symmetrical love

hey props to Lucretia for inventing that B.O.B. sigil thingy with the 4 triangles, i bet she’s really good at drawing and creating symbols

she loves symmetrical patterns and doodling geometric shapes in her journals, likely when she’s bored or lost in thought

she probably designed the original IPRE badges for everyone to wear

The Soap Bubble Nebula : Adrift in the rich star fields of the constellation Cygnus, this lovely, symmetric nebula was only recognized a few years ago and does not yet appear in some astronomical catalogs. In fact, amateur astronomer Dave Jurasevich identified it as a nebula on 2008 July 6 in his images of the complex Cygnus region that included the Crescent Nebula . He subsequently notified the International Astronomical Union. Only eleven days later the same object was independently identified by Mel Helm at Sierra Remote Observatories, imaged by Keith Quattrocchi and Helm, and also submitted to the IAU as a potentially unknown nebula. The nebula, appearing on the left of the featured image, is now known as the Soap Bubble Nebula. What is the newly recognized nebula? Most probably it is a planetary nebula, a final phase in the life of a sun-like star. via NASA


im sorry this took forever but i also hope this is what you wished for

seren would probably get on with pearl the best (pearl really likes priff actually, but isn’t overkeen on interacting with the elves) but she generally likes all of them. it took her a while to get used to amethyst and steven but they think she’s pretty cool and steven sings a lot of songs to her, which she loves a lot. he was very excited cause she’s the biggest non fused gem lady he’s seen apart from jasper (and rose of course, but he hasn’t really met her and jasper was mean so). garnet really likes the bond between seren and the elves, she’s actually good friends with lady hefin now, as unlikey as it seems. and i’m gonna stop now, as this weird runescape/su au i have going on could go on FOREVER


Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2015) - David Zellner

5 bullets on this film:

  • This film is about an awkward japanese woman who is bored by her job, doesn’t have any friends and becomes obsessed by a movie. Kumiko, the protagonist, is so weird that you end up loving her.  I could really relate to her, because I too am obsessed by movies, don’t have friends and I barely leave my bed. yay.
  • The actress is soooo good, she did a great job playing Kumiko. The rabbit who plays Bunzo is also very talented, I’m not kidding. Like, he should win an Oscar.
  • The movie is hella sad, but there are some funny scenes as well, so it’s not too dark. 
  • There are some beautiful and symmetrical scenes (I LOVE SYMMETRICAL SCENES OH MY GOD). Kumiko wears the same red jacket during the whole movie, so it gives a cool contrast between her and the background.
  • Ok, ok, that is based on a true story. Not really a true story, but it’s an urban legend about a japanese woman that went to the USA to look for a treasure. And it didn’t turn out well. 

might leave a mark

So I finally watched “Moonlight” and its every bit as good as I expected it to be. I first heard about it months ago and I kind of expected this to be one of those movies that gets people talking, but ultimately isn’t given much credit in the way of the mainstream American media. You know, like what happened to “The Handmaiden”. Fortunately that wasn’t the case, though I am still angry about the Oscars situation. Both the Best Picture situation and the fact that they lost Best Cinematography. Because this movie looks gorgeous. Thanks to Wes Anderson I really love symmetrical images. But unlike in Anderson’s work, which is intentionally meticulous, Barry Jenkins and cinematographer James Laxton make it all look effortless. There are very interesting audio visual choices throughout the movie and it never feels like someone is trying hard to be different. It all serves purpose which I can’t say for many other directors. I’m sure by now everyone knows “Moonlight” as a character study in three acts about a black man coming to terms with his sexuality, but its interesting to look back on reviews by youtubers who went in totally blind and treated this like a plot twist. No it isn’t. The trailer is pretty clear about the homosexual tones the movie has. I don’t bring this up because I think going in blind is a bad idea, that’s always a good thing. I bring this up because I think its very telling about how the media was addressing this movie several months back. I knew what the movie was about when it was starting to gain traction, but that’s because of people I follow on tumblr. This really makes me think about how the media cherry picks movies they give spotlight to. But that’s a very long conversation that I’m not necessarily enough of an expert on. Overall this is a movie I highly recommend and personally I’m very curious to see what Barry Jenkins does after this.



@amazingphil I wish you a happy 29th birthday and hope all goes well!!!!! Your video mean a lot to me, and I (and everyone else in the phandom) really appreciate you!

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Shocklands are finished!

Fetchlands are back here, and I’m proud of this set; my personal favorites are Steam Vents, Hallowed Fountain, and Breeding Pool.

All the lands I’ve drawn are archived right over here.

Send in requests for any land you would like me to draw, and I’ll hopefully get to it sooner or later!