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It’s Vulture Awareness Day! Vultures are an integral part of our ecosystem, making sure that our environment stays clean and healthy. Their stomach acids are so powerful they can ingest practically any disease without getting sick, which makes them incredible waste removers. The Egyptian Vulture is one of my favorite species, they’re simply stunning creatures, and it’s not hard to understand why they were a symbol of royalty to the ancient Egyptians.

Don’t forget to thank your local vultures for being such beautiful “garbage-removal” birds <3

pure gold

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dedicated to every AU carry on ask blog and every crazy AU snowbaz ficwriters and artists have come up with. these were pretty much inspired by all of you guys combined, so credits go to all of you - you guys rock <3

The forest goes up in flames, and Simon drops to his knees in front of Baz, clutching his shoulders, their faces only inches apart. The flames are crackling and trees are bursting into flame and the world is so, so, hot. Baz’s eyes are glinting in the firelight. Simon’s vision is tunnelling - the only thing he can focus on as the world burns is the boy right in front of him.

“Simon…” Baz’s voice is a whisper.

Simon leans forward and presses their lips together, quickly, desperately.

Baz’s mouth is so cold, and the world is so hot.

“You play the violin?”

Baz narrows his eyes at the student who’s just come in, bow still hovering over his violin. “Who are you?”

The boy steps into the empty practice room. “Simon Snow,” he says, lips quirking up at the corners. “I just transferred here.”

Ah. Scholarship.

He must be really good.

Curiosity overtakes Baz’s instincts to tell Simon to go away, and he asks, “What do you play?”

Simon smiles again, and Baz feels his heart twinge a little. “Piano. Wish I could play the violin, though.”

Baz sets his violin down. “It’s not too difficult.” He reconsiders. “Well, okay, it is, but it’s worth it.”

Simon’s still grinning, but a little sheepish now. “I tried, once.” He shakes his head. “Sounded like a dying cat. I thought I’d killed something.”

“I could teach you,” Baz blurts out.

Simon’s eyes light up. “Really? I feel like you’ll be regretting that soon.”

“Believe me, if I regret it, I’ll let you know.” Baz tilts his head. “Deal?”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Basilton Pitch, but no one calls me that. I’m Baz.”

Simon looks at him, then offers his hand. “Deal.”

Baz takes his hand, and they shake on it.

The ballroom is huge, all pale marble and gilded gold details, and the chandeliers sparkle high above them, almost too bright to look at. Shoes click against the floor and dresses swish, and Baz stands silently by the wall, shoulders back, chin carefully tilted at just enough of an angle to appear calm and powerful. Intimidating.

He can’t take it, a few minutes in. Social gatherings have never been his thing, even though other people say he flourishes in them. (All an act, of course.)

He turns to his adviser, standing silently beside him, watching the room. “I would like a moment alone, Dev. I will be outside, in the garden.”

Dev looks torn. “Your Highness, you know you should be conversing with other guests. Especially,” he lowers his voice, “Lady Agatha.”

Baz nearly rolls his eyes before he catches himself.

“Dev, I have known you since we were children. I hope I do not have to order you out of the way.”

Dev grumbles, then steps aside. “Yes, Your Highness, but let it be known that I tried.”

Baz strides purposefully towards the door, keeping close to the walls so as to not attract too much unwanted attention, and murmurs to one of the attendants near the door. The men standing at attention pull a smaller set of doors open, and he nods in thanks, heading straight for the garden’s entrance.

He’s walking among the pristine lines of foliage, head down, deep in thought, when a cough makes him look up, and his eyes lock on a face utterly familiar, but at the same time, utterly strange.

The moonlight cuts across the grounds, and he hopes the panic is not clear in his eyes. Princes do not panic, Baz, get it together.

He inclines his head, extends his hand. “Prince Simon. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

The prince takes his hand, grips it firmly. “Prince Basilton. I’ve heard many great  things about you.”

“You as well,” Baz returns, but his head is clouded by the fact that his hand is tingling, and wishing fervently that the prince hadn’t let go. Focus. He turns to the young woman beside the prince, and bows. “Lady Agatha. It is my honour to meet you.”

She puts out a hand, and he takes it to plant a light kiss on the back of her palm. (Custom. He wouldn’t do it otherwise.)

