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Cardcaptor Sakura Card Summonings Set #1 (E01-E09)

Synced! Open post separately to see them play at the same time. 

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[MONSTA X]: How they are during a make out session.

+ Slow and lazy kisser
+ Make out sessions are usually in the bed. He likes privacy.
+ Shownu likes to lay down and have you at his side.
+ His arm is wrapped around your frame with his hand on the small of your back.
+ You usually have very small sweet talk before your lips meet with his.
+ The whole time he stares at your lips until he leans up and connects his lips with yours.
+ Shownu’s lips are plump and soft so it no surprise his make out sessions are top notch.

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+ he loves to kiss you, he can’t get enough
+ Wonho his heavy into skinship so it would only make sense
+ He’s not the type to start a full blown make out session im front of everyone but he does like a give you little kisses here and there
+ When you two have some alone time its a different story
+ Wonho is the type to hover over you and admire your beauty before crashing his lips into yours
+ Other times he likes to pull you into his lap and plant kisses from the nape of your neck all the way to your lips
+ He’s not rough with you but he is very passionate
+ His lips are also very soft
+ His hair always seems to get messy because you like to run your fingers through his hair
+ That’s why he refrains from making out with you before he goes on stage because you always mess up his hair

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+ Very playful kisser
+ Its a tickle fight turned make out session
+ The one to playful bite at your neck and shoulders to make you giggle
+ Grabbing both sides of his face and pulling him into a kiss.
+ It starts off cute and innocent until you both get locked into sync with each other.
+ Breathing? Who is she? He doesn’t know her.
+ He’s a really great kisser and can go for a while w/o breaking the kiss to breathe
+ Soft and smooth lips
+ Enjoys the way your lips look after a 7 minute make out session.

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+ Very passionate and sexy kisser
+ You don’t go into a make out session with Kihyun expecting it not to get just a little bit steamy. It always does.
+ Lip biting and lots of roaming hands
+ Kihyun is just an excellent kisser gosh
+ Make out sessions usually start because either your being bratty and he wants to shut you up
+ or because a simple kiss turned into a very heated on.
+ His lips have a slight taste of strawberries from a chapstick he probably applies earlier but like to think his lips are just naturally strawberry flavored
+ Always ending up with messy hair and he looks untouched.

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+ his lips. his lips. his lips. his lips. his lips. his-
+ he’s probably the best kisser out of the group because of it
+ a little sloppy, but not in a bad way.
+ those types of kisses where you’re looking up at him and he has that grin on his face because he more than likely just got done teasing you about your height or something of that nature
+ so you put your fingers through his belt loops and pull his body into yours
+ his lips basically devour yours as you both move in sync almost immediately
+ his lips are very soft and his kiss is a perfect mix of passion and gentleness
+ he’s also that type of guy to rest his head on yours after the kiss, leaving one or two more supple pecks on your lips
+ hyungwon isn’t the type to kiss his partner 24/7 unlike some members, but when he does, his kisses are to die for.

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+ Dominant but soft kisser
+ His lips too are very, very nice, plump and soft which are always great traits for making out
+ Jooheon is the type to back you against a wall and look down at you all with a smirk on his face
+ You can’t help but the blush and break away from his gaze until the takes a hand and places it under your chin making you look at him again
+ You’d expect him to be rough but he’s actually pretty gentle when kissing you.
+ He likes to take his time and savor your lips
+ Jooheon gets all soft when he sees how flustered you’ve become after the kiss
+ Your hot cheeks, swollen lips and slightly messy hair drive him crazy

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+ Those types of kisses where everyone is in the dorm but you and Changkyun are in the room alone,
+ All the lights are off and you both are under the covers,
+ Changkyun is rested on top of you with your legs wrapped around his waist,
+ His lips and yours are moving perfectly in sync at a mild speed
+ Even though he’s on top, it feels like you’re more dominant in the kiss
+ He doesn’t mind though, he enjoys it
+ Your hands are rested on both sides of his face

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Siege of Arendelle- Chapter Four

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Universe: Canon- Post Film
Rating: T (Teen and Up)- For now
Words: 5054

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So yesterday I was going to New York to see my cousin in a show and the night before, I saw that July 21st was the day the strike started, and I realized that I was going to be IN. NEW YORK. ON the anniversary of the beginning of the strike. LIKE!!!!!! So flash forward when I’m in the city I’m thinking “I gotta listen to Newsies” so as I walk through New York on the anniversary of the strike I’m listening to World Will Know and Seize the Day and god ya know…I’m a big believer in the energies that places can have bc of “residual energy” or some shit I heard on ghost adventures…but anyway I totally believe in that…so I could just FEEL the energy the city was given because of what happened 118 years ago and I’m sure I looked fucking wEIRD furiously lip syncing and speed walking but I couldn’t. give. two. s h i t s. Anyways in summary I was a big dork and I loved every second.

