when she walked away.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Well one you have my order memorized and I can’t believe you still remember it, and two she couldn’t keep her eyes off you, and she pulled her shirt down to show more cleavage just as she got over here,” I said and he blushed and looked around.

“I didn’t notice,” he said holding my gaze and I started to squirm feeling a little under the gun.

“So what do you think?” I asked motioning around the dark and clean club, music blasting from the speakers below us.

“It’s nice, when did it open?” he asked over the noise.

“About a week ago,” I said and he nodded.

“It’s so clean,” he said and I chuckled and nodded. The waitress brought our drinks and I kicked Harry under the table to get him to notice how she practically stuck her chest in his face handing him his drink, he chuckled and looked over at me though as she did it and I think she thought we were together then cause she blushed and apologized. We both downed both of our drinks, already feeling a slight buzz and Harry stood up, reaching his hand out to mine like some cheesy movie.

“Let’s dance,” he said with a smile and I chuckled and grabbed his hand, he pulled me up hard, till I collided with his chest and our faces were literally centimeters apart, I could feel his warm breath on my face and then he leaned forward, passing my face and going to my ear.

“You look amazing tonight, now show my how you can move,” he whispered and I picked up a hint of seduction in his voice, making me shiver in his arms. I nodded and he turned without making eye contact and walked down the stairs and to the middle of the dance floor, he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, already starting to move to the beat. I let the music flow through me and create a synchronized rhythm before I got the hang of it and started to move, swinging my hips with a little extra force to show Harry what I had. I felt his hands kneading into my skin on my hips and then he looked determined, before I even had a chance to figure the look out he yanked me forward by my hips and plastered my crotch against him, moving as one now and sending pleasurable vibrations through my entire body. I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and began to grind against him, loving the look of pleasure he got on his face as I did so. He turned me and I continued to dance against him, gasping when I felt a bulge press against my ass and I leaned back pressing my back against his chest, knowing I could really get him riled up, maybe that’s what I needed was some good friendly ‘friend’ sex to get my mind off of possibly being in love with him.

“Your driving me crazy,” he moaned into my ear and my whole body convulsed being hidden but the swaying motion we were doing, I’m sure now to a passerby it most likely looked like standing sex but I didn’t care, all I wanted was his body against mine. I turned back around and looked into his eyes, gasping again seeing the pupil’s almost blown out.

“God Harry..” I breathed and before I could finish his lips crashed to mine, our bodies stopping mid swing for a moment to register the shock of the deep and passionate kiss. His tongue crept into my mouth and I moaned on instinct, feeling a wetness forming between my legs as he thrust his hips forward and connected with my centre through my dress.

“Come with me, now!” he hissed and I nodded, letting him take my hand in his and pull me towards the hall where the bathrooms where. Luckily the club wasn’t packed so that meant that there was no line to the bathroom and he yanked me through the dark hall and straight into the women’s bathroom. He looked into all the stalls and then walked back over and locked the door with a click, looking around at the shining and brand new bathroom with a pleased look before he advanced his look of hunger scaring my slightly. I backed up till my back pressed against the counter and he kept advancing.

“I need you now,” he said through gritted teeth and I nodded, needing the same but not being able to form the proper words. His lower half crashed with mine first and then his lips found mine, his hand landing on my back and pressing me forward, his lips melting together with mine in an amazing way making my mind spin with lust. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him close, wondering if I should tell him how I feel now? since I had a feeling this was about to make the feelings worse, not go away.

“Harry I…” I started to say before his lips found my sweet spot on my neck and my words turned into a moan.

“Jesus you look so goddamn hot tonight,” he moaned against my skin and I shivered hearing his words filled with something I’d never heard before. He lift me up suddenly and set me on the counter, working the zipper on the back of my dress and finally pulling it down to my waist, exposing my bra less breasts that he smirked at before he attached his mouth to my nipple, nipping and sucking and causing my head to roll back and my hands to grip the side of the counter.

“God Harry that feels good,” I moaned and I felt him move to my other breast before his mouth found mine again, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and kissing me deep and tenderly. He lift me off the counter and dropped me back to my feet my dress sliding off the rest of the way and leaving me in my lace underwear and heels. I reached out greedily and tugged at his shirt, lifting it over his head and then his jeans, letting them slid down with his boxers, allowing his aching erection to spring free from his tight confines. I moaned seeing his massive length standing up against his stomach and I instinctively dropped to me knees, blowing on his cock and watching it twitch towards my mouth, like it had a mind of it’s own and it was begging to be licked. I watched the pre-cum gather at the tip and I leaned forward and licked it onto my tongue tasting his salty but sweet liquid in my mouth. I let the tip slid between my lips and then he thrust forward, sending the length down my throat and making me gag around him and he gripped his hands into my hair and continued thrusting as I worked on hallowing my cheeks and sucking him off properly.

“Yes, Y/N that’s amazing,” he moaned fucking into my mouth and I moaned around his dick, the vibration sending his head rolling back. A few minutes later he pulled my head off of him with a pop, and pulled me to my feet, grasping my face in between his hands he kissed me hard before sliding my underwear to the floor and picking me up again, setting me back on the counter and leaning me back so my back was pressed against the mirror. I watched him grab a condom form his pants on the floor and pump it onto his cock, walking over he spread my legs and leaned down licking it a few times quickly and wetly. He positioned himself between my legs and watched my face intently as he slid into me, looking down to where our bodies now connected a few times before his face and green stare came back to mine. Once he was all the way inside he leaned forward and kissed me again, this time much slower and much more passionate then he had ever kissed me before.

“Your pussy’s so tight baby,” he moaned against my lips and I moaned, feeling his cock dragging out of me and then shoving back inside, hitting the back of my pussy and just missing my g-spot.

“Faster baby,” I panted feeling his thrusts pick up and my back hitting the mirror with every force of his impact.

“Sunny I, I think I’m in love with you,” he moaned and my eyes snapped open, my hands hitting his chest and halting his thrusts.

“What?!” I asked meeting his gaze.

“I think I’m in love with you,” he said much clearer this time and with more force. I felt tears gathering in my eyes and I couldn’t even explain why I was crying I mean this wasn’t the magical moment I hoped it would be, fucking my best friend and the person I’ve fallen in love with in a club bathroom and hearing him tell me he loves me mid thrust, but it would have to do.

