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Our menstrual cycle isn’t designed to be miserable. Periods should be without incident every 28 days without fail, shutting off by day 5, lasting no longer than 6 days, with a peak at day three, with a light to moderate flow. If this isn’t happening to you, then your estrogen is too low and you need to get it up and cycled properly.

PMS, PMDD, PCOS, and Endometriosis are all estrogen deficiency diseases and will go away once the estrogen deficiency issue is addressed. If your practitioner keeps telling you it’s “normal” and prescribes you something to treat the symptoms, find another practitioner who will take this seriously.

PMS, PMDD, PCOS, and Endometriosis may be normal but they don’t have to be.


Here’s to the people suffering from conditions that primarily affect women and people designated female at birth. There probably could have been a cure or more effective and humane treatment discovered 80 years ago, but sexism happened and people threw up their hands and said “what do  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

Keep fighting the good fight for awareness and recognition. Your struggle matters and is deserving of more than a brush-off of “that’s how life is.”

Reasons Herbs May Not Work

It breaks my heart when I see people give up on herbs too easily.

More and more people are turning to herbs because there is a growing disappointment with using pharmaceuticals for chronic illness.

Many people are getting fed up with taking a pill that never really cures their illness and gives them awful side effects. Maybe they are concerned about acetaminophen giving their young child asthma (1) or they see the growing evidence about the risks associated with statins (2) and they say enough is enough!

From this moment forward they vow to never resort to drugs again and instead try a more natural and holistic approach thus leading them to the world of herbs and herbalism.

But sometimes their love affair with herbalism is stopped short.

They reach for the closest herb book, try a few remedies and then declare that the herbs don’t work! They tried using horehound for coughing with no relief. They tried meadowsweet for their headache to no avail.

They begin to wonder, “Are herbalists a bunch of delusional wood fairies touting the miracles of something that never works?”

As much as I would love to be considered a wood fairy, I’ll have to say no, this is not the case. I’ve seen herbs work hundreds of times. I’ve seen them work for serious infections as well as serious chronic diseases. I’ve seen them work when modern medicine failed.

Yes, herbs work!

I want to share a handful of reasons why herbs might not work in a given situation.

1. Improper dosing (either too little or too much)

When buying over the counter drugs like NyQuil or Tylenol, they come in a package that is clearly marked with the dosage instructions. Generally these are very simple instructions. “Adults take 2 tablets, three times daily.”

Herbs don’t always come with directions. If you buy bulk herbs the dosing instructions are absent entirely. If you buy a tincture or a bottle of capsules the dosage listed on the bottle has most likely been chosen by the FDA’s labeling mandates and not by an herbalist.  

I am not going to lie to you. Dosage in the herbal world is confusing.

In herbalism dosage varies from person to person, from plant to plant and from preparation to preparation.

A 15 minute infusion of a teaspoon of nettle leaf will not extract the same vitamins and minerals as a four-hour infusion of an ounce of nettle leaf in a quart of water.

A few drops of lobelia tincture can promote relaxation. A strong cup of lobelia tea could make you vomit.

One way I commonly see dosages being flubbed in herbalism is people using small amounts of tonic/adaptogen herbs in tincture, versus the traditional use of large amount of tonic/adaptogen herbs as decoctions or powders. (As always go with what works, but if you aren’t getting the results you’d expect after taking 5 drops of ashwanganda tincture twice a day, consider your dose!)

Frequency of dosing can also be an issue. During acute illnesses we generally use slightly smaller amounts but with more frequency. I may take elderberry elixir 1-2 times each hour at the onset of an illness for example. General recommendations are to take herbs 3 times a day, but that won’t cut it for acute illness.

2. Low quality plant material

Herbs often don’t come with an expiration date. Quality can also vary significantly and will suffer greatly if the herbs have been improperly harvested or improperly processed.

Plants decay. They simply go bad. The rate at which they do this varies significantly from plant to plant. If you’ve just pulled a bag of herbs from your back shelf and had to blow off an inch of dust… well, they are probably not at their prime.

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Things non mentally ill people need to understand: Even if and when a mentally ill person does everything Right™ (take pills every day, drink water, eat healthy, exercise, Healthy and Good for You shit) they will still experience symptoms of their mental illness!

It is an illness that sadly is not curable in most cases. My bpd and its symptoms have no foreseeable end

The Healthy Shit helps, but my shit is still fucked and if my depression is so bad is says I am not getting out of bed, I am not going to be able to get out of bed that day! There are more good days when treatment goes as planned! But there are still!! Bad days!!

