Something I’ve found kind interesting is the general fandom opinion (as in, what’s the popular interpretation) regarding Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl. In general, folks like both of them but view them very differently. The average opinion toward Blue Pearl is sympathetic, people feel sorry for her, want to rescue her, view her as someone who desperately wants to get out of the situation she’s in. By contrast, the average opinion of Yellow Pearl is that she’s smug, superior, content and proud to be working for Yellow Diamond. There’s comparatively few people who feel Yellow Pearl needs to be rescued from the situation she’s in than those who feel Blue Pearl needs(or needed) to be rescued.

But, objectively speaking, we have more evidence that Yellow Pearl is in an abusive situation than Blue Pearl. We’ve only seen a little of both of them, but with Yellow Pearl we have several instances of flinching and cowering, something we don’t get with Blue Pearl. Mind you, they’re both in abusive situations and I’m in no way suggesting that one ‘has it better’ or worse than the other. I just find it interesting that despite Yellow Pearl displaying some of the more classic signs of abuse, most people more readily read Blue Pearl as an abuse victim than Yellow Pearl, due to the perceived personalities of the two characters

I think certain types of behaviors reduce our inclination to be compassionate towards a person. We have a model of what a sympathetic person is in our heads, its generally someone quiet, meek, sad, subdued. We have an expectation for what a person who has had a trauma, has been abused, is like. When people deviate from that, our ability to sympathize with them reduces. More than anything, people cannot stand aloofness or an air of superiority or smugness. We feel compelled to want people who exhibit these traits to ‘be taken down a peg’, because we hate the idea they think they’re better than us (a really disturbing amount of kids movies support this, I mean how many school-centered stories have a popular kid who eventually gets dragged through the mud by the end?). We tend to not view people like that as people with any sort of bad things going on with them and we think that no one in a bad situation could be smug or act like they’re superior

and its unfortunate, because that sort of behavior is a pretty common response to anxiety and trauma. Aloofness is a very common response to anxiety, smugness/superiority is often a result of feeling inferior in certain parts of our life. People respond to trauma in different ways. We respond and adapt to the situation we’re in, and we can take pride in the little victories or things that make us feel like we’re not the most worthless/disliked person in the room. It might not be a sympathetic trauma response, but it is one. There’s a lot of behaviors like that, that deviate from the sympathetic model of a victim people have in their heads. And its unfortunate, since it causes a lot of people to write off people who exhibit these traits as ‘not a victim’ and in some cases actively punish them for these behaviors.

I’m not chastising anyone who viewed the characters this way, I totally get it, and Yellow Pearl was definitely acting smug. We’re meant to notice and respond to this aspect of her character. There’s a lot of neat art and interpretations of her as having genuine pride in her job, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think about it a lot whenever I see fandom stuff about her. I feel like this is what the show is going for, to present the character in a way that’s unsympathetic (her being combative with and smug toward Peridot, a character we know better and thus are more likely to sympathize with in general) and then have us learn more about her to demonstrate that first impressions can be deceiving. They very deliberately paid attention to showing her fear of Yellow Diamond, so it really does seem like something they’re going to expand upon in the future. Perhaps it might even help some folks realize there are other, less sympathetic responses to trauma (maybe just wishful thinking there, though)

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What's your opinion of Selyse and how do you view her relationship with Stannis?

Hiya! Selyse is considerably more into the people-burnin’ than Stannis; that repels me, yet I’m also sympathetic towards her. I yield to no one in my love for Stannis, but lbr, being married to the man must be very lonely and unfulfilling, and Dragonstone, as Cressen tells us, is not exactly an enlivening place to live. My heart breaks imagining Selyse on her wedding night–she’s already marrying this fierce solemn loner who very visibly has no interest in her, and then she gets shown up by his brother and her cousin fuckin’ in their marriage bed. Speaking of which, among the Florents, Selyse is downright loveable next to Axell or Alester. And unlike in the show, Selyse loves Shireen. 

Describe a Water Sign.
  • CANCER:Emotional, intuitive, imaginative, cautious, sympathetic, protective, changeable, moody, clingy.
  • SCORPIO:Powerful, determined, forceful, exciting, obsessive, compulsive, obstinate, secretive, resentful, magnetic, passionate.
  • PISCES:Kind, selfless, vague, sensitive, escapist, stubborn, ignorant, hopeful, sweet, thoughtful.

