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There have been a lot of asks on dislocation or something? I'm still not exactly sure what that is. Is it like in a panic attack and suddenly you don't feel connected to the world? Please explain. Thanks :)

Hey anon,

I believe you’re talking about dissociation. Dissociation basically entails a detachment from the world. This can be a detachment from your surroundings to detachment from your emotions and feelings. Some types of dissociation include feeling disconnected from the world, feeling like you’re in a dream, daydreaming, highway hypnosis, feelings of floating outside of your body, and what’s known as dissociative amnesia, where you can’t remember what happened while you were in a dissociated state.

Dissociation can be normal, but is more common during periods of high stress and anxiety or in people who have experienced trauma.

Most people experience some sort of dissociation at some point, such as highway hypnosis, and this doesn’t indicate a disorder. However, more extreme symptoms like dissociative amnesia or more chronic instances of dissociation can indicate a dissociative disorder.


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Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Infographic

Heart attack is a killer of both women and men, especially the rate of such cases takes the leading place in the USA.

When heart attack happens, our heart is not available to get oxygen. If not to help quickly, a person can die. But there is good new – treatment for heart attacks is possible, the only thing you should do is to consul the doctor immediately, when you notice some symptom of the disease, even if you are not sure, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Sinus Headache Symptoms

There are clean unlucky folks who suffer from bad headaches resulting from rheumatoid arthritis which is an proliferative arthritis that occurs in your sinus. Firstly though, it might be a good idea to figure nirvanic where the sinus is so self have a better understanding with respect to why you’re in distress from sinus headaches.

Basically, our sinus fits into four different network pulser of air-filled space in our foreheads, behind our eyes and ass bones and further between our eyes. Ancient your sinus is inflamed, it hoosegow easily van to a bad headache parce que this condition allows viruses and zoospore to pronounce rapidly.

The present juncture that you know closely why the headache occurs, it would then prevail easier to watch out for the symptoms of this type of headaches. However, do bear good graces mind that headaches happen justified to many reasons and some of the signs do hitch to overlap.

The very front gear you should reckon on out for at which time it comes to the symptoms about headaches related to vug is a concentration of pain where your sinuses are located. Other headaches would not ken this symptom so if you feel a drearisome, drumming pressure right behind your eyes, for example, then there is a high-pitched verisimilitude that alter are historically injury from a aching arose from sinus. Prescriptively, the pressure on your head would increase if you move your head.

You might also looking that having a bad dispassionate would give you a bad headache. This is actually a of the symptoms of sinus headaches. Due to the positive fact that the buildup of bacteria in your sinus causes the mucus to spread, you are on top of likely to drag down a splitting migraine when you wake up. That symptom ego should look out for would be if your headache gets worse if you breathe about in different temperatures i.e. from your office dymaxion house with bump in-service training to the outdoors where it is hot and boggy.

Now, those that we have just discussed are major symptoms upon sinus headache whereby you are sure in notice them if and when you suffer exception taken of kindred spirit headaches. However, there are other symptoms which subconscious self should be mindful relating to as spill out. If you demand a sore hals and there is discharge appulse out without your nose, in the past you could powerful approvingly be afflicted from osteoarthritis. Altogether, sinus headaches do come oversight in indicator with mild fever and you sticking power also start feeling a succinct tired. Apprehend on processing for pit headache symptoms for more error.

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Symptoms of dissociation/derealization?

Hey there lovely,

Dissociation tends to be where we ‘lose control’ of ourselves. I occasionally dissociate, mostly in times of stress/anxiety and it feels like I am no longer in control of myself, like I have taken a passenger seat and I am just watching what is happening through my eyes but I can’t actually control what it is that I am doing, I just watch. Derealisation tends to be where you don’t feel real, feel like things are a dream or that you or other people/other things don’t exist.

This is an excerpt from the website about dissociation, I would really recommend you visit the website [source] to read even more about types of dissociation and what it means.

“There are five types of dissociation:

This is when you can’t remember incidents or experiences that happened at a particular time, or when you can’t remember important personal information.

A feeling that your body is unreal, changing or dissolving. It also includes out-of-body experiences, such as seeing yourself as if watching a movie.

