X-Files Episodes Organized by Philosophical Topic


Fatalism: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Monday (6.14) 
Interactionism: Shadows (1.5), Fire (1.11), Excelsis Dei (2.11)
Determinism, compatibalism, and/or human freedom: Aubrey (2.12) , Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Syzygy (3.13), Wetwired (3.23), Talitha Cumi (3.24), Synchrony (4.19)
Disembodied existence: Shadows (1.5), Beyond the Sea (1.12), End Game (2.17), Elegy (4.22)
Personal agency/autonomy: Ice (1.8), Pusher (3.17), Hell Money (3.19), Kitsunegari (5.8), Empedocles (8.17)
Personal identity: Lazarus (1.15), Born Again (1.21), End Game (2.17), The List (3.05), Apocrypha (3.16), Herrenvolk (4.1), The Field Where I Died (4.5), Dreamland (6.4), Dreamland II (6.5)
Psychological continuity: End Game (2.17), Herrenvolk (4.1), The Field Where I Died (4.5)
Reincarnation: Lazarus (1.14), Born Again (1.21), The List (3.5), The Field Where I Died (4.5)
Time travel (see David Lewis): Synchrony (4.19)
Parallel universes: 4-D (9.4)


Belief [This is a major theme in the entire series, but it is especially prevalent in these episodes] (see James, Clifford): Beyond the Sea (1.12), E.B.E. (1.16), Colony (2.16), Quagmire (3.22), S.R. 819 (6.9)
Cartesian skepticism: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (6.6), Field Trip (6.21), Via Negativa (8.7)
General epistemology: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (3.20), Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (4.7), Demons (4.23), Bad Blood (5.12)
Pragmatism: The Erlenmeyer Flask (1.23), Little Green Men (2.1), all things (7.17)
Fideism: all things (7.17)   


Animal ethics: Red Museum (2.10), Fearful Symmetry (2.18)
Biomedical ethics: Eve (1.10), Colony (2.16)
Divine command theory ethics: Revelations (3.11)
Environmental ethics: Darkness Falls (1.19), Quagmire (3.22)
Ethical subjectivism: Home (4.3)
Ethics of scientific research: Demons (4.23)
Kantian ethics: Home (4.3), Small Potatoes (4.20)
“Lifeboat” ethics: Død Kalm (2.19)
Moral relativism: Excelsis Dei (2.11), Fresh Bones (2.15), Hell Money (3.19), Teso Dos Bichos (3.18), Kaddish (4.12)
Moral responsibility: Irresistible (2.13)
Virtue ethics: Apocrypha (3.16), Avatar (3.21), Zero-Sum (4.21)
Moral education: Home (4.3)

Philosophy of mind

Artificial intelligence: Ghost in the Machine (1.6), Kill Switch (5.11)

Philosophy of religion

Faith and reason: Revelations (3.11), All Souls (5.17)
Religious ambiguity: Essence (8.20), Improbable (9.13)

Philosophy of science

Abductive inference (see Peirce): Pilot (1.1)
Axiological & normative issues in scientific research: Ice (1.7), Young at Heart (1.15), Soft Light (2.23) 
Folk theories and scientific explanations: Teliko (4.4)
The “Unexplanable”: Without (8.2), Invocation (8.5), Dæmonicus (9.3)
Paradigm shifts (see Kuhn): The Erlenmeyer Flask (1.23)

Political philosophy

Government’s proper role in society: Blood (2.3), Musings of a Cigarette Man (4.7), The Pine Bluff Variant (5.18)
Freedom of Religion: Roadrunners (8.4)


Beyond the Sea (1.12), Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (3.20), Talitha Cumi (3.24)

Teasing Tom in inappropriate situations would be like

a/n: So here we go sin again
I promised to one anon that I would do a drunk!Harrison and I will, but this one was already in the middle.
Let me know if you guys want a part. 2 or a special request. I’ll try my best even if I don’t check my grammar mistakes and I’m huge trash/sinner

