@symphonyofsoldier​ sent actual footage of buck

Yo its Nico dont freak out x) I’m 500% this was u, you were on TV and u didnt told me!!! 😂😂

SANCTUARIO. more and more footage of meme is starting to leak, i can’t belieb

symphonyofsoldier-deactivated20  asked:

good afternoon mister Jones, I will like to give you the thanks for make my twin sister so happy, her name is Guada and she runs the blog "iloveasacute". She´s always talking about her lovely yet sexy pirate. Have a wonderful day sir (and to the OCC, dear Vicky, Guada is much better since she started talking with you, thank you for make her feel better, sincerely, her twin sister)

Lady Guada? She’s a frequent visitor to my metaphorical ship. It is so nice to meet her lovely sister. You’re very welcome. May your day be just as lovely as you are.

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