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#24 “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” With Raphael santiago from shadowhunters please

Raphael Santiago “It’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka”

You moaned while you opened your eyes. The early morning sun almost blinded you and you cursed out loud when you tried to push yourself up, but felt an overwhelming headache holding you back. Maybe you shouldn’t have had that last few glasses of champagne yesterday. Maybe you should have stopped yourself from getting to the point where you had already known that you would wake up with the consequences, but stopping yourself had been a lot harder than you had thought.

“Good morning, princess.” Raphael pressed a soft kiss on your forehead and his white teeth were glimmering when he curled his lips up to smile at you. “I assume that you are paying the price for the amount of alcohol you have consumed last night?” His cold hand touched your sweating skin and you moaned once again, fighting the urge to just turn around and pull the blankets over your head.

Sometimes you hated sharing your life with a vampire. While you were feeling like a truck had driven over you, he was smiling like he had been having a picnic in the park. “You know what’s the perfect solution for a problem like this?” You raised your eyebrows and didn’t even bother to wait until Raphael frowned his. “More alcohol. Didn’t you bring a nice bottle of…” You couldn’t finish your sentence.

“As much as I love you, it’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” Raphael shook his head while his cold hand wandered over your cheeks, your neck, your shoulder, your arm. “I could give you aspirin and water.” Raphael sat down on the edge of the bed and his eyes lingered on you for a few seconds. “I could give you a warm bath or a cold towel, whatever you prefer. I can make sure we keep the curtains closed until you are feeling a slight bit better, but I will not be curing your symptoms with the very cause of them.”

You closed your eyes and pouted. “I’m not sure if I should be angry right now or happy that I have such a caring boyfriend.” You sighed and you could hear a small giggle escaping his lips. “I’m leaning towards the very first option at the moment, but maybe I’ll change my mind during the day.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t.” Raphael pressed another kiss to your forehead before he stood up to walk towards the kitchen. “Even if you will be mad at me for the upcoming week I will only repeat what I’ve just said the next time something like this will happen.”

“There won’t be a next time.” You sounded firmly and confident. “Next time I’ll stop drinking in time, I promise.”

“I might be mistaken, but isn’t that what you’ve said last time this happened?” Raphael gently placed the blanket over you. “But, I happily take care of you.”

nothing bugs me more than people telling me they have a ‘cure’ for my psoriasis.

psoriasis is a reoccurring autoimmune disorder with no cure. it’s a cycle. it comes and goes but there is no cure. i can treat symptoms, but stop telling me you found me a ‘cure’.

Sore Throat Tea

I figured I would share this today, since I’m sick. This is the recipe I use whenever I’m coming down with allergies, I’ve got a cough, or I have a sore throat. (But remember to see a doctor if you’re sick, okay? This only helps with symptoms, it doesn’t cure you.)


Chamomile Tea (You can substitute Black Tea but I find the relaxing properties of Chamomile are better when you’re sick.)

Honey- the more the better. It helps sooth a sore throat and suppresses coughs.

Lemon Juice- add to taste, it helps with healing

Cinnamon- this is optional, I like it in my tea and it aids in healing, but it’s not necessary.

Brew tea with either lunar or distilled water, add ingredients & let steep for 5-10 minutes. I find that drinking hot tea with a sore throat is painful, so I like to let it cool off. Drink the tea and feel it soothe your throat.

Once you’re done, if your throat still hurts, take a teaspoon of honey and swallow it directly. This will help a bit. (Painkillers are also useful.)

Don’t forget to rest and relax!

I like to drink this tea while using my sore throat bath spell because it gives the tea a little boost.

wrenwind  asked:

My MC was cursed by another witch. Her curse has been cured, but she has PTSD as a result. How might her PTSD be affected given that: 1) she's also a witch, 2) magic is a very visible/unavoidable part of this world, and 3) witches in this world HAVE to use their magic to prevent serious illness/injury? I've seen your posts on real-world PTSD but am not sure how my MC's magical situation would play into this. Thank you in advance!

The short answer: The same way. 

The slightly longer, louder answer:  IT’S YOUR WORLD, YOU GET TO MAKE THE RULES.

Assuming your world otherwise works like this world, and your character is, besides being a witch, also a human or human-analogue, why would or should their PTSD be different? 

