symptoms of asthma

Hi I’m here to give information no one asked for. 

In his early childhood, whenever Steve Rogers showed symptoms of asthma, I’m very sure he used either tea, coffee, or possibly asthma cigarettes, instead of tobacco, mixed with a variety of herbs.

However, in 1930, an expensive gadget was improved and put on the market. An electric Nebulizer. Once it came out, it was inexpensive, easy to use, and an instant relief. I’m positive Steve and Bucky saved up to buy Steve one. 

An Electric Nebulizer let’s the asthmatic inhale aerosolized epinephrine. Originally users, the few of them, had to use it to inject epinephrine, which required a lot of effort, plus heavy side effects. 

(Modern Inhalers were not invented until 1970’s)