• okay but Tom is not the only one in the relationship who tease the other in inappropriate situations
• you’d be in his room chillin with him
• marathons of marvel movies
• “Okay baby, I understood. You know Robert Downey Jr”
• you’d be using one of his huge t-shirts and he’d be just in sweatpants
• Tom would kiss your forehead and pull you closer in a super hug
• wouldn’t take long for you two start to make out
• you’d be in his lap moving your hips back and forth making the kiss deeper
• his hands on your waist would be pressing you against his hard cock
• he’d move his lips to your jaw, then to your neck, then to your shoulder… he would leave a trail of little red marks
• your hand would be tangled in the hair on the back of his neck and you’d through your head back to give him more access
•he’d take your t-shirt off and would start to kiss your breasts
• you’d crave your nails his shoulder and run them over his chest and he’d whimper and thrust against you searching for more contact
• as you start to kiss his neck and his chest he’d take his pants off
• kneeling in front of him you’d cover the the tip of his length with your mouth rolling your tongue over it
• but suddenly his phone would start to ring
• “Darling, it’s my agent. I really need to answer this call”
• well… your not the one who’s going to use the mouth to talk so you decide to keep doing what you do best
• you’d pass you tongue all over his extension and he’d look you dead in the eye
• with a smile you’d pull half of his hard boner in your mouth and move your hand up and down in synchrony with your head
• as you start to speed up he’d have more difficulties to breath and would start to have troubles to elaborates his phrases
• the only answers he’d be able to give would be “yes”, “no” and “uhum”
• poor baby Tom… the things wouldn’t be easier for him
• you wouldn’t be satisfied with his control so you decide to put all his dick in your mouth at once, the tip hitting your throat making him scream a curse
• “Yeah, definitely this is going to be a great… OH FUCK! No! I just hit my toe on the table. I’m fine”
• now he’d having so much struggles to keep his coherence and you’d feel like a champion
• which time you feel his pulsing veins on your tongue you’d get wetter and moan
• grabbing your hair he’d take your mouth away from him and finally would be able to talk with his agent properly
• or almost that bc he would be thinking in ways to punish you you for begin such a bad girl
• he’d stand up, walk in direction to the door and rest his forehead on the wall
• since he don’t want to have fun you would take care of this alone
• taking your soaked panties you’d lay down in bed and start to rub your clit
• your thoughts would be always Tom
• on how good he make you feel when he’s inside you
• how his fingers always find that particular spot inside you that make you scream
• how his hands dominate all your body
• how his lips are always soft and unique
• wouldn’t take long to you start to make noises
• as you slip your fingers inside you with one long moan would make Tom turn around and open his mouth speechless
• the vision of you with your legs wide open in his bed while you’re touching yourself would make him shiver and he’d feel his cock twitch
• you’d listen him groan and invented a excuse bu at this point you’re not paying attention if he’s talking or not with his agent
• the only thing you’re really care about its how your fingers are curling inside you and how the that familiar warm was being builded in your stomach
• you’d moan his name so low but your wouldn’t stop, would be like your pray
• since you would be so busy you wouldn’t see Tom wrap his hand around his pulsing erection trying to relief the pain
• you’d be lost in time with all your dirty thoughts of Tom, your eyes closed and your backs arched
• you’re almost feeling your walls clench around you when suddenly you’d feel two hands roughly grabbing your thighs pulling your closer
• with the shock you’d take your fingers of inside you and Tom would put your hands above your head
• his eyes would be dark with the desire and you’d swallow hard
• “Now I have all the attention in the world to give to you, babygirl”

My Fake Boyfriend Part 10

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2960

Warnings: A lot of emotions, a lot of fluffy and a lot of against

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta.

You and Bucky enter the church hand to hand. As soon as you step in you have a bad feeling. “Doll, relax, I am here for you and it’s only a wedding, it’s not like you are going to war, trust me this is easier.” Bucky says kissing your forehead, he is trying to be funny but his tone is serious.

“How do you always know what I am feeling?” You ask sitting on a bench close to where your family is. “I pay attention to you, doll. You always bit your lip and you run your fingers through your hair when you’re nervous.” He says putting a string of your hair behind your ear.