Based on this really helpful list from the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), to be diagnosed with PTSD, an adult must have all of the following for at least 1 month:

  1. At least one re-experiencing symptom
  2. At least one avoidance symptom
  3. At least two arousal and reactivity symptoms
  4. At least two cognition and mood symptoms

Let’s look at the first set.  Re-experiencing symptoms include:

  • Flashbacks—reliving the trauma over and over, including physical symptoms like a racing heart or sweating
  • Bad dreams
  • Frightening thoughts

Your witch could have all three of these symptoms that she has to deal with every time they come up. They aren’t, in and of themselves, illnesses, so they’re not likely to be “cured.” Many, many people live with PTSD, managing their symptoms without a cure. Your witch will have to use her magic as her coping/management system.

Avoidance symptom? Easy. She avoids the place where she was cursed, or the place where the witch who cursed her lives, etc … Arousal symptom? She gets startled when she sees someone who looks like the person who cursed her, etc…

You might want to review how to make a good magical system, in case you’re putting too many restraints on yours (which is the opposite of what usually happens).


[also remember: We aren’t plot doctors. We only take on questions that fit our mission of discussing writing habits and the creative process. We want asks to be teachable moments for everyone, including us.]

– mod Aliya


may is ehlers-danlos syndrome awareness month. EDS is a degenerative collagen disorder, which means my body produces collagen incorrectly at a base genetic level. collagen is the building block of the entire body - it’s the bricks and mortar that hold every single part of you together. collagen is found in 85% of the body’s systems. the syndrome causes variable symptoms in patients. one of my primary symptoms is chronic pain and frequent joint dislocations and subluxations (that’s a fancy word for “partial dislocation.”) i find myself re-positioning and re-locating my joints and bones so often that sometimes i hardly notice i’m doing it, especially with my hands. on top of the dislocations, i have ulnar nerve entrapment and secondary reynaud syndrome. the nerve entrapment causes my pinky and ring fingers to go completely numb. the raynaud syndrome means my arteries spasm and limit blood flow to my extremities, causing pain, discoloration, and sensations of cold and numbness. my hand dexterity has become more limited as my hands get worse, which is extraordinarily frustrating. i wear braces, splints, and compression gloves to help manage the symptoms.

there is no cure for EDS.

#ehlersdanlosawareness #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ehlersdanlos #EDS #chronicpain #chronicillness #chronicallyawesome #chronicallyill #chronicallyfabulous

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A Promise to Keep {Part 1}

Jinyoung x OC x Jaebum
Genre: fluff/angst
heartbreak, brain tumor, death

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The sound of beeping woke her up, an incessant sound she was used to. She sat up, feeling the ache and pain in her neck and lower back from falling asleep in the rigid chair.

The nurse walked in “Good morning, I’m just going to check on his IV lines”.  She smiled at the nurse, moving her chair closer to his bedside grabbing hold of his hand. She watched as the nurse pressed buttons on the IV pump, bringing the persistent beeping to a stop. The nurse looked at her and smiled, “Do you need me to bring you anything? A warm blanket?”

 She shook her head, “No thank you.” Her gaze reverting back to her husband who lied in bed still sleeping.

 “I’ll be back to check on him in a bit.” Glancing at him once more the nurse left.

 She stroked her thumb against the back of his hand and then brought his hands up to her lips and kissed it. His eyes fluttered open, a smile forming across his lips when he saw her beside him.

 “Good Morning beautiful,” his voice husky.

 “Hi handsome,” her hand still grasping his, a soft smile across her face.

 Jinyoung tried sitting up and adjusting his position in bed but barely moved an inch, “I told you not to stay the night again, you should be home in our bed sleeping.”

She brushed the hair away from his forehead, “It’s too empty without you. I’d rather be here by your side.” She didn’t want to miss any moment spent with him.

Jinyoung’s eye closed again, drowsiness was something she was used to now. Most of the day was spent watching him sleep. She preferred that then the times when he was in pain from the excruciating headaches or the overwhelming phases of nausea he would go through. When he was sleeping, he was peaceful.

