I’m still feeling zero sympathy for the growing number of ManChildTrump voters who are realizing they were fooled.

Those who wanted ObamaCare killed while they had coverage under the Affordable Care Act. No sympathy.

Caitlyn Jenner, who knew the people with whom Trump aligns himself want to dissolve same-sex marriage and eliminate protections for transgender people. No sympathy.

Immigrants who came here, then voted to keep refugees out…even those from the same country they escaped…then cry because their family members can’t enter the US. No sympathy.

People who claim to care about their children’s education…or the air they breathe…or the water they drink, only to see the unqualified people Trump appointed to his cabinet. No sympathy.

And, Middle Class taxpayers? Here’s a prediction. When Trump releases his tax plan, you’ll discover you’re paying higher taxes so the rich/corporations can stack up a few more pennies on their counting tables. No sympathy!

Rats have an unwarranted bad reputation. However, rats have been known to exhibit sympathy. Scientists set up an experiment in which a rat would pull a lever to be rewarded with chocolate. If the rat pulled the lever, another rat in the section beside them would be drowned. It was revealed that most of the rats refused to pull the lever and receive the chocolate once they realised that the other rat would suffer. It was also revealed that the rat’s who had gone through the near-drowning experience were more likely to protect the other rats.


6 Signs You’re An Empath

1. You feel things on a deep level - this can be the energy of others, yourself, animals & even those who are no longer with us. Empaths are highly sensitive to energy and can feel the emotions of others very easily. It can be difficult to know the difference between your own emotions and those of others - this is why it is important for us to develop a strong sense of self identity.

2. You speak the truth when others lie - you are more in tune with the truth and feel uncomfortable telling lies because you empathise with the person being lied to. You see yourself in their position and act in a way you would want others to act towards you.

3. You feel the need to help - many of us empaths feel that we are here to help heal the planet. Indeed, there are many people here who need help with their healing process and we attract them to us - just as doctors attract those who are sick. But keep in mind you cannot help others when you don’t take care of yourself - the doctor can’t treat patients when they are ill.

4. You have an abundance of love to give - you see those who are in need of what you have and feel obliged to give them your energy. This is a beautiful thing, but we must also be cautious of who we give our precious energy to - as some people may rely on us to be their generator. Recognise that you also need time to recharge so you may help others with your gift.

5. You’re creative - empaths are naturally creative and have been expressing themselves through art, music, dance, photography, writing etc from a young age. Embrace your creative tendencies and express yourself through different mediums to unlock your full potential as a creative empath. Touching others with your creative expression will assist in the healing of the planet.

6. Suffering bothers you - even to see those who “deserve” it suffer bothers you to some degree. This is because we experience the emotions of others as though we are in their situation - this is not a curse, but a gift. Understand that you have been blessed with this power because you can use it in a way others cannot.

Often times coaches, therapists, shamans and holistic healers are empaths and are particularly effective at what they do because they have learnt how to harness their gift. Hone your intuition and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself if you want to use your gift to help mankind.

Know yourself & you will know your gifts.

Peace & positive vibes.

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Never followed this couple, but this gif always breaks my heart. Because you watch it all unfold in heartbreaking detail…
The camera’s on them, she goes to look at him, expecting-anticipating his eyes will turn to find her, like she’s turning to find him. Then the realization hits, he’s completely preoccupied, and it’s not with her. And you see it wash over her face… she was thinking of him, but he wasn’t thinking of her.
I think a lot of girls can relate to how shitty that moment feels.

INTP Sympathy

Stereotyped INTP showing sympathy: The emotional attachment you have to that (subject) is highly illogical. Please refrain from showing any emotion around me again.

How it actually happened:

XXXX: So my dog died a week ago.

INTP: ….oh.

XXXX: Yeah it’s been really hard on me.

INTP: *Nervously shuffles feet* Mmhmm

XXXX: He was the cutest little thing.

INTP: *Shuffles harder*

XXXX: I miss him so much!

INTP: *Spontaneously learns to tap dance*

Empathy and Sympathy

Aren’t the same thing. Nor is one better or more important than the other.

Sympathy is cognitive, it’s a logical and mindful decision. It’s understanding somebody’s actions and feelings in regards to their emotions and their situation. You don’t have to know what it’s like to be somebody to sympathize with them.

Empathy is emotional, it’s involuntary. It’s feeling the same things and connecting on an emotional level with somebody. You don’t have to excuse or understand somebody’s actions in order to empathize with them.

For example, let’s say there’re two hypothetical activists.

Activist A from group A advocating for the rights of group A.

Activist B from group B advocating for the rights of group B.

Activist A is very passionate about their group, and you understand why they care so much about their cause. But since you’re not from group A, you don’t know what it’s like being them. You sympathize with Activist A, but not empathize with them.

Activist B is from the same group as you, and you believe in the same cause, but they’re a terrorist. They hurt innocents in pursuit of the cause. You know what it’s like being part of this group and what Activist B felt, but you condemn their actions. You empathize with Activist B but you don’t sympathize with them.

Sympathy and Empathy aren’t interchangeable or mutually inclusive. Nor are they absolute. You can empathize or sympathize with somebody over one thing, while not at all about something else.

It’s important to know the difference.

What Kinds of People Do The Zodiac Signs Respect?

Aries: People who give their all and don’t dwell on what has already passed

Taurus: People who are good with their hands, empathetic people

Gemini: Honest people, people who are willing to be affectionate in public and aren’t embarrassed about relationships with family/friends/lovers

Cancer: People who are steady and can bare emotional weight, people who can lead others when needed without restricting others

Leo: People who can stick up for themselves and won’t let everyone walk over them

Virgo: Mature people, people who aren’t frivolous and are good at dealing with money, responsible people

Libra: People who speak, dress, and act with class, people who are willing to open up instead of clamming up because they aren’t comfortable

Scorpio: People who are willing to share the more private parts of themselves, devoted people

Sagittarius: People willing to learn and accept that they don’t know everything, people who make their own fun when they get bored

Capricorn: Sympathetic people who understand emotions, people who work for status rather than just taking it

Aquarius: People who are tolerant of all kinds of views while sticking up for their own

Pisces: Protective people who can stick up for themselves and their family/friends/lovers

Empathy VS. Sympathy

In 1909, the psychologist Edward Titchener translated the German Einfühlung (‘feeling into’) into English as ‘empathy’. Empathy can be defined as a person’s ability to recognize and share the emotions of another person, fictional character, or sentient being. It involves, first, seeing someone else’s situation from his perspective, and, second, sharing his emotions, including, if any, his distress.

Continue reading to watch a video, which fully describes the difference between empathy and sympathy by Brene Brown. 

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