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One does not...

Listen to Rush and not do the “sinsokhi ” move

Listen to Broken Heart and not dramatically clutch their heart

Listen to Fighter and not go “Yeeeaaaahhhh” at Wonho’s part and do the “fire fist” move at Jooheon’s part

Listen to All in and not do the “chest pump” and “back” move

Listen to Trespass and not excuse their own charisma and do the “wak wak” move

Listen to Gone Bad and not proudly do the Monsta X “Hoo!”

Listen to Honestly and not think about Wonho’s black hair

Listen to Hero and not lift their shirt and do the “hand-mask” move

Listen to White Sugar and not do the “baekseoltang” move

Listen to Stuck and not try to dance that intense music break

Listen to White Love and not think about how they’ve been blessed from the voices of angels

Listen to Be Quiet and not pump their arms up and down

Listen to No Exit and not think about No Mercy

Listen to Queen and not think it’s dedicated to the Queen Wonho

Listen to all the songs and not lip sync Kihyun’s ad-lib riffs


☁ Unova region - the ‘cloud’ region ☁

ASUS built a 1080p FreeSync monitor that’s easy on the wallet
A variable refresh monitor, synced to your graphics card with one of these technologies, can keep your image from tearing when the frame rate dips below 60, without the associated lag of VSync. Unfortunately, Nvidia’s G-Sync is an added cost for monitor manufacturers, and typically comes with a heavy premium, so the only true budget option is FreeSync, which is spearheaded by AMD and part of the DisplayPort spec. Given these constraints, ASUS just hit the sweet spot with its new VG245Q display, according to AnandTech, with a variable refresh rate of 40 to 75Hz, and FreeSync support over DisplayPort. Read more
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anonymous asked:

Did you made that animation?

It’s actually not an animation, just a very meticulous edit of preexisting footage from the show!! I occasionally have to break out the paintbrush took in Photoshop to make edits to certain frames, but thats the extent of any drawing. The shot of Jaime was an edit where I combined a couple of shots from “Love Letters” and reworked the timing, then added lip sync. And the shot of Steven was from “Steven Floats” where I removed Sadie from the shot and added lip sync frame-by-frame.

EOnline: Will the Actors Move to Once Upon a Time?

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis said there are no current plans to merge the two series, but it’s definitely a possibility. 

“The two stories kind of take place in different times,” Kitsis pointed out a recent press event, before the news of Wonderland’s cancellation was announced.

“[Wonderland and OUAT] are slightly out of sync,” Horowitz added. “I would say that we love the characters in [Wonderland] obviously, and would certainly be open to it down the line…Next year, perhaps.”

[Read the rest on EOnline’s site]


in case anyone’s interested,I comprised a list of songs Pearl has lip synced to,and added some extra ones that have her type of vibe. (I did this as a tribute,because I really admire her taste in music and because it’s very similar to mine)

I tried to keep it very darkroom/dominatrix/pilled out/android/80′s soft porn sleaze/flazeda.

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