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Here’s a classic Warner Bros. “Merry Melodies” (precursor to “Looney Tunes”) animated short. This is “A Corney Concerto”, directed by Bob Clampett, and it is a parody/homage to Disney’s Fantasia, with two parts based around classical music. Enjoy, and Happy Weekend!

The Upstairs Neighbor

Sherlock Holmes hated cats. Well, to be specific, he hated one specific cat. Namely the beast that lived in the flat above him.

The monstrous creature had moved in several weeks before and begun its reign of terror immediately. For hours, Sherlock laid awake that first night as the cat raced from one end of the flat to the other, its claws playing a spine-tingling symphony on the wood floors. It cried endlessly between the hours of 4am and 6am until its owner, who somehow managed to sleep through the racket, woke up and fed the demanding creature.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the beast had taken it upon itself to taunt Blackbeard, Sherlock’s basset hound. On more than one occasion, Sherlock had had to manhandle an over-excited Blackbeard down the stairs for his walk while the cat, having escaped its confines, followed them while remaining just out of snout-reach.

Sherlock’s curses and threats of finding a nice experiment on its front left paw, didn’t faze the haughty beast.

Yes, Sherlock Holmes hated cats. And today, he was ready to commit felinicide.


He supposed he could be partly to blame. After all, he had left his door open, anticipating Mrs Hudson’s daily tray of tea and gingernuts.

Blackbeard had been laying in the patch of sunlight by the window, worn out from chasing down an attempted murderer the day before. In Sherlock’s opinion, the old boy had earned a day off. And Sherlock had been looking forward to a quiet day of experimenting on some appendages he had finagled from Stamford, who was more than happy to send him away with the parts, instead of having Sherlock underfoot as he struggled to keep up with the ever-increasing work at Bart’s.

Yes, it was going to be a good day.

That is, until Sherlock discovered they were not alone.

Above him, a floorboard creaked. He paused in the process of removing a fleck of skin from a 45-year-old man’s middle finger.

Another creak.

Sherlock straightened. Too heavy for that cat. And his owner had gone out early in the day, he recalled the outer door slamming shut.

He waited, but when nothing else sounded from upstairs, he promptly forgot about it and returned to his experiment.

It was at this point, looking back, that Sherlock knew he should have gotten up and investigated. If he had, he might have noticed Mrs Hudson’s coat missing from the hall pegs and realised it was her that had left earlier. And he might have noticed the open door at the top of the stairs, where that demonic black cat sat staring down at him, waiting for the right moment to creep down and send everything to Hell in a handbasket.

But he didn’t, so it did.


Like the calm before the storm, the seconds of blissful silence in the flat should have raised the red flags in his Mind Palace, sending alarms blaring and readying him for battle.

But they didn’t.

So caught up in his experiment, he did not hear Blackbeard snort awake and growl a friendly warning. The uninvited guest ignored it and sauntered inside.

Blackbeard rose to his haunches and watched as the cat rubbed up against the nearest chair. Sherlock’s chair. Leaving its fur and scent on it.

A possessive growl ripped out of Blackbeard’s throat and he pounced. But the cat was quicker. Around the room they ran, knocking over piles of books and Sherlock’s music stand, before the cat made a quick right and dashed into the kitchen and, in one graceful leap, jumped onto the table and scampered across.

Sherlock drew back in surprise as dismembered fingers went flying in every direction. His stool tipped back and he tried to grab hold of the table, but it was too late and he fell over backwards with a shout.

‘Whooooaaaa!’ His breath was knocked out of him and he lay there, dazed.

Blackbeard, unable to make the same leap, tried to go under and managed to knock loose the one bad table leg and only just made it out the other side before the table buckled and sent everything that remained on it to the floor.

Silence fell like a thick blanket over the room.

Laying there, his legs akimbo over the stool and suffering a bruised bum, Sherlock coughed and sucked in deep breaths as he tried to understand what had happened.

He turned his head and glared at the culprits. Blackbeard had the decency to look guilty and whined softly, padding over to Sherlock and nudging his leg.

Behind him, the beast was perched atop the microwave, triumphant. With a forefinger in its jaws.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes at his nemesis.

'Oh my god! Oh, oh are you okay?’ A soft, feminine voice called out from the doorway. Sherlock turned his head back and looked straight up into the face of an angel.

Or, his upstairs neighbor. But with the overhead light casting a glow around her elfish face, he gave himself a little grace for the misunderstanding.