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We have to remember monty what people would consider a "minority" created faunus in the event to make them sympathetic, to show children and others that being racist is garbage. But just throw the issues aside

This ask is confusing to read, you might need to rephrase it

but the point of what I said earlier is that the show is doing a shitty job at portraying the Faunus as an actual minority or marginalized group of people. The only things we’ve actually seen is bullying and prejudiced or derogatory comments (Cardin and Velvet, Weiss and Sun) from “good” characters being met with no actual or direct consequences towards the people who act that way. But that is only the surface. There’s so much more ugliness to racism than just those things, and this still holds true as early as Volume 2 of the show.

All we know about racism in the show is what Blake has told us.
No background Faunus characters are shown struggling to interact with “totally well meaning and totally not racist (but actually racist)” humans because of racism.
Sun hasn’t talked about something like how many times he, or other Faunus, have probably been racially profiled and arrested when he hasn’t broken the law, which is a realistic thing that could probably happen to him in the show, but they haven’t shown that.
No Faunus has talked about how hard it is to get employed, and no character has talked about how weird it is that they get turned down for a job for having a name that alludes to an animal or their Faunus heritage otherwise.
No Faunus has shown any form of self-hate like “maybe humans are right and if we didn’t behave like such animals, we’d be treated better!”
No Faunus character on screen has talked about being stalked and followed by racists and assaulted. No character has talked about how their Faunus teammates, family, or friends, have been killed by racist shitbags.
No Faunus character has talked about growing up in poverty because of their area being largely of Faunus population.

Again, the horrible underuse of Background and Minor characters for showing important cultural aspects of the show, especially one as big of a point as RACISM, of all things, is a glaring issue I continue to have with the series. If this stuff doesn’t have time to be used with the Major characters, then fine, but there’s still no excuse.

Weiss still hasn’t apologized properly to Blake or Sun because she didn’t swallow her fucking pride in Volume 1. It was supposed to be a portrayal of “yeah, Weiss is stubborn and egotistical, so this is as close to an apology as we’re going to get” but she still fucking threw Blake under the bus while simultaneously being racist, like a white feminist (lol) as if she was the one doing Blake a favor like the good friend she is. (AND WE SEE NOTHING ABOUT WEISS ACTUALLY BONDING WITH BLAKE AND MAKING IT UP TO HER. TFOH.)

If Faunus racism is meant to be the metaphor that shows people that being racist is shitty, then RWBY is doing a terrible fucking job.

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sharp elitism and dismissive behavior is a form of emotional abuse. it makes sense that people would be less sympathetic with abuse victims who are also abusers.

I understand that but, imo, it doesn’t make it any less unfortunate that people write off and ignore the traumas of people who have unsympathetic trauma responses. A person exhibiting unsympathetic traits is not inherently unworthy of compassion, especially if they’re not actually abusing someone themselves. And it doesn’t mean they were never abused (which is the fandom belief I’m objecting to, not that people aren’t completely sympathetic towards her). If people who have gone through abuse and trauma are having this response because it reminds them of their experience, that’s a whole different thing altogether, but I think its quite likely that most of the people who respond negatively to Yellow Pearl are not responding according to their own traumas

Also, in the context of what my posts are about, Yellow Pearl isn’t an abuser. Just because she was rude to Peridot doesn’t make her abusive. So I feel like this argument doesn’t particularly apply to this character anyway

Time to top off this fresh wave of bullshit with some fun facts about the charming hypocrites trolling this tag, now in convenient BULLET POINT FORM!

  • The antis lie about the shippers here every time. Every time. They erase real identities over a fictional character. Although many shippers here are members of the LGBTQIA community (by the way, notice how the community is more than just one letter? I know! I was shocked too!) and are shipping another queer headcanon, the antis call them str8s or imply they are nothing more than heterosexual bigots, because nothing spells out reason and logic like a good strawman argument. Even the lesbian shippers here have been called liars and traitors. Can you imagine that shit? It’s too complex for antis to tell the truth when a David and Goliath narrative is so much more sympathetic to their bullying. It’s too complex to consider there are more letters in the community besides L. It’s WAY too complex for them to realize that they are the ones doing the erasing. But they don’t like a fictional pairing, so they’re allowed, I guess.

