synchronised dancing



I really enjoy synchronised dance….The idea here is that human child-the player approaches Papyrus’s puzzle (Dance Dance Revolution thingy basically), and bros wait for them to complete it. And since it’s Dancetale-based…. :D

Papyrus doesn’t even realise he’s swaying too. Power of the rhytm.

Little Mix are a band that need no introduction. As the most popular girl group of the decade, they’ve had sold-out headlines shows across the globe, clocked up a handful of top 10 singles and amassed a fan-base of thousands of loyal guys and girls who would quite literally worship the ground upon which they perform their perfectly synchronised dance routines.
—  Wonderland Magazine
Some of the many reasons why I love and respect Infinite:

Their talent 

99.99% Synchronisation dance practice ver.

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Their live performances (a few of my favourites): 

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MR Removed performances: 

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I am having too many feelings about this video.

- The fact that it’s a play on the sort of tour videos that bands do

- Dan looking BEAUTIFUL

- Dan stripping out of his Danny Sexbang outfit

- Brian was driving the RV

- TWRP sleepy snuggles

- Dan in that unicorn outfit

- So much RV dancing

- Brian dancing!!!

- Synchronised NSP dancing

10/10 will watch again and again and again