“I think I love you too,” I said and he looked even more shocked, he leaned forward and kissed me, his hands bringing my body closer to his, making his cock slid back inside me and making both of us moan into each others mouth. He pulled back and starred into my eyes with a small smile as he thrust in and out of me hard and fast, making this the best sex for both of us. He rammed into my sweet spot and I cried out, gripping my hands into his shoulders and holding on as he pounded against my g-spot over and over, making the warm tingling in my stomach start to travel down towards my lower region.

“Harry baby I’m getting close,” I moaned and he nodded, his forehead leaning forward and resting against mine as we moved as one. His thrusts got slower but not ineffective and I felt my orgasm rippling through me.

“Fuck Harry I’m cumming,” I moaned as my body shivered and the best orgasm of my life coursed through my body. He held me tighter and continued his rapid thrusting.

“Jesus Y/n your so hot baby,” he moaned and I could see in his face that he was getting close.

“Shit I’m cumming too baby, yes it feels so good,” he moaned as I felt the warm liquid filling the condom inside me, his dick twitching with each release. He pulled out and rest his whole body against mine on the counter our pants the only sound filling the small bathroom.

“Did you mean what you said?” he asked.

“Yes did you?” I asked.

“Yes, I love you and I think I always have underneath,” he said and I smiled looking into those green eyes I knew he meant it.

1780 (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 1402

Request/Summary: You meet Lafayette at a winters ball (Am I not just amazing at summarizing these things? (; )

AU: Hamiltime

Warnings: None

A/N: Thanks so much for reading (: (My first fic on this blog, ahhh!)

“I don’t mean to bother you mademoiselle, but I could not help but notice you from across the room, and I came to ask your name.” You heard a French accented voice speak smoothly beside you, snapping you out of your blank stare at the couples on the ballroom dance floor. You turned to look at the source of the voice, a tall and broad shouldered man who easily sent a jittery feeling to the pit of your stomach.

“(Y/N)(Y/L/N).” You introduced yourself and curtsied.

“A beautiful name.” He complimented, leaning down to kiss your hand elegantly. You felt a blush heat your cheeks as he straightened. 

“My name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, de La Fayette, Marquis de Lafayette.” He bowed deeply after rolling the long list of names off his tongue. “May I dance with you?” He asked before you could comment on the length of his name. 

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Sleepover at Thornhill ~ Cheronica*


Warnings: SINNING and Archie being a cockblock (vaginablock? Who knows? I feel like Archie is always killing the mood for other people on this fics but maybe it’s bc he is so dumb Idk 😂👌🏻)

Word count: 1938


“Sleepover at Thornhill?” Betty asked Cheryl astonished to her invite.
“Sorry Cheryl, but that sounds terrifying” Jughead laughed until I hit him on the arm “Ouch Veronica!” He whisper-yelled placing his right and over the hurt area of the left arm. On the corner of my eye I caught an amused Cheryl laughing and looking directly at me, so I turned to face her and smiled back.
“I’m not sure I want to go” Kevin whispered to Archie audibly enough to trigger Cheryl.
I watched her grin turn upside down and her eyebrows furrow in disgust displaying a genuine Blossom representation of hurt and pain. And then she broke.
“You know what? I wanted to think that you half-assed Scooby gang would at least try to be nice to me, or even come for the food, but since I clearly disgust you so much I don’t see why I’m still standing here like a quadriplegic hobo” she turned around and stormed out of the student lounge and into the bathroom.

I tried to go after her but Archie grabbed me by the wrist before I could cross the door.
“Archie let me go!” I said as I tried to free myself of his grip, failing miserably.
“Why are you even looking after her, Ronnie? She is a bitch” Betty said as she looked at me with so much confusion in her eyes.
“No, she is not a bitch, Betty. She is a sixteen year old who’s twin brother was just murdered and needs some friends and validation, something we clearly weren’t able to give her before. So please just let me go and fix what you guys did” and with that I turned around and followed Cheryl’s tracks leaving my friends re-evaluating their actions.

“They hate me” she sobbed into the sink.
“They don’t hate you, Cheryl” she looked up at me with tears streaming down her face. “Look, what if i come over today? We can have a girls night” I winked at her and she just nodded while hugging me as I hugged her back in response.

“Hey welcome to Thornhill, Veronica Lodge” Cheryl laughed as she let me into her house or, should I say, mansion.
I laid my purse on the center table and hanged my cape in one of the entrance hangers waiting for her parents to come welcome me as they usually did.
After a couple of silent seconds Cheryl looked confused.
“What are you waiting?” She asked.
“Aren’t your parents home?” I asked in return still kinda off by the silence in the room.
“No dummie, we have the house all by ourselves” she implied whilst grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs.
“Wait!” I stopped at the beginning of the staircase. “Let’s have some fun tonight” I grabbed a bottle of pure vodka off of one of the shelves.
Cheryl took the bottle in her hand and bursted out laughing.

Our naked feet dancing together to the beat of the music as we slide down the hallway and into the bedroom to change into our nightgowns.
Cheryl let me into her closet displaying an array of silky sleeping clothing.
“Here, you can use this one” she handed me a short black dress. “Oh and, you can change in there” she said signalizing to the en-suite bathroom.
“Thanks Cheryl” I replied staring into her eyes for a couple of seconds after our hands touched.
I stepped in letting the door unintentionally a little bit open.

As I was heading off the bathroom, my phone rang. It was a message from Kevin
“sorry V, we messed up. How can we make it up for her?”
“Idk figure something out.” I sent him back, turning off my phone.
I don’t know why I did it, it made no sense but I couldn’t help to peak into the bedroom where Cheryl was changing. There was something mysterious about that girl and the way her body curved that drove me crazy. Though when I realized what I was unintentionally doing I quickly moved myself from the door and pretended like nothing was going through my mind as I watched her fit herself into her pajamas.
‘Stop Veronica, you are being a creep’ I told myself.

I came out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I managed to see Cheryl sight focused on undoubtedly my ass but I quickly brushed that idea off my head because even though I clearly had a crush on her, the possibilities of Cheryl being into me were less than cero.
“Umm, was everything okay?” She cleared her throat.
“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” I said as I grabbed the half empty bottle and smiled at her.
She smiled back.