 They were married for three beautiful years and had been dating for eight before that. She had moved from another city and when she stepped into the classroom Jinyoung knew he wanted to make her his. Which is what he did. All throughout high school and college they dated. They fought over the little things and joked about them too. Even after being together for so long he was still nervous when he asked her if she would spend the rest of his life with him and his heart filled with overwhelming amounts of joy when she said yes. They got married, travelled to places around the world, settled in a three bedroom bungalow with a white picket fence and a yard so that the dog they owned together would have enough space to roam around, and they dreamt of having children together. Growing old together. The past 3 months changed everything. It started when Jinyoung stayed home from work one day due to a bad headache. When she returned home she found him lying in the kitchen unconscious, and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. That was when their life changed forever. Jinyoung was diagnosed with a brain a tumor. More specifically, glioma of the frontal lobe. They could treat his symptoms, but could not cure him. Her world stopped when the doctor’s declared it terminal. From that moment on the color disappeared from her world and she was left only seeing shades of grey. She stayed by his side. Never returning home, any belongings or change of clothes she needed Jinyoung’s mom or her mom would bring. She became accustomed to the routines of the hospital, even taking on some of the care for him herself. There were good days and bad days. The good days were when Jinyoung and her could walk down the hospital hallway hand in hand, leaving the walls of the room they were secluded too most other days  or when they would watch tv, snuggled on the single mattress of the hospital bed, almost feeling like they were at home. The bad days were when Jinyoung would look at her and not remember who she was, what they meant to each other, his personality different than the one she was used to. A common symptom for the kind of brain tumor he was diagnosed with.  On those days she would excuse herself from the room and find a hidden corner in the hospital where she wept. He never remembered any of those moments and she kept it to herself because she knew it would pain him.

 “Knock, knock” Jaebum leaned against the doorway.

 She sat up, wiping the tear that had rolled down her cheek. Fixing her posture to look more positive and put together than she actually was.

 “Hey,” Jaebum gave her a nod as he entered the room and sat on the chair on the opposite side of the bed.

 Jinyoung opened his eyes at the sound of Jaebum’s voice. He smiled then turned his head to him, “Hey bro, looking good” he said as he admired Jaebum’s leather jacket.

 “Definitely better than you,” Jaebum snickered.

 She could only roll her eyes at his comment. How can he joke like that? Im Jaebum was Jinyoung’s best friend since childhood. She never understood why, as they were polar opposites. Jinyoung was captain of the volleyball team, vice president external of the student body, accepted on a full ride scholarship to his university and a team lead at the company he worked at. Jaebum spent more time in detention than in actual classes, loved to party and spend his leisure activities with women, he became a well known record producer and emanated the “bad boy” image. Yet their friendship was everlasting. After all this time she didn’t know how she felt about Jaebum. There were times he was cold to her, most of the time it felt like he didn’t acknowledge her presence. She was polite to him for Jinyoung’s sake but could never warm up to him the way she did with others. There was just something about him that made her keep her guard up.

Jinyoung tried sitting up, she helped adjust the bed upright and arranged the pillows behind him. He gave her a thankful smile. Since Jaebum was there she decided to take the time stretch her legs and give the two friend’s some time together. She leaned down and kissed Jinyoung on the forehead. “I’m going to go get some coffee from downstairs.”

 “I love you” Jinyoung said as he grabbed her hand as she turned.

 She leaned down and pressed her lips gently against his, “I love you.”

 Jinyoung watched as his wife left the room, Jaebum barely looked her way. When she was out of the room Jinyoung sighed and leaned his head back. The movement of sitting up made him nauseous. He looked at Jaebum, “This isn’t good for her and it isn’t fair to her. She deserves more.”

 “You’re the best there is,” Jaebum smiled, he tried to maintain his usual self around Jinyoung. Even though it pained him to see his best friend in this state.

 Jinyoung let out a small laugh as he shook his head, “Can I ask you something?”

 “If you’re going to ask me give you a bed bath, then my answer is no” Jaebum chuckled, but he saw the expression on Jinyoung’s face and his smile slowly faded. “What is it?”

 Jinyoung looked up at the ceiling, trying to find the right words to say. “Take care of her for me? You know, when I’m gone.”

 “Don’t say stuff like that.” Jaebum’s brows furrowed, his heart sinking at the request of his friend.

 Jinyoung smiled at his friend, “I have to, I need to make sure she’ll be in good hands. That she’ll have someone to watch over her, especially because I won’t be able to.”

It was silent as Jaebum reflected on his words, “She doesn’t even like me.”

 “She’ll warm up to you,” his eyes crinkled as he let out a laugh, “Promise me?”

 Jaebum nodded, “I’ll try my best bro.”

When she returned Jaebum was gone and Jinyoung was flipping through channels on the tv.

“Come here” he made space beside  him on the bed and held out his arms, patting to the space beside him.

She nestled into the space, resting her head in the crook of his neck. He  wrapped both arms around her, taking in her scent, feeling her warmth beside him.

