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Henry + his swan nightlight

Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

**Planets **(represent energies; what is taking place):

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I don’t know all the rules to psychic powers in this world. Like, could someone specializing in telekinesis know a little bit of mind-reading? (I always assumed that’s what Teru did when he cheated at tests). Maybe they go into that later on, I dunno. 

Here Mob’s using a bit of empathy by accident and digs into inner feelings rather than ones on the surface. Mob has such a low opinion of himself I figure learning that someone cares enough to be willing to die for you would be pretty overwhelming.

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Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849–1921, United States)

Figure paintings

Thayer was an American artist and naturalist. A painter of portraits, figures, animals and landscapes, he is best known for his paintings of angels and other mystical subjects. He enjoyed a certain prominence during his lifetime, and his paintings are represented in the major American art collections. He is also known for his work in the field of protective colouration in nature, showing how patterns on animals and insects provided a camouflaging effect.

“Excavation of Persepolis (Iran): Throne Hall, Southern Wall, West Jamb of Western Doorway: View of Uppermost Register Picturing Enthroned King Giving Audience under the Winged Symbol with Partly Encircled Figure of Ahuramazda”


glass negative from the Ernst Herzfeld Papers

Freer and Sackler Archives

Egg Charm to Promote Abundance

You Need:

  • One Raw Egg
  • Sharpie
  • Sigil Design

So, eggs have always been used as fertility symbols, I figure why not use it to “fertilize” my home! 

You’re gonna need to create a sigil for abundance in the home, prosperity yaddayadda you got this. Draw it on your egg!

Then you’ll just bury it out in the front of your house! Mine is under the porch, behind the front steps! 

Geomantic Characters.

The 16 Geomantic Figures are the primary Symbols used in the art of Divinatory Geomancy. Each Geomantic Figure represents a certain state of the World or the Mind, and can be interpreted in various ways based upon the query put forth and the method used to generate the figures. When Geomancy was introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages, the figures acquired Astrological meanings and new forms of interpretation. The figures bear superficial resemblance to the Ba Gua, the eight Trigrams used in the I Ching, a Chinese classic text.

Each of the figures is composed of four lines, each line containing either one or two points. Each line represents one of the four Classical Elements: from top to bottom, the lines represent Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. When a line has a single point, the element is said to be Active; otherwise, with two points, the element is Passive. Because there are four lines, and since each line can be either active or passive, there are 24, or 16, different figures. The different combinations of elements yields different representations or Manifestations of the figure’s Energy. Each figure can be said to have a ruling Element, whereby that Element’s Energy and Manifestations correlates most closely to the figure itself. In the Middle Ages, when Geomancy was introduced to Europe where Astrology was the foremost Occult Science, the Geomantic Figures obtained Astrological correspondences to the Zodiac and to the Planets. Based on their Zodiacal correspondences, astrologers assigned new elemental rulerships based on the element of their Zodiacal ruler. 

The Zodiacal rulerships followed from the Diurnal or Nocturnal Planetary rulership: Nocturnal figures are assigned Earth and Water signs, while Diurnal figures are assigned Fire and Air signs. Once the Zodiacal rulerships were agreed upon, all the following correspondences followed upon the Geomantic Figures, including what part of the body they each ruled over, different countries, planetary hours, body and character types, and so on.

Using religious imagery to establish SK as romantic

The word “religion” can be used as a euphemism for sex, and has been used with that connotation in 1x06 (by Seth, regarding Kate). This establishes a precedence.

Then Seth runs “to the cross”, ie Kate in 3x09. (See below. In Figure A Coto says Seth is running to the cross, and Figure B is a tweet Coto liked asking if Seth was running to Kate. The Cross is a symbol for Kate.)

Figure A.

Figure B.

And then when Kate wakes up, the first thing she sees is Seth standing in front of a cross (Figure C). This not-so-subtly implies Seth to be Kate’s “religion”→ sex→ romantic interest.

Figure C.

And let’s not forget, as Kate received a blood transfusion from Seth a cross was shown in the background (Figure D), once again emphasizing the religious nature of this act.

Figure D.

As @kdworden said in their post, the cross and the church are also symbols of marriage. I’m going to take that idea less literally, and say the writers were trying to establish “unity” between Kate and Seth. The blood transfusion was a metaphorical marriage.

Kate became Seth’s religion (”No atheists in foxholes,” Seth Gecko 3x10), and Seth became Kate’s religion (Figure C.)

TLDR; SethKate were endgame.


dear tumblr people interested in Norse/Germanic mythology, and neo-pagans and Wicca practitioners that worship deities like Woden, etc.: there is a HIGH number of neo-Nazis and people obsessed with “white European culture” on twitter that make regular reference to these religions and figures. Like, I often look at a username incorporating “woden” and I EXPECT that the description will unabashedly state that the person is a fascist and anti-Semite. I’m not sure if this is the case on tumblr, or if it will be, but the co-opting of Scandinavian/Norse/Viking/Germanic cultural and religious symbols and figures is something that I highly associate with being a Nazi on twitter. I think Norse and Germanic mythology is very very cool, and it seriously pisses me off that the alt-right and neo-nazis are trying to make it twisted and take it away from scholars and mythology fans and people who still practice these religions. But that is what is going on as far as I can tell.

But if you post a lot about those things, maybe check that you aren’t accidentally signaling to the alt-right. Again, this is something I’ve noticed from trolls on Twitter that harass Jewish people. I don’t know if it’s on tumblr yet. But if you are concerned about how people perceive you, maybe consider having a little asterisk that says “fuck off nazis” on your blog description so that people who want to appreciate your art or essays or prayers aren’t worrying that you’re a nazi.

Normally I would say that this kind of identity policing type thing makes me very uncomfortable, that just being interested in something that evil people are trying to take doesn’t mean you need to constantly provide a disclaimer. People should get the benefit of the doubt. But I tend to think it’s best to be very very clear about how you feel about nazis and fascists, if only to repudiate any of them that come around.


Thomas Cooper Gotch (1854–1931, England)

Paintings 2

Gotch was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter and illustrator. He studied art in London and Antwerp before he married and studied in Paris with his wife, Caroline, a fellow artist. Returning to Britain, they settled into the Newlyn art colony in Cornwall. He first made paintings of natural, pastoral settings before immersing himself in the romantic, Pre-Raphaelite romantic style for which he is best known. His daughter was often a model for the colourful depictions of young girls. His works have been exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal College of Art and the Paris Salon.