Hugo Simberg’s The Wounded Angel.

Hugo Simberg (June 24, 1873, Hamina - July 12, 1917, Ähtäri) was a Finnish symbolist painter and graphic artist. In 1895 he became the private pupil of Akseli Gallen-Kallela at his wilderness studio Kalela in Ruovesi. The two characters Simberg used most in his art are the “Poor Devil” and Death.

Hugo Simberg, the Wounded Angel, 1903, oil on canvas.

Like many examples of Symbolist art, Simberg’s depiction of an injured angel being carried by two sympathetic youths, is drenched in pathos and atmosphere. As the Artist himself suggested you can interpret this work however you wish, be it as an allegory or a literal image. Additionally it is interesting to note that while suffering from meningitis Simberg found great comfort and strength in this painting, suggesting a deeper and perhaps more personal meaning.