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Using the same goodness that powers our symNivo RapidWeaver Plugin we have today released new RapidWeaver stack add ons to cater for a wide number of image sharing scenarios , in addition to full browser window lightbox effect for media.

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There are 7 new Stack versions in Total …….

Image Hosting Services

  • Picasa
  • Flickr
  • 500px

External Hosted Media

  • Drop(box)List php
  • List Stack

Own media storage * InlineStack Edition ( use the Image Stacks in your Page ) * Image Warehouse Edition (PHP powered stack)

Fully Dynamic with Collaboration

Leaving the best for last .. you can now control and drive the multiSliderGallery in our Drop(box) List Edition - store a configuration file online in DropBox or any other hosting server and feed your multiSliderGallery with new image/vimeo/youtube links when you feel like it. No need to change your RapidWeaver page and Publish again. Note:We use PHP for this awesomeness so you have been warned … no mobileMe/iCloud hosting is supported and PHP5.1 or higher is required on Image Warehouse and Dropbox version.

Video Support

Vimeo and YouTube Playback is not supported in the following versions: * Picasa * Flickr * 500px * Your own Image Warehouse - (PHP powered stack)

We have published live demos of all the variations so you can see these in action so head on over to our products page at SymfoniP

An example of a Video in multiSlider Gallery

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Did you pay Attention ……..?

To celebrate the birth of these brand new stacks and the fact we have also been shipping Stacks and Plugins for over 3 years , we are offering a special 25% off all our products including these new additions to the SymfoniP family. Discount code ‘threeinarow’ Discount will end 16th March 2012 1pm UK Time

WordPress Extractor Stack - RapidWeaver

If you are like me and you wanted to have the content from your WordPress posts and pages inside RapidWeaver but were put off by a messy integration job with Themes. Then , you will find this new Stack released from SymfoniP very useful

WordPress Page Extractor

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WordPress Extractor

What does it do?

Simply, this new stack element will retrieve the raw HTML code generated inside your WordPress Post or Page (it is all the same to us ) and then have this displayed in your preferred RapidWeaver web site. A powerful connector for WordPress CMS to RapidWeaver without the usual pain involved in ‘hacking ’ a beautiful RapidWeaver Theme to fit.

You have a link to an image or a video file or you even added an iframe link to YouTube or Vimeo this data is all preserved when it is dynamically transferred to your Stacks Page.

All post editing is made in the WordPress post giving you or your clients remote editing functionality , saving you time re-publishing your RapidWeaver project whenever there are changes to be made.

You can also mix and match additional stack elements in your RapidWeaver Stacks page if you so wish to have something that will remain static :)

Additional Bonus Features

In other words you do not need extra ‘Stacks’ to do this !

  • Large Fluid (Responsive images) when adding the ‘large image type’ from the WordPress media library
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo, Video iframes
  • caching of WordPress post data to ensure your pages are not making any redundant requests

Demo Page

What it does not do!

  • Will not use(inherit) plugins or widgets, WordPress shortcodes in your WordPress page . All effects are managed within your RapidWeaver Stacks page
  • Retrieve Blog Posts a separate Stack element will be available soon to address Blogging post elements. Although WP-Blog plugin already does a great job in that area.


  • WordPress 3.3.x (3.4 beta is also supported) Self Hosted wordpress installations only not blogs)
  • PHP 5.x
  • Access to the WordPress Dashboard (at a minimum ‘Editor’ level, if it is your WordPress installation then we do not advise using the ‘admin’ username and passwords, we talk about this setup in our User Guide)
  • Stacks Plugin (from 1.4.x or higher

Special Offer

Till Wednesday 18th April midnight UK time, use the following discount code at checkout wordpress and get 3 Euros off this powerful new Stack element

multiSlider - Camera+ edition

Do you use Camera + app on your iPhone ?
Wanted an easy way to publish your images to RapidWeaver that you take on the road dynamically with Camera + ?

We love the awesome iPhone application Camera+  developed by taptaptap, so it got us thinking ‘would it not be cool to have a gallery slider that would take the latest images from your Camera + profile when you have taken them with your iPhone?’  Well , today I am pleased to announce the first (in a series) of stack add-ons for Rapidweaver that does just that simply.

Setup is super fast, just like taking pictures with Camera+

  • Add your Twitter username
  • Preview
  • Publish
Go ahead and check out our product page for this new RapidWeaver add-on for the Stacks Plugin

symVideo5 RapidWeaver Stack Update 2.0.6

We have just pushed out a new update to our popular HTML5/Flash Video Stack for RapidWeaver, now at Version 2.0.6 in the ‘core stack’.

- Changes have been made in the css for full screen mode

Customers on Version 2.04 or higher will have automatic updates otherwise you can always use our order lookup service. Our online knowledge base describes how to use this . 

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