sympathetic reaction


part 1

He couldn’t sleep well. Smiling and shit with the others, the same, amazing sharpshooter, and then when he was alone in his room it was like sinking into a sea of darkness. He couldn’t understand why he felt that way. But his dreams, his nightmares, were always gruesome and scary. One day though, things changed. Someone arrived. In the deepest side of his mind, far away from reality. When his eyes were closed, when his body was torn apart by monsters and galras every single time, somebody called him away from them. That beautiful, deep voice. It called to him like in his very first bad dream, and Lance was sure that by following him, he would’ve been able to wake up, next…to him. But, that changed, too. When he was completely alone with that singing voice, his body still inhumanly injured and yet alive, that person appeared. His clothes almost torn apart, his eyes completely yellow, a sinister smile on his beautiful lips. That was not Shiro. But he came by every time, looking at him suffering and laughing because of it. He couldn’t reach him. He couldn’t do nothing but watch him while his heart finally started to stop once and for all. And when he was dead, he was awake, too. Shaken. Tears in his eyes. And no matter how many times he dreamt the same thing, it still hurt like crazy. Every. Single. Time. He fought with the paladins against the bad guys, like always. He trained and argued with Keith, like always. He almost destroyed his lip, biting it down, seeing Keith being close and nice to the black paladin. That darkness. That horrible feeling he felt every time he was alone in his room or trapped in his dreams. It was nothing. It was something that was going to pass, someday. Maybe he just admired him so much that now, he envied his relationship with Keith. Yeah, what kind of relationship? What fucking kind? Shiro’s eyes were suddenly on his. A quiet gaze, against an angry one. Lance couldn’t stop staring. And when Keith turned his head to look at him, too, it felt like it always did in his nightmare. Judged and made fun of. He ran, making everybody worry a little bit. They were all gathered in the dining room, ready to eat something before going to separate ways inside the ship.

Lance avoided his own, scary room, because he needed Blue. Strong and proud. Standing there.

“I need ya, buddy. Think you can make some space for me even if we’re not needed for action?”

The lion stayed still. No signs of light around body. Lance winked at him, trying to smile, but failing miserably.

“Come on, sugar. Comfort me is cool too, y'know? You should definitely work on your sympathetic side.”

No reaction. That was it, huh. Well, fuck. He was going to stay there looking at nothing, for at least an hour. Just enough so that he could reach the kitchen without anybody there to disturb him. But someone decided to destroy his devilish, brilliant plan.

“You seem tired, recently.”

Of all people, you again.
A voice so kind to be able to melt hearts in an instant. Who cares about it anyway? I’m just tired, as you said.

“Hey man! Yeah. Sorry about earlier in the dining room, I’m not sleeping good recently and you know how that’s an absolute no-no for my beauty.”

Lance shrugged, giving his back to the blue lion so that he could look at Shiro. The guy smiled at him, tenderly. That gaze again. Like he was dealing with something or somebody that was absolutely his. No one else’s. Such a caring, innocent gaze.

What the fuck.

“You were talking about words of comfort?”

Lance froze. What can I say to you? I don’t even know what going on with me. How can I tell you, what I was fucking talking about?

“…I was just joking, man.” Lance said, weakly smiling. “Besides, the Lions can’t speak. Why did you followed me, anyway? I know it’s difficult to stay away from my presence, but?“

Yeah, but. Shiro started sincerely to laugh. Softly, his voice echoed in the huge space. Like in his dreams. But Shiro wasn’t making fun of him, this time. At all. And that scared Lance more than anything. The way he was so caring with him, just like with all the others, aside from Keith who was probably special to deserve more of his attentions… God, it was better in his nightmares. Where Shiro mistreated him, yeah, but only him.

“I’m worried about you, remember?” The black paladin started, getting closer to Lance that just wanted to back away. But why.

“You fight as good as always. Allura’s proud of you, and I am too. But you’re stressed. Even Keith noticed th-”

“Who the fuck cares about what Keith noticed?”

Oh, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare looking at me with that serious face. Don’t.

Again. That sudden harsh, yet not annoyed tone, that makes me all silent and I don’t know what. The. Fuck.

“I’m sorry.”
Lance murmured, frozen into place. And the older one was so close to him now that Lance could hear his calm breathing.

“Our final fight is close. You will all be fine. And after that, you can still count on each other. Even without me, if I’ll-”

Lance’s face became so sad Shiro got surprised. The boy didn’t even noticed his own expression if not after a moment of silence between the two.

“Listen, man, we’re gonna survive. All of us. You included, okay? I need to sleep now, okay? Can you…move?”

You’re standing right in front of me. What about personal space? Why can’t I move? It feels like I can just walk towards you. Towards those lips. Those large shoulders. Just a hug. Just - what am I thinking?


Just, please. Whatever this is, it hurts. Don’t call my name with your voice. 

“Do you have something to tell me?” Shiro continued.  

“Why, to you? What if this is about…Pidge?”

A gasp. Did Lance just gasped?

“So there is something. And it’s about me, because you’re staring at my face every time you get the chance to do it.”

Silence. The blue paladin just stared down, silently panicking.

“What do you fear?”

Shiro started again and then paused for a moment, thinking about what to say carefully.

“My judgment?”

Shut up. Just, leave me alone. I don’t know. I always liked women. Wait.


Lance’s eyes opened wide open. No fucking way. Realizing, his face went pale, and the dark circles under his eyes were more easy to see.

“Gotta go. Sleep tight, man.”

He finally moved. Getting away from Shiro’s body from a side. His scary, dark room was a reassuring thought, now. It’s okay. It’s a phase. Nothing much. Maybe he’s just scared to die against the enemy so much, that he’s losing his mind.


His feet stopped against his will. That voice ordering him to stay. Lance gave his back to Shiro, who turned to look at him. He felt his eyes on him and shivered. How are you looking at me? Tenderly? Severely? Both? 

“Take your time.” Shiro sounded calm. Kind. “No matter what is it, I will always stay by your side. Try to get some sleep, okay?”

Lance felt both sad and relieved. What his head was figuring out, it was scary. Those feelings, that need, it was fucked up. Stronger than anything he had ever experienced. Was it normal? Was it nearly an obsession, at this point?

Can I really take my time, knowing what we do and what’ll happen?

Not another word about the issue between them. Shiro kept his distance, when it was possible. Days went fast, they felt like hours, even with all the nightmares, with all the fighting, with all the training, and bonding with all the others. And suddenly there he was, fighting the enemy, winning once and for all. He yelled, he laughed. It was over. He was sitting in there, inside the blue lion as a part of Voltron, far away from earth, looking at the bright lights, the explosions and the sudden realization that Zarkon was finally defeated. He laughed, and he was ready. He survived, they survived, and he was ready. To talk, to understand. To figure things out.

Yet destiny was not kind with him. Giving him a real, living nightmare.

You’re gone.
Not always by my side,
like you promised me. 

Sentinel Wars (2/?)

I finally cleaned up Obi-Wan’s POV from the Star Wars / Sentinel crossover I started., so here it is!

Part 1 | Part 2:

Obi-Wan’s first coherent thought, when he realizes what’s just happened, is indignance - Plo never said it felt like this.  The Force is pushing at him, twining around him and Captain Rex, pulling them together in a manner not unlike the creation of a Force bond.  He feels awash in Rex’s emotions, drowning in his presence in the Force and hyper-aware of every point of contact between them.

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4 Great Techniques for Handling Test-Day Stress

The obvious part: The SAT/ACT is likely more important than any other test you’ve taken so far. The stakes—and the anxiety—can feel pretty high.

The not-as-obvious part: The score you will get can seem like a numerical representation of your self-worth—a number that labels you as intelligent and good enough, or not.


Higher stakes, and, understandably, higher anxiety. With so much pressure, it’s natural to start ruminating about the what-ifs.

What if I can’t concentrate?

What if I don’t remember what I studied??

What if my score is awful???

Wait a second. STOP. If we’re going to come up with hypotheticals about an imaginary future, we can certainly do better than that.

What if you concentrate better than usual?

What if you know all the answers??

What if your score is … really high???

The point is, anxiety exists only in your mind, which you have control over. Try some of these techniques to use that control to your advantage:

Technique #1

Along with the “what-ifs,” you have access to an infinite number of uplifting, empowering thoughts. For example, “I so got this,” “I prepared, and I know what I’m doing,” or “I’m always more capable than I think.” Try a few out, notice how you feel, and pick your favorite. Then say it as often as you like.

Technique #2

Sometimes when the stress is high, it’s not enough to just say a mantra. Take the edge off by taking a few slow, deep breaths: breathe in to a count of four, hold for two, and breathe out to a count of six.

Technique #3

Then, acknowledge your anxiety. The more you fight it, the more it fights back by growing deeper and more intense. So instead of resisting, or trying to force calmness, just reinterpret how you’re feeling as excitement. Anxiety and excitement are both sympathetic nervous system reactions that don’t feel all that different from each other, so the shift is minor. Besides, aren’t you excited you get to go demonstrate your knowledge, and then be done!?

