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I think what’s making me the most peeved is that like

in the trailer we see illyana as a little girl with someone who is likely bellasco, and we see sam and his father in the mines

which means the people in charge of this movie know the origin stories of the new mutants

and since berto’s origin story literally hinges on him being black and experiencing anti-black racism

that means that they didn’t whitewash him out of ignorance

this was a deliberate decision, and they’re likely going to be changing his origins in order to match their whitewashed version

which just makes it so much more disgusting honestly??

no offence but this is actual true altruism; going against everything in your internet persona and breaking branding just to spread awareness for something and gaining nothing from it.. he really did this just because he knows how much good he can do with a platform of his size and in all honestly its makin me tear up

I’d like to make something clear:

The LGBT community seemed really sweet and nice and then we got a bunch of lesbophobia, homophobia, and hatred. And you see, we get to be angry about that, because it used to be a space which was meant for lesbians. However, lesbian spaces were never meant for males, especially not the males who fetishize us to such an extreme, especially not autogynephiles.

Lesbians are female homosexuals, and that’s that. To deny the meaning of that word is to deny all of our history, as well as to deny our sexuality for what it is: innate and unchangeable. Read our bio. Take a look at our icon. Read our goddamn answers. Nothing about this blog is meant for males.

Every other faux “sapphic” blog out there on this hellsite is meant for them. We’re sticking around for all the lesbians trans activists ostracized and hurt in the process of making sure homophobia wins, even in the spaces which once welcomed us.

This blog is not about or for autogynephiles/transwomen, and it will remain this way. I want this to be very, very clear.

We don’t care that you hate us, we will stay here as a safe space for lesbians, female lesbians (aka the only lesbians there are and there ever were and there ever will be). Unfollowing is free. Lesbophobes are not welcome. It’s bullshit that I even have to say this.

We will no longer take asks about this subject.

/Mod A

  • caitlin: helps the person trying to murder iris, betrays the entire team and then dips.
  • you: let caitlin process what she did. she needed time to heal. mental health is so important.
  • iris: doesn't welcome caitlin back with open arms because of all of the trauma she went through six months ago.
  • you: lmao she's so insensitive. all caitlin did was try to murder her a little bit.