“I love you,” he whispered as he kissed the top of her forehead.

She snuzzled in closer, “I love you too,” taking comfort in the rise and fall of chest as he breathed.

“Have I told you how lucky I am to have you?” he said as he glanced down at her.

She smiled and looked up at him, “Countless of times.”

“Good, I want to tell you as much as possible.” Kissing her forehead again, he tightened his arms around her.

Something about the way he said it made the smile fade away slightly, she tried not to dwell about it. She didn’t want to think of the future, she only wanted to remain in this moment as long as possible. In his arms, feeling the warmth of his body and the sound of his breathing. She wanted the slow dances in the kitchen, the evening walks by the river with their dog, she would even settle for the minuscule tasks of grocery shopping with him, washing dishes while he dried. She clung to the hope however dim it was that it would be possible, but their talks of the future died. There were no more talks of children, no trips being planned. They both lived in the moment, holding onto whatever time remained. Loving each other as much as they could, expressing their love every chance they got. She closed her eyes while he held her, imagining the future they had always talked about as she drifted off to sleep.

The next week Jaebum wandered into the hospital, he whistled as he rode the elevator to the floor that Jinyoung was on. A deck of cards in his front jacket pocket as he wanted to see if Jinyoung was up for a card game.  As he walked down the hallway towards the room, a group of people pushed past him and straight into Jinyoung’s room. His heart stopped, and he found himself running after them. Panting he stopped at the doorway to see chaos in the room, persistent commands being shouted from the doctor as nurses rushed to gather supplies and follow orders given. She was there, in the corner of the room begging for Jinyoung to wake up. The nurse’s grabbed her arm to try and lead her out of the room but she couldn’t, she wouldn’t. Eventually another nurse assisted and grabbed hold of her as they lead her towards the doorway. Her focus only on Jinyoung as she wept, when she saw Jaebum by the door she ran into his arms in agony.  He didn’t say anything, he only held her as he watched. Her head was buried in his chest and he stroked the back of her hair to comfort her. Then the long extended beep from the heart monitor filled the room. She sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his jacket.  He held her in silence, his cheek pressed against her head as he continuously stroked the back of her head as if to have her not turn around. He watched as the team were doing everything in their power. The beads of sweat dripping from the doctor’s and nurses, as Jinyoung lied still on the bed, his color faded from his face and eyes closed. Amidst all the chaos he could faintly hear the words Jinyoung spoke to him last week as he held her weeping in his arms.

 “Take care of her.”


Let me know what you think! :)

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Top 10 Sign And Symptoms Of Kidney Failure,Disease,Poblem | ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो किडनी खराब है !

At any phase of kidney disease, information is control. Knowing the side effects of kidney illness can enable you to get the kidney treatment you have to feel your best. On the off chance that you or somebody you know has at least one of the accompanying side effects of CKD, or many sign of kidney failure or you stress over kidney issues, see a specialist for blood and pee tests. Keep in mind, a considerable lot of the manifestations can be caused by other medical issues. The best way to know the reason for YOUR indications is to see your specialis of symptoms of kidney failure.

More thoughts on King’s Cage....

In no particular order now that I’ve finished the audiobook:

  1. Maven is really an excellent example of the murderous bi trope, the sexually/romantically predatory bi trope, and the lying bi trope all rolled into one.  It’s one thing to write a bisexual villain, its another thing to do so by literally picking all our worst tropes and shoving them into one person.  Why don’t we ever get the kind of bi villain that is a blundering strongman or a isolated loner or the self-righteous ‘I’m the real hero here’ type?  Nope, we get yet another scheming skinny effeminate white boy who lies all the time, kills people for power, and is freaky-deaky obsessively in love with the main character.  Seriously.   *snoooooze*

  2. Since its also #bihealthmonth, this seems like a good time to note that bi people are WAY more likely to the ones who are BEING stalked and emotionally abused.  Just think about that next time you see a piece of media where the bi character is an obsessive stalkery weirdo who can’t take no for an answer.  We’re depicted in media SO MUCH more often as the perpetrators when we’re more likely to be the victims.  