“Okay so truth or dare?” She said as she sat on the king sized bed displaying her long red nightgown over the sheets.
“Um…” I bit my lip “truth” i tilted my head back and felt the clear liquid burning down my throat.
“Okay Veronica Lodge, have you ever questioned your sexuality?” The ginger laughed, probably due to the effects of the alcohol on her system.
“Maybe” I hesitated between laughters. “Have you?” I asked in return trying to suppress the anxiety that asking that question so randomly gave to me.
“Oh honey the game doesn’t work like that” said crossing her arms in front of her chest as a little smirk slipped off.
“Oh my god, Cheryl” she remained in the same position as before.
She bit her lip. “Who hasn’t?” I caught the reflection of my earrings in her eyes as the air got denser.
“Kevin probably” we bursted out laughing as both of us continued to drink.
“Ok so Truth or Dare?” I asked trying to sound as seductively as I could even though I was testing the waters. She crooked her eyebrow in response.
“Let’s go with truth… for now” I shuddered due to the touch of her cold fingers on my ankle as she drew “eight” shapes over my skin. She looked up at me with puppy eyes and I realized that the feeling was mutual, you could sense it from a hundred miles away. So I decided to take a risk.
“Okay. Cheryl, is it true that there’s nobody else in the house except you and me?” I stared right into her eyes and I put my hand on the bed behind her back making me almost hover over her body.
“Yes” she bit her lip feeling the sexual tension in the room, looking up at me one more time.
She leaned in as our foreheads lined up, both noses touching each other. We just stared at each other too focused on processing the fact that the fantasy was developing on reality.
“Truth or dare?” She whispered looking at my lips.
“Dare” managed to slip out of my mouth.
She bit her red lip once again as she stared into my eyes
“I dare you to kiss me” I barely heard probably due to the fact that I was already pushing our lips together as hard as I could.
My hand on the back of her hair as I tangled my fingers between the hairs of her ginger mane. Our lips perfectly synchronized to the rhythm of our beating hearts against each other.
After a while the kiss grew stronger and deeper, the passion built up until it was way too much to let it go. The feeling of her nails scratching down my back and the coldness of her fingers complimented each other in a magnificent way as they pulled me in closer to her body. Feeling the heat that her mouth irradiated as our tongues fought for dominance. Our bodies completely synchronized to the racing beating of our heartbeats creating inexplicable feelings that only we could comprehend when we were on each other’s arms. The rush, the adrenaline: the passion running through our veins consenting out every movement.
“Take your shirt off” she pulled away in an attempt to refill our lungs with enough oxygen to keep going.
I nodded following the ginger’s orders as I decided to let her dominate for a while. I’m not lying when I say that dominant Cheryl was hotter than anything else I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You could see the fire in her eyes as she ferociously ripped her dress off exposing her expensive lacy black underwear. She placed herself over me and took my bra off in a mater of seconds staring at my bare chest in amusement.
“Keep your arms there” she said as she placed my wrists next to each other over my head as I was laying on the bed. “Don’t move”
After that bold statement, she proceeded to start kissing down my body pulling away every couple kisses in an attempt to make me whine in the frustration of being teased until I couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands exploring my body grabbing and drawing circles on my bare skin as I let a few moans escape along the way. Suddenly her attention drifted towards my nipples as she played with them in a circular motion kissing down my belly button. Her mouth against my own again and I found my lower lip between her perfectly whiten teeth as I sensed the metallic taste of redness coming out of it. Cheryl was a biter.
I lifted myself up from the bed and singlehandedly took her lingerie off. Positioning myself over her I took her right nipple in my mouth as she moaned in pleasure to the sudden touch.
Her hands almost automatically went to my hair as she played with it making we realize what that was indicating.
My lips made their way to her thighs, as I kissed them softly making her moan in pleasure. I was getting closer and closer to her core. I knew every second of anticipation was getting harder and harder for her to keep composure, but I was waiting for the perfect moment.
“V-Veronica” she moaned as I looked up to and slipped two fingers inside of her.
The impossible to decide moans that left her mouth as my thrusting was complimented by my tongue playing around with her clitoris.
The passion was building up, all the feeling were building up and, unexpectedly, as I came up to kiss her she used this situation to turn us around so that she was on top.
Positioning her body over mine she started creating friction between us making us both moan in pleasure.
I was getting closer to the edge as I felt a new sensation I never experienced before. Ecstatic moans left my mouth as I let myself go and enjoy the moment where disturbed by an unwanted noise.

“Hey Cheryl are you here?” The door opened up as I heard Archie’s voice and proceeded to totally freak out. “Oh god!” He yelled as we covered ourselves with the duvet next to us.
“Archie!” We both exclaimed trying to cover our bodies as much as possible as we watched the boy not move even an inch.
“Sorry we just came here to apologize and V wasn’t answering her phone and your butler let us in so I-” he tried to explain himself oblivious to the fact that we walked in on us having sex.
“ARCHIE!” We both yelled at him at the same time making him realize what was happening closing the door.

“Well that was not great” Cheryl said looking at me making us both burst in laughter as we pressed our lips into each other.

“You… ll ne…r see… th… n… i… my kingdom…”

Those were the last words that that the Gardevoir ears could make before seeing  the figure tower over her, raising their weapon to the heavens before swiping it down, aiming for the poor sylph’s face.

Oriel could only gasp and cringe before the dark world she envisioned was shattered, rising up and letting out a shriek from the sheer shock.


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Destiny fic - 829 words

Testing Hawthorne’s voice. It’s not very distinct, but I’m getting there.

On Ao3 here

The farm has been filling up. Hawthorne is proud.

It’s bustling now, with the Vanguard rallying more Guardians, with communications active and transmat links up, the tent city growing beyond the landing field. She’d had to wrestle that area back from the Guardians today, for shipments of scavenged supplies. They’d turned the place into a rudimentary football field, crafted goalposts from scrap and rigged tripwires and flares to go off when goals were scored. Not only was it a hazard, with the nearest Cabal base already within too many miles for Suraya to feel completely comfortable, but it was in the way of important things. Like landing the stockpiles the Guardians were retrieving from the Fallen for them.

She’s trying not to be frustrated, they were pulling long days in the wild and could use the break, but she wished they had pastimes that did not get in the way.

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Uncertainty - Part I

『 Note: It has been years since I’ve actually written something. Only recently did I start with headcanons, and even then I still have so much to improve with. This originally started as a brainstorm / headcanon, but I kept writing and eventually made it a bit too long. So, I will divide it into two parts. Apologies for the blandness. The second part is here! 』

“Are you sure about this, Zenyatta, sir?” You asked with hesitance, pressing a lock of hair behind your ear while looking around nervously. The wind became harsher as you tried to speak, your eyes finding it hard to meet the Omnic’s. “I mean, I’m not exactly the best at this. Not to mention, I…”

Zenyatta levitated a comfortable distance from you and studied your movements. Lowering your head, your body shivered at the thought of what you planned on doing. You held your arm tightly as you felt the Omnic observe you further.