“I will not delay you any longer,” he says, but the prince cuts him off.

“Do stay. It would be a missed opportunity to not talk. It is only once a year the kingdoms meet, after all, and I have not seen you before.”

Lady Agatha gives a respectful curtsey, her hand slipping from the crook of Prince Simon’s elbow to daintily hover above her skirts. “I believe I should take my leave.”

They are not lying, it seems, for Baz knows that she is, quite simply, gorgeous. But he cannot bring himself to be moved. (Another flaw for his father to be furious over. But not now.) And he finds that he does not mind in the slightest if she leaves.

Instead, he says, “Please, do not leave on my account.”

She tilts her head towards him, and her eyes glimmer like diamond in the dim light, sharp intelligence clear in their depths, although they vanish when she dips her head again. “I do not mind, Your Highness, though I thank you for your offer.”

Both princes bow to her, and she sweeps away, back towards the castle. And they are alone in the stillness of the night.

“How has your kingdom fared in the cold winter?” Prince Simon asks, voice soft. Baz finds himself watching every movement of his face, absorbing it all in. He has freckles. It sends a shiver down his spine when he realises the prince is doing the same thing.

(This is a dangerous question, he knows. But the fog in his mind refuses to clear.)

“Good,” he breathes.

Careful, careful.

Prince Simon’s gaze doesn’t break from his.


Once upon a time, a faerie was too curious, and ventured out too often, right to the edges of fey territory. To where the land flattened out, and where the stars shone, too many to count.

Once upon a time, a siren was too inquisitive, and explored too often, the currents of imagination sweeping him further and further each night. To where the land rose up in a wide arc, like a wave frozen at the peak of its crest.

Once upon a time, a faerie wandered too far, and once upon a time, a siren swam too far. And they met, where the land touches the sea, where the waves meet the stars.

The siren did not sing, and the faerie did not trick. They watched each other, carefully, silently, mapping each other like unfamiliar places they had never been to before. One night, two nights, three nights, four.

Then, on the fifth night, the faerie skimmed the waves at the edges of the shore, and the siren swam in as far as he dared. They still watched each other, the siren memorising the sharp sparkle of the moon on the faerie’s wings and in his eyes, and the faerie capturing every deceivingly pretty glint of each scale on the siren’s tail.

The faerie spoke first, and the siren thought of wind and the crunch of leaves in autumn, and the hard shimmer of icicles in the winter sun.

“Baz,” he said, and he watched the siren carefully. “My name is Baz.”

And then the siren spoke, and the faerie felt waves and storms, and strong currents that smashed against jagged rocks.


They did not speak again, but they did not leave until daybreak came, and when the faerie once more skimmed the waves when the sky had darkened and the stars were out, he was not surprised to find the siren there, watching and waiting in the silent night.

Gryffindor.” Baz hisses as he passes by a head of bronze curls in the Great Hall.

Simon sneers. “Ravenclaw.” 

(He can see Penny rolling her eyes to his right. There aren’t many people at the table yet - it’s too early. He’s glad for that, at least.)

“My house is playing against yours today, you know?”

Simon raises an eyebrow. “Oh, goodness, no, I didn’t. Thank you for informing me, Captain.”

Baz snorts. “Be careful you don’t break your leg out there, Snow.” He pauses. “Again.”

“I hope you break yours blocking a goal,” Simon blurts defensively, then realises what he’s just said.

It’s too late. Baz is already smirking. “Why, thank you-”

“Oh, shut up.”

“I’ll bet you that we win.” Baz’s smile is distractingly handsome, and Simon mentally slaps himself.

“Oh yeah? I think we’ll kick your ass.”

Baz seems to decide something. “If Ravenclaw wins, you go with me to Hogsmeade this Saturday.”

Simon splutters. “I-”

“See you out there, Snow. Maybe you could break an arm this time. Change the entertainment up a little.” And he’s gone in a swish of robes, striding towards the Ravenclaw table.

Simon turns to Penny. “What just happened?”

Penny looks highly satisfied with herself. “He’s a Keeper.

She bursts into laughter as Simon’s ears turn crimson.

They’re connected in every universe, across all the galaxies, red threads of fate intertwining again and again.

Simon and Baz. Baz and Simon.

It was always going to end this way.

