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My Symbol of Hope

Request: Could i have a Murphy and reader request where reader is like the ‘symbol of hope’ for the camp. And she’s always there for everyone an she lets Murphy say horrible things to her, even though they secretly love eachother, but he realises she does it to help him. Ends with cuddling and confessions

Requested by: Anonymous.

A/N: Thank you to all those who have been requesting, it means a lot! And thank you, anon, for requesting this, it’s really cute. I just wanted to mention, that all my requests have been The 100 based, which is totally cool, honestly. But I do do a few other fandoms, so please check my Fandom’s List’s, for what acceptable.

Warning: mentions of name-calling and insulting, but otherwise just fluff. set in season one, before ‘Murphy’s Law.’


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She was everyones symbol of hope. What kept everyone sane and together in this terrible time where everyone was on edge, and you couldn’t completely trust everyone. Even those who were on your side. Murphy knew this, and it irked him to no end. He wasn’t sure why.

He figures maybe he should learn to use you as support like everyone else does. You were ungodly beautiful, and though your kindness pissed him off, he couldn’t help but find him staring at you sometimes. For long, over due moments when he would be entranced by your beauty. You were kind and self-less, you put those before yourself and cared about others wellbeing more than your own.

He guessed that was one of the reasons the bullshit ‘symbol of hope’ you had worked for yourself, pissed him off. You didn’t focus enough on yourself and he knew that would only get you killed one day.

He teased you relentlessly. Mean and selfish names he would throw at you, and you would only further anger him when you’d smile at him. That wide and completely sincere smile that you had as you would laugh at his comment, a comment that would normally make anyone feel utterly alone and embarrassed.

You confused Murphy just as much as you intrigued him. You angered him just as much as you made him smile. You were a mystery to him, day again and again. He couldn’t stand to be away from you but he hated being near you because he just let all his anger out on you. You made him mad but you didn’t deserve his relentless name-calling and jokes that weren’t so funny, and even he knew that.

But even now, as he feet led you to him, his eyes watching your form as you bent over to help Charlotte, a younger child, gather some food. The little girl smiled brightly up at you as you ruffled her hair, watching as she ran off. You straightened out and Murphy didn’t miss the way you stretched and smiled up at the sky as if it was the reason for your happiness.

Murphy was on a mission. He was confused and he needed answers and you were the only one that he could go to for answers. When you two made eye contact, you immediately smiled up at him. Waving at him as Murphy walked emotionless towards you.

“Hello, John.” That was another thing. You absolutely refused to called him by Murphy, which was something Murphy only wanted to be referred to as.

“I need to talk to you.” Was all Murphy said as he grabbed your upper arm, gripping it tighter than he should as he yanked you towards his tent. He refused to ask such sentimental crap in front of the whole camp. You followed without argument, letting him yank you along,

Once you reached his tent, you followed him inside. You let your eyes wander over the tent, surprised to see it so neat. Murphy to you just didn’t seem like the ‘neat’ type but really, who were you to make assumptions. Prying your eyes away from his tent, you reminded yourself it was rude to intrude of his personal space and let your eyes fall on Murphy.

“So?” You asked, crossing your arms in front of you, smiling. “What’d you need? Also, could we make it a bit quick. I’m sorry, but Cla-”

You missed the way Murphy’s fists clenched and his jaw tightened as you rambled on before he abruptly cut you off. “Why do you let me call you such terrible names?” He spat out, his voice sharp and quick as he stared at you with a odd sense of vulnerability.

With wide eyes you opened your mouth, trying to find something to say. You hadn’t expected such a blunt question like that. You were a tad bit confused when the boy did say he needed to talk to you, Murphy very rarely wanted to speak to you. “Um, what?”

Murphy sighed, letting go of his clenched fists as he finally looked back at you. “You… you always let me say such terrible stuff. Your a ‘symbol for hope’ is the damn camp but yet you let me walk all over you.”

Suddenly realizing what you meant, you let a smile grow over your face. Ah, so that’s what he meant. Daring, you took a step towards him, breaking the invisible boundary between the two of you. Reaching so you were only inches away from him. “Because you need it.”

Now it was his turn to be confused. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

“John, you have so much anger inside you.” You hesitantly raised your hand to his cheek, letting you thumb stroke his cheek. He seemed uncomfortable with it before you just smiled at him reassuringly. “I let you say these things because you need to let out all the anger you been cause. And i’m willing to be the one you do it to.”

Murphy relaxed slightly, understanding why you let him do what he does. He had so much anger and maybe now, he understood why he always found himself making his way to you every time someone pissed him off or he remembered his father, being back on the ark. “But, why you?” Sure he understood why you did it, but why you? Why did you volunteer yourself.

You felt yourself warm up. Your cheeks becoming warm and your hand fell back to your side and you awkwardly tried to turn away. “W-Well…”

“Hold on.” Murphy cut in, grabbing your arm and turning you towards him. “Do.. do you like me?”