He was silent, which didn’t exactly help at the current moment, but you knew he more than likely was trying to search for words of encouragement. Either that, or entirely unsure of what to say. It was more likely the former over the latter. as you and Zenyatta had been close for some time.

Biting the inside of your lip, you did your best to shake the worry that plagued your mind. That lasted for all of two seconds, as the Omnic curiously tilted his head and watched your behaviour as you became increasingly more anxious.

You had agreed to meet with the monk to meditate, but it soon turned more into a therapy session due to your inability to concentrate. Placing a hand to your forehead, you exhaled heavily and lifted your head to meet eyes with him.

“Zenyatta, sir, I-”

“You do not have to address me in such a manner. For as long as we’ve known one another, you have always been incredibly formal with me.” It was one of the rarer times that he interrupted you.

This caught your attention immediately, your eyebrow arching as his orbs became slightly brighter as they circled his head in their regularly synchronized rhythm. “If I may request that you simply refer to me as ‘Zenyatta’?”

“Oh, right, sorry…” Your voice trailed off as you shook your head. “It’s a bad habit, si- Um. Zenyatta.” You cleared your throat. “You know this. It’s just that, with all of this going on, my nerves act up… Of course, I’m not as formal as say-”

“Genji?” He questioned, drawing an immediate reaction from you. You tried your best to keep a poker face, but he simply watched as physically you were unable to do so. Your already pink cheeks became an even rosier shade, and you lowered your head again.

Had Zenyatta a human appearance, you feel he’d have the biggest grin. You turned to your left, once again avoiding eye contact, and instead distracted yourself with the scenery around you.

Currently, you had the day “off” from your usual work as an IT Technician for the high profile company that was Vishkar. Quietly you were at odds with how your company would treat not only its employees, but civilians as well, however feared leaving what you enjoyed most.

It wasn’t until a mandatory business trip through various countries that you had crossed paths with the peaceful monk, whose group was seen more as defects and nuisances more than anything. It intrigued you as to what their message was and why they were acting – what you saw at the time – so different and unlike usual programming for Omnics.

Fast forward, you kept contact with the monk as an initial attempt to understand what his motive was, but soon began to question your own following the more involved you became with him. You kept your political views of Omnics to yourself and away from work, wary of drawing attention to yourself, though soon found yourself to admire and appreciate Omnics for who they were.

Your mind troubled with uncertainty with your alignment with Vishkar, in addition to the general public’s disapproval, caused more than enough stress for you, and you were internally conflicted as to what to do. Zenyatta was willing to help you through your moments of weakness, and remained supportive.

That didn’t necessarily carry well with his cyborg pupil who you encountered on more than one occasion, much to your confusion and at even at times, frustration. It struck you as odd at first that not only was Zenyatta a Master, but had a student no less. While there was a time he was largely absent, you enjoyed hearing stories of him from Zenyatta.

Following his return over the years, you found that in his company you became more anxious. He was very polite and respectable towards you, but also hard to read. The times you would make acquaintance, or spend longer hours with both him and his Master, you found yourself finding more than admiration for his student.

It pained you to be around him at times, your usual calm composure shattered with sudden clumsiness and stammering, your heart beating faster when he came near you, or even Zenyatta mentioning his name.

Removing yourself from your thoughts, you held your hands up defensively. “N-No, Zenyatta, s- … Ah, Zenyatta. That’s not who I was going to say.” It was almost as if your lie caused Zenyatta to prolong his silence, and you laughed weakly. “I promise, I meant to say, um-”

“Genji,” Zenyatta repeated, his palms placed symmetrically in his lap as he hovered before you. You felt your ears get hot, and you crossed your arms defiantly as you stared at the other. It wasn’t like Zenyatta to press your buttons in this fashion, or perhaps he was simply misunderstanding you. Tilting your head, you narrowed your [colour] eyes and sighed once more.

The weather was slightly chilly, with clouds looming overhead casting a temporary shadow over you both. Cool weather was your favourite and kept you at ease. What you were trying to do, however, was the opposite of that and only peaked your anxiety. Zenyatta was at your side for support, or so it appeared, as you wanted to speak to him about why you were so flustered around his student. It frustrated you, and Zenyatta recognized this.

“I don’t think speaking to him about this is the best of ideas, Zenyatta.” You stated, trying your best to calm your nerves as you unfolded your arms to fix your navy blouse. “After all, I can’t even understand why I’m so… Distracted. Asking to meditate between just the two of us would be… Uncanny. We don’t know one another too well. Ah, I mean, for the years I have known both you and him he’s still a mystery to me. I don’t have much to work with. He’s-” You stopped yourself from talking.

You blinked, the Omnic visibly calm as always. A soft whimper escaped your mouth and you slowly tried fixing your hair. At this point, you were trying to find any little thing to do to distract yourself but to also keep calm, though in front of your wiser friend you were quickly starting to question everything altogether. A thought crossed your mind for just a moment, and as you readied yourself to speak, you looked to the monk.

“If I am not mistaken,” Zenyatta began, “You may have, what you humans refer to, as a ‘crush’ on Genji.”

Your heart became heavy and you couldn’t feel your face from Zenyatta’s comment. Blinking, you shook your head in disbelief with a nervous laugh, trying to dismiss it. “Don’t be ridiculous, Zenyatta. That is not the case in the slightest. I’m sure there’s a reasoning as to explain my strange behaviour.” Your face was a very dark shade of red, and you didn’t notice your hands shaking slightly. “It is more than likely a result of my body experiencing a sudden change in my routine.”

Zenyatta paused. “If that is the case, why do I sense uncertainty from you?” The tone is his voice was concerning, but you couldn’t help but to retort his question. All the while, you were unsure of why you were becoming so defensive over the topic. What was wrong with you?

“It’s a biological reason, Zenyatta.” You answered abruptly, ignoring the painted blush on your cheeks still. “Perhaps I need to eat or am dehydrated. I do not have a crush on your student. That is preposterous.”

“I do not think he would mind meditating with you, [Y/N]. After all, he is a man of understanding. If he did not want your company, you would know.” While Zenyatta’s words were reassuring, you couldn’t help but feel a lump in your throat.

“Doubtful. He seems very select with the people he’s around, and I don’t think he’d enjoy his time regardless,” The latter of your words trailed off into a murmur.

“If that is how you feel, [Y/N], why not speak to him? I’m sure he’d be willing to listen.”

