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All this talk about babies has made me think about how all of the main girls having babies would give beautiful messages. Bellarke showing that these two commanders of death can bring life into the world. Raven to show that her body is not broken, that it is still capable of producing life. Octavia as the symbolic link between grounders and skypeople. And I would love a Kabby baby where Abby names it Hope ;)

Well those are all pretty concepts. I’m not sure I want to see everyone having babies. I might be the least romantic person when it comes to babies. They are HARD. I have no illusions. It absolutely would make survival harder. 

But it is lovely symbolism. 

This scene is so powerful. Tony’s on the verge of tears. Steve gives up his shield without a second thought to save Bucky. Bucky is without his arm. There’s so much symbolism here

  • Without his arm, Bucky is no longer the Winter Soldier
  • By giving up his shield, Steve quits being Captain America.
  •  Tony’s arc reactor and suit is destroyed, leaving the broken man who was always hidden beneath now exposed

This isn’t a scene with superheroes; it’s now just three men shattered by their experiences.