Technique #4

Visualization, or creating mental images of what you desire, is another powerful stress-relieving technique. Imagine walking out of that test room Saturday early afternoon, and feel the excitement—the relieving, proud, freeing feeling. Imagine seeing your test score for the first time and being shocked at how well you did. Yes!

Really, you can imagine anything at all that makes you feel good. Imagine being somewhere peaceful (the beach, the forest, outer space!) and notice the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations.

Your imagination is limitless; try to bring it into your whole body. Think of a person, real or fictional, who inspires you, and embody their energy. Be this person as you navigate the day of your test.

Basically, be Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde”:

Be an all-knowing teacher who’s answering all the questions effortlessly:

Or just be you, exceeding your score goal. Sometimes, you just need to be (or pretend to be) confident, and the rest will follow.

The truth is, you do know a lot, you are prepared, and there are only four choices per question: A, B, C, and D. So go pick the right answer. What, like it’s hard?

A few other considerations to keep stress away.

  • Forgive yourself along the way. 
    We tend to be so hard on ourselves for every little thing we think we could have done better. Maybe you couldn’t sleep as much as you wanted, maybe you spaced out momentarily during the test, or maybe you didn’t manage stress the way you hoped. It’s OK.
  • Get to the test center early. 
    Leave earlier than you think you have in order to leave time for traffic, getting lost, and taking deep breaths. Remember, getting there two hours early is better than getting there two minutes late.
  • Put the test into perspective. 
    Worst case scenario, you don’t get the score you were hoping for. If there’s time, you can retake the test. In any case, wherever you go to college, you will get a good education, have a blast, and find out (if you haven’t already) that this one score does not represent your level of intelligence—or your self-worth.

Kiley A. teaches SAT/ACT Writing and leads College Application Workshops at Elite Prep Rowland Heights. As the Elite Community Scholars Coordinator, he also works to spread this college preparation guidance to low-income, first-generation students who may not otherwise have access to such support. Above all, he wants his students to know the far-reaching power of their own self-assurance. 

Calum Hood Smut: Learning from Each Others Knowing’s

Hello friends! 

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. Here’s a Virgin Calum smut that will hopefully make up for my absence! Let me know what you think…good or bad! Oh and it is a smut so please don’t read it if you’re uncomfortable with that kind of thing. 

Learning from Each Other’s Knowing’s

“I can’t believe you’re actually going on tour in two days”, you sigh, throwing another pair of skinny jeans to your friend to be folded and placed in the suitcase that was already practically bursting at the seams. Who knew you needed to pack so much when you were about to embark on a worldwide tour with your band?

“I know”, he smiles across at you from his perch on the bed, “I didn’t think it would ever happen. It all just seems so surreal.”

“Yeah well, you deserve it. I guess all of those hours spent in Ashton’s smelly garage have finally paid off.”

“It’s about time”, Calum remarks as he catches another pair of jeans you’ve tossed haphazardly in his general direction, “I swear if I had to sit through one more rehearsal where Luke forgot every lyric I was going to reconsider giving up my football career!”

“Are you nervous?” you ask once your shared laughter has died down.

Having received no reply you glance over at your friend. His eyes are downcast and he’s suddenly become very interested in the scuff marks on the old beat up Vans he’s been wearing for the best part of a year.

“Calum?” you question, becoming slightly disconcerted by his uncharacteristic silence. As you move to sit next to him you can see a soft blush has spread across his cheeks. You eyebrows furrow as you wait for him to speak. When he does, his voice barely above a whisper.

“It’s stupid”.

“Come on Cal”, you coax, nudging him in the ribs for good measure, “you can tell me. We’ve been friends since we were twelve. You don’t have to be embarrassed around me. I mean, I’ve seen you in those hideous board shorts you used to wear so it can’t be much worse than that now can it?”

A small smile tugs at the corner of his plump lips and you mentally high five yourself. You’d always loved your ability to make people smile even when they were feeling shitty.

“I’m not nervous about performing. I’m nervous about something else.”

“What kind of something else?” you press. You weren’t normally this pushy when it came to other people’s business but Calum was one of the most confident and outgoing people you knew so if something was making him this anxious it had to be something big.

“Y/N”, he starts after a short pause, “if I tell you something do you promise not to tell another living soul?”

“Pinky promise”, you tell him without missing a beat, “but I’m warning you now, if you’re about to admit to a murder or something I’m obligated to tell someone. I love you and all but I’m not becoming an accessory for you Calum. I’m way too soft to go to jail. I mean have you seen Orange is the New Black? I would never survive that”.

“Y/N!” Calum shouts, interrupting your ramblings, “I’m trying to tell you something important here!”

“Shit, sorry! You know how I get carried away. Go on. I’m listening.”

“Thank you. Okay well, you know how bands always say that they always get a tonne of girls once they start touring? Well, that’s what I’m nervous about.”

The expression on your face must have been a picture because as soon as Calum shifts his gaze from his feet to you, his cheeks redden ever further and he attempts to push himself off the bed.

“I knew you’d think it was stupid!”

“No Calum wait”, you grab at his shirt to pull him back onto the mattress next to you, “I don’t think it’s stupid! I’m just….confused. Why would girls throwing themselves at you make you nervous? I would have thought that it would make you pretty damn happy actually.”

“It would, if I weren’t a virgin.”

You’re struck dumb for a second time. Did you hear that right? Calum Thomas Hood was a virgin? Surely that’s not what he said. There was no way, was there? You could feel Calum’s eyes boring into you as he waited for you to respond. Unfortunately, for both him and you, the only response you could provide was one of wide eyes and stunned silence.

“You think I’m weird don’t you?” Calum’s head is hung low and you can hear the emotion in his voice.

“Speak Y/N”, you tell yourself silently, “he needs you to speak. Come on, you love talking. Don’t dry up now.”

“Maybe I’m weird. Maybe there is something wrong with me. I’m eighteen years old and I’m the only one of my friends that still has their fucking v-card. I mean, how sad is that?”

You try to interject having finally found your voice through your stupefied haze but as it happens it’s too little too late. Calum is on a roll.

“And what the hell am I supposed to do when I’m on tour? Bring a girl back to my room and tell her that I have no clue what I’m supposed to do and would she like to play a game of scrabble instead?”

“Calum stop! Just stop okay?!”

During his ranting tears had formed in your eyes and as much as you would like to blame their appearance on your extremely empathetic nature, you could not. They were tears borne of hearing someone express the very same fears you’d been harbouring for a very long time. Truth be told, you were in the very same situation as Calum; well, minus the world tour bit.

“Y/N, are you crying?” Calum’s voice has softened again and one of his calloused hands moves to push the stray strands of hair from your face.

“No”, you sniffle unconvincingly, “it’s just my hayfever”.

“You don’t have hayfever Y/N”.

“Oh yeah? Well I don’t remember you qualifying as a hayfever expert Hood so how would you know?!”

Ignoring your pathetic attempt at a defence Calum continues to press at you.

“What’s wrong? Come on, you can tell me. I just told you something completely mortifying so fair is fair. Spill.”

As per usual, your imagination fails you in your moment of need. You couldn’t think of a single good reason that would explain your tears.

“Screw it”, you tell yourself, “may as well come clean”.

“You’re not the only one that’s still a virgin Cal”.

“Oh my god Y/N!”, Calum exclaims loudly causing you to jump slightly. It wasn’t exactly the sympathetic reaction you were expecting, “you don’t have to pretend to be a virgin to make me feel better”.

“Excuse me?! I’m not pretending Calum!” your voice rising in both pitch and indingnance to match his own.

“But you’ve had boyfriends so….”

“And you’ve had girlfriends you dick and yet here we are with both of our cherries still delightfully intact!”

“I’m sorry Y/N”, Calum says after he recovers from being shut down so swiftly, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s fine”, you brush him off once your short fuse had fizzled out, “it’s not your fault. Just hearing you freak out make me freak out too. I’m in the same boat you know. I’m going to college in a few months and what am I going to do when I’m faced with a real life penis? You know what I’m like when I get nervous Cal. It’ll be a trainwreck. Next thing you know I’ll be in a nursing home and I’ll still be fully hymenated.”

“Maybe we can help each other out then?”

“Help each other how Calum? We’ll be thousands of miles apart! It’s not like we can burst in and “sabotage” the moment for each other can we?!”

“That’s not what I mean Y/N. I mean we could help each other out now.”

“You don’t mean….”, you start, realisation dawning.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Think about it. We know each other inside out and we trust each other. I can’t think of a better person to lose it to other than my best friend.”

“You can’t?”

“Well, I can. But Katy Perry isn’t available tonight so you’re just going to have to do.”

“You’re such a shit Calum”.

“So is that a yes?”

Calum’s eyes were full of hope as he waited in silence for your consent to go any further. Your mind was working a mile a minute and a swell of nerves fluttered in your stomach as the full weight of what you were potentially agreeing to settled on you. Your palms became clammy as your heartbeat picked up. Would this ruin your friendship? Would it make things awkward between you two? What if you had all the sex appeal of a dead fish and the whole thing was absolutely terrible from start to finish? Had you shaved your legs this morning?