COLLEGE: Morality [M]

Member: Namjoon | Genre: Smut | Word Count: 2.1k  |  © 

Parts: Teaser | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 [Complete]

For now, it’s just about you and him.

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Loser (M)


PAIRING: Reader x Bias

“I felt a raindrop,” he says.

Before the sentence has left his mouth, you feel one too. You’re both looking up at the sky now, the drops beginning to fall faster, but you continue to stand there in the parking lot with your faces tilted up toward the sky. The sporadic drops turn into sprinkles, which then turn into full-on rain, but neither of you has moved to make a mad dash to the car. The rain is sliding down your skin, down your neck, into your hair, and soaking your clothes. Your face is still tilted toward the sky, but your eyes have fluttered closed now.

Warm hands meet your cheeks and slide to the nape of your neck, stealing the strength from your knees and the air from your lungs. His height is shielding you from most of the rain now, but you keep your eyes closed and tilted toward the sky. His lips come down gently over yours, wet from the rain and a little bit cold, a stark contrast to the warm caress of his tongue against yours.

The rain has turned into a full-on downpour, but neither of you seems to be affected by it. His hands drop to your lower back, and you fist his shirt in your hands, pulling him closer. His mouth fits yours as if you’re two pieces from the same puzzle.

The only thing that could possibly separate you from him right now would be a bolt of lightening. Or the fact that it’s raining so hard you can’t breathe. Your clothes are stuck to you in every possible place and your body feels heavy with the weight of the pounding rain pressing down on you.

You push against him until he releases your mouth from his, burying your head under his chin and looking down so that you can take a breath without drowning. He wraps his arm around your shoulders and ushers you toward the car, lifting his jacket over your head. He picks up his pace and you match him step for step until you’re both sprinting and laughing through the rain.

You finally reach the car, and he approaches the driver’s-side door with you, still protecting you from the rain. Once you’re inside he rushes around to the passenger side. When both of your doors are shut, the silence inside the car magnifies the intensity of both of your heavy breathing. You drop your head back and sigh heavily, then steal a glance in his direction. “I don’t think i’ve ever been this wet in my life.”

You watch as a suggestive grin spreads across his face, his thoughts obviously plummeting into the gutter with your statement.

“Pervert,” you whisper playfully.

He raises an eyebrow and smirks. “Your fault.” He reaches across the seat and wraps his fingers around your wrist, pulling you toward him. “Come here.”

You quickly check our surroundings, but the rain is falling so hard you can’t even see outside. Which means no one can see in. You adjust yourself on top of him and straddle his lap as he scoots his seat as far back as it can go. His hands slide down your arms and come to rest on your hips. “I’ve never had sex in a car before,” he says with a little bit of hope in his confession.

You look down and shake your head, giggling. “Neither have I,” you admit with a blush. He runs his hands under your top, sliding them up your stomach until they meet your bra. He cups both breasts, then leans forward and kisses you.

His kiss doesn’t last long, because he breaks it to speak again. “Would you like to?” He asks, his grin and tone of voice so cheerful that you can’t help but burst into laughter.

“I would like to have sex with you everywhere,” you tell him, biting your lip to suppress your sheepish grin. His hands slide around to your back, and he dips them inside your waistband. He pulls your hips toward him, at the same time lifting himself ever so slightly, which causes your grip to tighten around his shoulders and a gasp to pass through your lips. His mouth moves to your ear as his hands re-create the sensual rhythm between the two of you by pulling your hips forward again.

“How about we cross this off your bucket list then?”  he whispers, you shiver as goosebumps break out across your skin. You both immediately begin to take action. You hands connect with the button on his jeans faster than your mouths connect. He slides his hands up the back of your top and begins to unclasp your bra, but you shake your head.

“Just leave in on,” you say breathlessly. The less clothes you take off the faster you will be able to get dressed if the two of you are caught.