At this point, you felt as though you were speaking in circles with your friend. “No, this was a silly idea to begin with. I know that he- … Um, that-”

“Genji,” Zenyatta repeated his student’s name for a third time during your conversation, and at this point, you were growing tired of it. Again, Zenyatta was respectable and never one for cutting a person’s words short. You relaxed your posture for just a moment, trying to understand Zenyatta’s reasoning. Opening your mouth to speak, you were suddenly interrupted by a separate voice with added reverberation:

“Greetings, Master,”

“It is a pleasure to see you again, my student,” Zenyatta welcomed the figure, moving slightly closer to your direction. You pieced together that the times he called his pupil’s name, he was actually referring to Genji’s prescence. Or at least, you hoped the more recent time was the only instance. He looked from Genji to you, remaining quiet, as if it were your turn to speak. You felt your mouth become dry but stopped yourself from staring or appearing too anxious. “We were just speaking of you.”

“I am aware,” Genji responded, nodding to the Omnic monk. The ninja was silent with his movements, a trait that caught you off guard more than once. He walked forward and eventually stopped next to you, bowing before Zenyatta. He was taller than you, and standing next to him only made you feel smaller.

Following his bow, he turned to you and remained still. You felt his gaze but hesitated turning to make eye contact with his visor. Within the few seconds he watched you, a multitude of thoughts and scenarios raced through your mind, all becoming a jumbled mess. Your face was already hot, and feeling his stare was not helping in the slightest.

Wait, he was aware? How much of the conversation did he hear? How long has he been here? You thought, slowly beginning to plot a means of escape. In an attempt to prevent further awkwardness, you decided to speak. “Ah, um … Hello, it’s nice to see you, Genji-”

“It is a pleasure to see you as well, [Y/N].” He was silent for a moment. “If I may ask, are you feeling well? Your face is red.” He stated abruptly.

“Ah, yes.” You began, turning to look to Zenyatta, then back at him. “It was just… It’s nothing. I appreciate your concern, nonetheless.” Internally you were screaming at the thought of trying to speak further with the cyborg. Your [colour] eyes seemed to plead in an attempt, a drastic attempt, to signal to your friend to possibly change the conversation. Anything that would make you feel less awkward. The monk caught note and spoke,

“[Y/N] wanted to speak to you.”

You froze, your eyes widening at your friend’s words. Almost immediately you looked to Genji and waved your hands in opposition. “N-No, no, I didn’t mean for a meeting. Or, um, I didn’t call for us three to meet because I wanted to speak to you. I mean, I did, but perhaps not in the way Zenyatta means?” You stammered. “He’s not lying, I’m not saying he is at all. I do want to ask you about things, but, what he referred to is-”

You found yourself rambling and felt more embarrassed than you ever have before. You were making yourself look like a fool, you thought, and decided to end your rambling with a defeated, nervous laugh. Rubbing your temples, you started to step backwards, but luckily you weren’t clumsy enough to trip over anything and stumble.

Unfortunately for you, it became incredibly quiet after your ramble, with both Zenyatta and staring directly at you. Neither of them said anything as you shifted your focus between them, and neither looked amused in the slightest.

What you wouldn’t give to be at work right now.

Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man - a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virile. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus - they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.

Monica Sjoo, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

♍ This is why the sign of Virgo (represented by the Virgin sheaf bearer) is not a ‘barren’ or 'virginal’ sign. Virgo relates to purity, sacrifice and an independent harvest, intellectual prowess and fertility. Virgo is sexually aggressive, in touch with their natural bodies and the rhythms of synchronicity in physical bonding.

anonymous asked:

Can you talk more about the water dancing sport? Is it like synchronized swimming or something completely new?

aaa sure! Nice ask because it’ll help me with worldbuilding y e  s

Water Dancing is a bit of a mix between synchronized swimming and figure skating. 

The name “water dancing” is a general term– there are its divisions

  • Figures: Counterpart to Figure Skating, the division Yuuri, Viktor, Yurio and others participate in. Spins, Twirls, Twists and Tail sequences are evaluated in one’s performance. Timing to the song and body language is also important.
  • Rhythmic: Counterpart to Ice dancing. Dancers have to swim according to the music’s rhythm and beat. Elements that belong to Figures, such as Twirls, Spirals etc aren’t necessary- and in some competitions, they’re even prohibited.
  • Precision/Compulsory: Counterpart to Compulsory/School Figures. It is its own division, but many Figures competitiors participate in Precision to sharpen their tail movement control. In Precision, competitors may swim through intricate patterns marked by bubble rings. In order to acheive high scores, the performance has to be borderline perfect. No bubble rings can be touched and the patterns have to be followed with the most precision possible. in order to acheive such control, the swimming speed has to be very low and with very few tail movements.
  • Synchronized: Counterpart to Synchronized Skating. Similar to Rhythm, but with teams instead. The teams may have between 8 and 20 merpeople. What’s evaluated is the team’s precision and timing in movements.
  • Fours: Counterpart to Fours skating. Similar to the Pair subdivision of Figures, but with teams of four.

There’s also this one– it isn’t an official division of Water Dancing but many consider it a part of the sport.

  • Acrobatic Dive: No skating counterparts, similar to Diving. A dangerous sport in which swimmers have to jumps out of the water and perform acrobatic moves in the air. The judges wear sea sponge-made scarves to be able to keep their head out of the water and evaluate the jumps. The competitors, however, wear nothing, so they have to hold their breath through the entire performance. Swimmers have a starting point underwater, where they must swim the fastest they can in order to acheive a high jump.

The horror of Muffet’s battle occurs in the real world, clans of spiders working together exist in nature. Together the spiders can build huge webs that cover trees, and can capture more prey, and larger prey.

You see, what happens is that when a large prey, like the bats or the grasshopper in the photos, gets stuck in the web, the first spider that finds the prey will start tapping on the web in a pattern that other spiders will sense and recognize as “prey here”
Of course in Muffet’s fight, we are told the spiders are dancing and clapping and tapping in a synchronized dance. The beat behind the battles music, Spider Dance, is the rhythm those spiders do to signal prey has been caught and causes the other spiders to swarm and help wrap up and bite the prey, subduing birds, small mammals, snakes, lizards, and bats much bigger than the spiders.

One or more of the largest female spiders in the colony will take care of reproducing and laying eggs, and will feed the young while leaving the hunting and killing of prey to other spiders, while male spiders tend to repair and expand the webs. This is exactly what happens with Muffet. She bakes food for and prepares caught prey for her children, while the rest of the smaller colony members fight and damage the players.

