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I had the sudden realization today, that I have always known, assumed without direct thought or any contemplation, have just whole-heartedly accepted as obvious and given fact, the idea that my dog fully comprehends, engages and appreciates the complete extent of my mind and intellect. As much as any, and far more than most, humans have. 

Connection is obviously a total mystery to me and yet, these odd and deeply felt convictions. Wonders never…

Well geez all I wanted to do was send all of my followers a nice little message anonymously but my internet is being a butt and I can’t do that, and I don’t know why. Anyways here is is message for anyone who reads this, Tabi loves you!! 💜🐅💜🐅💜🐅💜🐅

General thoughts on Commander

1. The only reason not to run the creature variant of any given spell-like ability- such as ‘destroy target creature’ is because you need it at instant speed. Otherwise, why is your kill spell not something like Noxious Gearhulk?

2. If you do your math right, when it comes to two color decks, having basic lands is better than generic enters-the-battlefield-tapped lands. Simplify the ratio of mana symbols among cards as much as possible, then extrapolate an even ratio of basics proportionate to the land slots you plan to use for basics. Boom.

3. Sacrifices in different abilities within your deck need to be made. For example, sometimes you gotta cut back on removal and/or counterspells in decks that don’t revolve around those ideas- I got Slobad’s combo potential to turn 2 wins by giving up on the idea of 'interaction’ beyond literally Spine of Ish Sah and a Spellbomb that shocks.

4. The idea of 'jank decks’ and 'power decks’ exist as a venn diagram- in the middle of that diagram are cards that are both powerful by themselves and on-theme, like Torrential Gearhulk in Jori En.

Alexander Hamilton (in talking about the opening song) and COLORS SYMBOLISM

Note: I spent to much time on this and I love Hamilton and color symbolism to much not to delete this cause I’m just looking way to much into things and I tend to do this but maybe I’m right *shrugs* who knows.

So the opening number fucks me up because. Okay so let me explain a few things first, 1: I’m mostly talking about visuals so fight me about it if you don’t like it. 2: I put a lot of thought into these little things so don’t mind me.

Okay so when it starts Leslie and Anthony are on stage singing their thing. But Anthony is in white/very light tan color and Leslie is in I’m gonna say like a plum color jacket weird thing (idk how to explain it). Then Daveed comes on and he’s also in the same color as Anthony, same with Oak. And then the ensemble has the same color on. And even Lin is in white. And now you guys are probably thinking why I’m so into the colors of their costumes well sit the fuck down and let me tell you.

Okay well as Lin is singing “Just you wait” and everyone else is singing “in New York you can be a new man” Lin gets this brown jacket on and he gets some books (I think) and a bag that is also brown.

Now let’s back up for a second, I am very passionate about colors and their meaning cause it intrigues me and I’m a nerd. And so Plum (the color) is a designated purple/violet and guess what colors make purple and makes their meaning. BLLLUUE BLUE AND REDD. And the meaning of purple is historically, royalty (which ties into this but give me a minute cause it’s not what I’m talking about). And that’s because it is hard to make the color purple into cloth and so it meant if you had that color you had a lot of money because it costed so much (end quick color history). Also before I’m talking about blue and red, there is a saying that goes “born to be purple” which basically (back to the royalty) goes to people who were born into a noble or royal family AND OH LOOK AT THAT IN WAIT FOR IT BURR SINGS ABOUT LIVING UP TO LEGACY.

Okay so first up is red which means: Love, Danger, Luck, Passion, Joy, and Bravery (though I am sure there is many more I am listing some common ones). While blue means: Calm, Trust, Sad, Intelligence, and Strength (there are also many more but I don’t need to list them all let’s be real). So basically purple comes out from combing at least one from each color (symbolically). And so if I put Calm on the post (for blue) and Passion (for red) cause Aaron is a calm son of a bitch but he’s passionate (one does act I and act II) about getting ahead in life and passionate about being president (and then Alex died). BUT GUESS WHAT HE’S MORE CALM IN THE BEGINNING SO THAT MEANS THAT THE REASON THAT THE PURPLE IS SO DARK IS CAUSE HE’S SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN ACT I SO THE BLUE MAKES IT DARKER.

