This stuff is amazing. #lush #sympathyfortheskin #lushproducts

many people say it smells like bananas but I smell more of cocoa butter with subtle hints of banana. i kind of wish it had a more banana-y smell, but this still smells amazing. if you smell it in the jar it smells a bit strange, but totally changes once it’s on your skin! i noticed it smells more like bananas on my chest area. maybe the banana smell amplifies around warmer areas of your body… hm. also, this smells amazing after a shower using the pink fun soap. 

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A few things that make a spoonies life better. The pink peppermint lotion is great for pain. It’s also so cooling and nice. I really enjoy it. Lord of misrule just smells amazing. I got sympathy for the skin recently. My dad bought it at my request and brought it to me in the hospital after surgery. My face was so dry. This lotion really came to my rescue.
I’ve been using lush stuff for 11 years. Most common thing I have had is soap. I know it’s more expensive than most soap but it doesn’t break me out or anything like that and to me that is worth the extra money. (What use is getting clean if you get zits or a rash from a product?) Thank you lush for existing.

Have any of you tried these or do you have other favourite lush products? I’d love to hear from you!