The whole time you are in that fight, you are stuck listening to the cool music playing in the background, that is actually the sound of millions of spiders swarming and tapping out a synchronized vibration rhythm to summon more spiders to come throw themselves at you. Muffet cares for her spider family, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe together and to keep them fed. That happy dance is the dance calling for your doom. One tiny spider could never take down something your size, but as the bats and grasshoppers above learned the hard way, they will keep coming and coming and swarm you.

Now there is no evidence of this ever happening, but given the size these webs can get, and how the millions of silk strands can quickly become as strong as a steel cable twice as thick, and as someone who has encountered them in an infestation at a water treatment plant, it’s perfectly possible that someone who fell or kept trying to break through could get stuck in these huge web layers as they built up and tangled around, and there has been more than enough spiders recorded in these webs to deliver the amount of venom to put an adult male into shock, through thousands of bites, killing the same way people die from killer bee swarms stinging them all over. You would rot way before they could eat past your first layers of flesh, but they can digest birds and small mammals, so our very finely haired skin would be fair game to a species with fangs long enough to pierce it. Theoretically it could happen if you were a fool and ran into a huge web and kept struggling forward until you became stuck, but then again, that’s exactly what you just did in UnderTale, ahuhuhu!

The heart, part 2

Essay written by thinkveganworld,

It is only with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Heart’s Code by Paul Pearsall, first published over a decade ago, is an interesting and still timely read. Pearsall is a psychologist, a PhD, who has studied the relationship between the heart, brain and immune system. He’s worked in a cardiac rehabilitation program helping heart attack victims recover.

Pearsall’s studies have led him to conclude the physical heart might have its own independent kind of intelligence and that the heart communicates with the outside world in its own unique way. Candace Pert, PhD, recommends Pearsall’s leading edge research. Her book, Molecules of Emotion, describes scientific evidence of tiny chains of information-rich amino acids in the brain and shows these “bits of brain” circulate throughout the heart and the rest of the body.

When Gary Schwartz, PhD, was professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale, he found that atoms, cells and the heart itself store coded information. He also concludes hearts carry a form of conscious intelligence, energy and memory.

Pearsall refers to additional scientific research suggesting the heart has its own intrinsic nervous system He says “intrinsic cardiac adrenergic (ICA) cells in the heart synthesize and release catecholamines - neurochemicals such as dopamine and other substances previously thought to exist only in the brain.“ He concludes the intelligence and energy stored in the heart “remember” who we are and that the heart sends its own energy to other cells in the body and even to other people’s bodies.

He notes that the nucleic acid in all cell nuclei, DNA, contains memory and information. The heart transmits powerful energy, and its cells contain particularly vivid personal identity. Pearsall gives examples of heart transplant recipients’ acquiring the personal tastes and even recalling specific experiences their donors had.

Though some cultures acknowledge “heart wisdom,” our society doesn’t support people in accessing the heart. Pearsall says, “It’s a brain’s world.” The brain is king, and the heart is seldom heard. One reason is that the heart’s energy is subtle and can only be perceived when the brain is quiet and still.

Meditation and other contemplative practices offer some people a door to this deeper awareness, but when the brain is left unchecked it tends to abuse the heart and the rest of the body, dragging them around through the realm of constant activity and chatter. The brain’s tyranny weakens the immune system and can cause the heart to “attack” the body just to get the brain’s attention. A heart-centered life is quieter, gentler and healthier. This isn’t an anti-intellectual stance, but a broader view that gives the brain credit where it’s due, but at the same time makes room for and honors the heart’s role.

The heart is both matter and energy. We have about 75 trillion cells in the body, mostly consisting of space. The book, The HeartMath Solution, describes research indicating the heart’s electromagnetic field is by far the strongest in the body, roughly five times stronger than the field produced by the brain. Electromagnetic fields can be detected scientifically with electroencephalograms (EEGs)

Experiments by Gary Schwartz, PhD, professor of Psychology, Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, give evidence of a direct connection between the electromagnetic fields of the heart and brain and shows the synchronization between heart and brain increases when people focus attention on the heart. The evidence also shows one individual’s field directly affects the electromagnetic energy fields of other people.

The HeartMath Solution describes a process called “entrainment,” wherein an individual’s brain waves begin to synchronize with the electromagnetic rhythm of the heart, producing greater mental clarity and a feeling of well-being. This can occur when the individual focuses on love, appreciation, beauty, inspiring music, meditative silence and other “heart qualities.” The book says this is similar to the way a clock’s pendulums tend to fall into the same rhythm. The pendulum with the strongest rhythm always pulls the others into synch with itself.

When two people are together the heart with the strongest entrainment can bring the heart of the other person into synchronization with its own rhythm. Spiritual literature offers many accounts of enlightened individuals transmitting strong heart energy and activating the same energy in others, but a similar kind of energy transfer happens often in everyday life.

The human body contains around 75 trillion cells, made up of both matter and energy. The energy particles consist mainly of space, yet, as Pearsall says, we’re still “literally heavy with info-energy. “ Every cell contains memory and carries its own simple consciousness. The word cell comes from the Latin “cellula,” which translates “small chamber,” and every chamber, as Pearsall points out, has many compartments called “organelles,” all sharing an energy-bond.

Information, including memory, is carried in every cell of the heart. Based on his research, Pearsall concludes that the heart is the central coordinating instrument for the DNA’s resonating and the constant exchange of information between the cells. He mentions that nature-based cultures seem to sense the heart’s character, role and rhythm in ways our less contemplative society misses and suggests we can regain heart attunement through “cardio-contemplation.” This means paying attention to the body’s signals and quietly tuning in to subtle sensations coming from the heart.

Some of Pearsall’s suggestions for tuning in to the heart’s code include:

1. Be still. He quotes Meister Eckhart: “There is nothing in all creation so like God as stillness.”

2. Lighten up. Don’t let the brain think it has or needs constant control.

3. Be quiet. Say and do less.

4. Resonate. Listen to the heart.

5. Feel. Tune into nature and the senses.

6. Learn. Learn from and by the heart.

7. Connect. Send heart energy into the world around you.

Pearsall mentions that in the same way a mother whale’s song moves through the ocean to calm her calf, our heart’s energetic vibrations reach through space to soothe other creatures. If Pearsall and his peers have it right, apparently the human heart has endless depth and vast reach and contains all the really important information.

Drunk in Love

For the darling anon that requested: Could u write a Bellamy fic where they r both at a rave/concert and they are kinda drunk and start dancing and grinding with each other?