“Y/N”, Calum interrupts your thoughts as if he could hear them as clearly as you could, “stop overthinking this. If you don’t want to do it, we don’t have to but if you’re worried about it making things weird between us or it being terrible you have my word that we’re in this together.”

“Lock the door”, you breathe, some of your nerves now giving way to the tiniest sliver of excitement.

Kicking off your shoes you watch from the bed as Calum twists the key in the door and then turns to rummage in the neatly packed suitcase.

“What are you doing Calum?” you chastise him. Even though you were minutes away from having sex with your best friend you were slightly annoyed that your good work had been wrecked. Curse your inner neat freak. She never rested.

“Relax. I’ll tidy it later. I was just looking for these”, Calum grins across at you, “we’re going to need them”.

You can feel a heat rush to your cheeks as you catch sight of the box of condoms he was holding aloof.

“Shit’s about to get real”.

Calum’s signature chuckle fills the room as he laughs at you.

“Have you ever considered writing poetry Y/N? You really have a way with words.”

You’re witty retort was lost to the sound of Yellowcard pouring from Calum’s speakers. Did he really expect things to get so loud that he needed something to drown you out?

“Should we start then?”

“And you say I’m the poet”, you snigger as the bed sinks beside you. Calum’s face is inches from your own and his brown eyes are focused entirely on your lips. Needless to say you’re sniggering didn’t last for long. A rush of air leaves your lungs as Calum’s pink tongue darts out from between his lips to moisten them. Subconsciously, you find yourself mirroring his actions. You weren’t aware of how close the both of you had become until you felt his soft lips on yours for the first time. The fire that lit in your stomach at his touch takes you by surprise. Your lips continue to move with Calum’s as he pushes you onto your back gently. For a time you enjoy the simple feeling of his lips on yours, that is until you feel a hand creeping up under your shirt.

Your mouth pulls away from his in shock at the alien feeling.

“Sorry”, Calum rushes to apologise, “are we going too fast? Do you want to stop?”

“No. No. Keep going. I’m sorry, I’m just a bit jumpy that’s all.”

“I’m nervous too you know”, Calum reassures you, hooking a finger under your chin so he can look you in the eye, “if you want me to stop just say the word”.

Determined to show him that you really did want to do this you will your shaking hands to lift his worn out NASA t-shirt from his broad shoulders. Your breath catches in your throat as you drink in the sight of his muscles rippling under his tanned skin as he holds himself above you.

“It’s rude to stare Y/N”, Calum goads you with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Careful now Calum or I’ll make sure you don’t get anything to stare at”.


A grin tugs at the corner of your mouth as you slowly pop open the buttons on your shirt. Reaching around, you unclasp your bra and allow it to drop off the side of the bed. Calum’s eyes are instantly glued to your chest and you have to practically manhandle him to get his lips back onto yours. As you kiss, Calum’s hands ghost lower only coming to a halt at the cool metal of the button on your jeans. This time you manage to keep yourself in check as his hands travel the parts of your body previously untouched by another person. Your breathing quickens as the rough denim is pushed down your legs, taking your underwear with it.

“Jesus you’re fucking gorgeous Y/N”.

Goosebumps erupt across your exposed skin at his lust-deepened voice which travels directly to the throbbing heat between your legs. Unable to control your basic instincts you squeeze your thighs together in a fervent attempt to ease the tension that’s been building steadily since Calum’s hands have been on you. You can tell Calum’s noticed your “predicament” by the way he sucks his bottom lip into his mouth.

“Do something”, you tell him, hoping against hope that you don’t sound overly desperate. He’d never let you live it down if you did.

“I don’t know what to do”.

Calum has pushed himself backwards so that he’s sitting between your calves. His jeans are still on but you can clearly make out the outline of his hard on through the dark material.

“Touch me”, you pant and before you know what you’re saying your legs have spread ever-so-slightly to give him his first glimpse of your dampened pussy.

Calum’s pupils immediately blow at the sight of you and he can’t help himself as he moves marginally closer to you.  His trembling hands are resting on your knees and you are desperate for them to move closer to where you need them most. Taking one of his hands in your much smaller one, you guide it slowly down your thigh and bring it to a halt at your slit.

“Are you sure?” Calum asks you once he manages to tear his eyes away from your pink flesh long enough to look you in the eye.

“Please Calum”.

It’s all the encouragement he needs.

His fingers trace the length of your lips before parting them and allowing one long digit to push into you. A soft moan passes your lips at the intrusion causing Calum to stall.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No. It feels good. Keep going. Please”.

Nodding, Calum focuses his attention back to the task at hand.

“You’re so wet Y/N”.

“Fuck Calum”, you whine, bucking your hips desperate for more of the pleasure he was giving you, “give me another finger”.

Eager to please Calum allows another finger to join the first.

“Am I doing this right?”

“You’re doing great”, you tell him through laboured breaths, “just curl them….Fuck! Yeah, now you’ve got it.”

A cocky smile light up Calum’s face as he watches you writhe underneath his touch. You could tell he was getting off seeing you like this. Normally you’d want to wipe the smug look right off his face but the pace and accuracy of his fingers inside you wouldn’t allow it.

“Touch my clit Calum”, you groan, eager to be driven over the edge by someone else’s fingers for once.

“Your what?”

“My clit Cal. It’s here”. Your fingers guide his to the aching bundle of nerves that was so fraught for attention.

“What do I do?”

“Rub it”.

“Rub it?”

“Yes Calum, rub it”, your hand is on his again out of sheer frustration, moving his fingers with your own, “just like this”.

“Okay I’ve got it”.

And he had. Before you knew it your legs were shaking and his name was falling from your lips much louder than it would have had you had full control of yourself. You’re eyes are scrunched shut and your walls have clenched around his fingers, determined to keep them in place until every last drop of ecstasy had been squeezed from them.

“Holy shit”, you hear Calum mutter from his spot on the bed. Opening your eyes slowly you begin to apologise for getting so carried away but Calum is quick to pacify you.  

“Are you kidding? Don’t say sorry. That was the single hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Thanks”, you reply awkwardly, suddenly only too aware of your vulnerability. You were completely naked and still somewhat caught in the aftermath of an orgasm so you were only too keen to shift some of his attention away from you.

“Should I…”, you ask unable to finish your sentence. You were trying to ask if now would be a good time to give him a blowjob, but all you were able to do was gesture weakly towards his groin.

Luckily for you Calum didn’t take too long to catch on.

“Should you what? Oh! No!”


“Yes! No! I’m sorry. No.”

Your eyebrows furrow as Calum’s face flushes violently. Was he having second thoughts? Did he want to stop?

“I…it’s…its fine”, you stammer, making a grab for his comforter to try and cover yourself up, “we can stop if you want.”

“No Y/N wait”, Calum exclaims, grabbing your wrists to still you, “I don’t want to stop. I just…I don’t want you to suck me off. Well, no, I do. I really really do. But I won’t last. I’m too….worked up.”

“Oh. Okay. Well…uhm…well we can just do it then.”


God this was awkward.

You can tell Calum is just as anxious as you by the way he swallows the lump in his throat. His hands don’t seem to want to cooperate with him which of course makes the task of removing his already too-tight jeans even more challenging than usual. Neither of you speak a word as he reaches over to the nightstand and grabs the condom he’d left there earlier. Your mouth hangs open and your eyes all but fall out of your head as he removes his boxers and rolls the condom onto his not unimpressive length. A flutter of panic rises within you when you realise that his thickness was somehow supposed to fit inside you.

“It’s not too late to back out”, Calum tell you once he notices you staring.

“Well it would be a shame to waste that perfectly good condom wouldn’t it?”


“Just go slow yeah?”

A hush falls over the room again as Calum pumps himself a few times before lining himself up with your entrance. Taking one of your hands in his, he pushes into you as slowly and as gently as he can. You hiss as you feel him inch into you, his girth stretching you to your limits.

Calum notices the look of discomfort on your face and immediately freezes in place.

“Shit. Fuck Y/N. I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? I tried to go slow…”

“I’m fine Calum”, you reassure him, bringing you hand to his cheek, “I just need a second.”

“Just tell me when”.

Calum dips his face to yours and places a tender kiss on your lips. You allow yourself to be consumed by the kiss as you wait for the stinging between your thighs to subside. Once it does you give Calum the nod to continue. Slowly, he starts to roll his hips against yours. His thrusts are leisurely and deep at first but it doesn’t take long for them to quicken and become more erratic. Your name, mixed with some of the filthiest language you’ve ever heard falls from his parted lips directly into your ear. His head is buried in the dip between your neck and shoulder allowing you to feel his fitful breath on your damp skin.

“Y/N”, Calum grunts against your neck, “I’m really fucking close. Are you close?”

You weren’t. But you knew he couldn’t hold back for much longer.

“Cum for me Calum. It’s okay. You can cum”.

“Oh shit Y/N. I can’t wait. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck”.