So Miraculous Ladybug- So Chloe

It’s been confirmed in season 2 that Chloe (ugh) is going to receive the Bee Miraculous. And we’re all like, ugh. Chloe is the worst! Why is she getting the “Queen Bee” miraculous?! She’s already enough of a selfish brat! I was totally part of this bandwagon. But
We’ve got it all wrong.
Growing up in the Mormon church, being a part of it still, I have heard tons about new symbolism. Utah is called the Beehive State. Young women between 12-13 years old are called beehives.
I I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before.
Bees don’t symbolize royalty, or selfishness, or the “queen bee” persona- bees actually symbolism very important things:
Hard work
And teamwork.
All the things Chloe needs the most. And we’ve established with the other miraculous holders that the traits the miraculous symbolizes is what they need.
Chloe getting the Bee miraculous may not be such a bad thing; in fact, it could be the first step in her redemption arc.

Scifi Plots

Send a symbol for a starter based on the following scenarios!

♑ - Our Muses are space pirates smuggling a priceless item
♒ - Our Muses investigate a murder in a cyberpunk city
♓ - Our Muses struggle to survive an alien invasion
♈ - Our Muses take a vacation to another planet
♉ -  Our muses are trapped on an abandoned space station with a hostile alien
♊ - My muse awakens to find yours welcoming them to the future
♋ - My muse is an alien that crash-landed in your muse’s backyard
♌ - My muse is an intergalactic bounty hunter and your muse is my target
♍ - Our muses are actual star-crossed lovers from different warring planets
♎ - My muse survived a crash-landing but now is 50% machine. Your muse is their doctor.
♏ - My muse is royalty seeking safe passage across enemy lines on your muse’s ship.
♐ - Another plot you can think of!

Completed tarot illustration of Warden Alistair for teklacat as prize for winning the first place at my art giveaway raffle!

Theme was temperance - and to present it well I used several symbols. 

  • Griphons by today not existing creatures - the stone appearance of it refers to their memory, but in other hand the real Griphon clawed paw on the front tells that they still live; in the heart of a Warden which results - balance.
  • The Griphon claw also refers to war and battles since it is sharp and rough but as it is coming out from the rose bushes which is more soft and tender it eases its sharpness for war and that creates an inner harmony.
  • Following with the roses Alistair holds one glowing one in one hand representing Love (since he give rose to the warden if romanced) but from his other hand darkspawn blood flows, bringing pain and darkness equally talking about the bad and good bringing balance.
  • If we talk about darkspawn blood there we can see a chalice upside down (upside down; it represents the lost opportunity, his passed chance for the throne) sort of signal/symbol of royalty (but also symbol for the Joining) while the sword in the claw of the Griphon refers to a knight figure and also represent a bit his templar past.
  • The cycle repeats.

Hope you enjoy - and thanks for those who stick with me during the stream and also welcome to my new followers v_v

Facts about Kenneth Quirke

- Kenneth was originally Irish.

- Before he became one of the six aristocrats of the Juveswick settlement, he used to be a teacher and a mentor. 

- He is an extremely important historical figure, and the citizens of Juveswick and other settlements still praise him up to this day. 

- Since Kenneth had red hair, it is considered a gift to be born with red hair in the super-human society because of his influence. In the super-human society red hair is considered a symbol of royalty and honor, and many believe that red hair is a blessing from Kenneth since it’s so rare.

- He was the founder of the Juveswick Settlement’s source of education, Juveswick Magic Academy. He was also the first headmaster, being headmaster from 1662 to 1674. 

- He was expected to continue being headmaster for a few more years, but he went missing in 1674. No one knows what happened to him, but it’s suspected that he was kidnapped. 

- Kenneth was specialized in fire magic, trickery, illusion magic, smoke generation, and shadow magic. 

- He is the patron saint of the Strength aspect, one of the six aspects a student can master at Juveswick Magic Academy. 

It’s obvious I like roses, if you’ve seen my style. They’re easily found for accessories and in many colors. They’re rightfully associated with great beauty.

The peony has its own places in Asian culture that differ from its meaning in Western culture. They’re found in art, and are used as a symbol of royalty in China. Interestingly enough, the peony was used in Asian medicine long ago, from what I’ve heard.