You blushed even heavier, about to deny before you saw his expression and seeing the smirk on his face you knew he already knew. Looking down to the ground, you nodded. Expecting to hear some kind of teasing, like usual, you felt arms around you and yourself being embraced.

Shocked you looked up to see the underneath of Murphy’s chin, before he placed it on you head. “Thank you.” He whispered. And then all embarrassment left and you smiled, happy that he was finally accepting you. You snuggled into the hug.

“I do it because I love you.” 

Hope you enjoyed!

It’s so fucking hilarious that Nick Spencer is defending his story arc by saying it would be doing injustice to the original creators of Steve Rogers to not write his story, which he feels is the best story he could come up with for Cap.

First of all that’s some seriously selfish logical reasoning there.  So for Spencer, he feels that writing his story is more important than taking away Steve Rogers as a symbol for Jews, for veterans and those serving now, taking him away a symbol of hope for so many, with the reasoning that he’s just a pawn and can be played to fit Spencer’s admittedly offensive creative vision and just…no.  God no.  Disenfranchised people already feel like a pawn, they often times feel helpless.  So to take away their symbol under some bullshit reality altering plot device plays into that feeling of helplessness is disgusting.  People aren’t saying that reality-alternating plots are inherently offensive, or alternative universes where the heroes are evil are necessarily bad, but it’s the fact that they’re taking the most anti-Nazi character Marvel has and turning him into a Nazi is where the problem is.  If Steve was just turned into a generic evil baddie, like we’ve seen so many times in this overused reality altering trope, there wouldn’t be the outrage.  But Marvel is using Nazis for shock value in a time where Neo Nazis are actually gaining political leverage (and no I’m not calling Trump a Neo Nazi, I’m referring to the alt right and people like Richard Spencer) is a really shitty move.  Not to mention the fact that Marvel (and Spencer especially) are trying to push the fact that Hydra aren’t Nazis to justify their storyline and make it more attractive to the general public, but considering Marvel has been showing Hydra as a Nazi organization since the creation of the group, such tactics only imply that either Marvel doesn’t understand the true concept of what a Nazi is, or (and this might be worse) that they do understand but are willing to try and push this “Hydra aren’t Nazis” ideology just to appease the part of the pubic that is upset with Spencer in order to make their Secret Empire line more marketable.

And secondly, really Spencer? This is the best you could come up with, some overused Deus Ex Machina reality altering trope that relies more on shock value than it does actual well written storytelling?  I’ve seen stories about Steve Rogers written by fifteen year olds in 2K words that have better plot lines.  If this is really the absolute best that you could come up with, then personally? I’m not impressed.

theory masterlist

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THIS IS BRILLIANT. If the alt-right or anti-SJWs in general use any symbol, it becomes a hate symbol. Sargon’s idea is to take EVERY SYMBOL from our enemies and use it. Make everything a hate symbol. Have the alt-right adopt communist and antifa symbols and colors.


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Is Grant Morrison's Batman the closest we'll ever get to David Lynch's Batman?

Oh, no, man, no. They’re almost polar opposites in terms of storytelling. Morrison is all about wankery, cramming his work with so many references, symbolism, metaphor, and other bullshit that you’d need annotations to understand everything (see, for example, the annotations in the Arkham Asylym deluxe edition). Morrison is what happens when an English major disappears up his own asshole.

Lynch, on the other hand, is more about surrealism and expressionism. There’s not much of any deeper meaning to his work than what you see, because the extent of his expression is all there on the screen, and it’s up to the subjective viewer to get something out of it or not. Lynch famously refuses to talk about his work or do DVD commentaries because “the film is talking.” 

I can’t really think of any Batman story that quite fits Lynch’s storytelling sensibilities. That said, the cut extended sequences of young Bruce Wayne and the giant bat in Batman Forever are probably the closest we’ve gotten to Lynch-style storytelling in film.

If there’s anything that Morrison and Lynch really have in common, it’s that they both have hardcore fans who sometimes read far more into the work than what’s actually there, usually so they (the fans) can feel brilliant for “getting it.” Beyond that, they’re totally different creators who differently approach similar areas like surrealism and abstraction.

Non-permanent Tunnel or Gouge Piercing BJD Modification

OMFG, so sorry folks I’ve neglected to update this blog for so long!
I am more active on Instagram these days.

Anyway! I thought I would show you how I’ve made this BJD mod of a tunnel/gouge earring/piercing on my doll. Please note that this modification does not involve altering the sculpt in any way and can be completely reversed.

There are several methods of doing this, the more popular one is perhaps using an epoxy based clay and sculpt an actual earlobe extension using it. The good thing about epoxy is that you can sculpt directly on the ear and it hardens by way of chemical reaction even if you sculpt under water. You can also sand and carve and even attach more clay on top once it is hard. If you want to go down this path, I suggest using the Miliput Superfine in white. However, I was concerned that I would have a hard time getting rid of the epoxy clay once it’s on as that stuff is pretty strong. I would need to scrape it off and in the process I may accidentally scrape the actual head. A method my friend Elfgutz suggested to take off epoxy is to heat it up using heat gun, but I haven’t tried this yet so I don’t know (*to experiment on another day).

