symbolic bullshit

I have so many feelings about Bi Joey.

Like when I was a kid there was even less representation of bisexual people than there is now, so I didn’t really know it was a thing, didn’t properly understand, until I was at least 18, and only got really properly comfortable with it - and therefore myself - in the last 2 years or so (thanks John Watson and the Sherlock fandom).

I wasn’t a proper shipper, but I grew to like Puppyshipping. The problem was it seemed like you basically had to ignore the canon with Mai - which is what fics at the time mostly did.

But coming back to fandom post DSoD as an adult means I can have a whole different perspective on it, and everything clicks into place so comfortably. Like I can have Joey crushing on guys and have him be all ‘I got your flower, go get him honey’ with Mai, and it’s just been a really relaxing experience.

That being said I’m pretty much on the fence with whether nazi/white supremacist activity can be outlawed without backfiring. I really want it to become illegal. I mean they outlawed certain gang signs for inciting violence and yet the kkk a literal white gang and all their paraphernalia walk free. Clearly a racist slant there. By the gang sign precedent I don’t see why the nazi flag, a literal call to violence, should have any legal protection in this country. But I can see how that could be used later to make like black panthers symbolism illegal or some bullshit so it’s troubling.

I would love to see nazi mantra outlawed in principal but idk if it’s gonna happen or be safe you know

So now that it’s been a year since the poop box incident I figure I may as well give an update on it. I ended up taking the box of bull shit (Yes, literal bullshit) that I bought from Cards Against Humanity that caused a whole mess of trouble and I did the only thing with it that I felt was right. I went to my boss, who was my Secret Santa that year, and gave her the poop. It was a metaphor. A symbol of the bullshit she’d put up with after hiring me. All the crap that I’d put her through in my antics. She loved it and kept it on her desk for a year.

A few days ago we had the yearly Secret Santa and my boss got the local engineer for her pick, and when she pulled out the gift guess what the fuck it was. My Box of Bullshit. It’s tradition now. Once a year the bullshit gets passed along to another employee as a symbol of the crap we give each other all the time and the shit we cause every single day.

I turned a box of cow crap into a beautiful metaphor that will live on long after I am gone and that is the best way this tale could have ended.