Chapter 2 of Passing Ships is up! (this one’s for you @caslikescoffeeandfreckles ;) )

Dean has emerged in a grey button-up shirt and dark-washed jeans. Castiel can’t imagine why Lisa and Dean are so aversive to each other; they are both very attractive people. Castiel’s eyes linger on Dean’s pleasingly symmetrical face a beat too long.

“Seriously?” Dean huffs. “This is my house, man. Don’t you angels have any sense of privacy?”

As Dean is shoving a sandwich into his bag, Castiel responds, “Not when we have a job to do.”

chvvva  asked:

kunikida's gravity-defying hair triggers me, why is it like that it makes no sense

Ah, Kunikida’s hair. How sad, troubling and nonsensical.

This is a serious issue and I think it needs to be talked about. What kind of godforsaken abortion is that? Which disgrace of a barber created this abomination unjustly labeled as a ‘haircut’ on his unlucky scalp? 

I mean, let’s examine this scandal piece by piece. You take a look at the bangs and well, they’re a bit unruly but still tolerable, hell, they kinda look like Odasaku’s. Except they’re parted sideways while still having the two little strands of equal length. 

These little fuckers here. With the parting being on one side, it’s like the whole thing makes a feeble and anemic attempt at being asymmetrical and symmetrical at the same time, ultimately failing at both things. It’s like those little hairs are shouting ‘Hey, the hairdresser butchered us, but give us a golden star for trying!’.

And then there are these gravity defying things which you took issue with, and rightfully so. What kind of 90s shonen anime bullshit is this?? Is he smearing gel all over his hair every other hour, is that one of his ideals??? Those spikes must be so rock solid that he could stab the living shit out of you just by headbutting you… In fact, I’d like to courteously ask him to do so after subjecting myself to looking at his haircut for so long to make this post. Those locks don’t even flow in the wind, they don’t even move. They just rigidly stand sideways, especially on the left (director’s right) side of his head and they make me so uncomfortable.




This is the worst of all, that’s why I left it for the end. It’s just…   Please??? Decide what hair length you want?????? Either keep it long or cut off all of it???? BUT DON’T GIVE ME THIS HALFWAY MEASURE, I STG. No, dawg, it doesn’t work this way. My buddy, my pal. You either have the cool spicy action protagonist hair, or you have the mysterious bishie long hair. You can’t have both, you need to pick one. You can’t just take half of one then half of the other and slap the two together. Look, I love instant noodles and I love bread with salmon, but that doesn’t mean I can drench the fucking salmon bread into the bucket of noodle soup, you get me? Don’t be too greedy with haircuts because this is what happens.

And I have no idea whether there’s official art with his hair untied or not, but you know what, just thinking about how embarrassing that would look makes me not want to find out. I will live with the mystery. But just so you know, Kunikida, you’re a great champ, interesting character. You got a bit of a stick up your ass, but that’s a personality trait, so it’s fine. YOUR HAIRCUT, HOWEVER, is the furthest possible thing from ‘fine’ and I suggest you walk up to your hairdresser and demand multiple refunds because this is unacceptable. 

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                   “Beginnings of Harriet Jones’ Countess bodice…                

   (I know I’ve said this before, but I THOUGHT IT WAS YOURS)    

Not gonna lie, the similarity between the fabrics is wacko similar, albeit the Harriet Jones one is symmetrical and mine is… all over the place… But the bright pink with white and gold pattern is a bit “WHOA”. And I just wanna point out, I PICKED MY MATERIALS FIRST!

However, the decorations looks like they’ll be mighty different. The Harriet Jones one appears to have big “crystal” appliquées, while mine have pearl tassels and gold lace trimmings. And I think I might like the West End ones more… Mine may be a hint closer to the costume design, but theirs is LUSH.

Combined with the new mint/pink/gold/black Serafimo/Maid in West End, I feel like we’re in agreement of some general looks…

my opinion on the “most talented brother” argument that no one asked for or even started, I just like the sound of my own typing I guess

Just a reminder that Ike is the only one who:

  • is classically trained and is as equally a good pianist as he is guitarist
  • has a voice that is almost always in great shape and crosses genres the best
  • also sings with the best correct technique to keep it that way
  • strives further for perfection/accuracy/artistry than the others, even at the risk of starting another fight
  • writes the members-only songs that are consistently favored overall
  • isn’t (usually) an insufferable ass
  • improvises really well (I love his stupid little stage banter songs that he just craps out of nowhere)
  • mixed his own song solo and did NAILED IT. 

Yet because his face isn’t symmetrical or he isn’t as attention-whory as the other two, he’s the one that the others carry? Psh. Ike has always been the one to push the others to be better. Always. Taylor just wants it his way all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, Taylor and Zac are amazing in their own rite. This is less “one brother is better than the others,” because I don’t believe that. Rather my point is that “Ike does not get nearly enough credit for his contributions.”

Zac isn’t a good pianist; he just bangs out chords. Ballads aren’t his strong suit and most of his songs have the same style. Rhythm is Zac’s thing. I like a lot of Zac’s songs but he is the only one who doesn’t seriously try anything new, even for all the weird extra stuff he does like the Digital Pants. Like All this Love Crap, Jet Lag, and the Zombies song are actually pretty cool, but he doesn’t write that stuff for albums and that’s a shame.

Taylor’s story at BTTI about Ezra snarking that he isn’t the “world’s best piano player,” is true. Taylor is a keyboardist more than he is a pianist. Just because it’s his role in the group doesn’t make him the best at the instrument, but his knack for melody and chord progressions make him the best suited for that. He’s also not a great guitarist either, sorry kids. He’s okay. He’s better than Zac, but Ike is the one that can actually carry that. I really admire Taylor’s drumming though; playing right-handed on a leftie kit and banging it out as well as he does is impressive and I’d like to see him do more rhythm work. 

Universally their combined strengths bring them together like this: Zac is the best lyricist by far; he is the one that illustrates the story to the listener. Taylor puts them into a great arrangement and Ike is the one that brings it together and makes it sound really good. He knows which details to nit-pick over and his instincts are usually right.

I don’t think any of them are better than the other as a whole, I just can’t stand it when people say Ike is useless or less talented when he most clearly is not.