Calum’s hips come to an abrupt halt as he releases into the condom in a hoarse moan. He continues to chant your name softly as his breathing returns to normal. His lips steal one more kiss before he rolls off you to discard of the used condom. Turning onto your side you watch as he walks back to the bed doing little to hide his beaming face.

“I take it you enjoyed that then?” you laugh at him.

“You didn’t though did you?” he asks, his smile faltering as he flops down beside you again, too exhausted to worry about being any way graceful.

“What makes you say that?”

“You didn’t cum…”

“That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it Cal. And besides, it was my first time. I didn’t expect to. Honestly, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“And what kind of best friend would I be if I left you unsatisfied? Give me 5 minutes to regain some strength and then I’ll make sure you cum again.”

“Pinky promise?”

“ Pinky promise.”

Trypophobia is really interesting as a phenomenon because it is so widespread, easily the second most common phobia despite not ACTUALLY being a phobia (but it’s a very real reaction). There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding as to what it entails so I’m going to Science it a little for you without people having to google for articles and risk seeing associated images (there are many).

A trypophobic reaction occurs almost exclusively with organic matter containing small clusters of holes–lotus seed pods, honeycombs, etc. Very rarely does that extend to things like metal grating and metal structures. I’m going to explain how this works and why the Google image search is so full of body horror.

Your brain experiences discomfort when presented with something that could potentially make the fight-or-flight reflex necessary. Your brain also has an automatic sympathetic reaction to seeing natural textures. For example, you can look at a picture of normal hand comfortably–while looking at a picture of a shiny hand you can imagine the sheen of oil on your skin. While looking at a picture of an injured or burned hand, you can’t always immediately relate to the sensation if you’ve never had it happen to you and that prevents the nervous sensory reaction someone who may have experienced this would feel. This same concept applies to looking at natural textures and relating sympathetically to them. Whereas normally people can dissociate from an imperfect texture, people with trypophobia are sympathetic to it. Looking at the imperfect clustered texture and getting uncomfortable means your brain is trying to map and relate to the texture in order to understand it–which is does by trying to mirror the sensation tactility so you can feel uncomfortable about your own skin. Since it doesn’t have real guidelines for what this feels like, it overloads your somatosensory cortex by trying to replicate it and produces the nervous fight-or-flight anxiety reaction. (Some of the reasons being that imperfect textures like this suggest decay, parasitism, illness and other natural anxiety reactions)

Here’s a tip for people who experience this!
If your trypophobia gets triggered by looking at something, aside from just looking away and trying to clear your thoughts: rub your skin! The eerie sensation is easily replaced by the satisfying comfort of smooth skin. You’ll be overriding the texture sensation your brain was trying to process beforehand.

helene-of-flowers replied to your post “my women in literature class is reading Little Women and somehow none…”

Did you know Kathryn Newton is playing Amy in the new BBC adaptation of Little Women?

Yes! I’m definitely going to watch it!

Boyfriend jokingly proposed a crackshippy couple cosplay…and then we slowly realized it kinda worked?

Star Butterfly (Star vs the Forces of Evil)/God of Hyperdeath Asriel (Undertale)

Let me explain

  • Rainbows
  • Magic
  • Explosions
  • Stabbies
  • Both royalty (political alliance)
  • Both have powered-up ultimate forms with wings and glowiness
  • Both have…complicated parental relationships
  • Both are extra af about their spellcasting, attack names, and #aesthetic magic
  • Did I mention rainbows
  • She’d be into him because of the edginess factor (remember she immediately started crushing on Oskar after hearing he had “a record”)
  • He’d be into her because he is a sad broken goat who needs a bit of sunshine in his life
  • He’s a monster, she’s becoming more monster-sympathetic
  • Imagine her parents’ reaction tho
Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 46: Only Winning

Spoilers ahead!

In the end, Seidou lost to Ichidai by 5-3.

Admittedly, it is not much of a surprise. Against the likes of Amahisa, I didn’t expect a turnaround in the last inning, as hopeful as I was. From the brief flashback of the top of the ninth, it looks like both Haruichi and Miyuki got a hit off Amahisa (most likely doubles) with Shirasu managing to bring Haruichi home with a grounder, getting a run back (and second out) for Seidou. 

However, as it is later pointed out, Amahisa has been pitching full game without substitution, 142 pitches in total. He is most likely tired and not pitching his best in the last inning, so it is not necessarily a testament to their skill that the cleanups manage to hit Amahisa’s pitches. Maezono didn’t even get on base, which is worrisome for the former fifth batter.

The spectators’ comment is right on point. If the batting lineup already have difficulty with Amahisa, imagine how much more difficult it would be against Narumiya?

I am proud of Furuya here. He has become such a mature and responsible ace, if not a bit too responsible ^^; That feeling (and burden) of responsibility is most likely the cause for his inability to perform his best. I am also glad that he looks fine (not depressed, etc.), so hopefully he can get to the root of his problem and deal with it.

When I read the above panel, I was like huh? That sounds familiar…. But it does confirm that Coach Kataoka still places importance on the ace position and on the person holding the position. I wonder how it will affect the pitcher relay strategy, which has been effective so far. Kawakami already has so little screen-time, I feel like he’ll get less… 

So many things for Seidou to work on, it’ll be interesting how the match’s review will go. I’d say the loss is more of a blessing than a curse, giving more time for the team to evaluate and improve. Though… by being in third/fourth place, is Seidou still legible for Kantou tournament?

Amahisa is rather adorable here. His enthusiasm rather reminds me of Eijun when he wants to learn something new. Honestly, if it’s in another time, I think they’ll get along and exchange tips about pitching. I am also impressed that Eijun remains polite, although he loses his cool in the end, against Amahisa’s persistence lol, that’s quite a role reversal. Did they eventually exchange LINE? That’s the million yen question, isn’t it?

Urgh, I can’t deal with Eijun’s serious face. Let me have my fangirl moment. On a lighter note, I think I can understand why the fandom considers Seto as Eijun’s #1 fanboy, he is so ready to help his senpai lol. At the same time, Okumura’s expression is interesting. It’s almost… sympathetic?

Based on their reactions towards Amahisa, I feel like that these two are more alike than they realize. Different wording, but essentially the same. It makes me think that Okumura understands Eijun more than he appears to be. I am looking forward to more of these two to interact more.

This page speaks so much in so little. Remember in early chapters (in the beginning of the Spring tournament) how Eijun and Furuya both sat close to Miyuki as he helpfully explained of the ongoing match?

Now, Eijun deliberately sits far away from the team, but most likely far from Miyuki. Looking back, Eijun’s frustrated thoughts (’what are you doing?’) could also be applied to Miyuki, because Miyuki made the same mistakes that he pointed out in the chapter where the panel is from. He made it possible for the batters to read the pitches thrown their way because he (along with Kataoka) insisted on keeping Furuya on the mound. They had good intentions, and their attempt might have worked to revive Furuya; but they misjudged how far they could go before sacrificing their chances for victory.

I kinda like that Eijun’s expressing his feelings, rather subtly too. It’s very natural and human reaction for someone in his position. He has come leaps and bounds in his pitching and yet he is still trusted not as much. How could he prove his trustworthiness if he’s not given a chance, if the ace is given more chance than him? It won’t matter how good he is if he cannot show off. I imagine it’s frustrating for him as the ace position seems further and further from reach. Even our sunshine boy has his limits. (And poor Kawakami is just resigned to it, far too used to at being overshadowed by his kouhais, I hope not though T_T)

I feel like that Eijun’s losing his trust and respect to Miyuki and Kataoka. Oh, he still trusts and respects them both, but he no longer give his trust and respect completely. It’s like a child realizing his parent is not infallible, which is part of growing up. Thus, it is not necessarily a bad thing, it might actually be a good thing. 

Eijun might have unconsciously put Miyuki on a pedestal, while it’s the other way around with Miyuki who unconsciously has lowered his expectation of Eijun, but with this they can realize their previous perception are wrong and start meeting each other on equal grounds.

Or… Eijun might start looking somewhere else, or someone else, to build an equal partnership/battery with.

Or… I might be projecting ;p

And hey, my January-born boys (Tadano and Narumiya) are next! I wonder whether we’ll be seeing more of those funny exchanges on the mound between them. 

Let’s get rid of the term ‘borderline personality disorder’

The psychological diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (or BDP) continues to be one of the more heavily debated of the psychological disorders.  The straight-up truth, however, is that it’s a full on pejorative label with stigma that all too often causes clinicians to view borderline clients in a negative and resentful fashion.  The significant majority of people identified as borderline are women and the diagnostic criteria reflects a largely male-oriented ideas of healthy psychological functioning.

It can be true that psychotherapy with borderline clients can often be extremely difficult and arduous and it is not uncommon for therapists to feel exhausted and manipulated by their borderline clients.  Although I feel that the specific ways in which BPD is conceptualized and understood often contributes to this negative outlook.