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I wanna make love to the sound of a beautiful orchestral piece… Can you imagine it? Can you imagine the passion? The softness? The transcendence? Can you imagine the beauty of it all? Turning your own bodies into instruments? Merging the two most enticing forms of ethereal pleasure together… Savour music with your lips, play along with your heart and feel it dissolve at the edge of your skin. Shudder beneath the soft kisses of a mouth led by a light pianissimo, and it’s all gorgeous and it’s romantic and it makes your heart roar ever so slightly alongside that incredible melody. And then there’s a violin solo, or a flute, and their hands show you how the music feels, and it is all in such perfect synchrony that the goosebumps on your skin reflect themselves upon your soul. And suddenly you can barely breathe as the crescendo unfolds itself on your bare body, their hands grow eager, their lips tear you into pieces in such urgency that hunger becomes too small of a word to describe it. Your chest rises and falls in a desperate attempt to keep up with the blast of harmonies that erupt and awaken a part of yourself​ you didn’t know existed. The music is the frenzy before the storm, and so are you. As it sprints higher and faster, it resonates wider and deeper within your core, like an incessant echo between every taste you engulf of them, a vibration of the air around and against your every nerve ending. You cease to have 5 senses, for you intake that experience as a whole, and you don’t know if it’s the music that transports you to another realm of existence, or if it’s a vigorous sequence of exploring touches that overflows your sense of reality. And maybe you’ll never know… But it all builds up inside you, it grows and it growls enough for you to scream and plea aloud. And you’re part of the melody that brings you both undone in the sheets of your own brand new piece, written in shaky breaths and ecstasy. The music settles, guiding your heartbeat into redemption. And you lay there, tracing their skin with your fingertips to the sound of the finishing touches of a piano, long before it’s faded.


kiss. kiss. kiss.

Andrew’s lips are sticky and raw, but he still goes to press his lips against Neil’s, slightly off centre.

They’re comfortable, you see. There’s an enormous pillow, one of two, wedged between Neil’s back and the end of the couch. Andrew’s kinda on his hip with his legs curled enough to get his feet up too, but this couch is soft enough that it doesn’t hurt and isn’t numb, even after being here for what had to be hours. Days. Weeks, months, years.

Andrew didn’t want to move. Ever.

Neil’s legs are draped over Andrew’s. His left hand is entwined with Andrew’s right, resting on his lap. The other has his fingers curled in Andrew’s collar, brushing against soft skin.

Somehow, they’re at a perfect angle where Andrew doesn’t have to hold himself up, or crane his neck down, and Neil doesn’t have to reach. A few years ago, this would have been clumsy and barely as stretched out.

There’s something beautiful in kissing without the desire to finish: To just keep going, on and on.

Neil’s flush is a special thing, dappled, his red hair bringing it out even more so. It’s across his cheeks, jaw and ears, down his neck and along the sliver of collarbone that is visible, thanks to a loose t-shirt that is certainly not his and covered with cat hair.

The flush makes his eyes glisten, and Andrew stares. He watches Neil’s eyebrows furrow in concern, and the hand in his collar untangles to trace it’s fingertips across Andrew’s lips.

“’Drew?” His voice is hushed. There’s no need to talk above anything but a whisper when it was just them.

Andrew wanted to let his head fall to Neil’s shoulder, to sigh out and confess every love proclamation that ran through his head in times like these.

“If you’re uncomfortable –”

He let his head fall. It fit perfectly in the knook of Neil’s shoulder and neck, and he felt the shaky exhale of Neil’s surprise with clarity.

Neil’s head fell back onto the pillow, and Andrew felt the swallow.

Folded in with one another like this, the afternoon sunlight peeking through the closed shutters on the opposite side of the rooms, Andrew might whisper three words that shouldn’t change anything, but weighed so heavily on Andrew’s tongue that he suspected they would.

Untangling their entwined hands, he pressed his palm on Neil’s chest, a thin sheet of cotton keeping the pads of his fingers from Neil’s past that marred his skin. He slowly spread his fingers wider and Neil sighed, sinking even further into Andrew.