Modern Day Concert AU

“How do I look?” You said emerging from the bathroom and striking a sexy pose against the door frame.

“Like it took you an hour and a half to get ready,” Bellamy said with a yawn. He was pacing back and forth in your room with his eyes glued to his phone, probably playing another intense game of candy crush or clash of clans. “We’re gonna be late.” He was probably cranky because you were dragging him to the middle of the desert just to see a bunch of musicians he had never even heard of and you were supposed to meet up with your friends a half hour ago.

You cleared your throat, coyly trying to get Bellamy’s attention but he still didn’t look up. You didn’t spend all that time picking out your finest attire just to be ignored by your preoccupied boyfriend. You were an ethereal goddess who deserved to be worshiped, for crying out loud. You cleared your throat again, this time much louder and more dramatically, but your blunt efforts still went unnoticed. Since Bellamy couldn’t take such an obvious hint you grabbed a nice fluffy pillow from your bed and whacked him directly in the face with it.

“Hey, I was on level- Wow…” Bellamy said awestruck. His phone dropped out of his hands at the sight of your radiant beauty. He looked at you slack jawed. You could’ve offered him a napkin because he was practically drooling over you. “You look incredible.”

“You should really pick that up.”

Bellamy placed a finger under his chin and pushed his gaping mouth closed.

“I was talking about the phone,” You laughed.

Bellamy bent down in front of you as if he was going to pick his phone up from the floor. Instead, he picked you up and hoisted you over his shoulder.

“I don’t know why you take so long to get ready when I’m just gonna take all of that off in about thirty seconds.” He said tossing you onto the bed and climbing on top of you. “We’re already late. Might as well stay home.”

“I really want to go to this concert and you promised you would go with me.”

“I don’t even like what’s his face,” Bellamy groaned as he rolled onto the mattress next to you.

“We’re going to a festival, Bellamy. You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific.”

“The cute one with the dark eyes and messy hair.”

“You know, that description sounds an awful lot like you.”

“You’re right. I’m a terrible liar,” Bellamy said sitting up and removing his car keys from his pocket. “Let’s go.” He loved playing at a grouch, but in reality, he loved you a lot more and would do anything to make you happy, even if it meant listening to a bunch of music that he didn’t care for.

At the festival, you met up with your small group of friends, which included Jasper and Monty, and jammed the night away. It was one giant dance party. The masses rocked to the blaring music in unity like one giant wave under the iridescent lights and flashing lasers. DJs spun electronic tunes as flames projected from the stage rafters, setting the night sky on fire.

“I love this song,” you said excitedly tugging at Bellamy’s shirt.    

“Don’t even try it,” Bellamy said shaking his head.  

“Oh come on, Bell. One dance won’t kill you.”

“But it might kill someone else,” Jasper mumbled.

Bellamy gave Jasper a swift elbow to the ribs before crossing his arms. “I don’t dance.”

“Fine, party-pooper.”

You noticed the hydration backpack strapped to Jasper’s back and after so much dancing you were feeling pretty parched. You grabbed the hose and put your mouth to the nozzle without thinking, hoping to receive a cool blast of water. You had already swallowed before the bitter aftertaste of beer hit your tongue.

“Really Jasper?” You said wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

“I’m not paying thirteen dollars for watered down festival beer,” Jasper said outraged. “Monty has moonshine in his.”

“You guys are gross.”

“You say gross; I say genius.”

“It’s blueberry flavored,” Monty said shaking the thin blue tubing that protruded from his bag.

You shrugged before taking a gulp from his stash and you immediately regretted your impetuous decision. The sharp flavor assaulted your tongue and burned on the way down. It was disgusting and the supposed blueberry flavoring did nothing to aid in the beverage’s astringency. You reached for Jasper’s pack again, chasing the moonshine with more beer in attempt to clear the strong taste from your mouth.

“Slow down, Y/N,” Bellamy laughed as he watched you choke down the remainder of your alcohol. “Save some for the rest of us.”

Monty and Jasper had the booze flowing and it helped lighten the overall mood. Alcohol seemed to be the great equalizer, making even the most prudent person in your group relax. The once resistant Bellamy loosened up after a few pulls from the walking kegs and finally started to engage with the musical environment around him.

You were both beginning to feel the buzz as your skin warmed and vibrated. Everything looked and felt more vibrant. The lights and colors popped against the dark backdrop. The music was intoxicating and you could almost feel the melodies cascading into you like a luscious waterfall.

You grabbed Bellamy by the hands and pulled him into the sea of people. Even though you were amidst thousands it felt like it was only you and him. He smiled brightly as he twirled you around under the flashing strobe lights. He stumbled as he clumsily spun you back into his arms.

“Sorry,” Bellamy said. A bright red flush stained his cheeks.

“It’s okay. You’re doing great.” You said draping your arms over his shoulders. You kissed him and smiled against his lips.

It was your turn to take the lead. You were in control, guiding his every step and placing his hands exactly where you wanted them. You planted his palms on your hips as you rocked them to the beat. Bellamy watched every sway and turn intently, taking note of every subtle movement you made.

The bass thumped as Bellamy pulled you closer to him. He was gaining control of the rhythm and synchronizing his moves with yours. He took some initiative by letting his hands naturally follow the curve of your waist to the arch in your back and down to your behind. Your hips rotated to the music, syncing rhythmically together.

You felt your temperature elevate as Bellamy pressed his heated skin against yours. Sweat dripped and your frames rolled together in cadence as your hips gyrated against his. Fireworks exploded in the sky above, shining like glitter and mimicking your growing passion as you moved together as one, like a complete harmony.

Player: Erik Durm

Type: Cute

Warning: Cuteness

Prompt: can I get an Erik Durm one shot? One where he gets jealous but we’re not dating yet so he doesn’t really know what to do.

I walked up to the training grounds of Germany NT, my Durm jersey fitting loosely over a white tank top. It was a nice, sunny day for a good change, my spirits were lifted as soon as I stepped out the front door. 

I came out on the pitch and saw everyone packing up their things, only a few of the players I’ve ever met. I’ve been friends with Marco forever, and he introduced me to some of his teammates like Erik, Thomas, Mario and Manuel. Soon after that, I met the whole bunch

“Y/N!” speaking of Thomas, he spotted me walking on to the pitch. The good thing about being a part of this association is access to the fields whenever I need.

“Hey,” I smiled and he lead me over to the rest of the guys.

