Watch: Danielle Brooks has the best analogy to explain just how badly the fashion industry has erased plus sized women

But she added that when she began to see images of herself on billboards and got used to seeing other plus size women in the media, “I walked around with my head held a little higher, my strut a little firmer, and my smile a little brighter. I saw myself in those women.”

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*Twirls into the room throwing rainbow glitter*

Hello, we are here to tell you that classic lit is full to the brim with LGBT+ authors, characters, plots, everything. We could not possibly put everything into one list, so this is only part one. There will be more to come. In the meantime, if you have questions about these works or are interested in others, TELL US and we will send a barrage of suggestions and recommendations and glitter that won’t come out of your hair for weeks.

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… whereas they honoured Achilles the son of Thetis and despatched him to the Islands of the Blest, because he, when he learnt from his mother that he would die if he killed Hector, but that if he did not kill him he would reach home and die at a good old age, made the heroic choice to go to the rescue of his lover Patroclus and to avenge him, though this involved dying after him as well as for him. He thus earned the extreme admiration of the gods, who treated him with special distinction for showing in this way how highly he valued his lover.
—  Plato, The Symposium