He continues to unfasten it despite your protest. “I don’t want to be inside you unless I can feel all of you against me.” You whimper softly at his words. When your bra in undone, he lifts your shirt over your head and his fingers slide under the straps of your bra. He pulls them down your arms until the bra falls away. He tosses it into the backseat and then pulls his own shirt over his head. After his shirt joins your bra in the back sweat he wraps his arms around you and pulls you flush against him until your bare chests meet.

You both inhale sharply, the warmth of your bodies pressing together creates a sensation you don’t want to pull away from. He begins kissing his way down your neck, his breath coming in rough waves against your skin.  “You have no idea what you do to me,” he whispers against your throat.

You smile because that exact same thought just went through your own head. “Oh I think i have an idea,” you reply. HIs left hand palms one of your breasts and he groans as his right hand dips into your pants.

“Off,” he commands tugging at the waistband. He doesn’t have to ask twice. You scoot back to your empty seat and begin removing the rest of your clothes while you watch him unzip his jeans. His eyes are all over you as he rips open the condom wrapper with his teeth. When the only article of clothing remaining is his unbuttoned pair of jeans, you scoot toward him.

You place your hands on his shoulders and begin to straddle him while he slides on the condom. “Keep it quiet,” he says teasingly. “I’d hate for any innocent passerby’s to be corrupted by the sound of you moaning my name.”

“It’s raining too hard for anyone to hear us,” you say. “Besides you were the louder one last time.” He dismiss that with a quick laugh and begins kissing you again. His hands grip your hips and he pulls you toward him, readying himself against you.

“There’s no way I was the louder one,” he says with his lips still touching yours. “If anything we tied.”

You shake your head. “I don’t believe in ending things with a tie. That’s a copout for people who are too scared they might lose.” You refuse to lower yourself onto him simply because you like competition and feel one about to begin. He lifts his hips, ready to get things going between you. Your legs tense, and you pull away just enough.

He laughs at your resistance. “What’s wrong baby? You scared now? Afraid once i’m inside you, we’ll both see who the loud one really is?” There’s a challenging gleam in his eyes. You keep your eyes locked with his while you slowly ease yourself onto him. The only sounds the two of you make are heavy sighs and even heavier gasps. The rain slapping against the windows and the roof magnifies the silence you’re experiencing inside the car.

His arms are around your waist, gripping you so tightly it makes it hard to move, Your arms are wrapped around his neck, eyes shut. You’re both barely moving now because of the tight grips you have on each other. You enjoy the slow and steady rhythm that is the result of you both focusing on suppressing the moans caught in your throats.

One of his hands glides around to your lower back, and the other hand meets the back of your head. He takes a handful go your hair and gently tugs until your throat is exposed to his mouth. You wince the second his lips meet your neck, because staying quiet is proving to be a lot more challenging than you imagined it would be. He’s at an advantage with the way you are positioned, his hands free to roam anywhere they want, and that’s exactly what they’re doing right now.

As soon as his fingers find the exact spot that would normally make you scream his name, you tighten your hold around his shoulders and reposition your knees so that you have more control of your movements. You want to torture him as much as he’s torturing you right now. When you are repositioned you are able to ease yourself further onto him, and the slow and steady disappears. His mouth meets yours in a frantic kiss, more needy and forceful than any kiss before it.

You’re suddenly hit with a sensation that ripples through your entire body and you have to lift yourself off of him and hold still before you lose. He applies more pressure to your clit with his hand, and you bury your face against his neck and bite down gently on his shoulder in order to stop yourself from moaning his name. If he moves inside you even an inch more while he’s touching you this way, he’ll win. He breathes against your neck, gently lowering you back down onto him.

He adds even more pressure against you with his fingers and at the same time his tongue meets your neck. You’re about to lose. Any second now.

He lifts his hips when he pulls you against him, forcing an involuntary scream of his name out of your mouth along with a gasp and a moan. You lift off of him, but as soon as he realizes he just won, he exhales heavily and pulls you back onto him with more force. “Finally,” he says breathlessly against your neck. “I didn’t think I could last another second.”

Now that the competition is over you both let loose completely until you’re being so loud you have to kiss again to stifle your sounds. Your bodies are moving in sync, speeding up, crashing harder together. “Y/N,” he whispers against your moth slowing the rhythm or your hips with his hands. “I want us to come together.” You nod your head, unable to form a coherent response. “Are you close?” he asks. You nod again and try your best to speak this time, but nothing comes out other than another moan. “is that a yes?” His lips have stopped kissing yours and he’s focused on your response now. You bring your hands to the back of his head and press your cheek to his.