She was petite, but strong, as Sherlock discovered when she practically hauled him to his feet after ascertaining he had not injured himself too badly.

'I am so sorry, I didn’t realise I had left the door open and Toby got out.’ She continued to apologise profusely as she bent down and almost absentmindedly gathered up the stray fingers. Sherlock watched in bemusement as she laid them out on the counter, correctly in order, before gently but firmly taking the one from the demon beast, er, Toby.

’-not usually such a maniac. I think it’s been the move and he is upset about having left Manchester.’

Sherlock eyed the beast in question. He didn’t believe for one second that this was too out of character.

'I will replace your table and if there’s any damage to the microscope, I’ll pay for the repairs. I really am truly sorry! This is not at all how I wanted to introduce myself. I’ve just been so busy settling in and going through mounds of paperwork for my new job, I just kept putting it off.’ She was wringing her hands and gnawing her lip, showing more guilt than Blackbeard. The faithful dog must have sensed her distress and he sat beside her and leaned against her leg to offer her comfort.

With two sets of big brown eyes staring at him so sadly, Sherlock knew he was in trouble.

Looking between the cat, who twitched its nose and tail as if to say 'you’ll do’ (whether as a begrudging friend or its next meal, Sherlock couldn’t say’ after all, the cat apparently had a taste for human flesh) to his faithful hound who had tilted his head back to gaze adoringly at the woman who was petting him in the perfect spot behind his right ear, he had a feeling things were going to change.

And when he looked back at his neighbor, took in the faint blush on her cheeks, her cherry print cardigan and long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, with glasses perched on her nose, and combined that with how she had not batted an eye at his experiment or gathering dismembered body parts from the floor of his flat…

Oh yes. He knew was most definitely in trouble.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite Landslide performance? I think my very favorite is the one from the Rumours tour in Japan. It's really so special. Even Lindsey has a certain look on his face throughout the whole thing.

Hey anon, I agree, the one in Japan from the ‘Rumours Tour’ is just gorgeous! I have so many favorites though… ‘The Dance’ DVD one holds a very special place in my heart because it was the first one I’ve ever watched. I was very touched by “this is for you Daddy” long before I became a fan.

I love the one from Passaic in 1975 where Christine introduces the song, she sings it so softly and there’s a beautiful “oooh” in the middle. Also the one from Wallingford in 1975, I’m pretty these pictures are from that radio show.

I absolutely love the one with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The ‘Walden Woods’ benefit performance from 2002 has the most gorgeous arrangement and it’s just so different that it’s a favorite too! All the performances from the ‘Arizona Heart Institute’ concerts and the ones with ‘Sound City Players’.

And I was in awe of every single performance of ‘Landslide’ from the ‘24 Karat Gold Tour’. ♥

Into the Woods

Scott McCall blinked his eyes open to a bright light shining down in his face. For a brief second, he thought he was at the hospital on one of the hospital beds, being operated on or something. The leaves rustling and the gust of wind on his skin ruled that out of the equation though. Whoa, wait. Leaves? Wind? Skin? Scott looked down and he was, to his horror, naked as the day he was born. He was also outside, in the woods, by the.. he smelled the air.. bayou. There were a few other familiar scents there but he really couldn’t place a name to them other than that they were familiar.

Thoroughly freaked out on how he got in the middle of the woods, without clothes on, he shot up off the ground and looked around him. Close to where he had been laying he spotted some gray shorts, which he didn’t question but instead snatched up and put on as quickly as possible in case someone was watching him. The only thing worse about being in the woods with no memory of how you got there, is being there without clothes and then trying to figure out how you’re going to get back home. He was thankful for those shorts and whoever put them there.

Scott started moving through the woods, freaked out. He did call out a brief “Hello, is anyone there?” But so far, he had yet to yield a response. His skin felt like it was on fire, everything hurt. He was hyper sensitive and hyper aware of everything and he was ultra-confused. Really, he just wished he had some answers or a hint or something, this was just way too much at this point.  

fanfic: dinner’s served

…I may have been in a bit of a bad mood here. That is a real possibility.

It’s not related to SRF. Somewhat older Deerper, Hunter Bill, no shipping, blah blah blah. Fuck it. Dark, violence warning, also Bill is a psychopath. That part is canon. 