  3. Does anyone else feel like the late-game revelation of the relationship between Evangeline and Elane is a weird gay bribe?  Its like Aveyard is trying to offset the 1) dead queer trope with poor Thomas and 2) the fact that Maven is basically bi tropes bingo.  I feel like YA has gotten into this weird habit of having really shitty queer rep in dystopian books where characters are tropes, cliches run rampant, and the LGBTQ people die…… then sticking in one living and semi-happy gay couple in towards the end like “sorry we played out a bunch of tired homophobic/transphobic/biphobic trash at you, take this token white gender conforming and conventionally attractive cis gay or lesbian couple that I added somewhere in the back 50% so to not look like a big phobe as payment”   *eyeroll*  

  4. This isn’t really the focus of this blog, but as a person with PTSD, I find her treatment of it in this book to be questionable at best.   When you have PTSD, you can’t cure it with love.  In this series, Mare’s triggers either apply to everyone but Cal.  He can touch her wrists and soothe her nightmares.  In the real world, the people you love are not exempt from your triggers and can’t cure your symptoms with cuddles.  I really hate this romanticization of mental illness shit.  PTSD is really hard on families and loved ones and stuff like this just does NOT help.  

  5. That all said, I’m totally going to read the last book in the series because I like the political intrigue.  And I’ve already invested thee books in so I want to know how it ends.  Which just means that if things get more fucked up in the last book, I will continue to rant about it

- Sarah 

me, one eye clamped shut and the other squinting, wearing sunglasses indoors at 7pm: googles light sensitivity 

every website: photophobia is a symptom, not a condition. cure the underlying cause, and the photophobia should dissipate. 

underlying causes: don’t apply to me

the very bottom of every article:

me: oh

razzmatazz1  asked:

Hey there! I don't mind if this get's answered publicly or privately, though I'm a bit nervous to ask it. I've been writing a novel about something similar to a zombie apocalypse. The 'zombies' are created from a disease affecting the brain and nulling the pain and rational thought centers. I was wondering how they would kill. Is it wise of me to allow them the use of weapons, or would they simply rip their opponent apart? is there something else? Am I lacking in any areas with the disease? Thx!


No lie, I think about this all the time. 

I’m going to answer this publicly because I feel like this is something that can help a ton of other writers. This might seem long winded, but I promise that I am going somewhere with this. 

When writing about mind control and similar epidemics, it is important to create guidelines and boundaries that you can follow throughout the plot: causes, effects, cures, symptoms, infectability, and susceptibility. Setting these before you begin writing will save you a lot of headache and plot holes later on. Creating diseases as devastating as this is classified under world building, so keep the effects of this when you are fleshing out the rest of your world. You brought up the topic that would be categorized under the actions of the disease. Whether the infected tear apart their victims or use weapons depends a lot on whether the infected are aware of their actions, or if the disease allows them to access parts of their brains that control awareness. The use of weapons requires a lot of steps that lead up to the actual use. How to hold the weapon correctly (at least generally), how to aim, if reloading is necessary, the list goes on. Guns will objectively be more devastating than a baseball bat, but if the person isn’t able to figure out how to use a gun, they will find another way to do harm. If you decide to make the disease affect the motor cortex, which might happen if your disease attacks an entire lobe and the surrounding matter, how far can the other areas of the brain compensate for the lost function (more on that below)?

If you are leaning more towards the traditional physical assault, with or without the craving for brains, it is important to think about how much damage the infected person can actually cause. Human beings are pretty resilient; we are designed not to break without a significant mechanism of injury. Think through whether you want the disease to somehow cause superhuman strength, whether that be increased adrenalin or somehow increasing muscle mass and performance. There is some anecdotal evidence that people have gained super strength in life threatening positions, as in a mother being able to lift a car to retrieve her children, although this has not been widely studied. It is theorized that because the adrenaline that is released during times of stress reduces the feelings of pain and increases the blow flow to the muscles, the inability to feel pain and increased oxygen to the muscles allows for improved performance. This may or may not be enough to rip a human apart, but that all depends on your creative license. 

Now, you say that the disease only affects the rational thought and conscious pain centers, which are mostly contained in the frontal and parietal lobes, respectively. Conscious pain is being aware of being in pain. It is generally unlocalized, and generally comes later than the unconscious response. Unconscious pain is the reflexive action that a human takes when presented with pain stimulus through the skin and/or muscle. It is the jerking away that happens when you accidentally prick your finger. If you are going for damage to areas instead of specific functions, look at some brain maps and figure out what other functions will be inhibited from the disease. If the disease attacks specific lobes, is there any risk of it spreading to the surrounding gray matter? Having dulled pain reflexes would mean damage to the nerves in the skin and muscle as well. Depending on how far into this you want to go, you could come up with a reason that it only affects the wanted lobes (a tumor-like mass might do the trick). 

