Symetrix Reps Visit Full Compass - 11/15/2011

Symetrix stops into talk about new product introduced this year at INFOCOMM, June 2010


JUPITER offers an 4x4, 8x8 and 12x4 hardware box which is basically, a network system in a box. Unlike their flagship product, SYMNET, these boxes are closed architecture. Jupiter allows you to set up different ARC controls which can be controlled through most of your WiFi devices allowing you to adjust volume, mute or adjust a preset EQ whatever it may be.

Along with JUPITER came SOLUS. SOLUS is available in a 4x4, 8x8 and 16x8 configuration. Again this box is also a closed architecture configuration. The powerful feature that SOLUS has to offer is that it allows you to configure the processor however you choose. It’s DSP the way you would like to see it built! SOLUS processors are not YET available for WiFi control, stay tuned for more on that!

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What Makes Surveillance Cameras Systems Fantastic for Home and Worplace Security

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If we pay attention from numerous news on radios and TVs, we repeatedly hear it that criminality all above the globe grows at upsetting degree. The need for preventative methods for home safety undoubtedly becomes an excellent alarm for everybody. Vulnerability for this kind of comparable crimes to take place at our own doorsteps is fairly trepidation and possessing no contingency plans to prevent them from occurring might be the only reason why we loss several our valuables and family members.

Security for our households and belongings should be guarded whatsoever times and a Surveillance Cameras System may be just what a requisite to grab our safety to even closer point. Total home security could never be achieved with out capital investing for numerous safety appliances including Surveillance Security Cameras that would monitor and dissuade criminals from invading your houses and commercial institutions.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras make use of complex components including the camera itself that could be zoomed at a certain target at a few meters or a lot more. Surveillance Video Cameras have also built-in microphones which are ultrasensitive and may be a device for overhearing even the stealthy conversations. The housing from the Modern Surveillance Cameras should be hard sufficient and thoroughly safe against rainwater and dust particles that would ruin the delicate parts within the security camera. The servo of Advanced Surveillance Cameras permit it to move to a specific target. The security camera must be put in locations such as at the best of a post, within visitors lights, or in the sides of buildings. To monitor the actions in a certain location, the computer network is manned for simple and fast placement of law enforcers. Pictures and sounds recorded via the Surveillance Cameras Networks may be recorded digitally or stored within the recorder or storage system to be utilized as evidence for catching criminals.

Having no safety gadgets including Home Surveillance Cameras and in the workplace grows the susceptibility of invasion of burglars and other types of criminals. Installing Surveillance Cameras at your home is great way we are able to discourage a sort of crime from happening. With out Surveillance Cameras Monitoring System, our households and valuable possessions are left defenseless and they’re completely uncovered to such crimes you anticipate to take place. Spy Surveillance Cameras can look after homes and business commercial from burglary. They could possibly be the only method we are able to shield our love ones when we are away from residence.

Surveillance Cameras Units will be the identical technology that law enforcers are making use of today. This technologies becomes obtainable previously to property owners whose only wish would be to defend their residence from criminalities. Many property owners these days adapt this type of technology since they’re able to capable also to view moving objects even inside the dark via the monitor. This Surveillance Cameras Type tends to make use of infrared that may let you see moving entities inside the gloomy areas.

Surveillance Cameras Products are turning out to be prevalent not only within the company sectors today. Businesses are not the only one who can advantage the Uses of Surveillance Cameras. A lot of the homeowners who utilize this safety method discover their properties entirely protected from any kinds of robbery and crimes upon putting in this sort of security attributes at home.