Blindfolded”, Jewish Museum Berlin 2017 by Andreas Phoenix 
“A motif than can occasionally be found in medieval paintings and on church facades consists of two women, side by side. One is blindfolded and holds a broken lance: Synagoga. The other, Ecclesia, wears a crown. According to the Christian beliefs of the day, Synagoga, who personified the Jewish faith, was blind to salvation and thus inferior to her rival Ecclesia, who symbolized the Church - an illustration of Christian attitudes toward Jews in the Middle Ages.”

Let me put it this way, /–/ when I saw him lying dead in a pool of his own blood, I knew then that I hadn’t stopped believing in God. I’d just stopped believing God cared. There might be a god, Clary, and there might not, but I don’t think it matters. Either way, we’re on our own.
—  Jace Wayland, City of bones/The Mortal Instrumens (by Cassandra Clare)

Ecclesia and Synagoga, Konrad Witz, 1430

In this version, Synagoga’s downcast eyes appear to be closed, but not covered, although there is a light line that may be some sort of remnant (stylistic or due to reworking of the piece) of the often-used blindfold. The broken spear is present, as are the tablets of the law, inscribed in what appears to be random markings.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any particular powerful ritual approaches to binding someone from doing harm to another?Think someone harming their spouse in an abusive relationship. I've been led to believe that breaking up relationships can have negative repercussions

Absolutely. But I wish to urge caution with regards to what I’m about to say.

We can bind individuals to keep them from performing specific acts, but we cannot fundamentally change who they are as a person. In other words: an abuser will remain an abuser, binding or not. There is an underlying psychological need or drive beneath their actions - a craving for control or power - which no amount of binding will ever change. Keeping them from performing a specific set of actions won’t change that drive, and may just escalate their behavior. Someone who was emotionally abusive may become physically abusive; someone who was physically abusive may find they can’t target their normal target, so they might throw things around the house and break them… Or go off and pick a fight with someone else entirely.

But they will not become magically better people because they have been bound. They are abusers, and short of a near-death experience or years of honest therapy (which they won’t do, because lying is part of their pattern of behavior), they will remain that way.

I mean that very seriously. I’ve known people who were in abusive relationships, and thought that if they just bound the individual from a specific action, it would cause their act to clean up. It did not; the abuser just escalated, targeted their kids, etc.

But while we cannot alter their behavior, we can alter who they can and cannot interact with. In other words: we can excise them from the lives of their victims. (And after they’re excised, we can curse them into oblivion. But that would be another response entirely.)

Saturnian Binding of Poppets Against Malign Motherfuckers:

First, you need a link to the individual you are binding. A piece of hair nail clippings, an item of clothing that was worn by them, a picture of the individual, some poetry they wrote (I once got to bind a guy that was writing creepy letters to a female friend, and who would include his own blood on said letters - it was the best link one can ask for). The better the link, the more potent the binding.

Next make or get a doll to represent the person you will be binding. You can make one from wax, or clay, or you can just head to the nearest store that has dolls and buy one that fits the person.

Once you have these two items, procure a bowl of water (if you can visit a Catholic church and make off with some holy water - all the better, if not, regular water will be fine). Also get some black string or thread.

On a Saturday, in the hour of Saturn (Lunarium’s planetary hours calculator can help out if you don’t know how to calculate the hours by hand; remember the default time on it is for London, so alter it to your own timezone when making plans), set up space. Cast a circle, or banish, or put down a circle of salt. Whatever works for you.

Now take the link, and the poppet and combine them. Cut a hole in the chest and place the link inside, or tie the link to the poppet with some of the black string. Next, baptize the poppet in the bowl of water in the name of the individual you are about to bind. “I name you X, and baptize you in the name of [X].”

The baptism of the poppet can be done traditionally - that is, in the name of God and Christ, or we can take the ‘diabolic’ route and baptize it in the name of Lucifer (and if you’re feeling traditionally witchy, Diana and Lucifer work well together).

Next, recite a Psalm over the poppet. I recommend Psalm 7: 6 - 9:

“Exsurge Domine in ira tua exaltare in finibus inimicorum meorum et exsurge Domine Deus meus in praecepto quod mandasti

Et synagoga populorum circumdabit te et propter hanc in altum regredere

Dominus iudicat populos iudica me Domine secundum iustitiam meam et secundum innocentiam meam super me

Consummetur nequitia peccatorum et diriges iustum et scrutans corda et renes Deus.”