Neil arched his neck downwards as Andrew pressed up, in perfect synchrony, their lips slotted against each other.

kiss. kiss. kiss.

His head fell back onto Neil’s shoulder. Neil’s heartbeat was strong under his hand. Andrew could hear his own thudding into where it was pressed into Neil’s shoulder.

He closed his eyes, a gently thud-thud lulling him to sleep.

How far they’d come, to fall asleep like this, together.

English tutor (smut)

Words: 1408

Warning: Smut

Reader X Taehyung

A/N: This smut was requested REALLY long ago. I am sorry it took so long.

A/N2: This gif killed me

Originally posted by mvssmedia

You knew that was wrong. You knew that you could be in a lot of trouble because of that, but you couldn’t help it. You wouldn’t be able to hold yourself back any longer. If you were teased a little bit more, you would blow up. Kim Taehyung was doing that to you.

  You were his English tutor, you had to control yourself. Yeah, you could do that, if he could do it too. Whenever you both were studying, he teased you. I mean, his teases were never physical, he just flirted, but that was enough to drive you crazy. His lips, his hair, his eyes… He was enough to drive you crazy.  

“Y/N-ah! Come on in!” he greeted you as he opened the front door of his dorm. Here ya go. One more day. You can do it, Y/N.

 “Hi TaeTae. Where are the others?” You asked politely. Everything were easier when the boys were there, once they were always walking around, Taehyung were less flirty.

“They are out. I took the chance to learn some English. I’m a good student, right? he smiled cockily. It’s gonna be a long day.

“Ok, huh… Let’s get started. We have some lessons for today” You said as you walked towards the table you always used. You could feel his eyes on your back as you did.

 The moment you both sat, the air changed almost immediately. The tension between you both started to grow up. Damn. You opened the books and started to read some sentences for him.

 “So you change this pronoun to ‘his’ instead of ‘he’” you explained, “You get it?” A few seconds later he hadn’t answered yet, you looked up at him, and his eyes were stuck on you. Your cheeks blushed and you felt yourself getting nervous only by his look, “what? Come on, Tae, that’s easy, you won’t learn if you don’t try, or even pay attention” you said, thought you knew exactly what he was doing.

 “If I wanted to learn today, I wouldn’t have waited my Hyungs and Jungkook to leave” he said. When you didn’t answer, he continued, “Honestly, I’m not listening to one word you are saying. All I can think about is how your lips seem so soft…” he said and started to put his chair closer to yours, his body now touching yours as he grabbed your face, “how your smell is so fucking good and how it attracts me” he said now leaning in and letting his lips make slight contact with your neck, sending you shivers, “and how good it would feel to fuck you” he said, and kissed you.

That moment the world seemed to stop, your heart was beating faster and faster, soon your brain screamed at you.

“Taehyung, Taehyung” you said between breathes, “stop, wait”. He pulled away and looked at you, “No. You know we can’t. I am your English tutor and you’re my student. Plus, we would probably get in trouble”.

“Hum… Getting in trouble with you is worth it” he said simply, “don’t you wanna it? Don’t you want to feel me? I know you fucking do”. Fuck, why is he making all this harder to deal with?

 “I do. But we can’t. We should control ourselves and focus” you said, starting to lose your senses and getting weak. His hand flew to your thigh and started to squeeze it over your skirt, pulling it up slowly as his eyes were locked with yours.

 “We are adults. Fuck it if we shouldn’t. If we want, then we should. We don’t have to tell anyone. Just let me taste you…” he said and now his tongue was playing with your earlobe, “Let me make you suck my dick…” his other hand flew to your hair, “let me fuck you the way I know you want me to” he said and kissed you again, but this time you didn’t try to stop him neither pulled away. You gave up.  

You pulled him closer by his hair and opened your mouth for his tongue to slip in, telling him you wanted him. He took the message and let his tongue explore your mouth, dancing against yours in synchrony.  He pulled away, but only to take you by the hand and make you stand up. Then, he grabbed you by your thighs and made you straddle his hips, carrying you to his bed.

