MILLI VANILLI (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3)

Milli Vanilli exists in the universe of Super Mario.

Let that sink in for a minute.

The cartoon based on Super Mario Bros.3 wasn’t very good; the animation was sloppy, plots for episodes were really stupid, and it had some super bizarre things happen. That’s saying something considering how bad the original Super Mario Bros. Super Show was but at leas that had some charm thanks to the live action segments. We liked it anyway since we wanted to see more adventures of Mario and friends.

One of the most bizarre segments from the Mario 3 cartoon is this episode in which the Marios, Toad, and Princess Toadstool go to a Milli Vanilli concert and then have to rescue them from the Koopa Family.

It isn’t unbelievable for a show to have  guest appearances from relevant celebrities and I will give it credit, they did actually get the band members  Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan to come voice themselves. I mean, they are expert lip synchers so it must’ve been a really easy task for them.

Insert rap battle parody.gif here

Anyway, the inclusion of Milli Vanilli in this episode is so utterly pointless because there’s nothing about them that stands out or fe3els like them being around is pivotal to the story. It’s like– the episode was about them but it could have just as easily been about anybody. I suppose that’s why any mention of their names and their music was completely cut out of the show after the major controversy of them being lip synchers and just being the marketing tools came about.

Nothing that they do in the episode is all that memorable or funny either. They basically become enslaved by Cootie Pie Koopa who wants them to perform a private concert and punishes them for refusing by turning them into accountants. Why accountants? Who the fuck knows, there aren’t really any jokes or funny things done with it. If we got to see them trying to do the Koopa Family’s taxes and failing that might’ve gotten a bit of a laugh but no.

To their credit again they at least try with their performance in this cartoon. They at least sound like they give a shit but that’s a bit hard to tell when you’re working with such a terrible script.

Honestly, between you guys and me the real draw of this episode wasn’t Milli Vanilli, it was seeing Princess Toadstool in cute outfits.

I like the Princess, sue me.

I’ll say some more about Milli Vanilli, at least they had some honor and dignity. When they were outed as fakes they did relinquish their Grammy Awards and left the music industry with a heartfelt apology.While Rob died in the intervening years, Fab tried to make music again and still gets a fair amount of work.

With that in mind I feel no qualms in inducting Milli Vanilli as Forgotten Fellas.