symmetrical legs

I hate the dimples in my back, but I could learn to love them if you traced your fingers down it to memorize their placement

I have too many freckles, but if you kissed each one you saw, I would wish I had even more

My hair is too straight & too thin, but if you buried your face in it and ran your fingers through it like silk, then I would never cut it again

I talk too much & say too little, but if you caught my running mouth with your own, I’d wish our silence could last forever

I don’t like my feet, my hands are too small, my hips are too wide, my ears not symmetrical, my legs are too short, and I don’t like my smile

But if you love each part of me I might learn to love them all too

And if you showed me how you see me I might love myself as much as I want you to

—  Body positive // learning to love

1. his forehead is sinking into her shoulder

2. his hands are so big, he can cover more than half of her back with them

3. his bandages

4. her hands are gripping on his shoulder like she is trying to wash away all his pain

5. their legs are symmetric

(6. their legs are perfect)

7. he is totally vulnerable, he needs protection, and she is giving it to him

8. he is sobbing wrapped in her arms in front of everybody

9. they need each other

dreaming California

sleeping …

tequila dreaming
with jewels in California

kissing poetry girls
with wistful lips
under portraits
of satanic

in the
attic of bats
crawling on
subtle flesh

with soul radio
playing songs
with blues-like
quiver …


into the mist
i float
with waves of Immensity
near the grand arches
of Wisdom …

mountain high …

cross legged
on symmetrical secrets
napping in the Himalayas

sleeping …


i fall
into the
of the Earth …
in California …

there …
run the airwaves … and

i yield
to ghosts

in some
bright Paradise …

if only they knew
how lonely
i am …