So what I did was pretty simple. I owe this to LifeLike81, itsfansea and pocketsizedvampirepandah who helped discussed and showed me the idea.

Step 1: It’s preferable to do this modification BEFORE you paint the faceup on. But it is possible to do it after as well. I used an eyelet for the tunnel/gouge earring. It’s cheap and pretty easy to get :)

Step 2: Take a sculpey clay and mold the earlobe around the gouge. You may want to mix your clay into a colour that is quite close to your resin’s colour but please be mindful that some clay may darken a bit after they are baked. I used 2 brands of clay: Kato Clay in “white” and Sculpey Living Doll in whatever default colour they have. I mixed it in a ratio of 1 white+2 flesh, this for some reason seemed to match my Venitu pretty well, who is in Oriental Pureskin colour.

Step 3: Once I had like an earlobe shape I basically stuck this onto my doll’s ear and continued to refine the shape. I didn’t cover the ear with glad wrap plastic because I wanted to get the shape to fit as close as possible. I didn’t use any corn starch powder either like some people have done, but instead to stop it from sticking onto the ear I just used a bit of water (I wet the side of the ear that it’s going to go on and this seems to prevent the clay from sticking too well to the resin). Also I stuck this several times in the fridge as I sculpt along. Cooling the clay hardens it a bit so it helps me keep the shape when I don’t want my fingers pushing too much on it.

Step 4: Once I got the desired shape, I removed it from the ear and carefully placed my ear piece on a loose tile. Let any excess water dry then I baked the clay for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees (fan forced oven).

Oh I also made several pieces so I have some to choose from.

Step 5: Then quite simply, I used PVA or Wood glue to stick the earpiece to the doll head. You may notice that the lobe hangs a bit low, but that’s because as part of my character design (he wears a specific type of piercing, some bullshit symbols that only mean something to him yadda yadda yadda — I don’t know) I am having double earrings on that lobe so I need all that space above the gouge.

I used the glue to not just stick the lobe on, but also to fill in the gap between it and the doll’s real ear, kind of like mortaring bricks?

Step 6: Once the glue was dried and I reached quite a good seal, I covered the metal piece with craft tac (see below). This is so when I do my faceup, I don’t end up spraying the metal with my sealant.

Here it is midway during the faceup painting. The metal is nicely protected from any spraying.

And we’re done! Because I couldn’t find anything that suited, I made the “X” earring above it out of a black cardboard which I glazed with gloss after I cut it into the shape I wanted.

listen the “I support _____ people” things going around are great but y’all need to stop representing autistic people with puzzle pieces. stop it. don’t do it. Autism $peaks and tons of shitty ableist groups filled with non-autistic people are the ones who love to represent us as the puzzle pieces and have all kinds of shitty discourse around autistic people being ‘puzzling’, being ‘unable to fit in’ (aka we’re the  ‘wrong’ shape). It didn’t start with shit orgs like A$, but it’s always been shit and now it’s being used by people who tend to not be autistic and to support the ‘autistic people are SUFFERING bc of being autistic’ mentality, the ‘we must cure autism because it’s so awful’ mentality, the ‘autism is fundamentally puzzling and strange and different and unable to be understood’ mentality, the ‘autism has to be solved/fixed’ mentality, besides generally suggesting childhood/childishness, which is a general plague for autistic adults being completely forgotten and erased from the narrative, or being considered forever children or ‘children in adult bodies’ with ‘a mental age of __ years’ bullshit. the symbol has never been a good one, and was never made by us, regardless of how popular and widespread it’s become.

Autistic people and neurodiverse people have their own symbols, like the rainbow-hued infinity symbol to represent our varied spectrum of neurological differences and experiences. Find them and use them. Please stop with the puzzle pieces.

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Beek... just hear me out for this idea and I'll give you all the cheese in the world... Double with badass tattoos on his arms and back

lol i had to think about this

knowing him, if he was ever the tattoo type, he’d probably go for symbollic bullshit lol and just cover his arms and back with scenes he remembers vividly in hell

So now that it’s been a year since the poop box incident I figure I may as well give an update on it. I ended up taking the box of bull shit (Yes, literal bullshit) that I bought from Cards Against Humanity that caused a whole mess of trouble and I did the only thing with it that I felt was right. I went to my boss, who was my Secret Santa that year, and gave her the poop. It was a metaphor. A symbol of the bullshit she’d put up with after hiring me. All the crap that I’d put her through in my antics. She loved it and kept it on her desk for a year.

A few days ago we had the yearly Secret Santa and my boss got the local engineer for her pick, and when she pulled out the gift guess what the fuck it was. My Box of Bullshit. It’s tradition now. Once a year the bullshit gets passed along to another employee as a symbol of the crap we give each other all the time and the shit we cause every single day.

I turned a box of cow crap into a beautiful metaphor that will live on long after I am gone and that is the best way this tale could have ended.