I admire how the two have layers of gorgeous petals, and their shapes make for fashionable accessories, even if those are only false flowers. Among other species of flowers, these two lift the spirits of the patients at the hospital.


The Pokémon Ho-Oh is actually based on the Japanese phoenix called Hō-ō ( Fènghuáng in Chinese).

The original legend of the Hō-ō was described with black and red feathers and was said to be able to be spotted anywhere around the country. It was said that their call was like a mixture between a hawk and an eagle. Their body was built for power and was known to fly very quickly. In Chinese mythology, the Hō-ō was the symbol for fire, justice, obedience, fidelity, and the sun. It is often used as a symbol for royalty. The Hō-ō appears during peaceful times and hides during danger.

No Turning Back (Kylo Ren-reader)

    “Kylo, let go of your son!!!!” you shout as loud as you can, terrified at the sight unfolding in front of you. “Let him go, what are you doing??!!”  Your beautiful chrome armor shines in the sunlight; your black cape embroidered with a single, small crimson rose on the left shoulder is the only symbol of your royalty. Miran is suspended midair and you can see he’s struggling to get out of his father’s strong hold. “ Kylo Ren, RELEASE MY SON RIGHT NOW!!!” You plead again, but you get no answer. “Mom, mom… he’s… choking… me…”  Miran manages to squeal through short breaths, gasping for air. You start to see red spots, your vision is clouded. You are scared to death, you try to get into Kylo’s mind to calm him down, but he won’t let you. You take off your helmet, tossing it on the soft grass; your face is covered in sweat and tears, but you don’t even feel anything. You lift your right hand and concentrate all your Force towards Kylo, trying to make him free your son. The impact is strong, he falls to his knees, but he still doesn’t let Miran go.

    You slowly approach him from behind; you’re concentrating so much you can barely see where you’re walking. “Ben Solo, do you hear me? Release our son!!!” You push another Force wave towards him, this time it makes him fall on his hands, severing the hold. Miran drops from above, landing on his face. “Oh my God! “ You run and get him up, shaking him a bit to get him out of trance. “Miran, Miran, are you ok baby?” He nods yes, still shaking, and hugs you tight. He is tall, just like his father, almost 12, already reaching your shoulder with the top of his head.

   “Mom!” Miran whispers in fear, making you turn towards Kylo. You hide him behind your back, standing up straight, reaching out your hand again, ready to attack. “What do you think you’re doing??!!!? “you yell towards the man that is standing in front of you again. His eyes are glowing red and he is mad as hell. “Traitor!!!! Our son is a traitor!!!!” he shouts.

    You swallow nervously, your senses enhanced to the maximum. “ …A…a… traitor? He’s just a boy, what…what are you talking about???!!!He’s your son!”  You try to get in his mind and he violently pushes you back. You take a step forward again, holding Miran behind your back with the other hand. “Don’t make me do this, Kylo, don’t make me do it.” You tilt your head, close your eyes, and inhale deeply. You feel his attack coming, and you are ready to knock him down. You did it before. He is very powerful, but so are you. He is not going to touch your son.

     Blaster gun noises hiss by your head, barely missing you. You count 6 fast rounds. You open your eyes and you see Kylo to the ground. You turn to see who it was and you see Captain Phasma running towards you. “Are you ok, Commander <Y/N>?” “Yes,yes, we’re good.” You exhale in relief, grateful she found you. “Thank you,Phasma. I didn’t want to hurt him”. “He will be out for a while; the gun is set on paralyzing mode.” She approaches Kylo, still holding her gun up, just in case.

“I’m glad you told me to follow you, Commander <Y/N>. What happened here?”

     “I really don’t know myself, I felt a disturbance in the Force and herd my son’s voice in my head asking for help. Kylo was trying to kill Miran!!!! Phasma, he was trying to kill him!!!! “Your eyes fill with tears as you kneel by Ren, carefully placing his head on your knees. “He wasn’t himself again, he was so angry. The darkness took him completely.” You caress his long, black hear with shaky hands. You can sense there is no barrier now. “My love”, you whisper in his mind,” what’s wrong?”  

     Miran watches everything from a few steps away; he is witnessing something he does not quite understand. Phasma walks towards him and stops by his side. “Don’t be afraid, she is trying to help him.”

