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sun and comet :) ⭐️

Sun- you (duh). I reblog a lot from @i-dont-believe-in-mountains, @lostincapetownagain was one of the first people I followed and I still love her, @sluttybeka (you know how I rant to you about Becky), @demonicnoodle as well, all of the artists that I follow are phenomenal too…

Comet- I actually really like my nose (even though it’s weird and there’s a mole) but also my freckles. I’ve been blessed with very symmetrical and healthy (?) teeth too.

The Soap Bubble Nebula : Adrift in the rich star fields of the constellation Cygnus, this lovely, symmetric nebula was only recognized a few years ago and does not yet appear in some astronomical catalogs. In fact, amateur astronomer Dave Jurasevich identified it as a nebula on 2008 July 6 in his images of the complex Cygnus region that included the Crescent Nebula . He subsequently notified the International Astronomical Union. Only eleven days later the same object was independently identified by Mel Helm at Sierra Remote Observatories, imaged by Keith Quattrocchi and Helm, and also submitted to the IAU as a potentially unknown nebula. The nebula, appearing on the left of the featured image, is now known as the Soap Bubble Nebula. What is the newly recognized nebula? Most probably it is a planetary nebula, a final phase in the life of a sun-like star. via NASA


The party was talking about a hypnosis show that they witnessed that day, and the conspiracy behind it.

Fighter: “..but I’m sure they were just mind-controlled!”
Druid: “But do you ever just think how we all might be mind-controlled by some sort of sick gods, just playthings, something on a sheet of paper and our actions purely determined on symmetric pieces of plastic?
DM: “Roll a dexterity check to dodge the 4th wall that crumbles upon you.”