  • The antis never admit that the creators of the show have drawn Pearl with men before, because it makes a bisexual or pan headcanon perfectly plausible, and absolutely nothing, not logic, not another viewpoint, and surely not even the show’s own creators, shall impede their “because I said so.” Kinda how they will never accept Amethyst as genderfluid. They just keep screaming PEARL IS A LESBIAN in response to any other headcanon, the equivalent of a small, temperamental child throwing their hands over their ears and going, “LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA!,” because anything else is str8 and gross. It can’t possibly be another marginalized identity enjoying a headcanon of their own. Or maybe it’s the bisexuals that they have a problem with? Anyone official who drew it obviously doesn’t work on the show anymore because they’re a dirty het, even though one is a actually a current writer, one is Rebecca Sugar herself, and the official blog reblogged the third with the tag of #waifu and called it “awesomely cute”. It’s like the creators know something the antis don’t. Shocking.

  • The antis, conversely, have absolutely no problem with headcanoning a canonly confirmed bisexual character as lesbian, because even if the writers show the character as enthusiastically interested in multiple genders, it could still be the compulsory heterosexuality somewhere outside the box, in the world of headcanon. No mobbing required for those headcanons. Only headcanoning an unconfirmed character who has been drawn with multiple genders is a clear act of erasure. Because they said so. And oh, how they will abuse you in that pretend person’s name.

  • The antis, in an effort to show that they don’t really have a problem with The Bisexuals, will trot out a bisexual who agrees with them, as a checkmate, like That One White Guy Who Totally Isn’t Racist Because He Has A Black Friend. But when lesbian shippers come forward, suddenly those lesbians do not speak for ALL lesbians. Or, again, they accuse them of being Fake Lesbians ™.

  • The antis will attack anyone they see bodyshaming characters with a righteous fury, except they do it themselves with Mayor Dewey all the time. Scratch that to “attack anyone they see bodyshaming characters they like”, I s’pose. It’s not hypocrisy then! Somehow.

  • The antis whine about being “dehumanized” while doing all of this if they are ever called out on it. Like this post. This post be called dehumanizing. Never mind the harassment they continually try to incite on the legit users of this tag. Never mind the real peoples’ identities they continue to shit on because they don’t like a cartoon ship. They are the ones under attack by “The Peweys”, not the shippers defending themselves against the deluge of anti bullshit in this tag. “The Peweys” are terrible, those big bad mean str8s out to pick on antis by–tagging their shit and drawing stuff antis don’t like. “The Peweys” make the antis come into the tag they hate, “The Peweys” personally come to their homes to keep them from blocking content that upsets the delicate anti constitution. Those monsters. I bet they even stole the last can of Who Hash.
  • The antis whine about shippers being “aggressive” while they relentlessly spam the tags with abuse.

  • The antis will declare stealing others’ art is bad, but will time and time again use art that isn’t theirs, without permission, without credit, to harrass the shippers who drew it.

  • The antis are all about abusing a bisexual artist shipping a bi headcanon for a character who has never been canonly established as gay, but they are nowhere to be found when canonly established bisexual characters are erased to be called lesbian. They’ll even reblog stuff that calls said characters gay. If antis do miraculously correct it, it’s politely worded in passing. Timidly, even. Maybe not call them lesbian? Please? Maybe? Bullying is reserved for the bisexuals that don’t know their place. I’d say you gotta wonder why, but it’s pretty damn obvious.

Too long, didn’t read, dodged all those bullet points?

You must be GREAT at Undertale.

Here’s the cliff notes version:

These assholes have zero credibility. All they know how to do is get louder and louder when someone presents an opposing viewpoint.

I know it’s tough when the bullying is so persistent, but please try to remember they are not worth your tears, or your troubles. They are hypocrites, plain and fucking simple. They have to lie to make their arguments. They’re suspiciously extreme about things bi and pan.

Bottom line: they are no one to listen to. Keep doing you.

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34: What I find attractive in women?

Many, many things. I like their hands and hair. But what I find really attractive in women as a whole is how they support each other because although we hear a lot about how women can be petty and jealous towards one another, they are always here to lend a sympathetic ear and offer a shoulder to cry on. Something men don’t really get in their own circle, mostly because of pride and the habit of repressing emotions, which is a true shame.