Psychological theorists, such as Judith Herman, Basil Van der Kolk  and many others, argue that BDP is often better understood as a ‘complex’ form of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Complex PTSD is a more pervasive and ingrained form of chronic difficulties with stress and anxiety that stem from significant experiences of trauma.  Many of the symptoms entailed in complex PTSD can look very similar to the clinical presentation of BDP.

The idea of seeing BPD as a complex form of PTSD is supported by multiple research findings that have found that a significantly high percentage of people diagnosed with BPD have histories of being victims of substantial traumas (Courtois, 2009; Van der Kolk et al., 2006; Driessen et al., 2000; Zanarini et al., 1997; Ogata et al., 1990).

A study reported by Zanarini et al. (1997), for example, looked a large sample of individuals diagnosed with BPD and found that a significant majority of these people had experiences with sexual abuse at some point during their childhoods. Based on these results, and the results of additional studies, Zanirini and her colleagues concluded that severe experiences of trauma appear to be a substantial etiological factor in most cases of BPD.

Judith Herman (1997) notes that identifying someone as being the victim of a trauma tends to elicit a more sympathetic reaction from psychotherapists and other mental healthcare providers. That is to say, a therapist who sees her client as having trauma-related difficulties is less likely to feel annoyed and resentful toward the client as opposed one who is identified as borderline. Complex PTSD is simply a more compassionate diagnosis… one that fosters a greater degree of understanding and empathy (factors that are often essential if a treatment is going to be effective).

Research reported by Courtois et al. (2009) and Van der Kolk et al. (2006) found that treatments that are based on a primary diagnosis of Complex PTSD are substantially more effective and successful compared to those based upon a primary diagnosis of BPD.  Considering that these two diagnostic labels essentially refer to the same condition, it would appear that the therapist’s perspective, compassion, and understanding concerning the root cause of psychological difficulties might often be a key factor in determining a treatment’s ability to succeed and bring about positive results.

Of course there are plenty of people in the professional community who argue against this whole idea, who reject the notion of re-conceptualizing BDP as a complex form of PTSD.  And many would site the neurological evidence gathered that suggests BPD is a largely organic condition caused by subtle neurological abnormalities that lead to greater sensitivity and vulnerability to negative affect.  This idea is largely supported by functional MRI scans that demonstrate significant alterations in the brain scans of subjects identified with BPD versus neurotypical controls.

These opponents argue that the high rates of histories of trauma among those identified with BPD is merely a co-morbid correlation.  Some have even gone so far as to suggest that the increased prevalence of histories of childhood sexual abuse in BPD may itself be a result of these neurological factors. The argument here is that the reduced abilities for impulse control and social inhibition acts as a factor that increase the likelihood that a specific child will be a victim of sexual abuse (Siever, 1997; Siever et al., 1998).  

Yes, you read that right…  These guys actually came up with a neurological version of blaming the victim.  It’s deplorable and the kind of arcane thinking that makes us headshrinkers look like assholes.   

What I feel these arguments fail to take into account, however, is the fact that the brain is a much more plastic and dynamic organ than many give it credit for.  Neurological structures are just as likely to be shaped and affected by our experiences as the other way around.  More current research has shown similar structural abnormalities among combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD.  This shows that traumatic experiences can impact on the functioning and even the structural anatomy of the brain. 

And the heightened sensitivity in limbic regions of those identified with PTSD are not all that different compared to similar findings among patients identified with BPD.

Now of course the real problem with re-conceptualizing BPD as complex PTSD is that there are many people diagnosed with BPD who do not have histories of significant abuse and trauma (Zlotnick et al., 2003). When considering this factor, however, it is important to keep in mind that what constitutes a psychological trauma can be an extremely relative and subjective matter.  Physical and sexual abuse is clearly traumatic and it can be easy to understand how such experiences might impact on psychological functioning. Other instances of trauma, however, can be much more subtle and covert, yet nonetheless be just as psychologically damaging.

In my own research (Goldblatt et al., 2003), my colleagues and I found that children who were neglected and who were separated from primary attachment figures were indistinguishable from children who had experienced severe physical and/or sexual abuse on a number of empirical rating scales. 

These results, coupled with the results of similar studies (Bradley, 2000; Salzman et al., 1997; Van der Kolk, 1994) indicate that neglect and attachment difficulties can be just as traumatic and psychologically damaging as childhood experiences of sexual and/or physical abuse.

What this indicates is that people diagnosed with BPD who do not have histories of severe childhood trauma may still be understood as possibly experiencing a complex form of PTSD.

With the publication of the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM-5), Complex PTSD has been recognized as an official diagnostic label.  Unfortunately, the research has found that the inclusion of this disorder has not correlated with a reduction of cases where patients are identified as BPD.  There are a number of factors that may be contributing to this finding… not the least of which being that, as a new diagnosis, clinicians might shy away from utilizing Complex PTDS for worries that insurance providers will reject reimbursement claims.  

Hopefully things will change soon and we will see less and less cases of BPD.  We’ll see…

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A thought: how different/better would Age of Extinction have been if Tessa were actually a young girl? Advantages: play down the creepy jailbait factor, delete a useless human character (instead of Shane appearing to save them at the start, it would actually be one of the bots like everyone in the audience thought=more screentime for bots), allow a girl to be brave in dangerous situations, more sympathetic and emotional audience reaction to her relationship with Dad. Extra sweet for her still taking care of him: bringing him a peanut butter sandwich in his workshop and lecturing him about eating right, funnier coming from a kid. Allow the bots to be tender with her. There’s very little that Tessa does in the movie that can’t be accomplished by a determined kid. (Probably the major downside to this is that it would be scarier for the parents in the audience and maybe a few of the kids, but Prime put the kids in some hairy situations too.)



Requested by anonymous

Tony had sat himself down on the floor, pressing his back against the sofa whilst pressing his left had over his heart. His eyes were open wide and his breaths were coming out too quickly.

You knelt down beside him and called out his name repeatedly but he just wouldn’t pay attention to you. This was the first time he’d had an anxiety attack with you around, but it wasn’t the first time he’d had an anxiety attack; and so you were prepared for this.

Thinking fast on your feet you grabbed his head with both hands and made him look at you. “It’s okay honey, it’s okay.” You soothed, “just follow my breathing pattern.”

You couldn’t tell if he had nodded his head or if he was just shaking. Then you breathed in for 4 seconds, held it for 7 seconds and exhaled it for 8. You repeated this over and over again, Tony soon began to copy your actions.

You did a lot of research after finding out that Tony had anxiety, and apparently this breathing pattern caused an autonomic nervous system shift from sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic state.

Tony had visibly begun to calm down and he pulled you closer to him, putting his head in the crook of your neck, not allowing you to see any of his tears. “Thank you,” he muttered, the strain in his voice breaking your heart.

Another one of those cheesy one-shots thingies, the first one being Cleaved.

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The Date

That was an usual sight for princess Star: Marco, her human best friend, ditched his usual red hoodie for a grey, formal-ish shirt.
And for good reason.

“So… how dow I look?”

The boy asked to his magical friend, standing in the middle of his room, Star sitting on his bed, scrutinizing him from head to toe, acting as his personal fashion-advisor for the big night. The princess narrowed her eyes, making Marco painfully wait for a response on purpose, enjoying his dorky nervousness; she giggled a bit and finally nodded in approval.

“Relax, Marco. You’re fine!” she commented, but the boy wasn’t happy with the verdict.

“Fine? Just fine? It’s Jackie we’re talking about!” he spluttered, rushing towards his wardrobe. “Everything must be perfect!”

Star let Marco cool down for a moment as he rummaged through his hoodie-filled closet. She knew how much he waited for this night, his first official date with Jackie, the girl he was crushing on since forever. The fact that Marco finally found the guts to ask her out was already impressive enough: she was honestly proud of him.

“You got this, Marco! Don’t worry! You got everything planned. Just talk to her, be yourself and… no.” her smile turned into a disgusted smirk.

“The tie’s too much, right?” Marco asked, quite rhetorically, as the princess zapped the horrible tie out of this world with a quick spell from her wand.

The boy, by far used to his friend’s magic, simply started rolling his sleeves up, far from calming down though. “It’s not like Jackie cares about how I dress, right?”

“Nah, she’s not that kind of girl, she’s fine… just like you!” Star insisted. “Just take her to that dumb kissy movie and… well… as I said, be yourself!”

“It’s not dumb.” Marco took that almost as an insult: no one should call into question his planning abilities. “It’s the best romantic comedy of the year. Certified ‘fresh’ on all the websites that matter!”

“How cute. You could seduce her with a live review of the movie.” she joked and then threw a pillow to him, which he mindlessly dodged.

Marco nervously finished rolling up his sleeves while staring at his doppelgänger in the mirror. “Very funny, Miss ‘take Jackie to the Flesh-Eating Dimension where you can let her punch a real zombie demon’. Good thing I’m not dating you…”

“Mock me if you want, but I’m an expert in matchmaking and dating advices.” she claimed, rather proudly.

“Yeah… no offense, Star, but you’re not like other girls.” he replied, spraying some nostril-killing fragrance on his wrists.