OKAY now back to the white and brown. So I’m gonna start with brown cause this should be fast (but idk so good luck you’ve read this far) so brown often is like an responsible color. One of its many meaning is that it has a “keen sense of duty” and “a sense of belonging with/for family”. Which is exactly what he is doing at that point. Taking charge, using his mind for benefit and trying to get ahead in his lonely unwealthy life (at the time of him being a kid).

NOW ON TO WHITE. So the ensemble actually wear white a lot in it but since almost everyone has white on it’s different. The colors that Leslie and Lin were wearing were probably to highlight those characters and contrast the white costumes to show they are important and to LiStEn To ThEm 1!1!!!1!!(the antagonist and protagonist are another good reason). But white is a very clean slate type of color(or shade what ever you call it I’m going with the majority for this though) and if someone likes it you can’t really blame them cause it’s a nice color. It’s an untelling color and so it makes sense for them to wear it. BECAUSE we know nothing about the characters yet, we don’t know where they are from or their causes. Plus almost everyone plays two characters so it leave a blank slate there as well.


It feels good to be back again! Honestly I’m surprised at how long the colored hair lasted. But I’m all for symbolic gestures so much like when I shaved my head at the start of this whole YouTube thing I think it’s good to be back for this coming year. I’ve got a lot of ambitious things to accomplish this year and the only way I’m going to get there is with hard work and discipline. So let’s get started on the right foot before the new year even arrives!


Did I ever mention that I love flower shop AUs?

Welp here’s some soukoku since it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve drawn these dorks. I really felt like painting them them with lots and lots of flowers.

If you are interested some lovely flower shop au fics, be sure to check out: I won’t lie (I knew you belonged here) by mountainlaurels and Fair Enough by hybridempress

tbh that scene where Pam is crying about her torn wedding veil because it’s the one thing she was supposed to be able to control and Jim cuts his tie in half right in front of her so she’s not alone is the most important wedding scene I’ve ever witnessed

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 


my favorite part about even and isak’s slow mo scenes is that it like totally shows their real selves. like you have even who catches everyone’s attention almost immediately because he naturally has this cool, suave kind of feel. and like he knows that everyone, aka isak who is the only important one, is staring at him, and he doesn’t seem to care at all. but then he puts on his sunglasses because he hides his real self from everyone. it’s like everyone can stare all they want, but they’re never going to see the real even and even is never going to show them. 

and then you have isak. and he’s like walking all cool and he’s getting all this attention, but he’s looking down and not paying attention to everyone else. he knows that he’s getting attention from people but he’s so focused on himself that he kind of loses that big picture. and then some random guy comes and slams into him which is so isak!!! he can look cool he can be charming he can get attention. isak has game!!! but the real him is this clumsy, kind of ditzy, naturally anxious guy who has to get a whole squad in order to text the boy he has a crush on

I got the chance to do a drawing of @ask-chimchim‘s flower shop AU Jimin ♡ He was super fun to draw, thank you so much for letting me! :D

Hello Tumblr~!
I just wanted to share with you this beautifull thing I have made by Fuki_ink 
It means world to me. Every single thing in this tattoo is important to me somehow. I dont have to say how much I love this piece of art!It’s gonna stay with me to the end of my days and I’m very happy about that. 

i don’t wanna live forever is grand masquerades to hide one’s thoughts, antique timber scents, the secret passing of embossed notes, tangled limbs amongst satin sheets, looking out achingly into distant starlight, dragging fingertips and holding gazes intensely across hotel hallways, grasping of pearl necklaces, deep red lipstick stains, and shattered glass akin to fading hopes, where taylor and zayn deeply evoked the concept of a treacherous love, and captured a kaleidoscope of chaotically torn emotions


     ↳ sotus: the series (2016-2017)

“The gear represents our unity. And it’s very important because it was hard to obtain. It’s because of its importance that it is considered to be the heart of the engineering student’s heart. To the point where they say the gear is within the heart…the heart is within the gear. If we give our gear to someone, that means we’re giving them our heart.”