symphony of agony

we’re simply meant to be [1/1]

Rated: T; language, smooches, a touch of gore

Words: ~ 10K

Summary: A Nightmare Before Christmas captain swan AU.  Emma is the princess of Valentine’s Day Town.  Killian is a realm traveling, liquor looting, candy stealing Pirate King. Sparks fly when they cross paths on their quest for a new adventure.  Literally.

Notes: For CS Spoopy Week: Wild Card (Day 7).  This tale takes place sometime after the events of the film.  This was a little bit of silliness that turned into a rather ginormous bit of silliness.  My eternal gratitude to @seastarved, whose encouragement and edits provided the push needed to finish this epic.  I hope you folks enjoy it.  Happy Halloween!

Also on ao3 and ff

Killian Jones stalks along the shore, fog swirling in his wake as he basks in the light of the moon. As many things are wont to be in this realm, the sand beneath his feet is black, sharp, gnarled.  It glitters in the faint light of the moonrise, and tumbles airily down the slope of his footfalls.  The water that heaves along the banks clings to his boots like oil before slithering back along the sand with a dulcet hiss.

In short, Killian is caught in a bit of a rapture.  Naught but a moon cycle remains before the next Halloween and he can practically taste it on his tongue.  The debauchery sets his blood aglow, and unlike the skeletal King of this realm, he never tires of it.  Granted, the enchanted wood of the Jolly Roger allows them subtle passage from Town to Town, and they were fresh from plundering an unholy cache of liquor from the – now rather irate, he imagines – citizens of St. Patrick’s Day Town.  So he never quite manages to find the opportunity to be bored. 

He does, however, find it easy to feel a bit overcrowded. Hence, the promenade.  A bit of peace before his crew demands to know every trivial detail of their Next Great Heist.  Addicts, they are, but then so is he, gears in his head aweigh even as the ale pilfered oh so lovingly from St. Patrick still warms his face.  

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Ok so you all knew it was coming.  Yes Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ just has to weigh in on the shenanigans and current angst-fest unfolding on Holby City for our Goddess Serena Campbell oh her anguish someone hold me intrepid couple Serena and Bernie.  Many things I will say have likely already been said. Some perhaps not.  As per usual, I shall pop it under a read more because I am wordy as shit to save y’all’s dash. 

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