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The best way to Choose the Right Longboard - Understand Your Riding Style and Contour

Choosing the right longboard can be confusing. There are all those different designs, sizes and shapes available and as a beginner it can seem overwhelming. Even when you are an experienced or intermediate rider there are many things to choose from.

To make things simple, start with understanding your preferred riding style and the most common shapes. That way you can select which board you will need. The better you understand the shapes and the fashions, the more straightforward it is to select the best longboard.

What is your longboard riding fashion?

Used for a fun sort general-all purpose way of transportation. It has gentle rides and will allow you to get from A to B.

Freestyle [All amounts]

That is among the earliest styles, original used in skateboarding. Freestyle riding involves many technical tricks on a surface that is flat. It’s all about originality: dancing, goofy riding, sliding, board- tricks, and routine riding. This fashion is fine for beginners in addition to advanced longboarders.

Free ride [Intermediate]

This really is for performing maneuvers down - for example quick sliding in fast succession with one another in technical tricks and various speeds.

Down [Improved]

Speed, speed, speed! This style is used to ride down the hill as quickly as you could. Bombing the hills while keeping control and going rapidly. You’re using a crouch position to get more speed. If you are a beginner it’s best to take it slow with this fashion until you gained some more experience.

Which longboard shape should you get?

Based on the fashion you choose previously, you can now have a look at the shapes. There are 2 general longboard shapes that designs fall into. Both shapes are for intermediate, beginners and advanced riders.

Cruiser - these are the ones that are most popular and the board is level.

Drop - the trucks are mounted through the board, which lowers the deck - for long-distance riding, free ride and downhill.

Both directional and symmetrical boards come in these 3 deck styles. There’s some overlap between the contours and the riding fashions, as you see. In the long run it is your personal choice which one you like best. Many shapes are correct.

Directional: these boards are intended to go into one direction: forward. The one that is most popular is the pintail.

Symmetrical: these boards appear the same no matter how it being faced by you. The back appears the same. These boards are generally used in freeriding and freestyle.

Boards come in different deck styles for every riding style. Here are the top 3 deck styles that are common:

So you understand which one suits you best, if a couple of longboards try before buying.

anonymous asked:

something Tucker/Wash related?

Tucker sleeps naked so Washington was bound to notice eventually — even if he really, really, really, never fucking wanted to notice this like ever — that Tucker has more under his armor than he might have thought. No. I’m not talking about his dick. For once. Bow chicka.   

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heaven is a place on earth with you (m)

request; “Prof Namjoon+TA you and it’s your first job so you messed yourself badly for the first few weeks and you decide to ask him for help but he was busy doing himself in his office moaning your name etc and then yall do the nasty smut? Thank you!”
summary; starting a new internship, the one that will decide whether you become a teacher, is stressful, especially with a very attractive philosophy teacher that is very distracting
word count; 3.5K
genre; fluff, smut
pairing; kim namjoon x reader
a/n; yall i dont have to say it anymore bc yall know how amazing my beta is, i lov my twin beta meme hoe @roodseok

“You’ll be working at this college campus for the duration of his class with Philosophy professor Kim Namjoon. Have a fun time here, we are happy to accept you.” Your advisor handed you a paper, complete with multi colored buildings and a small legend on the side to tell you what everything was; a map of the large campus that you would now be working at. Although there were about six buildings, all spread out in a semi planned pattern, you were only concerned with the one you would be working in, the ‘Humanities’ one.

“Thank you, sir, I will go now to meet him.” You smiled and grabbed your purse, leaving the main building, and feeling the mid morning sun beating on the sidewalk. Each step was a step to a new life. Finally you had gotten an internship, a place where you could complete your studies and finish your degree in teaching. Everything seemed great, a new opportunity to prove yourself as a part of the teaching community.

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genderlich  asked:

So what are your opinions on the five Gearhulks in Commander?

In descending order of power level (the fact that they’re also in WUBRG order is just a coincidence):

1. Cataclysmic Gearhulk

Like many symmetrical White board wipes, this card gains a lot of utility from the fact that you know the effect is coming and your opponents do not. You can pretty easily maneuver your board state into a position where you lose nothing (being able to choose the Gearhulk for either artifact or creature is a big help) while your opponents suffer through a culling. It’s sure to generate a lot of cards, even if your opponents do get to keep their favorites.

Also, it’s worth noting that unlike most of the Gearhulks, this card gets slightly worse in an artifact deck, because the benefit of feeding it into artifact recursion engines and the like is more than outweighed by the antisynergy between its ETB trigger and an archetype built primarily around a single card type.

2. Torrential Gearhulk

The best Blue instants are counterspells, so I think you can expect this to be a Draining Whelk most of the time. The obvious downsides are the lack of flying and the requirement to have an instant in your yard before you cast it, while the notable upsides include artifact synergies and the variety its effect offers (hitting spot removal will sometimes be useful, as will hitting an instant-speed tutor). Like its cataclysmic brother, I should mention that this card is slightly worse than normal in artifact builds, because all the card slots devoted to artifacts and artifact enablers will leave less room for the instants Mr. Robot feeds off of.

3. Noxious Gearhulk

Noxious Gearhulk isn’t a bad card, but he definitely suffers as a result of the wealth of strong ETB creatures in Black. Unless you’re running a deck that can really take advantage of his type line, you’re not going to add Noxious Gearhulk into your deck until after you put in Big Game Hunter, Nekrataal, and Shriekmaw (and probably Fleshbag, Merciless Executioner, and Slum Reaper). Like, nobody plays Dark Hatchling currently because of how many better (read: cheaper) options there are in Black. Is +2/+1, a little bit of life, and a slightly broader array of targets enough to bridge the gap between it and playability?

4. Combustible Gearhulk

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I despise giving my opponents choices, because they’re always going to choose the one that benefits them the most and you the least. In this case, you’re giving them a choice between drawing cards (awesome in Commander) and dealing direct damage to a player (terrible in this format). It’s fortunate that you get to choose who will get burnt if they don’t give you the cards, since I can imagine scenarios where an opponent has taken a big beating in the early game and is not looking to get Kaboomed any time soon. However, I can also imagine situations where everyone’s at a healthy 30+ life and nobody minds taking a few random hits to the worst resource in order to deny you the best one.

This card does gain a lot of value if you can Weld it or Transmute it a bunch, since focusing the same player will eventually put them into a position where they have no choice but to let you Ancestral Recall a million times.

Verdurous Gearhulk

The three decent uses I’ve heard for this card are in Animar, Xenagos, and +1/+1 Counter Aggro. Everyone else should probably steer clear of this guy, because huge vanilla beaters are not the best way to win a game of multiplayer Commander. In fact, they’re usually in the bottom quartile.