 He let you fall onto the fluff mattress, taking off his shirt. Shit. His half belly half abs drove you insane instantly. You took off your shirt as well and you could see his eyes widening as he realized you were not wearing a bra.

 “How is this you didn’t want me to tease you, but you come here not wearing a bra? What a nasty girl you are” he said and you couldn’t help but blush. Wearing a bra was so uncomfortable that you avoided wearing. He placed himself between your legs and attacked your neck, sucking little purple spots at your soft skin. You let your fingers entangle in his hair, wanting him even closer. He traveled down, stopping on your breasts. His tongue was now working on your nipple, hardening it while his other hand worked on the other one. You let out a low moan and could feel his smirk against your skin. He went down, kissing your belly till he found your shorts.

 “This have to be off” he said while unbuttoning your clothe. He took it off, leaving you only in your underwear. You expected him to take it off too but he didn’t. He placed small kisses on your inner thigh, teasing you. Then, he started to kiss you and tease you over your panties, driving you fucking crazy.

He finally took it off, and wasted no time to eat you out. He sucked on your clit, teasing your entrance with his fingers. You were getting weaker by the time he was touching you, and soon you were whimpering and moaning. He started to add pressure on your clit with his fingers, starting to tongue-fuck you.

 “Oh, fuck” you moaned. He fastened his pace, you could almost feel that sensation building up on your stomach.

 “Hum… Taehyung, please” you whimpered.

 “What do you want, babygirl?” he asked cockily.

“I need you in me” you said.

That was all he wanted to hear. He pulled away from you, only to take off his own clothes. Your mouth watered with the sight of his cock standing proudly against his stomach, all you wanted was to suck him off.

 “Not today baby girl. I just want to fuck you right now” he said, noticing you were staring at his dick.

 You opened your legs as he placed himself between then once again and pushed in. You both moaned at the sensation, the warmth of your walls around his cock making you go to heaven. His pace was slow, teasingly. He was pushing in and out while kissing you, locking your lip between his teeth. You were scratching his back in pleasure.

  “F-faster, please”

 “Are you already begging?” he teased. He pulled away from you suddenly, “on all fours” he commanded.

 You did as he said. He positioned himself in your back, but didn’t push in. He grabbed his dick and caressed your entrance, putting in only the head of his dick.

 “Fuck, please Taehyung! Just push in already” you almost screamed.

 “Huh, I don’t think you deserve it. All this time resisting…it’s my turn to resist, don’t you think?” he said. Bastard. You wouldn’t eat his shit down. Once his dick was at your entrance, you throw yourself back, making his cock get in. He groaned.

 “Huh… you’re a little slut for my cock don’t you?” he said. That was so fucking exciting, “if you want it, then you’ll have”

 He started to pump in and out roughly. He grabbed your hair, making your head stand back. The sound of his skin hitting against yours mixed with your moans were enough to push you both to the edge. Enjoying, he thrusted harder and deeper into you.

It didn’t take long for your walls to clench around him,and once it happened,  his thrusts quickly slowed down and he did cum too.

 You both were fucking tired, so you just stayed there, thinking about what had just happened.

 “Next time is my turn to taste you” you said.

Protecting Us

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Mafia au, angst, slight smut at the end

Warnings: Strong powerthankyou language

Word Count: 1.8k

“Stay here” Yoongi unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to open the car door when he turned to you. “I know you can take care of yourself but if something happens to you I won’t be able to get through it, ok? So please don’t do anything stupid” He sounded loving. He cared about you, and you knew that.

Anyone would say he was cold and hateful, a killer. But what they didn’t know is that he wasn’t like that on the inside. Obviously, you will let them believe that, as being cold hearted was his job, but still. He was the most loving person you have ever met. He was there when you were down, even if your problems were stupid, he never judge you. He wasn’t like that at all.

“Yoongi, I work from this too” You said, trying to calm him down. You have killed just as much people as he had, that’s how you met each other.