Bitter old man powers, ACTIVATE.

Originally posted by horrorsoflife

I get really annoyed by the insistence that Anakin/Vader and Ben/Kylo are not sympathetic or tragic characters at all, they’re ‘just’ whiny white boys. Like- the “I HATE SAND” jokes and “MATT THE RADAR TECHNICIAN” jokes are funny, making BRING ME TO LIFE AMVs with Kylo and mocking his goth kid schtick will never stop being funny. That’s not what I’m talking about. 

But sometimes, like-

The fact that any time anyone gets remotely sympathetic towards Anakin/ Vader, everyone and their Padawan jumps out of the woodwork to remind us that HE KILLED CHILDREN AND FORCECHOKES PEOPLE. Yes, congratulations, Vader fans know this, it’s a fairly major part of his character, put your pitchfork down.

Tragedy is a genre for a reason. You’re supposed to feel bad for tragic characters, and- I know this is going to come as a shock to some of you, you might want to sit down- white men can be legitimately tragic characters, without needing any qualifiers.

Anakin/Vader can simultaneously be the kid who was so disgusted with slavery that he refuses to ever mind-trick anyone, even after his fall to the dark side, and the terrifying living weapon of the dark side who rules his men by fear because he doesn’t know how to do anything else anymore. 

Kylo Ren can simultaneously be the kid who was groomed from a young age to fall to the dark side, who was fucked up so badly by the voices in his head that he’s not really capable of reacting to situations like an adult, and the ratbastard who killed his father and traumatised Rey. 

Fans of these characters usually- not always, but usually- recognise this, and act accordingly. Ironically enough, the fandom police who like to shout at people for calling villainous characters their baby or whatever tend to make this worse, because people feel like they can’t like a fictional character unless they’re a cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong. So people will whitewash villains to make them cinnamon rolls, and that causes more fandom police yelling, and so-

There is nothing wrong with liking villains. Nuance, people. Find it. Learn to love it. 

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Hello, I really enjoy the way you write reactions for Fallout 4 :) I'm not sure if you've done this prompt before, but could you do a companions react to F!SS getting her period (for the first time since entering the after-bomb commonwealth) and her not knowing what women do in this time to deal with it and having to ask for advice/help? (Let's assume that she's had a 2-3 month break since exiting the vault, due to her body being under extreme stress)

Thank you <3 

Preston: He just answers to the best of his knowledge “Oh, yeah..I think you just use cloth or something? I’m not a woman so I’m not entirely sure but..maybe Mama Murphy could explain it better?” 

Piper: She’s perfectly fine with giving them advice. She’s sympathetic too. God knows no woman enjoys this time of the month. “What did you guys do back then anyway?” She makes sure to give them lots of snacks. 

Nick: He’s pretty chill about it and tries his best to help  “Uh..yeah, I’m not really an expert on this by any means but I’m pretty sure you just put some sort of cloth..down there? Maybe Ellie would be able to give you a rundown?” 

Danse: Clears his throat and avoids eye contact. He has no idea how to answer their question. “I..uh..I think Haylen would be better suited to this question, soldier.”

Maxson: He kind of shifts awkwardly, unsure of how to respond. “I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask about this, soldier. Don’t you of your sisters would be a better option?” He’s so awkward about this. His age is showing. Look what you did Sole you embarrassed the Elder of the Brotherhood by asking him about periods. 

Hancock: He’s chill about it. It doesn’t bother him at all. “Just put some cloth down there. Change it when it needs it. That’s what seems to work for most women.” 

Maccready: He thinks for a minute, trying to remember what Lucy used to do. “Lucy always used rags or scraps of cloth.” He’ll help them find something they can use. He was always sympathetic to Lucy when she was on her period.

Deacon: “What? You can’t know..plug it up?” When Sole glares at him he laughs and then gives them some actual advice. 

Cait: “Ugh, that time again? I know, they fucking suck.” She simply shows them what they need to do. 

Curie: Do synths have periods? They can’t reproduce so..she’s still helpful though. Being a medical doctor she knows about menstrual cycles. She helps them find something they can use. 