The boy checked his phone, noticing how late he was and panicked one more time for a moment. He and Star immediately rushed downstairs; he took one last deep breath, finally ready to dive into the unknown. “Wish me luck!”

Star closed her eyes, her hands joined, looking more like a female, colorful guru. “May this experience open your eyes.” she spoke in a soft tone, the sentence sounding more like a dark omen though.

“Wait. What was that about?” he asked, somewhat worried.  

The princess chuckled in response. “It’s just a cheesy thing we say on Mewni. You think too much, Marco.” she said, pushing him out of the door. “You go have fun now! The sooner you leave, the sooner I can help your dad make his delicious nachos.”

“You know I’m the one who can make super-awesome nachos, right?” he asked, amused.

“Just focus on your date, Diaz!” she yelled and closed the door, leaving him outside of the house.

Marco chuckled a bit, finding the princess’ naive personality somehow charming.

He checked the time again and headed to the Echo Creek Park, the place where Jackie was waiting for him.

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The conversation came up. And so, unasked for and unwanted, here are…Red Flags in Role Playing Profiles: For Horde ,WoW. Keep in mind these are -red flags-, not automatically bad characters. just, much more likely to -be- baddies.

- Size/Weight/Age/CupSizes which show a remarkable lack of understanding of any of these things ,in regard to the World of Warcraft .Stressing them in a profile in general tends to be worrisome. 

( Examples:  a 6 foot tall troll, standing height, or a 7 foot tall blood elf, or a 160 lb, 7′9 she troll with 36DD breasts.)

- A Laughing Skull Orc : these guys have become something of a joke. A bad joke. A “oh, lets see, I want to rp someone brutally annoying and as violent as I like without expecting the full consequences of my actions”.

(Examples: BoneRutterGiggleTits, the so-cool badass snickering serial killer of the Horde! Going to gut Horde allies in the capital city, is impervious to pain,and loves to talk about eating people alive! what a riot!)

- DK Belfs. Ok,this is a -red flag- only because of the sad percentage of B-DKs that have been made so very,very,very poorly. I imagine everyone knows at least -one- good DK rper…but more often than not,its a warning if someone picks the “pretty peoples” to rp their grim ghost undead would be badass.

(Examples: BlackCrowe SkullRaven, formerly SunShine LongWalk, the gloomy , miserable DK who learned to love after amazing sex (thanks, WAWallofShame for that ..))

- Trolls with the word “jin” in their name. “Jin” -means- something, Lore wise. It’s akin to an actual rank, or title of extreme importance. This also goes for other Troll names, such as Rohk, but “jin” is the most commonly abused. Sort of like how alot of rappers sterotypically have “doctor” in their name,without actually having a degree. I think Dr Dre actually managed an honorary one,at some point…originally I think “Dr” was a funny title, (Why they call you Doctor? Cause I Operate.Snap!) but got old and overused and beat to death,fast. Like “Jin”

(Examples: Kaze’Jin, whose name translates to “Wind Leader”, because mixing Japanese words and Lore words. Which leads to the next entry….)

- Japanese words as names. Iie, dame da yo ! No matter how much of an anime fan you might be, or if you think Japan is Superior, its not a good idea to give a Warcraft character a japanese name. Pandaren,maybe, because they allready have a Pan-Asian feel to them,but Trolls, Elves,Orcs,etc, NO. Stoppit. It’s cute that you think it’s clever, naming your shaman who likes lighting Raiden, but it comes off as gimmicky and a little Otaku. Red Flag.

(Examples: Subarashii, the surprisingly Germanic but Anime-esqe Belf Warrior of Magical Girl quality. Honto neyo!))

- Half-Breeds. Always a flag. Some people can pull this off, but far more -think- they have a GREAT character idea that falls flat on it’s face. It’s like the idea that two great things combine become more awesome (Peanutbutter and Chocolate), forgetting that two great things can be combined to be pretty stupid (Vampire Dragons) or pitiful (Sonic and Pikachu)

(Examples: Gloria TrollTits, the Elf Troll woman who is seven feet tall, weighs 100 pounds, has tusks and cute toes,and is accepted somehow by the culture the player likes and shunned by the other, so they can be tragically interesting!)

- Missing limbs . This has become pretty common,and by itself isn’t a red flag. Lets call it a small red banner, since often a deformity/loss of limb is a sympathy grab or an attempt to make a character badass, by “look at this, i may have lost a hand,but i got an amazingly SUPER STRONG steampunk one instead!”

(Examples- Giggity GiggitGear, the goblin with robotic arms,legs,ass,and face, which make him steam powered strong!)

- Tragic pasts. To be fair, this is also generally not as much a red flag. After all,the whole world is at war.Craft. Families get torn apart. People suffer. But some profiles seem to harp,and harp,and harp on some tragedy to the point it comes off as it is; badly written melodrama. 

(Examples: Lloriaia SunStreaker, whose husband was eaten by gnolls before her eyes. Will she ever find love again? Also, her parents died when Deathwing pissed on the,personally.)

- Growth /Shrink Potions use as daily character requirements- Alot of these red flags suggest one of two major sings: Trying to force sympathetic reactions, or trying to force intimidation . Growth Potions and Shrink Potions are classic examples of this,letting the MRP/TRP/DVD rper be abnormal in a way that suits their ego,rather than works an interesting character. 

(Examples: Ghoonah’jin the 10′10 troll, who’s bigger than even a HUGE troll,because reasons,and is a badass warrior, and Slexia Silvertongue, the petite she elf with a tiny figure you’d still hit, at 4′9)

- SPECIAL POWERS- Similar to Growth potions, this little aspect tends to try to elevate a character to win by default status. The reason this is a red flag is simple: most of the time, if someone has some sort of secret,amazing ,uncommon power, it’s so they can wreck ass with it. 

(examples: Grendle GrimGrin, Forsaken warlock, whose body is infused with fel crystals so potent he can cause corruption like radiation sickness when angered)

- Openly Hostile to the Horde while living in Horde Capitals,etc. Look, you’re not fooling anyone, Amani and Grimtotem openly musing on how much fun it would be to kill someone (generally elves. People seem to hate those guys). Why would you want to Rp a race/people/etc openly against the main group you are,by default, a part of? probably because the idea is to force conflict, but it comes off more often than not as just being a contrary prick.

(Examples: Ju’Jin’Jin’Do’Jin, the Zandalari Dinomancer who signed up for the Horde after the latest Zandalari debacle, sneering at Horde citizens and openly plotting revenge and death for all the passerbies in the capital city of the force that crushed him in the first place. Garrosh loyalists were VERY guilty of this, but seemed to have petered out after G got Thrall’d. ))

- Interestings Romance. Harem? Polyamorous? Into BDSM? Cool,cool…but,you might want to consider not stressing that in the Profile. It tends to make you look almost desperate to underline these things as the most interesting aspects of your character,which means your character comes off as only the sum of that kink/lifestyle/whatever. This also applies to gay/transgendered/straight profiles that stress this aspect of their character .

(Examples: Ghoon’jin again, talking about his Mates and going on into detail about how he keeps them ,in the profile. you know, just in case you want to join up. Also, he’s …wait for it….next Red flag, is…)

-Profiles that tell you how your character reacts. Generally either you’re drawn and aroused by this character or intimidated and in awe of them, because the player took the time to write that you would be. Lame.

(Examples: there’s something about Lady Cleaveage that draws the viewer into the deep recesses of her glorious eyes…))

A Response To Shane’s Letter, and more specifically all others who read it.

Summary: I don’t know how much I believe/what I believe after reading Shane’s letter. I think there are inconsistencies and we need to hear from more people. I think RT is doing there best to stay true but it’s not black and white and we need to give other people a chance to give their sides of the story. Don’t freak out on RT when we’ve only heard one side of this.

*If anyone wants to respond to what I say, read the rest of this, my summary doesn’t give justice to my overall thoughts. If you read the entirety of this feel free to respond to this post directly or message me about it anon or not.

I just finished reading the entirety of Shane’s letter twice. I don’t know how to feel about this.

Maybe I’m overprotective, maybe I’m ridiculous.

But I want to hear from the specific people he mentioned. Sheena, JJ, Kara, etc. I want to hear the side of people who do not have full fledged ties to RT currently (besides Kara’s voice acting). I want to hear another side of the story.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but feel like there was something off about the entire letter. And I’ll say it again, I read it twice, outloud to myself. I’ve been sitting for almost three hours to do this because as a writer, a fan, and a person who looked up to Monty and still cries over him, I knew I needed to really think about this and not jump to conclusions at any point.

I give a shit about RWBY, because it’s one of my biggest inspirations, because it’s gotten my through a lot over the past years. Waiting for each new trailer and episode and preview has given me something to want to stay alive for. 

I care so much it hurts. 

It’s hard for me to have read that, to read a man’s words and thoughts and beliefs and feeling put out there for everyone to see, and for me not to immediately believe it entirely. 

I’m a very empathetic and sympathetic person, my initial reaction to anything with a lot of emotional backing is to full out believe and support it. 