Many people would think you were the bad ones, when there is actually not a good or bad side. The government was fucked up and Yoongi and you worked for the people trying to stop this shit. You were the “good” ones, at least until you talked with one of the guys on the other side, and then the story iwas completely different.

“I know, I know, babe.” He shuffled his hair as his eyes went to the floor and up to you again. “Just promise me you won’t risk your life, ok?” Yoongi seemed really serious right now, and, if you had to be honest, that scared you.

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Yoongi Scenario: I’ll Give You The Sun.

Request: I wanted to request a “proposal”, where Yoongi asks y/n to marry him. Thank you girls + I’ll put both my requests in one ask! My first request is a late night trip with yoongi (like he calls you in the middle of the night for a car trip and takes reader to the sea [and there he propose to her])

Genre: Romance.

You woke up a bit startled, not expecting Yoongi’s lips just above your right ear making you tingle and confused at the same time.

-What is it babe?-

He kissed your ear making you have goosebumps. -Wake up-

You opened your eyes completely and sat. -But what is it? Yoongi it’s like… the middle of the night- you said not even knowing what time it was.

-Come on, get up and get dressed- he smiled when he turned on the lights and then you noticed he was fully dressed, jeans, a black t-shirt that exposed his collarbones if he leaned forward and a denim jacket. 

You were on a little vacation retreat in Jeju Island, it was your second day on the island and you had big plans for the rest of week, several activities typical of Jeju and of course lots of sleep, both of you needed that. So it took you by surprise that Yoongi was so eager to go out in the middle of the night. But then it made you remember that you used to do it a lot when you started dating, late night trips around the city. A smile came to your face and you got up from the bed, your boyfriend was such a low-key romantic. 

-Give me a second then-

You wondered what you should wear for this night late night extravaganza Yoongi had in mind. You giggle at the thought, he’d frown and grumble if you told him that. You went for a a little summer dress, you were in an island after all, so you had brought mostly shorts and dresses, but you wanted to be comfortable so you threw on the pretty black dress with purple and pink flowers print, the sleeves were long but they got wider from your elbow to your wrist making the simple dress have a trendy cut, you saw the rather low v-neck and decided that you had to also throw on a jacket just in case the night was chilly.

-Where are we going Yoongi?- you asked when you walked out of the bathroom. You had rushed on the light makeup and your hair since part of the emotion of the late night trips was the rush and the unexpected, but you still wanted to look nice.

-It’s a surprise- he said not giving anything away.

You pouted. -I just want to know if I’m good-

Yoongi came closer to you, and this time his smile didn’t fit on his face, it was contagious as you found yourself smiling back. -What?-

-You are beautiful Y/N- he leaned down and pecked your lips. -Let’s go-

You went together hand by hand, the hotel was well illuminated this late, but it was lone aside from some occasional personnel you encountered as you walked your way out of the building, it was a chilly night as you had suspected, you walked through the gardens and the pools the hotel had just before you found the exit to the beach. 

-Yoongi, what is this? where are we going?-

He smiled more and squeezed your hand as you started to walk in the sand, it slipped through your sandals and it was all over his shoes.

-You’ll see Y/N, just follow me-

You laughed. -I’m following you babe, but this…-

-Are you nervous?- he teased and you pushed his shoulder making him laugh louder.

-Wait a moment- you said leaning down to take off your sandals. - Yoongi!- you nagged when he snapped a picture of you as you were taking them off. He laughed and you shook your head knowing it couldn’t be helped -You too babe- you said as he complied and took off his shoes. -It’s so weird you came here with those and not your beloved sandals-

-I forgot, I wasn’t thinking about my footwear for tonight-

You sharpened your gaze with a coy smile. -And what were you thinking then?-

Yoongi smiled like a fool and squeezed your hand again, was he nervous? -Come Y/N-

The sand was cold and it was very smooth to the touch, so it was like a having a little massage as you walked through the scattered umbrellas that were closed for the night and the dozens lounge chairs in which you had come earlier to doze off. The hotel was beautiful at day time, but at this hour it had another feeling, more so with your heart pumping fast at the expectation of what Yoongi had in mind.

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