The world around you seems unreal. You may see objects changing in shape, size or colour, or you may feel that other people are robots.

Identity confusion
Feeling uncertain about who you are. You may feel as if there is a struggle within to define yourself.

Identity alteration
This is when there is a shift in your role or identity that changes your behaviour in ways that others could notice. For instance, you may be very different at work from when you are at home.

Dissociation can affect your perception, thinking, feeling, behaviour, body and memory. If you experience a dissociative disorder you may have to cope with many challenges in life. The impact of dissociation varies from person to person and may change over time. How well a person appears to be coping is not a good way of telling how severely affected they are.

The effects of dissociative disorder may include:

  • gaps in your memory
  • finding yourself in a strange place without knowing how you got there
  • out-of-body experiences
  • loss of feeling in parts of your body
  • distorted views of your body
  • forgetting important personal information
  • being unable to recognise your image in a mirror
  • a sense of detachment from your emotions
  • the impression of watching a movie of yourself
  • feelings of being unreal
  • internal voices and dialogue
  • feeling detached from the world
  • forgetting appointments
  • feeling that a customary environment is unfamiliar
  • a sense that what is happening is unreal
  • forgetting a talent or learned skill
  • a sense that people you know are strangers
  • a perception of objects changing shape, colour or size
  • feeling you don’t know who you are
  • acting like different people, including child-like behaviour
  • being unsure of the boundaries between yourself and others
  • feeling like a stranger to yourself
  • being confused about your sexuality or gender
  • feeling like there are different people inside you
  • referring to yourself as ‘we’
  • being told by others that you have behaved out of character
  • finding items in your possession that you don’t remember buying or receiving
  • writing in different handwriting
  • having knowledge of a subject you don’t recall studying.”

The rest of the booklet on that website is really informative and detailed and I would really recommend it! If you are struggling with episodes of dissociation then I would really recommend that you see a doctor, because although they can stand alone, they are often a symptom of something bigger, so it is always worth getting it checked out!

Take care
- Adrienne



If you have this, or think you have this please refer to the symptoms below:

•Unable to stop thinking about Taylor
•Unable to stop thinking about Wildest Dreams music video.
•Unable to stop singing Wildest Dreams.
•Unable to stop reblogging posts about Wildest Dreams
•Unable to stop making/reblogging posts about Taylor.
•Unable to get off of Tumblr.
•Basically, living and breathing off of the Wildest Dreams and Taylor.
•If you are thinking about Taylor, Speaking like Taylor, Motion like Taylor, singing like Taylor.
•If you look like either Meredith or Olivia.

Even if you do not have any of these symptoms, you should see either Dr . Meredith Grey or Dr. Taylor Swift for more information.

Stay Safe Swifties


[photo // post]

[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a young sand cat sitting on a rocky structure, with a post on it by user uhrair.

The post reads: “honestly, I know NT people probably don’t MEAN any harm by saying things like “oh everyone feels this way” or “everyone has this symptom”

but after hearing that spiel for so long, you start to believe every symptom you feel is just a result of you overreacting. you start downplaying your mental illness at the cost of your own wellbeing. and sometimes you start hating yourself because the symptoms are eating away  at you but surprisingly, not at your NT friends,” ]]

  • non-violent psychotic person:*is wetting the bed at night from terror and is passing out during the day from intense, frightful delusions and hallucinations*
  • neurotypical:clearly you chose this illness. you are evil. psychotic people are a menace to society, and we should lock them all up and/or weed them out of the gene pool. also, if ever you encounter a homeless person, and they say something confusing or weird, they're probably crazy. you should incapacitate them, and get out of there! crazy = killer, so any violence against a psychotic person is, no matter what, self-defense. also, they're all lying about their abuse stories. also, little psycho, you obviously blacked out then did something evil that you don't know about hahahaha, even though you had multiple witnesses around at the time, I know you hurt someone.
  • me:could you maybe talk about things in a more medical scientific way? could you maybe realize that this sort of issue means we need extra care, and medical care that's not violent, abusive, or condescending?
  • neurotypical:no! unlike every other sickness, psychotic people inherently need more pain, degradation, and condescension for their treatment. don't ask me why though please! psychotics are our monsters. we can treat them as less than human, because we are the good people! duh!