Something that I often think of while trying to fall asleep is how does a person kill a zombie? Since they are technically dead, would it not be possible for them to be practically dismembered by still be able to spread and attack? How much does the brain actually control in that case? Would incinerating them with a flame thrower do the trick? A lot of this has to do with your world and how you structured your lore. The way you described your infected zombies does not sound like the stereotypical undead, but rather something closer to an ant being infected with an ophiocordycep. The question of how they are defeated still stands, however. It seems to me that any fatal amount of damage to the human host would be enough, but since these zombies do not feel pain, how much force does it take? Probably enough to cause some sort of shock, but that is something to keep in mind when creating your disease guidelines. 

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

xx Sarah

Returning the Favor

An impromptu mini-fic for @impracticaldemon​!

It’s rough, and I basically pulled this out of nowhere over the course of an hour or two, but I happen to have SaiChi on the mind/heart anyway and I gotta get that out of my system before I switch continuities back to Heisuke’s route. I know this is a ridiculously clichéd concept, but I hope this Week Brightener is an effective one!!

It was a generally accepted fact that Saito never got sick.

All throughout his time at Shiei Hall, and later with the Shinsengumi, he had managed to avoid sickness. Among his friends, his immune system was the subject of much envy, regarded as almost inhuman—along with his other alleged superpower, in the form of an absurdly high tolerance for alcohol.

Saito had never thought himself capable of being lulled into a false sense of security, and in fact prided himself on his constant vigilance, but he must have grown so used to being healthy that he forgot he was still susceptible to illness. There was no other explanation for allowing himself to awaken with a congested nose for the first time in years.

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The greatness of Allah

Ibn Al-Qayyim (رحمه الله) said:

He governs the affairs of the various kingdoms and He commands and forbids, creates, sustains, gives death, gives life, gives power, strips power (to and from whom He wills) and alternates the night and day. He gives varying fortunes to people and alternates governments (and states), destroying some and bringing some into existence. His Command and Power are dominant in the heavens and their zones, the earth and all that which is on and in it, in the seas and in the air. His Knowledge has encompassed everything and He counted everything. He hears all types of voices and they do not confuse Him. Rather, He hears each voice in its distinct language and need, and no voice will make Him busy from fulfilling the need of another, and no need will ever escape His Perfect Knowledge (and His Power to deliver).

He does not become bored because of the many needs of those who need. His Sight encompasses all that which there is. He sees the movement of a black ant on a barren rock during a dark night. To Him, the Unseen is uncovered end the secret is secret no more,

“Whosoever is in the heavens and on Earth begs of Him (its needs from Him). Every day He has a matter to bring Forth (such as giving honour to some, disgrace to some, life to (some, death to some, etc.).” [Quran 55:29]

He forgives an evil deed, makes depression vanish and brings reprieve from disasters, relief for whoever needs it, wealth for the poor, guidance for the misguided, light for the lost, help for he who is desperate, fullness for the hungry, cover for the barely clothed, cure for the ill and ease for he who suffers. He accepts he who repents, gives reward for he who does good, gives aid for he who was dealt with injustice, destroys an arrogant person, covers mistakes, gives safety after fear end elevates some people and humiliates others.

If those who inhabit His heavens and His earth and all those whom He created, whether mankind or the Jinns, had hearts similar to the most pious heart, His Kingdom will not increase.

If all His creation, whether mankind or the Jinns, had hearts similar to the heart of the most wicked heart, this will not decrease from His Kingdom. Also, if all those who inhabit His heavens and His earth, all mankind and all the Jinns, the dead and the living, stand up on one strip of land and each asks Him for his need, and He then fulfils their needs, this will not decrease from what He has a bit.

He is the First, nothing is before Him, the Last, nothing is after Him, the Most High, nothing is above Him, and the Most Near, nothing is nearer than Him. He, Exalted and Ever High as He is, is the Best Whom one can and should remember, the only One Who deserves to be worshiped and thanked, the Kindest of all those who own and the Most generous of all those who are asked to give.

He is the King Who has no partner, the One Who has no competitor, the Samad (Self-Sufficient) Who has no offspring, and the Ever High, none like unto Him. Everything perishes save His Face and every kingship is bound to perish except His.

