symbolism in the number five

I’ve decided to host one of these diddly dang things bc I love them

Welcome to the first SHGRC challenge!

What is this?

This is a monthly contest of sorts where graphic makers make edits and tag them with the tag #shgrc. I go through all the entries and decide which one is my favorite; the best one gets a spot on the winners page! This is entirely for the fun of it, I love these things so I decided to host one of my own :)


  • Reblog this post!
  • Track the tag #shgrc (without the number symbol)
  • Follow the challenge blog (and following me would be nice too but you don’t have to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • It doesn’t matter about how much experience you have, everyone is accepted!
  • You can enter any time before the deadline.
  • You don’t have to enter this challenge to enter the next one! It’s completely fine to skip challenges/reblog this post to signal boost or end up not entering.
  • This challenge is for edits! If you’d like to see a drawing challenge message me :)
  • Post your graphic by March 31st and add some form of “Sherlock graphics challenge: (the prompt)” with a link to the blog! 
  • Tag your graphic with #shgrc (without the number symbol) in the first five tags. I’ll only be able to see your graphic in the tag if it’s in the first five tags :)
  • Your edits can be gif edits (as shown above) and you can also add drawings to your edits if you like.
  • Ask me if you have any further questions about anything! (like, if you have trouble making gifs to work or whatever)

What happens when I win?

You get put on on the currently empty winners page! And a drawing/edit from moi, if you happen to want one.

This month’s prompt will be space. Incorporate space into your graphic in any way. All characters, colors, etc. are accepted as long as the characters are from BBC’s Sherlock. Photo sets are fine. You can enter more than once if you’re up for it. Just make sure you enter before the deadline of March 31st!