“Long time, no see,” Manuel laughed and gave me a hug. His undershirt was tight against his body and I could see his large muscles. 

“You too, Manu.” I laughed with him, “How was training?" 

"Tiring as always.” He rolled his eyes. “But it was fun.”

“That’s good,” I said.

“What brings you here, anyways?” Thomas asked. 

“I don’t know. I got bored and I wanted to talk to someone who isn’t stuck up and annoying so I thought I might as well come see you dorks." 

"Wow, you’re so nice.” Mario chuckled his eyes, standing next to Erik. I smirked and blew him a kiss.

“Gee, Y/N, you got another jersey?” Mats asked. 

I shrugged my shoulders, “I felt like I should have a few options of players’ jersey to wear during the cup.” I explained. 

“I hope it’s a Gotze jersey.” Mario winked, making me blush. Erik shifted uncomfortably next to the handsome man. 

“Guess again.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Hummels!” Mats called. My back was facing the exit so no one could see.

“It’s Erik.” Marco came next to me and put his hand on the small of my back. I glanced up at him and our eyes met for a moment before the two of us looked away. It was awkward for everyone as we stood in silence.

It’s not like Marco and I had feelings for each other, he was a brother to me and that’s all, we’ve discussed it before. We would never be more than that either. It’s just how it is, nothing could change that. 

“We could all go out for lunch.” Thomas suggested, breaking the silence. 

“Sounds good to me.” I said and the group all nodded their heads in agreement. “But you guys should shower first.” I scrunched up my nose. 

“That’s a good idea.” Marco nodded. “Just meet us out back? You can drive with one of us. We’ll meet you outside by the exit past the showers." 

"Alright,” I said. The men all filed off the pitch and through the stadium facilities, myself last with Erik right in front of me. They walked into the showers one by one, talking loudly and shoving each other through the door. 

Erik stopped in front of me and spun around as soon as I was about to walk into his body, and he pushed me back lightly until he was pinning me against the wall. 

“Y/N, it pains me to see you flirting with the other guys.” He murmured, his hands at my waist and our bodies almost touching. 

“Erik…” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

“Y/N, I want you. I need you.” He said bluntly.

I was speechless, so I just nodded my head like an idiot. 

“I fell in love with you that first night we met. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I want you to be mine.” He said, looking into my eyes. 

“Okay.” I said meekly, feeling small compared to him. 

“What do you mean, okay? Is that a yes or…” He asked. 

“Yes, Erik, if you’re asking me to be your girlfriend.” I smiled.

“Oh, thank god.” Erik breathed out in relief. 

“I’ll go wait outside.” I told him. 

He pursed his lips for a moment, before leaning in and softly kissing my lips, his hand cupping my cheek. Our lips synchronized in a perfect rhythm as he bit my lower lip. He pressed his body against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He pulled away from me, resting his forehead on mine. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” I told him. 

“I just can’t resist you. You’re just so beautiful.” He chuckled, pecking my lips one last time. “I’ll meet you outside in a minute, okay?" 

"Okay.” I smiled and he walked into the showers. I took a deep breath in, collecting my thoughts, and kept walking to the exit door. 

I can’t believe that just happened. It felt like my heart stopped once he pinned me against the wall, which is probably the hottest thing someone could do. I stepped outside and leaned against the stadium wall, regaining my breath. 

He just blows me away.

AfroerotiK Wedding Vows

There is a true war on Black love.  There’s a concerted effort by the media moguls, by the powers that be, by those with influence over what we see, consume, and what we are entertained by to make sure there are NO images of Black men and Black women in healthy, committed, romantic, loving, supportive, intimate relationships.  They love to show you a Black person all mixed up in a swirl and proclaiming how color doesn’t matter.  Well, the fact that there are 1000’s of white couples that are happily married in the media and the only instances of Black relationships are based on the gross materialism of hip hop, involve a sports figure, or are based on some sort of “reality” that has nothing whatsoever to do with what REAL Black people have to do in order to maintain a relationship, proves that color really, really does matter.  They don’t want us to love one another.  They want us to think that white partners are better.  They want us to consider the cooning, clowning, and dysfunctional models they show us of getting married for money as real relationships.  Black LOVE is revolutionary. 

AfroerotiK has always been and will always be about the formation and support of Black LOVE first and foremost.  I created the following wedding vows, to be used freely and abundantly, for your wedding ceremony.  They can be used if you are getting married in a church, in a courthouse, in the park, or exchanging vows under a full moon with no one there to officiate but Mother Nature. It doesn’t matter if you are renewing your vows or if you are a same gender loving couple.  The essence of the words, the spirit of them celebrate the unbreakable bond of our DNA that is BLACK, unapologetically and beautifully so, and the union of souls committed to building an enduring AfroerotiK love. 

My beloved, my Divine right partner, I stand here today committing my heart, mind, body, spirit, and my eternal soul to you. 

I pledge my heart to you.  Within me beats a magnificent rhythm, synchronized by Oschun, the Goddess of Love and Abundance, that symbolizes my commitment to us.  The blood that courses through my veins is driven by a strong, steady, and constant force greater than mother Africa herself.  I give my heart freely on this day to you, to love you unconditionally, to be open and receptive, and to be vulnerable, authentic, and true in each and every moment we share together. 

I vow to keep an open mind, to continue to learn, and to occupy my thoughts with how we might be able to build a stronger, more cohesive unit together.  I will put aside my ego that tells me to look out for myself and I will think first and foremost of you and I.  United, indivisible, we possess the potential to create new worlds with our thoughts.  I will read, study, and learn so that I might be prepared for any mental battle we might encounter. 

I promise my body to you and all the pleasures it holds for you and you alone.  I pledge my fidelity without excuses and to share my most intimate self with you and only you.  I solemnly promise I will not hold back any secrets, fears, or insecurities that might hinder our communication.  I will put in effort to be romantic, to show I care, and I will not take our personal time together for granted.  And, if there ever comes a day when I find myself tempted by another’s charms, I pledge to you complete honesty and I will love you enough not to lie to, cheat on, or betray your precious heart. 

On this day, I take your heart, your hand, your love and your spirit and receive them as part of me, indistinguishable from my own identity.  I relinquish my life of solitude for one of partnership, communion, and connection.  I vow to thee a commitment greater than I’ve ever known, one worth fighting for for as long as I have breath in my lungs.  I take you as my spouse, friend, partner, and my equal in all ways.  Let our strengths complement each other and weaknesses be made strong together.  Accept me as your family and we will build a future united in LOVE.