symbolic symmetry

“Aum is a word that represents to our ears the sound of the energy of the universe, of which all things are manifestations. Aum is a symbol, a symbolic sound that puts you in touch with that throbbing being that is the universe.”  -Joseph Campbell 

 Drawing and edit by me

On my living room wall.  I made the shield and designed the device.  It’s based on the Aegishjalmur–an Icelandic “magical stave” meant to confer invincibility on the bearer.  

External image

I reduced the number of rays from 8 to 6 so I could combine it with the well-known transgender symbol and maintain radial symmetry.

External image

This has become something of a personal symbol/device.


“There are things that cannot ever occur with any precision. They are too big and too magnificent to be contained in mere facts. They are merely trying to occur, they are checking whether the ground of reality can carry them. And they quickly withdraw, fearing to loose their integrity in the frailty of realization. ” 

― Bruno SchulzSanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass