symbolic objects

with the times we live in now, i think it’s important to note that this: 

is entirely different from this: 

The first one is a religious symbol used in multiple religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. 

The term “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit word “ स्वस्तिक” which is more accurately translated as “svastika.” It means a particularly lucky object. The symbol is as old as history:

The second picture is a symbol co-opted by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party - the Nazis. Hitler, choosing this symbol, stated, “As National Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work.“

The main difference? The second one is tilted at a 45 degree angle and used in the common white circle on a red background. 

clarification: most swastikas in western society are probably used for neo-nazi purposes. however, it’d be unwise to dismiss the true origins of the swastika, which is one of peace. 


I made a video explaining the differences between symbols, groups, and drawing objects in Adobe Flash/Animate. Some of this won’t be new to a lot of people who use Flanimate, but I wanted to be thorough. Still, hopefully someone will find this helpful.

Pega belongs to @missbutlerart

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Hi! I was wondering how you did the animated links for your navigation? I've seen a lot of people doing them lately but I haven't been able to locate a tutorial anywhere. (Your base code is gorgeous, by the way!)

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, since I received several questions about this and it looks like many people are interested in this effect.

I’m going to explain to my best ability how to achieve an animation effect like this. ( Please excuse the low quality of the gif, the programme I use to make these isn’t working so well these days, for some reason. )

First and foremost, I insist that you READ THIS TUTORIAL PAGE. I’m sure there are others like this too, but this is the page I used when I first decided that I wanted to learn how to animate objects and symbols. It’s not the fanciest tutorial out there, but it explains everything very well. And in a very simple manner, which is always a good thing for CSS newbies.

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The following two symbols can be used as spiritual walls.

The “cursive” or formal version:

And the simple or informal version:

They are traditionally used in groups of four, with the object, person, or space to be protected placed in center. The symbols are also rotated so the open portion faces what they are protecting.

To ward a room, post one symbol in each of the upper corners of the room, such that the paper on which you draw it touches the ceiling and the two closest walls. The opening should face the floor.

To protect a person (from spiritual assaults; the symbol will do little against physical injuries), place one on the back of each shoulder, and one on the back of each hip. The openings should face the person’s heart.

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did you make the pixel in the corner of your blog yourself? do you take requests or commissions?

yea I did make it myself
I guess I take commissions?? I’m gonna take $5 for one symbol/emoji/object
I’m gonna post some of my fav pixels I’ve done so far as examples under the cut and also post more info there

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OQ and the Golden Bird

(Updated after getting spoilers to 6x11)

I’ve been rewatching Once over the hiatus and my theory about Regina, her journey, and Robin Hood and the thought that it was put into motion in S3, is becoming more likely.   It’s quite blatant from the beginning of S3 that Regina is being shown that she is on the road to redemption and is ready to change.  

The story that accompanies the picture of OQ from page 23 is the story of The Golden Bird.  It seems to be about looking for and finding happiness.  The finding of a feather seems to signify the beginning of the journey.  The story is about going on a journey to find happiness but finding that happiness by following the rules and not taking any short cuts.   

Regina has wanted to be happy since the inception of the show but she always wants it to be given to her instead of earning it just like everyone else.  She cast the curse, then she tried to make Henry think he was crazy, then she tried to find the author to change her ending, then she removed her evil half, and in 6x10 she has Robin back and she asks him if he is ready to take a chance on a new story, and he says it sounds pretty good to him.  

I think the story started in 3x03 when Tink took Regina to the pub and showed her Robin inside.  Regina was too scared at that time to take the chance and in the present scenes says this.  Tink told her it would give her a ‘fresh start’ with ‘no baggage to weigh her down’  There’s an interesting conversation between Tink/Regina but Tink tells Regina that Regina not going into the pub not only ruined her life, but also his.  (He’s had some good but also some bad and died very young)     We also know that Tink is back filming and posted a picture in her Neverland dress.  Could they be going back to that time?   

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I altered your request a little. Hope you don’t mind but instead of dragging each other to different shops, they just end up being idiots in one & also in public.

Sorry this took so long!


December 25, aka Christmas, aka the time for you to find an object that symbolizes all of the love you have for Dazai. Cue the emotional roller coaster of Christmas shopping for your boyfriend. Do you get him something expensive? Wait, no you’ve only been dating for 4 months. So do you get him a gift card? What is the proper procedure here?! The pressure is freaking on!

After a long sleepless night of pondering the right gift to get Dazai, you decided the best way to actually solve this is by simply dragging Dazai along shopping with you. You weren’t going to straight up ask him what he wanted for Christmas. Heck no. That’d be way to easy! This task had to be tackled by your in-progress deduction skills. Besides, it won’t only surprise Dazai but it would also help feed your ego.

You told Dazai that the plan for the day was to run free in the nearest mega mall in search of gifts for the Ada members and your family. That shouldn’t be too obvious right?

“Come on! I see a shop filled with stuffed animals on discount!” Dazai excited calls for you.