      A strong flash of light, then a gray mist surrounding you and Kylo. It gets thicker and thicker, until Myran and Phasma can barely see the two of you. Another flash of light in the blackness. You frown. Your husband’s rage hits you with the weight of a thousand stars. You clench your hand to the chest, trying to keep your composure and concentration. Then you hear it, first as a mumble, then clearer and clearer. “…can you not feel it, Commander? Are you so blinded by your feelings as a father that you are completely ignoring what’s going on right in front of you? I think it is my solemn duty to inform Snoke that…”

      “Silence!!!!!!!Do not test my patience, general Hux. My son does not have light in him. He is his father’s and his mother’s son!!!How dare you speaking to me like that?!” His voice sounds distorted thru the mask, menacing and hoarse. “Don’t you even dare implying that my son is or will be a traitor!!! It will never happen. Do you understand me?”  Hux takes a few steps back as Kylo approaches him. “Do not speak to me like that again, General!!!” Hux lifts his chin up and looks his commander right in the eyes thru the black mask. “Yes, I understand. But all you have to do is read his mind.” You feel Ren’s fury growing inside of him. He’s contemplating smashing Hux against the wall, but he doesn’t. He just turns around and leaves the office.

      The vision blurs. It’s going away. You open your eyes and realize your head is resting on Kylo’s forehead. He showed you what happened and your sorrow knows no limit because you learned the truth a while ago: you felt the light within your son before. You concealed it from his father using your Force, but apparently not well enough.  Somebody noticed. Hux did. But how? He wasn’t Force sensitive. You should have done a better job protecting your child. You failed… Ren must have finally decided to read Miran’s mind and pierced the barrier. What now? …

      “Captain Phasma!”  You say, standing up. “Yes, commander!” She was loyal to your family, you trusted her. “Get the medical team to take Kylo Ren to the Base. I have to go somewhere really quickly. I’ll follow shortly.” You reach your hand and lift you helmet, carefully placing it back on. Miran looks confused and frightened, he can’t possibly know in how much danger he is. “Come here, baby”. He approaches you slowly, avoiding looking at you. “Go with Captain Phasma, I’ll be back to the Base soon,ok?” You caress his cheeks and part his hair to the side. He has his father’s dark, wavy hair and your green eyes. “Everything will be allright,ok?” “Ok…” he mutters, giving you a short hug.

     Your steps resonate on the silver marble of the corridor leading to General Hux’s office. “Commander <Y/N>” you hear the storm trooper announcing you. The general is standing up from his desk when you enter the room. “My queen, what an unexpected honor”.  He bows his head, but you can see the smirk. He knew how much you hated to be called queen and he just rubs it in your face. “I would like to remind you, general, that here I am just Commander <Y/N>.” “My apologies”, he smiles with a fake, benevolent tone. “Please do sit”.

     You pretend not to hear the invitation. You approach him until you’re standing right in front of him. “Kylo Ren attacked our son today, I am pretty sure he wanted to hurt him. He almost hurt me too.” you say bluntly. Hux opens his mouth to say something, but you interrupt. “I know what you said to my husband.” You watch him through your helmet, his face is getting flushed. “Don’t poison his mind with your lies! Don’t you dare interfering with my family or you will regret it! “You detach your helmet and take it off, so he can see your face. Your eyes are glowing from blue to green, then suddenly they turn as red as blood. You use the Force to lift all the objects in the room; you can feel the call of the darkness growing in your soul.  The general is shocked to see you manifest your power. He heard about it but never saw it first-hand. “If you think my husband has a bad temper, general, you should wait until you see mine!” you manage to utter thru your clenched teeth. It takes everything you got not to snap his head. Hux is amazed and almost terrified to hear you speak with that weird voice, it sounds like several people are talking in the same time, but it is only you standing there in front of him, unforgiving and threatening. “Commander <Y/N>, I can assure you that…” He’d better not make a single sound; you don’t want to hear him. With a loud noise, you drop everything to the ground. Your eyes are returning to their beautiful green color he loved so much when you two were kids.

  “<Y/N>…” he whispers “I didn’t mean to…”  

   “Do not address me so informal, General. We are not children anymore.”  He leans forward like he wants to say something again, then he regains his posture. He avoids your piercing gaze, so you turn around and exit the quarters.

