symphony woods

Into the Woods

Scott McCall blinked his eyes open to a bright light shining down in his face. For a brief second, he thought he was at the hospital on one of the hospital beds, being operated on or something. The leaves rustling and the gust of wind on his skin ruled that out of the equation though. Whoa, wait. Leaves? Wind? Skin? Scott looked down and he was, to his horror, naked as the day he was born. He was also outside, in the woods, by the.. he smelled the air.. bayou. There were a few other familiar scents there but he really couldn’t place a name to them other than that they were familiar.

Thoroughly freaked out on how he got in the middle of the woods, without clothes on, he shot up off the ground and looked around him. Close to where he had been laying he spotted some gray shorts, which he didn’t question but instead snatched up and put on as quickly as possible in case someone was watching him. The only thing worse about being in the woods with no memory of how you got there, is being there without clothes and then trying to figure out how you’re going to get back home. He was thankful for those shorts and whoever put them there.

Scott started moving through the woods, freaked out. He did call out a brief “Hello, is anyone there?” But so far, he had yet to yield a response. His skin felt like it was on fire, everything hurt. He was hyper sensitive and hyper aware of everything and he was ultra-confused. Really, he just wished he had some answers or a hint or something, this was just way too much at this point.  

Iron Heart; The Scriptor

Eeyyyyy it’s finally here! This has been my baby for the better part of a year, and wanted to give it a better version than the original, so I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks goes to @kiss-me-khaos and @aya-eisen for being my betas! Please leave a review if you liked it! 

Pairing; Gajevy—–>


Spring was early, revealing itself in the first calm night as the last of the rains drifted away. The air was balmy and warm, and the moon itself was present to welcome the first breeze of spring as it wafted down over the hills and into the valley. Night birds called to one another, their songs joined by a chorus of insects and other animals that wished to join the quiet symphony of the woods. As the breeze danced over the trees, their leaves applauded the retreat of winter, shimmering in the silvery moonlight.  

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