You giggled as you hurried over to Dazai watching him carry an arm full of stuffed animals. “You look so cute” Dazai grinned at your compliment as he stuffed some smaller stuffed kittens into either side of his coat pockets.

You added more fluffy stuffed animals onto him to see how many he could balance at the same time. You stepped back to take a look at your masterpiece. By now Dazai was covered with stuffed animals of all kinds from head to toe, but the one that got you cracked up the most was the gigantic stuffed dog that he disliked splat out on the top of his head. 

You helped Dazai get out of his mountain of stuffed animals due to his protest, but not before taking some pictures. After all the hassle, you picked up a stuffed panda for your baby niece and proceeded for payment at the counter all the while keeping an eye on Dazai to see if he was staring at an item long enough to be safely considered an interest to him. You whispered a hushed ‘yes!’ under your breath as you noticed Dazai had fallen into your plan - he had been intently staring at a stuffed animal for over a minute now so you mentally noted to return for it later.

“Ok all settled! Next stop!” You proclaimed cheerfully.

Dazai turned his attention to you with a growing grin on his face. “Alright, my love”

You received a text from your sister just as the both of you proceeded to exit the store. Apparently your dear baby niece had been pestering for a stuffed kitten for some time now. As you were reading the text out loud for Dazai to hear, all of a sudden the sensors positioned at the main entrance beeped loudly which cued the manager and a few of the workers to rush over. The manager of the store pointed a finger accusingly at the both of you - well, mainly Dazai. You were both confused for a moment before peering down into Dazai’s coat pockets - there lies your answer, stuffed kittens in his pockets. 

You apologized immediately as Dazai unloaded the kittens from his pockets and placed them back into the baskets. The manager shot the both of you dirty looks and proceed to do a full body scan with her eyeballs. I guess the both of you looked somewhat dangerous and possibly professional shoplifters of our time, cause the manager threatened to call the mall cops. But luckily you had a charmer who could talk his way out of anything on your side, so they decided to give the both of you a chance and instead placed a permanent ban from the shop instead.

Well shit. How were you supposed to get that kitty if you were freaking banned permanently? 

You turned to face Dazai as you said “Dazai we need to find a way to get back in there without being caught. No matter what”

Dazai pondered for a bit before saying “Leave it to me”. A smirk plastered on his chivalrous face.

You pondered outside the shops waiting for Dazai to arrive. Dazai had said that he had a great plan to help get you both in without pissing off anyone - all he needed was a few materials for it to be in full swing. So you waited and waited but Dazai was no where to be seen. Out of the blue a mysterious figure from behind taps your shoulder. If there’s anything your time at the agency has taught you, it was a thing or two about fighting. So you braced yourself as you readied to launch at your attacker the moment you turned around. You were about to throw a mean punch when your attacker removed his sunglasses, hat, and… fake mustache? 

“It’s me. It’s me. See?” 

“Dazai?! What the hell?” 

“You wanted a plan to get in without being noticed right? Well here’s your plan. We go in disguises. Brilliant right?”

You stared blankly at Dazai with your jaw agape. When you said ‘no matter what’, you didn’t think he’d think of this! 

Dazai tossed you a set of clothes and some disguise elements. “Hurry up and change. I’ll meet you back here in 10 minutes”

You wanted to protest but decided not too. Maybe this could work?

Minutes later, the both of you were outside the entrance of the forbidden territory, ready to break in. 

“Thanks for picking up a pervy uncle disguise for me”

“Hey I would’ve picked the grandma, but I figured it would suite you too well. So I went with the next best thing! Hope you don’t mind!”

You elbowed him to the side teasingly as he let out a hearty chuckle.

The plan was simple, casually walk in without being too obvious, purchase that kitty and walk out. Easy as pie.. at least that’s what he told you. 

Upon entering, Dazai noticed that you picked up the particular kitten he was looking at earlier from the corner of his eye, but didn’t say anything. In the end the plan was successful! The kitten was successfully purchased, and no one got arrested! Everything went as smoothly as planned… well except for that itchy mustache, but that didn’t matter. 

The car ride back home was filled with the pride of victory and also laughter. Upon entering your apartment, Dazai told you he could spare a really cute wrapper for your little niece’s present, as you silently nodded with a sly smile plastered on your face. 

“Actually.. that stuffed kitten isn’t for her.. it’s for you. I saw you staring at it for over a minute” You placed the stuffed animal into his hands as he stares at it with a goofy smile.

“The text was a lie” you continued.

After moments of Dazai smiling at the stuffed animal, he finally said “I knew from the beginning. I could’ve said something but I thought it was cute; how you tried so hard to get this for me.. Thank you” 

You let out a sigh as you already half expected your surprises to be foiled by Dazai every single time, but still you held a silver lining of hope for this particular gift. It was worth a try at least. “So you’re telling me this whole time you were messing with me? You big jerk, you’ve managed to foil my surprises yet again.” you said as you hit him lightly on the shoulder.

“Aww don’t pout~ I still like it very much! But if it’s any consolation, you’ve already given me one of the best gifts every single day”

“And what’s that? Being in a relationship with you?” you tried your best to hide your smile from forming with a scoff to his cheesiness teasingly.