He will only be obeyed by His Leave, and His Knowledge uncovers all disobedience to Him. When He is obeyed, He thanks for it, and when He is disobeyed, He grants forgiveness (for those who truly repent to Him). Every punishment from Him is just and every bounty is a grace. He is the Closest Witness and the Nearest One with His Perfect Care. He controls the forelocks of everything and has the full records of all deeds end the books of all ages. The hearts are unmasked to Him and the secret is unveiled. His giving and punishing is merely a Command, “Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, ‘Be, and it is!’” [36:82].

[“The Weakening of Faith - Its Symptoms – Causes & Cure” by Shaykh Muhammad Saleh al-Munajjid]

You’ll never get rid of me! I’m part of you now! You can treat the symptoms, but you’ll never cure the virus!

Ok, but can we talk about the season one final? The fact that monster arm made an appearance!? Star and Marco a fighting now?! The fact that Toffee told Marco he was a “disappointment” (why would he say that unless referring to the monster in him!?) The fact that at the end Marco looked into Toffee’s mirror and was wearing his clothes!? 

It makes me feel like Marco is a ticking time bomb of evil! AHHHHH! And it makes me happy!

* next to normal sentence pack ( act 2 )

❛ hey, isn’t three clubs a little much for a tuesday night? …wednesday morning? ❜
❛ they told me it would change me, though they don’t know how it does. ❜
❛ i am worlds away from who i was. ❜
❛ i’m trying to enjoy it but i’m missing all the fun. ❜
❛ this is, like, the fifth night in a row that i’ve had to come find you at some random club. ❜
❛ i’ve missed you these days. i thought you might call. it’s been weeks. ❜
❛ have you been on the scene? ‘cause you look like a mess. ❜
❛ will you come to this dance? it’s some spring formal dance. it’s march first, and it’s cheese, but it’s fun and it’s free. ❜
❛ i don’t do dances. ❜
❛ i couldn’t give a flying fuck what’s normal. ❜
❛ do you still feel your head is filled with concrete? ❜
❛ it was raining. it was portland. you eloped. ❜
❛ maybe get us back to better than before. ❜
❛ gonna get us back to normal, gonna get us back to good. ❜
❛ your life has kind of sucked, i think. ❜
❛ you wonder which is worse: the symptom or the cure. ❜
❛ say wait and i’ll wait. ❜
❛ you remind me of me and how fucked up i can be. ❜
❛ i don’t know how this started so i won’t know when it’s done. ❜
❛ we played it for the baby. sometimes it helped him sleep. ❜
❛ how could i ever forget? ❜
❛ you think this will help but it won’t. ❜
❛ i was a child raising a child. ❜
❛ this was the moment my life was set. ❜
❛ why would you want to remember the things that hurt you? ❜
❛ enduring and coping and hurting and hoping for day after fucking day. why stay? ❜
❛ the promise i made to stay and i stay true. ❜
❛ one thing that’s sure is that there is no cure, but that doesn’t mean we don’t fight. ❜
❛ maybe the falling isn’t so bad after all. ❜
❛ it’s time for you to start thinking of your own happiness. ❜
❛ i see me in you. ❜
❛ where has all this caring been for __ years? ❜
❛ maybe we can’t be okay. but maybe we’re tough and we’ll try anyway. ❜
❛ we wanted to give you a normal life, but i realize i have no clue what that is. ❜
❛ you look like a star. ❜
❛ i thought we were through. me and you… ❜
❛ you say that right here. but then give it a year, or ten years, or a life. i could end up your wife/husband/spouse, sitting staring at walls, throwing shit down the stairs, freaking out at the store, running nude down the street, bleeding out in the bath… ❜
❛ sometimes life is insane. but crazy, i know i can do. ❜
❛ crazy is perfect and fucked up is perfect and i will be perfect for you. ❜
❛ so anyway, i’m leaving. i thought you’d like to know. ❜
❛ you’re faithful come what may, but clearly i can’t stay. ❜
❛ with you always believing that we can still come through, it makes me feel the fool to know that it’s not true. ❜
❛ what doctors called dysfunction, we tried to call romance. ❜
❛ and now you act like you just don’t give a damn. ❜
❛ i know you told her that i’m not worth a damn. ❜
❛ so it’s just me and you for now. ❜
❛ you can’t sit here in the dark, and all alone. ❜
❛ we’ve waited far too long for all that’s wrong to be made right. ❜
❛ you find out you don’t have to be happy at all to be happy you’re alive. ❜
❛ going home has never really been a solution to my problems. ❜
❛ seriously? you’re, like, number three on my list of issues. ❜