    You’re back at the Base. Kylo is still in the medical ward and he will probably not gain consciousness for another day. You just sit on the side of his bed, watching his chest slowly going up and down, thinking what to do next. Miran is sitting down in the furthest corner of the room, as far away from his father as possible. You know what happened shocked him, Kylo never did that before. You sign him to come to you. He hesitates for a moment, but comes anyway.

     “Are you doing ok?” You look so concerned with your teary eyes that he doesn’t have the heart to tell you he’s not. “I’m doing fine, mom, don’t worry.” You know he’s not telling the truth, you can read his mind. That makes you even sadder. He shouldn’t be afraid of his own father. “Miran, you should sleep, I’ll stay here with him”. He nods in approval and lies down on the small couch by the bed. He must be exhausted because he falls asleep right away.

      Suddenly, you sense Kylo’s presence inside your mind; it’s more like an echo, incoherent and faded. You don’t understand the meaning of it, but it feels like regret. Is he having a nightmare again? You just hear a clear thought:” I’m sorry…”, then it vanishes in the background of your consciousness. You cover your mouth with your left hand, trying to silence your uncontrollable sobbing. A gentle, invisible embrace… It’s him; he’s trying to reach to you. You lean over his face and gently kiss him. “I’m here” you whisper in his ear. “I’m always here.”

      Later that night, you finally decide to get some rest and sneak on the couch where Miran sleeps. You hold him close to you as you drift into his mind. You can hear the call of light; you can see the silvery, silky threads attached to him. It feels good. You like it-such a warm, soothing sensation, nothing like the dark side you belong to now. Sometimes, you almost forget you were once on the other side. It’s been years… 12 maybe? More like 15… You didn’t regret anything, not really. You loved Kylo more than yourself, that’s why you’ve made your decision and killed the light inside of you so you can be with him. You were loyal to the Empire, but Miran was your son, you would die before you harm him. His father was too blinded by his own ambition, his demons too strong. You know you have to do something to protect both of them. This could NEVER end like it did between Ben and Han Solo. You won’t allow it.

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I lowkey hate how much of Arwen’s importance is tied to her relationship with Aragorn and “choosing” true heterosexual love over immortality like, I get it, Aragorn is a great guy and their relationship mirrors a very historically significant one in canon and the union of the Two Races etc etc etc but consider this

and consider maybe that Luthien didn’t choose a man so much as she chose the freedom to make her own destiny and freedom from an immortal life where she would always only be a symbol of Beauty and Royalty, and consider also that Arwen, who’s called “the likeness of Luthien”, was not in love with Aragorn so much as she was with Luthien, with the mirrored image of her own self. She doesn’t say “I choose Love” or “I choose this Man.” She says “Mine is the choice of Luthien”. consider that maybe Arwen’s desire didn’t flow uncomplicatedly towards Aragorn but riverinely, sinuously and complexly to Luthien, her ancestor, her foremother, her shadow, her likeness. that what Arwen desired was to be like and be with Luthien, in spirit if not in the flesh. that this was a kind of non-linear, queer, femme-on-femme love that Arwen could only exercise in the choice to give up her immortality, to become mutable flesh, to become her.


malec + color symbolism

               Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

                          Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. The overuse of blue may instead appear as cold or indifferent.

solar flare, photographed by soho, 16th may 2015.

difference between images in a sequence. 30 frames photographed over 6.5 hours.

“the winged sun is a symbol associated with divinity, royalty and power […] In early Egyptian religion, the symbol Behedeti represented Horus [,] appears in reliefs with Assyrian rulers and in Hieroglyphic Anatolian as a symbol for royalty [and] on Hebrew seals connected to the royal house […] together with the inscription l'melekh (“belonging to the king”).

image credit: nasa/soho. animation: ageofdestruction.


As the only big cat species in the New World, jaguars have dominated the rituals and stories of the people who live there. Depictions of jaguars are found in ruins all along Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, where the jaguar was a chief figure in religious rites. Some tales say that jaguars can move between worlds because they are at home both in the trees and on the ground, and they hunt both day and night. Today, the jaguar continues to be considered a symbol of royalty, intelligence, beauty, and strength.

From the Decks of the World : Vol 25

“Alabasta Kingdom - Bed ridden Cobra”