X-6: He tells them what to do. He’s not awkward about it at all. Why would he be? It’s a natural bodily function. 

Codsworth: Has no idea but he tries to help them find a solution. They probably go to Mama Murphy or Jun Long’s wife (who very aggressively helps Sole) 

Strong: *softly* don’t.

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I'm sorry I didn't know ChurchofSugaism copied you and I don't support them and do not think it's right, I will not follow them and I wish to covert to the original way of worshipping the true rap god Yoongi through SugaSwagSociety! ^,^

Thank you for your support anon! It means a lot to us, especially because she has just published a childishly aggressive post trying to make it sound like we’ve been attacking her. 

The reality is that we never even asked her to take down her network, only that she removes what does not rightfully belong to her. People told us to make a call-out post (we have more than enough receipts to do so) but we haven’t, because we’re not trying to publicly shame her. Instead we reached out privately to her admins because she herself has not been available. And they have been mostly very helpful and even sympathetic to our reasoning. One of them has even left churchofsugaism because she realized she could not defend it. We’re now buddies with her and she is going to join the SSS :))) 

hyongsuga has her close friends stepping up for her in this. That’s great. 

In addition to people who already love and follow our network, we’ve made a lot of new friends- people we didn’t know before, people who weren’t following the SSS and who have no personal interest in this, reaching out to support us. Because of churchofsugaism, our follower numbers have exploded and we’ve met some really awesome blogs! 

So Lai, we want to say thank you. We get it- imitation is the best form of flattery! I guess we can’t blame you for loving our concept, it’s a pretty great one after all. 

- 😘Becky, Roxy, and Julia 

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love your recent post about trauma responses!!!!!!! super important!!! and great way to read the characters! thank you for that!

thank you, and you’re welcome! I think about this sort of thing a lot, I feel like its important that we have more media that reflects other kinds of trauma responses. I know that when I was younger I was less sympathetic toward, and would sometimes vilify, behaviors like this even though I exhibited some of those behaviors myself (still do, most likely). So I totally get why a lot of folks might overlook it, unfortunate as it is. There’s a lot of stigma about talking about abuse/trauma you’ve been through (and also just people generally not wanting to talk about their experiences, as is their right) so a lot of people don’t get exposed to the idea that there are other types of trauma responses then the ones typically portrayed in media. If we get more varied portrayals in media, I think more people would have a better understanding, and it would be a good thing overall, I think

I'm Right Here | Rowan, Paris

We were in the bathroom, no one was here, but us. I stopped and turned towards her. Giving a sympathetic smile, “Are you okay?”

I didn’t know what was going on, but I wanted to make sure she was okay.

qualities i love about me: 

  • my soft-spoken & mild voice
  • the coyness i tie into my conversations
  • how big & pretty my hazel doe-like eyes are
  • the variety in my vocabulary 
  • the gentleness in my touch
  • how i hum when cleaning or doing busy work
  • the intricate hand gestures i make while talking
  • how old my soul is
  • the strength i’ve found in my femininity
  • caring & loving deeply for others
  • being a little too sensitive/empathetic/sympathetic
  • the soft chuckle i make when someone charms or amuses me
  • being angelic & pure
  • the trust i have in my intuition
  • my ability to see goodness and light in others 
  • the way i twiddle my thumbs when i’m nervous
  • how i’ve marked the pages in better homes & gardens magazine that i find dreamy
  • my fascination with antiques and decor
  • essentially being a disney princess
  • my love of baking and domesticness
  • how thoughtful i am 
  • the bounce i get in my step when i’m in a good mood
  • my ability to forgive & move on, even when difficult/trying

i deserve to romanticize myself, if anyone at all :-)

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Assuming Azoff does have a relationship with the DM, why the hell would he allow them to publish an article that is full of lies and attempts to make the J's look sympathetic?

He has a relationship with them. He doesn’t control everything they publish.
Thoughts on Rojava: an interview with Janet Biehl
Full of admiration, but not without critique: Janet Biehl shares some of her ideas on the Rojava revolution after her recent visits to the region.

Very good interview with Janet Biehl about Rojava. Useful if you want a critical yet sympathetic (solidarische - why isn’t this an adjective in English!) analysis of how power actually is operating in the region right now.