“Yes, that..and this..” he leaned in to place a passionate kiss on your lips. “Merry Christmas”

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how should you set up an altar?

However you want, really. Unless you’re part of a specific tradition, there are no hard-set rules for altars. Here’s how I, personally, decide how to set up my altars:

  1. Find objects to represent the purpose of your altar. For example, if you’re setting up an altar for the element of earth, you may want to consider green or brown candles, crystals, plants, or other objects that symbolize earth. Same goes with deities.
  2. Find objects that personally make you happy, or you want to see on the altar. If you have a favorite incense holder, plant, stuffed animal, or other object that makes you feel happy or reminds you of your altar’s purpose, feel free to put it on your altar.
  3. Organize the altar however you want to, ideally in a way where you can use it practically. I personally tend to line all the items in the back of my altar, to give myself more working space. But that’s my personal preference. You can do it however you want.

I hope this helps! Have fun setting your altar up!! At the end of the day it should make you feel spiritual and happy. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Immigrants embroider their stories on incredible cacti sculptures, made from decommissioned border-control uniforms 

Margarita Cabrera calls her growing field of soft cactus sculptures “Space in Between–Saguaro,” a reference to the term in the Aztec language for in-betweenness. That space is the border. 

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, and now living in El Paso, Texas, Cabrera worked with immigrants in both countries to transform decommissioned uniforms into canvases for personal expression in the form of cactus species like nopal, saguaro, and agave. On the green fabric, the women embroidered their stories and their observations from life, national symbols, and personal objects. 

The works, made in collaboration with Maria Lopez, are part of the Biennial exhibition at SITE Santa Fe, “Much Wider Than a Line.” 

The piece is open-ended: currently, members of the local community are working with the Santa Fe Art Institute to create their own cacti. The new sculptures will be added to the show as participants complete them. 

A flag is not something you design. A flag is something that’s torn from the soul of the people. It belongs to everyone.
—  Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag, in conversation today with curatorial assistant Michelle Millar Fisher

Watch the discussion today via Periscope. 
  • Vanitas: Ah, yes, Noé- a name referring to the man saved the world's remaining creatures and braved God's wrath for the hope of a better future! Beautiful symbolism!
  • Noé: Thanks. So what's your name?
  • Vanitas: Vanitas. I was named after a style of painting that "contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures; it exhorts the viewer to consider mortality and to repent."
  • Noé: ...
  • Vanitas: ...
  • Noé: ...beautiful symbolism

A Stag Beetle by Albrecht Dürer. 

Dürer was one of the first renaissance artists to include and give centre stage to insects in his paintings; previously insects were usually used as symbols rather than study objects in their own right.

Dürer wrote:

It is indeed true that art is omnipresent in nature, and the true artist is he who can bring it out. 

ATM: Runestones of the Sornieth Magi
A chart of runes for the High School AU. To use these, mages drew these adjacent to each other or organized them into a shape to be connected with lines. They can be made using any medium, but only a true believer can harness their power. These are not all of them, but they are the most well-known. The explanation for each are under the cut.

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Haha ok, so the funny thing about this ask, is that I didn’t mean to make it as a comic. I wasn’t even sure what to answer, until I started doodling and then this happened. A sudden flow of idea grabbed me and took me through the way. I wish I would be kissed more by a muse tbh, because I honestly think my randomass stuff stands out more than those I plan out more carefully. But again, it happens very rarely so lol I’m hopeless as it is.

As for Specter’s flashback - it’s very random, and I’m not 100% sure this will be my headcanon, but I’m almost convinced, that the reason the locket is a protection in its current state, becuase at some point in Specter’s life it was a much symbolic, non-magical object for them.

And then something sad happened wich caused more sad things, wich spread another sad thing, that resulted in a superduper sad thing, and thus why it’s an important relic for them.

TL;DR I’m a stupid sad trash what’s new

(PS: Some of the pictures are a bit blurry - right click-open in new tab usually fix this problem.)

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to be able to draw, one needs to be able to take real objects and translate them into symbols in their brain. theoretically this is totally possible in the canon warriors universe, as the cats have the ability to recognize symbolized versions of real objects as well as DREAM and visualize things in their heads...... the biggest issue is why.. would they ever need or want to draw? they don't have the tools to or any reason to. they COULD, but, they wouldn't.

In canon, yes. In the Redux, no. The cats understand basic comparisons of objects in relation to each other (this cat looks like a fox, the town lights look like stars), but that’s about as far as they can go. 

Roman Bronze Hand of Sabazios, 3rd Century AD

Bronze hands characterized by three raised fingers (thumb, index and middle finger) were offered to the Phrygian deity Sabazios, whose cult developed in Rome during the Empire. They often display a multitude of attributes (a bust of Mercury, a pine cone, a vase, a serpent, a lizard, etc. but the symbolism of these objects is not well known. Hands such as these were designed to stand in sanctuaries or were attached to poles for processional use.