Just finished up Remender’s Venom run.
Pretty inconsistently good stuff.
The writing and stories were hit or miss for me: the Circle of Four being a particularly painful read– but the run ended nicely with Father’s Day, it was a great last issue for Remender. His emotional ties to Flash Thompson and Venom really showed through, and he produced his best writing in that issue.
Also, Declan Shalvey brought a unique and much welcomed change of artistic style to the character; I was happy to see his take on venom and I’m really looking forward to his return in later issues in the series.


Superior Spiderman is the best comic book on the market right now.
Slott has mastered his craft, effortlessly juggling multiple plots: an underground legion of green goblin followers, Spiderman 2099, and of course the looming threats of discovery that Peter Parker is actually Otto Octavius!
When I first heard about the premise, I nearly vomited a bit– profoundly stupid! I thought.
And while I still think the premise is incredibly dumb, it is the best comic I’ve ever read; the superior spiderman is a vastly more interesting character and the events are incredibly enjoyable to read and discover.

The best artist on the series so far, hands down, is Stegman– the best artist in the industry in my opinion; the superior spiderman issue 1 cover is one of the strongest covers I’ve ever seen.
In the event you haven’t gotten into the series yet, I highly recommend it.


The Fraction/Brubaker Immortal Iron Fist run is one of my favorite marvel arcs of all time. I love Daniel Rand’s character and I love Aja’s very distinct style.

Fraction and Aja pair up again in the new Marvel Now series, Hawkeye and have been consecutively delivering one of the most enjoyable comic book series to date.

Clint Barton is part James Bond, part unpredictable, clumsy bachelor– the series is very episodic, but that’s a bit of what adds to it’s undeniable charm.

Hawkeye is a refreshing dose of a non-super hero, acting heroically in an often cliched and over abundant super-hero infested universe.