When Chris said he couldnt leave Kahoochie cause she was pregnant with his child I was like 

When Khatia started beating Chris ass with a LAMP CHORD

Then when she moved to the BELT and went all This Christmas on his ass! I was like

Then when she said “We really started to go at it” I was like Khatia about to get some Cj like 

Know what i’m saying

Chris where is your fucking common sense?

You might of thought that you were doing a good thing for Khaita by hanging up on her but really you think about what is going threw her mind? Like right now she is basically thinking what makes you fucking think it is fucking ok for you to go her house after ALL THE SHIT you put her threw! After her pleading on the phone for you to be back with her and yet hung up in her damn face the first time. How you don’t even give a fuck about how she could be feeling right now and you think it’s fucking OK  all of sudden to head up to homegirl house umm HELL NO! Bitch you caused her all that shit and she still wanted you. She cried at a fucking funeral for you.She loved you so much and she was carrying your child but for you to treat her like that! oH FUCKING NO. Go check at a fucking hotel or something cause your ass sure as hell do not need to go to her house playboy. Something around those words i think. 

So how tf this bitch throw him out!?

Wait ok so the bitch had Chris raising a kid that was NOT even his seed. A child that did not come from his sperm. A child that did not have his DNA, but THIS BITCH HERE thought she can throw a nigga out of HIS house after she lied to him after all these years!? I swear to you bro this bitch tripping. Chris dosen’t even QUESTION her ass. Like he just automatically think that’s his child like a dumb fucking nigga. Where is the common sense at bruh? Come on my yella ass nigga. I fucking swear bro like what the