“Arise, Lord, in your anger;
rise up against the rage of my enemies.
Awake, my God; decree justice.
Let the assembled peoples gather around you,
while you sit enthroned over them on high.
Let the Lord judge the peoples.
Vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness,
according to my integrity, O Most High.
Bring to an end the violence of the wicked
and make the righteous secure—
you, the righteous God
who probes minds and hearts.”

If you have done the Baptism traditionally, then just recite the Psalm as is. If you’ve taken a more Diabolic approach, replace 'Deus’ (Lord) or God with “Lucifer” (etc.) in the Psalm recital.

After that you’ve 'primed’ and 'readied’ the Poppet. Next comes the full on binding: taking the string, bind the hands:

“I bind these hands that NN cannot take action against (myself and the person affected by the abuser).”

Bind the feet:

“I bind the feet that NN may not move to approach (myself and the person affected by the abuser)..”

Bind the mouth:

“I bind the mouth that NN may not speak against (myself and the person affected by the abuser).”

Bind the ears:

“I bind the ears that NN may not hear of (myself and the person affected by the abuser).”

Bind the eyes:

“I bind the eyes that NN may not see (myself and the person affected by the abuser).”

Finish the binding:

“In the name of God (or Lucifer, etc.) and Saturn, may NN be bound from taking any and all actions against (myself and the person affected by the abuser). May they be cut off, not to know the solace of friendship and love from those they have abused.”

Next, wrap that thing in tinfoil, or have a box that is entirely black with the Seal and Kamea of Saturn on the front and back with mirrors lining the interior, and place it inside. Drop it in a body of water; not moving water, mind you, as that will cleanse your link and break your poppet. Still water - like a lake - is best. Otherwise, bury it. If you want to be really nasty, bury it beneath one of the Nightshades so that any malicious intent that seeps out from the poppet (as it is an effective 'double’ for the individual) gets eaten up by the poisonous plant.

I mentioned 'myself and the individual effected by the abuse’ because occasionally you will bind someone, and they will know that you have taken actions against them. They may not be able to explain it, but they’ll be sure that you’ve done something. And they might decide to come after you. As such, blinding them and negating their ability to notice your presence is something to keep in mind.

I hope this helps.


Ecclesia and Synagoga at Notre Dame

For everyone who thinks all those statues on Gothic churches are just meaningless decoration, I present to you Ecclesia and Synagoga, i.e. the roots of European anti-Semitism.  These two figures stand on either side of the central portal of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Ecclesia (left) stands proudly upright, representing the victorious Church. She carries the chalice of the Eucharist and a staff tipped with a cross.  Synagoga, blindfolded, leans on a cane as the Tablets of the Law slip from her grasp.  Her fallen crown rests beside her feet; across her back she carries a broken spear.

The two sculptures paint a picture of the Jews as a once-great people who have fallen into depravity and are no longer able to see the truth.  They have a place in medieval society, but it is an inferior one, serving as a foil to the greater glory of Christendom.  This ties into a lot of other medieval ideas about the “necessary evil” status of Jews who worked as moneylenders and tax collectors (jobs which were forbidden to Christians at the time).

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So, religious Jews who oppose Israel for theological reasons aren't anti-semitic but Christians who oppose it for theological reasons are? They're both saying the same thing, that God doesn't want this state to exist. Can you explain?

Christians have no right to such an opinion, for any reason.

Christian theological reasons have been used for millennia to justify the oppression and mass murder of Jewish people and the destruction of the Jewish faith. It is in the fables of made-up “child saints” supposedly kidnapped and sacrificed by vampiric Jews; in Luther’s furious denunciations; in the Judensau and Blind Synagoga statues all over the great cities of Christian Europe; in the towns named for murdering Jews; in the Oberammergau and its fellow passion plays; in the Vatican using diplomatic back channels to help Nazis escape; in the Catholic Church as late as 1965 declaring Jews guilty of deicide; in Orthodox and Coptic sects still declaring it; and in all of them praying to this day for our mass conversion and end.

If it makes you feel any better, it’s ultimately nothing personal, because all other faiths are to be silent as well. To the question of “Which rights shall the Jews no longer have?”, non-Jews need not apply. Some of us may (wrongly) volunteer to yield some, but no one else will take any from us. Never again.