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How do you draw the head and bodyplease help!

Okay so, as I said, I’m completely self taught. So I don’t have any awesome tips or whatever.

I usually begin with the chin or a semi circle (which is supposed to represent the skull or a head without hair). Some people start by eyes, that’s fine too. You can start by everything, just do what’s easier for you.

As you can see, I draw a cross which the intersection is “in the middle”. I put eyes on the horizontal line (and use the vertical line as reference to situate the symmetry axis). I draw the nose a bit under the intersection.

Though, I don’t do this anymore. I completely skip it and I directly draw everything. (Still, it’s pretty useful, I used to do this for a while.)

left: starting by the top - right: starting by the chin (well, it’s more like by the cheek)

I use head part as central point of my drawing. Like, I’m too used to drawing the head first, so now I always begin with it.

Then, I always draw the body without clothes. That’s easier for me, so I can check if body proportions are correct.

(speed up x4)

Tip: Women’s hips are wider than men’s. In fact, I try to draw shoulders and hips with the same width (for women). 
As for men, their shoulders are wider than their hips. 

Everybody’s morphology is different, but it’s roughly something like this:

And if you need to vizualise it with geometric shapes:

I suck at drawing men though. lol

So yeah, I always draw bald and naked characters first. Then, I draw their face and add clothes. 


D_Roseburg_Rieder_12 by Julian Weyer