This is my last straw of hope, and I might be delusional, a real fucking idiot really, but I want to give a little hope to this theory - that ‘Apple Tree Yard’ really is just a cover up for the fourth secret episode of Sherlock.

Many before me have explained why it could be. I’ll try to connect the title to Sherlock based by the meanings of it.

Before getting started on the symbolims, I’d like you to notice that we have a trailer but the link doesn’t connect to the original bbc page about the programme. Why? Seems strange. The 404 error appears, and what do we see? A clown. We did see a clown on the third episode, didn’t we? Its presence seemed unjustified and ridicolous, not needed.
But if this is right, that would explain it.

But here we go in the symbolic meaning of the title. I really couldn’t find a lot in the ‘yard’ meaning - it is correlated to ships in some kind of way, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch, so I’ll ignore that.

Then I went to see the meaning of ‘Apple’ and ‘Apple tree’, and what did I find?
A treasure.

Celts thought the apple tree was a symbol of wholeness, of love, honesty, romance and remembrance. Yeah, we got the theme.

I digged a little bit into Wikipedia and the phrase that said ‘the apple as a symbol of sexual seduction has sometimes been used to imply sexuality between men’ caught my eye. Ah, I wonder what that means.

Passing onto Christian symbolism, of course the apple is the symbol of the fall of man (rings a bell, doesn’t it?) in the Old Testament, wherever in the New Testament it’s a ‘symbol of redemption from that fall’.
Let’s just ignore the correlation between Madonna and John, The Virgin, and at last the baby because that too feels like a bit of a stretch to me.

It’s the nautic symbol of the Apple Tree that really gets me everytime.
Boat builders thought that building a ship with apple’s wood was a symbol of bad luck since the apple’s wood was usually used to make…

…Coffins. Yeah, exactly.

A coffin with 'I love you’ in it. I wonder if it was made from apple tree’s wood.

I may just be delusional, because I really hope the show doesn’t end with the disaster that was tfp. But if I am right, this would be the most obvious, hilarious, really groundbreaking joke someone could have ever done. I mean, I know that Apple Tree Yard is a real show with real actors in it, but the title, as much as it is catchy, would be a dead giveaway to what’s coming.
Either that, or I am a hopeless fangirl that can’t stand to see her fandom falling apart.