There’s no way for me to accurately explain how much I hate myself for not being able to believe it all. 

I’m not saying Shane made it all up, that none of it happened, that everything he said was fake or exaggerated. I’m saying that something isn’t sitting right with me after reading that. 

This company, these people, they loved Monty, valued him. I don’t think they would ever want to do anything but fulfill what Monty’s dream was. If there’s anything that I don’t feel like I can believe, it’s when Shane seems to imply that Monty was not well-liked, that people thought his processes were ridiculous. That they would ignore what Monty wanted. 

At the RWBY panel for RTX 2015, they did a moment of silence, those tears shed by Miles, Kerry, and Gray were real and obvious. They loved Monty. 

There’s a lot of things that make me feel uncomfortable and unsure. One of which was how Shane seemed to imply that he was Monty’s only confidant in RWBY production besides Sheena. When the Red trailer came out, and Miles and Kerry were announced as writers they explained that Monty had given them “homework” when he approached them about working on the show, to watch anime. Throughout the years they’ve described days and nights and weeks of staying up writing the series with Monty, who was of course at the head of everything. Monty had never once said that these claims of working closely together were false, and if anything he confirmed them. Shane simply cannot be the only person who knew any of what Monty really wanted, I can’t believe that. 

Also, many of the RT staff (Michael, Burnie, Gus, Miles, Gray, just to name a few) over the years have mentioned Monty’s work process, have commended it, have said that he works best in his environment. They’ve never once expressed distaste over how he works. There seems to be another inconsistency there. 

It pains me to say that I don’t know how much I believe Shane. I think he’s possibly exaggerating things, or has a different view. Delusional isn’t the word I’m looking for, please don’t get me wrong because from what I read I do believe that he was close to Monty, that maybe because of Monty being gone the people in charge of story and RWBY in general have a different opinion and general way of doing things that every single idea that Monty had unfortunately hasn’t made it’s way into the show.  

He admitted that the different plot points in Volume 3 (Yang v Mercury, Pyrrha’s death, Adam and Blake and Yang, etc) that they were all in the show obviously, but maybe they weren’t exactly what Monty had originally conceptualized. I think that Shane may be dealing with a lot and expects that somehow the show would look and be what Monty wanted it to be. 

But it will never be that way, because the only way for that to happen would be if Monty’s hands were the ones doing it, and it kills me to say that it obviously can’t be that way. 

In the end, I want three things moving forward, other sides of the story, and I want everyone to take a step back. 

I’ve already seen a ton of “I don’t know what to believe anymore” and “Fuck RT and their business bullshit” and “M&K (Miles and Kerry) are ruining Monty’s vision” posts and the letter has been out for less than a day. We need to give this time. 

Miles and Kerry are only two people in the entirety of RT and though they are the writers they don’t make every decision about the story and don’t deserve to be told they’re ruining what they’re mentor and friend started. Stop blaming them and only them about anything having to do with RWBY

Don’t throw away your belief in RT yet, don’t give up on them. Give RT a chance, give the other people (Sheena especially) a chance to respond. 

Take a step back and wait until we have some more pieces of the story, I think that we owe it to everyone, and I mean everyone, involved to give them a chance. 

ADD ON (Sorry This Is So Long I Just Needed To Get This Off My Chest): So. I’m not adding on my thoughts about the letter, which have developed deeper but I’m not in the mood to talk about that.

What I want to add, is that in the hours since posting this. I’ve gotten multiple messages. Some have been very nice and I’ve had interesting discussions with people that give me hope that despite the fandom being a bit broken right now, that we can be put back together no matter what.

I’ve also received a few anonymous hate messages, telling me I’m wrong for what I think, personally attacking me and my beliefs. One message said that if I don’t believe Shane, that I should kill myself.

I’m disgusted, appalled, hurt, and frankly fed up with the way many so called fans are acting. I understand any and all feelings about the current Shane issue, but this has gone too far. Regardless of who is right, who is telling the truth, who needs to speak up, who needs to address the situation, Shane, Sheena, RT, all of this, does not call for or excuse the behavior of this community.

We’ve become divided over this, and the fact that it’s gotten to the point where we’re sending hate anon’s, really? I’ve been in the community for six years, and I’ve never witnessed something like this. I’ve only ever cried more over and RT issue when Monty passed away, but I’ve cried a lot today.

We have one side of the story, and no matter what this is a he said she said situation. Take a breath and think before you send people hate messages. Be open-minded, thoughtful, fair, and level-headed as the issue proceeds. If/When anyone follows up from RT, which maybe they will maybe they won’t maybe they don’t have a choice but to at this point, remember that we’re a community, and we’re supposed to stick together.

As I reference to one person, it’s like parents fighting and we’re the children. It’s not our fault that this is happening, but it’s not our job to fight about it or fix it. Let’s all take a step back. Calm down and jump off the bandwagon, for the sake of the community. It’s been less than a day and we’ve been broken apart like this. We can be put back together again, but everyone needs to remember what it really means to be a fan. Attacking people whether it’s myself or someone like me or Shane or Sheena or RT? Turning your back on the company without all the facts? Giving up on the community?

That’s not being a fan.

In the end, even if everything Shane said was one hundred percent accurate, unbiased, and RT confirmed it. Which let’s be real, it’s not unbiased or completely fair anyway, but,

Would Monty want this?

GoT Re-Watch: Fine-Toothed Comb Edition

Wow, we’re halfway through season two already. Time flies. We’re well and truly in the awkward part of the show to critique, where most of the dialogue’s solid-to-good and elevated by a bunch of good-to-excellent performances, but the problems in ignoring the plot are only visible with hindsight.

Episode 2.05 - The Ghost of Harrenhal

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He gets sick/hurt and the boys call you - Calum

A/N: Hey guys so this is the next one, this one was requested :) so thank you to the person who requested it. The next one will be Liam’s, also requested, so stay tuned.

Here are the ones I’ve already done!




You were traveling on tour with the your boyfriend Calum and the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer but given the few early wake up calls and the next one scheduled for the next morning, you had opted for staying in your own room, without Calum, to catch up on some much needed sleep. You crawled into bed early and quickly fell into a deep slumber only to be woken a few hours later by a banging  on your door. In a dazed state you got up and stumbled towards the door, to find a dishevelled Luke standing there. “Luke?” your raspy voice asked in confusion. “Sorry to wake you Y/N, but Cal’s sick” Luke told you quickly. “What, what’s wrong?” you asked, brows still knitted together in confusion. “I don’t know,” Luke replied, “he’s locked himself in the bathroom and won’t let me in.” You groaned, running a hand over your face in an attempt to clear your tired mind, “right ok, you stay here, just take my room for the night and I’ll go to Cal” you decided. Luke nodded and was quick to pass over his room key and you quickly rushed down the hall.

Reaching Luke and Calum’s room you were quick to unlock the door and find yourself in front of the locked bathroom door. You knocked lightly on the door and were immediately met with a groan from the other side, “go away Luke” came Calum’s strained reply. “Cal babe, it’s not Luke it’s me Y/N” you said softly, leaning against the door. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” Calum questioned. “Luke came and got me, hon can you let me in?” you requested hopefully. Another groan was heard from the other side before a small click sounded and when you tried the handle again, the door swung open. You stepped inside to find your shirtless and very sweaty boyfriend slumped to the ground near the toilet, his flushed cheek resting against the cool white tiles. You rushed forward to crouch by his side, hand reaching out to brush loose strands of hair from sticking to his forehead. “Oh Cal, what happened, you weren’t feeling sick earlier were you?” you asked, trying to remember any signs of Calum feeling ill, but couldn’t. “No,” he whimpered, “woke up a while ago and just started throwing up,” he just managed to get out, before he bolted upright, leaning over the toilet bowl again, his body convulsing while he gagged into the bowl. You rubbed at his back, trying to support him until he was finished before helping him to lower himself back to the ground. “Ok Cal,” you said, keeping your voice soothing, “I think you might have food poisoning, what did you have for dinner, was it different to the other boys?” “Mmm” Calum agreed with a nod, “sushi.” You nodded, “alright, I hate to tell you this, but I think the only option here is to wait until your body rejects all of the bad food” you told him sympathetically. Calum’s only reaction was to once again throw up the minimal contents left of his stomach before groaning as he collapsed back to the ground.

You spent the next few exhausting hours on the bathroom floor, next to Calum. There were a few times when you tried to move him back to the bedroom, but the slightest movement had him clutching at his stomach and cringing in pain. Instead you settled for supporting his tired body with your own and keeping a cool cloth to wipe down his fever heated skin, while he spent the time alternating between throwing up and groaning.

At about 3 am the next morning, both of your eyelids heavy with the need for sleep, Calum had finally stopped throwing up and the cramps in his stomach seemed to be easing, though he still maintained a raging fever. You kept up a steady hand, running along Calums back while he lay, curled on the ground his head resting on your lap. After quite  awhile of silence, your head rested against the bathroom wall you glanced back down to see that Calum’s eyelids had finally slipped closed and he seemed to be in a reasonably peaceful sleep. Gently you managed to shift his head and lift yourself from the ground. You walked out of the bathroom and retrieved a stack of pillows and some blankets before coming back to Calum. You settled back down on the ground, moving Calum so he was again resting on you. This time though, you lay on your own pillow and pulled the blankets around the both of you, settling in to spend the rest of the early morning hours, with Calum, on the bathroom floor.