“Yes,” you somehow choke out. “Yes.Yes.” You began to tense around him and at the same time he sucks in a sharp breath. It feels as if all of your senses have  melded together and you’re feeling the exact same sensations, experiencing the same intensity as you cry out each other’s names.

Your rhythm gradually slows, along with the tremors in your bodies. He buries his face in your hair and exhales heavily. “Loser,” he whispers.

You laugh and move to bite him playfully on his neck. “You brought in illegal reinforcement when you started using your hands.”

He laughs with a shake of his head. “Hands are fair game. But if you think I cheated, maybe we should have a rematch.”

You raise your eyebrows. “Best two out of three?”


A/N: It’s been raining where I live for 3 days and i was inspired :) Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think 

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This is what I take when I’m heading out for a day that might be made up of typical office work, meetings, brief outings, social media or mainstream-media appearances, equipment maintenance or stepping out for a quick nature recharge while keeping connected and ready. This is my actual everyday carry. Occasionally some items get swapped out for something smaller, or more appropriate for a known task, or just to mix things up. But for whatever the day might throw at me, this is what I carry. Everything gets used as some point. Even the redundancies. E.g. in a meeting, got my stylus/pen for notes, and someone else needs a pen; space pen. And I just realized, its all black and grey! I love colours, but it just so happens that what I go out with most often is mostly black and grey. Most items are grouped of course. The Inova Xs, the leatherman Charge AL & bit drivers, and the space pen all ride in the Leatherman pouch nicely and compactly horizontally orientated on my belt. That’s my favourite setup. Then there’s the keychain “tools” and “gadgets”. That includes the the Victorinox (which sometimes is replaced with the Signature Lite), the Nitecore TUBE, the pillbox, the micro USB and the Sandisk OTG. I don’t carry fidget items, because I do. Both my fake “Benchmade” butterfly comb, and my Kershaw Nerve are excellent fidget items. This was my first submission here. I look forward to submitting some of my more specialized EDCs at a later date. Love this platform. Thanks

kuhseem  asked:

There has been many a time that a student film comes across my dash and its some metaphorical, artsy thing, and I have to respect the effort of course, but your film--jesus--I watched it, no lie, 5 times back-to-back. The music's sync with the speed and the way shots were framed, absolute perfection. 10/10

asdjhSA Im glad you enjoyed watching my film character break a window and scramble away with a fake diamond

  • Person: You're late, what happened?
  • Me: Yeah sorry, It took me 12 hours of hyper speed walking to build up enough de facto speed but I got misaligned from the QPU grid and had to lower my syncing speed to become realigned, thankfully, my scuttlebug transportation came through in the end and I was able to get here in only 0.5 A presses
Super Mario 64

Motherfucking TJ “Henry” Yoshi Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfuckin Half A press video bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit

God damn created 0.5x a presses then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking parallel universes god damn syncing speed fuck yo shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck TJ “Henry” Yoshi man

Motherfucking scuttlebug scuttlebug you put in the 12 hours fuck put in the 12 hours motherfucking building speed with this gate ceiling fucking hyper speed walking shit TJ “Henry” Yoshi I’m very tired

No man I’ll just talk about the Half A press video all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Half A press video fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck TJ “Henry” Yoshi man he fucked over scuttlebug crazy parallel universes syncing speed T1 through T6 Or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who uploaded 0.5x a presses I don’t like dying I can’t think of who the fuck uploaded 0.5x a presses All I can think is who was quoted by the guy who uploaded 0.5x a presses who the fuck uploaded 0.5x a presses


Starling: Chapter Twenty-Six

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Roy didn’t think he would ever sleep, but one thing he’d noticed about hiding out like this was that he had even less say than usual in what his body decided to do. He jerked awake every few hours from nightmares about being chased and cornered, but he always managed to drift off again.

Roy used to be the kind of person who slept in even when he shouldn’t, so it was strange to finally wake up to a dead-quiet house. The sun was up, but it was a thin, crack-of-dawn sort of light. By now he was certain that his sleep cycle was out of sync with the speed of this planet's—orbit, was it? Rotation? He gave up chasing the thoughts right away. It bothered him that he couldn’t recall, that the classes he’d attended weeks ago seemed remote as a distant memory.

Either way, Roy would have thought he’d find silence disturbing, but he was the calmest he’d felt since, well, since people had tried to murder him in broad daylight. Thinking that sent a spike of anxiety through his whole body though, almost comforting in its familiarity.

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