The second his hoof clinked against the metal spring Dipper knew he’d royally fucked up. A metallic clink was not a natural noise seamlessly blended into the ambient sounds of the woods at early evening. It was a noise he now associated with hunters, one in particular that made his skin crawl whenever he spoke and whose proximity sent his nerves into overdrive; a hunter whose grip he’d finally managed to wriggle out of. He was now literally running for his life; he knew the hunter would be hot on his trail the moment he realized the cage in the basement was empty.

It was also a sound associated with traps.

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I finally figured out what about this scene from Andrew Dabb’s Stairway to Heaven has been gnawing at me.

I knew it was something that I’d heard before, I knew that it was a quote, but I just couldn’t place it. But it’s so obviously a reference to The Avengers.

We know that Dean has seen The Avengers. Dabb started the season off in Devil May Care by Dean introducing himself and Sam as Stark and Banner. There is that ring composition, again. Dabb even highlights the connection through Castiel’s misunderstanding of how they come up with their aliases in the episode (Sam was Banner because he’s big and nerdy, Dean was Stark because he’s smooth, has a broken heart and…. is bisexual).

Dean has seen the film and had been impressed by it. And here he is, corrupted by the Mark of Cain, quoting Loki. Associating himself with Loki.

The episode has, frankly, been driving me nuts ever since it aired (cf. my Stairway to Heaven tag). It’s so jam-packed with references and layers that I feel like two years later, I’ve only just begun peeling the onion.

In the scene, Dean is interrogating an angel that is adversarial to him, Flagstaff. The angel begins by dismissing Dean as a human incapable of comprehending angels, and then chooses a moniker that is one of the most painful memories of Dean’s life. This was also established in a Dabb episode: in Dark Side of the Moon, we are told that Sam ran away to Flagstaff under Dean’s watch, Dean had thought Sam was dead for whole weeks, and John Winchester took it out on Dean’s ass. Sam’s heaven was one of Dean’s worst memories.

And Flagstaff, by choosing this name, isn’t reminding Dean only of the time Sam ran away as a child. She also reminds him of heaven and everything he’s left behind there, heaven being the theme of the episode. She reminds him of being chased and tormented by Zachariah. He feels like this angel is taunting him on purpose.

There was always a connection between Stairway to Heaven and Dark Side of the Moon.The very titles of the episodes stand in contrast. But there are also a number of other things connecting them.

When Dean wakes Sam up in his bed, Sam tells him that he could have shot him. Like they were once shot in their beds. Castiel couldn’t talk to Dean about something on the phone. But in heaven he talked with him through radios and televisions. The Enochian math riddle and the use of string theory by someone fluent in Enochian. We are shown what Metatron believes would be Castiel’s heaven, which in the script was to be filled by naked images of Dean Winchester – but the heaven is not based on Castiel’s memory. Reference to the absence of smell in heaven (”Old shoes and… alcoholism?”) contrasted with Dean claiming that the Road House in heaven smelled just the same (“Blood, bud, and beer nuts”). 

And yes, there is also that other baggage Dean is unable to stow that Dabb keeps bringing into his episodes: Oren, the name of the angel that blows himself up in Castiel’s name and who worked at “community outreach”, is Hebrew for the ash-tree (“Beautiful! A symphony of… wood!”). Metatron’s line about him getting a new face that seemed significant, and the quip about him still being the same nerd trying to be one of the popular kids. That’s three years in a row that Dabb ends the season with Ash.

So why does Dean feel affinity with Loki?

In the film, Loki is corrupted by an unknown dark force that pits him against his brother. He’s trapped and taunted by the would-be heroes and ordered around by his good, pure brother. He had been betrayed by his brother “for a woman”, abandoned and left for dead. Thor did not come to look for Loki but mourned for him and moved on. Loki is not the prodigal son but is instead the unfavoured one that has spent his entire life feeling like a freak. Dean has a hockey stick that can kill anything whereas Loki had a disco stick of similar mystic provenance. Loki that came to offer peace instead of freedom, the thing that Dean craves in his heart of hearts but always chooses against.

Remember that it was likewise Dabb that had Sam pick up Thor’s hammer in What’s Up, Tiger Mommy? in the 8th season. Dabb is the one that pitted Sam and Dean as Thor and Loki.

And yes, yet again, Dean Winchester is the bisexual one (in fact, Agent of Asgard that featured the explicitly bisexual young Loki came out a month before the episode aired, very much the thing talked about at the time). Not only is Loki the most famous and the only explicitly bisexual character in the Avengers, it was very much a talking point at the time the episode aired.

Dean Winchester was feeling like Loki in the episode.

You guys don’t understand just how much I love Andrew Dabb.