You were woken not two hours later by the rest of the band, “Y/N, Calum” you heard them calling through the room. “We’re in the bathroom” you called softly back, trying not to wake Calum, though you could already see him starting to stir. “Oh hey Y/N” Mikey called, “Is Cal ready for the radio interview?” he asked just as he turned the corner. “I’ll take that as a no” he then concluded, as the three of them took in the image of you and Calum curled on the bathroom floor, Calum still looking pale and sweaty. “No” you agreed, “Calum definitely won’t be joining you today,” you struggled to pull yourself into a seated position. “But before you go, can you please help me get him into bed?” you asked. The three boys nodded and all moved forward, helping each other to lift Calum and then shuffle into the other room, to gently place him on the bed. “Just give me a minute, I’ll be ready” Calum’s raspy voice mumbled. “No way!” the four of you said almost in unison, “we’ll see you later mate, when you’re feeling better” the boys told Calum, leaving you with the boy who was still trying to insist he’d be fine. 

A/N: Hi lovelies, hope you like this one, please let me know if you did, I would love to hear your feedback. 

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@ladyincarnate said: I always got confused by what the difference is between ‘physical trauma shock’ and ‘psychological/fight or flight shock’ - could you possibly clarify the difference a little, please?

Fair warning, this is getting into medicine: I’m not an expert here, just someone with an unpleasant body of experience on the subject.

Clinical shock is when the body is responding to a massive amount of pain and, bloodloss, or (I think) lack of oxygen. This is literally the body shutting down in an attempt to survive. (I might be wrong about the pain part as well, it might be specifically blood loss only.)

You’re looking at physiological symptoms like hyperventilation, shivering, loss of fine motor control, tunnel vision, (from what I recall, loss of color perception), chills.

It’s a state where you are literally dying, and you’re body is trying to keep functioning as long as it can.

Psychological or emotional shock is sort of a misnomer. You can blame the English language, and it’s gleeful willingness to reuse words if you want. It’s an acute stress response. Almost by definition, it can’t be life threatening on it’s own, though it can lead to the person suffering it making choices that are immediately life threatening. This also isn’t technically the fight or flight response, itself. The term fits, but I’m being a little imprecise here. It can, under the right circumstances, trigger the fight or flight response.

There’s also the sympathetic nervous system, or the sympathetic response. This the part of your nervous system that’s hardwired to defend itself in a crisis. The actual fight or flight response itself. The simplest (and partially accurate way) to describe it is, part of your nervous system is specifically there to keep you alive, and dealing with an immediate threat. The sympathetic response will shut down unimportant systems, like digestion, temporarily, until you can escape to safety, and recover. This is where some of those “in fear for your life”, last ditch, surges come from.

Of course, this is medicine, so it can malfunction for some people, with disastrous results. If you want more information on these, you can dig up Wiki’s entries for Shock (circulatory), acute stress reaction, and sympathetic nervous system.


Things about 11x21 “All in the Family” #3

You know, this is played as funny in a way with God using Dean’s stuff. But really, it is anything but funny. In this episode so far we have had head on addressed what has been foreshadowed and alluded to with mirror characters throughout the season. That Dean’s mind controlled - or at the very least - if you want to word it a little more open, invaded mentally by Amara, which isn’t any better but horrifying the same way.

He is getting his strings pulled by Amara wanting him to help her and find God. Their bond has been framed as dangerous for Dean the whole season as it completely erases Dean’s agency and his bodily and mental autonomy.

And if that couldn’t possibly be horrible enough, now Dean is not only manipulated and has his privacy invaded by Amara, but also by God. God, who just prances around using Dean’s robe. God who just sits there using Dean’s computer. I’m sorry but God is portrayed no different than Amara here. It is played for laughs and to colour God sympathetic, but really Dean’s reactions here are actually what is important. And Dean is not happy about this. How could he? Who would be?

Sorry, but this is just really unsettling. Really, really unsettling how two deities use Dean and completely overstep any kind of boundaries and invade not only Dean’s personal space, but his mind too.

anonymous asked:

I keep trying to tell myself everything will be okay if I revise but I'm scared I won't and I keep procrastinating. I'm terrified I'm going to fail my exams and I can't stop thinking about it

Hey there!

Let’s do some deep breathing to help calm you down. One of my favorite deep breathing techniques is…

  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

When you’ve calmed down and practiced deep breathing, something that I would like to share with you is a couple links that I really think can help you…

Why Grades Don’t = Intelligence:

As someone who often struggles with testing, I’ve got some tips for you on how you can prepare for your exams and some tips on how to stop procrastinating and get things done!

Preparing for exams-

  • Review your syllabus- This helps you know and understand due dates and key study notes or even things that could be on the exam.
  • Pay attention in class- This is major. Often times when big tests or exams that are coming up your teacher will share things that could benefit you during the exam. Also its important to pay attention in class because if you’re not paying attention its a good way to fall behind and falling behind sucks!
  • Take good notes- Make sure you can read your handwriting. It helps me to write in pen and color code certain topics so help me highlight key points and ideas.
  • Make studying a daily thing for you- This helps train your brain. In easier terms having a set study time really helps because its creating a schedule for you to follow and hopefully learn from!
  • Create an exam template or format that you can study from. Pretty much just like a good notes page or even a practice exam. You might need to chat with your teacher about getting a template or a practice sheet. But I personally find it helpful to create your own “pre exam”
  • When studying for exams please do yourself the extra favor and leave your phone and other electronics away from you because having the phone is a major distraction for almost everyone!
  • Review passed assignments or worksheets that were handed back to you, chances are some of the material on those papers will be on the exam!
  • Ask for help when needed! Again, this is major. Asking for help doesn’t make you less smart in fact it shows that you’re wanting to learn something new and get places with your life.
  • Take breaks when needed. When I study I study for 30 minutes then take a 5 minute break and get some water or fresh air then return back to studying. Breaks are important because everyone needs to just sit back sometimes and think.

Helpful links-

Overcoming Procrastination

  1. Procrastinate. Yes, I know what I just said. PROCRASTINATE. This might seem crazy, but I find that if you allot yourself about 10 minutes of time to actually procrastinate, your body can get over that I-don’t-want-to-be-productive stage. I suggest “wasting” time by cleaning up your study area. It is a way of being productive while procrastinating studying or homework. So, clear off you desk, wipe it down, if you’re into disinfecting like I am, disinfect the area and breathe in that wonderful 99.9% germ-free scent. If you still have time left, go ahead and go through any social media that you are dying to check or that usually distracts you while you’re working. Now you have a clean space to work in (which I find helpful and motivating) and no social media buzz tempting your brain.
  2. Get rid of your phone. Phone, tablet, iPod, whatever electronic device that is not needed for your task you should “get rid of.” Mine is usually my phone. I usually silence it and turn it upside down so I can’t see the screen. Either that, or I will put it in another room. Out of sight, out of mind. This way you will not be tempted to go through social media or play games on your phone or other electronic device.
  3. Music. Put on your best studying/ motivational music. For me, its either classical pieces or film scores. Whatever music keeps you focused and gets you in the mood to study,listen to it. Chances are if you listen to the same genre whenever you are studying then upon your listening to this music your brain will recognize that it is time to get to work.
  4. Get your work in front of you. One of the best things I can do for myself when tempted to procrastinate is to just put the work on my desk in front of me. I hate staring at it. I hate it being there. I just want to get it out of the way so I won’t have to look at it anymore. Even though I will be mentally cursing the work in my head, I’m always relieved when I don’t have to look at it  or worry about it anymore.
  5. Adjust your planner. I get it. Sometimes you just have a bad day and looking at your planner and all of the things you have left to do just make it worse. I’ve been there. I think we all have. I suggest numbering off your tasks in order of importance. Accomplish the top 3 at the least. Sometimes a heavily loaded planner can make us feel overwhelmed and want to procrastinate all of the work ahead of us. Just start with the first 3. Maybe if you’re left feeling motivated enough, you can move on to task 4, then 5, and so on. If you finish the 3 and are just completely done and exhausted mentally (and perhaps physically), that’s okay. You did the tasks that held the most importance and that is an accomplishment! It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and take a break sometimes. You’re allowed.
  6. Just do it. Nike adds are right. Sometimes the best way to overcome procrastination is to just do your work. I know, I know, you’re tired of seeing this suggestion. I’ll be completely honest, I am too. Who ever just wants to do things? Ugh. However, as much as I hate to admit it, this is usually the best method to get things done. Take for example if you’re revising a paper. Start with fixing one point, then do one more. Eventually you’ll have your entire draft revised in no time. You have to force yourself into your motivation. Once you just do it, all of your work will get done before you know it!

Hope this helps! Keep me updated? x